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Seed Capital is Denmark's largest venture capital fund within the seed segment investing in technology companies.

SEED Capital is the largest early stage venture fund in Denmark.

Mission: We are the largest seed stage venture fund in Denmark. We partner early on and help daring entrepreneurs build great technology companies.

Templafy køber dansk softwareselskab

Portfolio company Templafy, who recently closed a $25 million Series C round, has now acquired the Danish software company, Napp. The acquisition supports Templafy’s product roadmap and reinforces its international growth strategy.

Napp is a B2B sales enablement platform and with the acquisition, Templafy will enable millions of users to securely share business documents and track recipient engagement.

“With the addition of Napp’s technology, we are expanding our support for enterprise document workflows by bringing actionable insights to our users on the documents they create every day,” said Christian Lund, chief product officer at Templafy. “We expect the added functionality to help both employees and businesses achieve a faster and higher return on the efforts put into document creation.”

Templafy is a global leader in enterprise document creation and automation, and helps many of the largest companies in the world.

Read the full story brought by Computerworld 👇 Templafy, der for nylig kunne melde om en kapitalindsprøjtning, opkøber nu det lille danske softwareselskab Napp.

Venturefonde vil se profit over vækst: “Iværksætterne skal tænke lidt anderledes”

In Denmark we had a record in venture investments last year of DKK 3,8 billion, which forecasted a great year for venture adventures in 2020. Unfortunately the reality has changed and this means that the funding landscape is changing as well.

Our Managing Partner Ulla Brockenhuus-Schack was interviewed in an article brought by Børsen about the downturn and how this has changed what we look at as investors when evaluating the potential of startups. The main message is that the profitability of companies will become more crucial than growth for some time to come. This causes some adjusted standards where entrepreneurs have to think a bit differently in terms of cutting to the bone in expenses and recruit more wisely.

Read full article below👇 Lyden af de seneste års optur i det danske iværksættermiljø er ved at forstumme. Coronakrisen har br

Global leader in enterprise document creation and automation raises $25M to continue scaling…

We’re stoked to share the news about our latest investment in portfolio company Templafy! The company has just received $25M in a Series C round to continue the impressive growth globally.

‘’As Templafy’s first investor, we are thrilled to see how fast Templafy has evolved and grown. The performance of Templafy and the team is impressive on all parameters. With their deep domain knowledge Templafy is now unleashing its full potential and this round will pave the way for accelerating its growth in international markets.’’ Says Lars Andersen General Partner at Seed Capital Denmark and Templafy board member about the investment.

We are very excited to be a part of this journey! Read full story in our blogpost Portfolio company Templafy, has just closed a $25 million Series C funding round led by global venture capital and private equity firm…

Fire danskere kåret på liste over Europas 50 mest indflydelsesrige kvinder i iværksætter- og kapitalmiljøet

EU-Startups has just launched a list of the most influential women in the startup and venture capital space in Europe, and we are very proud to see our Managing Partner Ulla Brockenhuus-Schack on the list together with three other women from the Danish entrepreneurial scene, Mette Lykke, Sissel Hansen & Ida Tin 👏🏽🎉

The aim of the initiative is to celebrate diversity in tech by making role models more visible and highlight achievements of women in the technology sector. We need more women in tech and that’s why it’s important to put a spot light on those women who make a difference in the field. Seeing other women succeed in the industry might hopefully encourage more women to found or join start-ups in tech.

Ulla has more than 15 years of VC experience, and over the years, she has been involved in several start-up companies as a committed advisor, investor and board member, making her a key figure within the entrepreneurial scene. She has invested in and worked with many of the major Danish startups such as Vivino, Mofibo, OrderYOYO and Veo. EU-startups har offentliggjort en liste over Europas mest indflydelsesrige kvinder indenfor startups og venturekapital. Fire danskere er med på listen.

Nordic challenger bank adds €20m to its Series B funding round led by Seed Capital

We finally have some great news to share in these difficult times. Lunar has just received €20 million as an extension of the Series B round from last year. The round was led by us at Seed Capital Denmark along with existing investors Greyhound Capital, Socii Capital and Augustinus Fonden, and new investor on board David Helgason founder of Unity Technologies.

‘’With more than 150.000 customers in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, Lunar has clearly demonstrated an unmet need in the banking market. After securing the banking license, Lunar is now one step closer to becoming a financial super app that will shape the future of banking. We have been a part of this journey from the beginning, and continue to be impressed by the strong team’’ Says Lars Andersen, General Partner at Seed Capital about the investment. Read full story in our blogpost. Lunar, the Nordic challenger bank, extends it Series B round from August 2019 and raises EUR 20 million in additional funding, bringing…

Se coronakrisen som en renovering af arbejdspladsen

Some good things could come out of this crisis, that we’re all currently trapped in. CEO and Founder of Good Monday Mik Strøyberg shares some interesting thoughts about the future of work and how we might return to something new and different when we reach the other side. He states: ‘’Let's think of this period as a temporary shutdown for renovation and innovation''. The founder is hopeful about what the crisis will bring, as ineffective standards and norms such as time-consuming meetings face-to-face or being present at the office from 9 to 5 every day could become history.

He also shares his thought about leadership, and that trust in employees’ autonomy and productivity might increase significantly. The crisis has proved that monitoring employees daily at the office is unnecessary, and does not ensure faster or better results. Often the opposite.

Give it a read! Jeg tror, at vi kommer meget bedre ud på den anden side, når vi bliver sendt tilbage til kontoret. Lad os kalde det fremtidens arbejdsplads.

To pct. af al venturekapital går til kvindelige iværksættere – resten går til mænd

In 2018, only 2% of all venture investments made in Denmark was given to female founding teams in the tech industry. Our managing partner Ulla Brockenhuus-Schack was asked to give her take on the fact that the amount invested in female tech-startups is quite small in Denmark compared to our neighboring countries.

“We would really, really love to invest in female entrepreneurs, and we have a written policy about diversity. It’s not only about gender however, as we request diversity in general in the companies that we invest in. And it’s not just because it has become a trend to say so, but rather because this is how you get the greatest talents.’’ Ulla further adds, that in general there is a lack of tech start-ups with female founding teams in the Danish market, which makes it difficult to change this tendency through venture capital alone. Instead the important task becomes to inspire and encourage more women to found or join start-ups in tech.

Female investors are moreover way underrepresented, and as a small team, we are proud to have two female partners in the Seed team. In short – we do hope to see more female tech-founders knocking on our door in the future! KVINDER I TECH: Danmark halter bagefter sine nordiske nabolande, når det gælder investeringer i startups med kvindelige iværksættere. "Der er plads til forbedringer," lyder det fra venturefonden Byfounders, der blandt andet peger på, at der mangler kvindelige investorer herhjemme.

A message from Forecast's CEO on COVID-19

Forecast is doing such a great job! The CEO and co-founder, Dennis Kayser has just released a blogpost on the initiatives currently running at Forecast to continue their mission in improving operational effectiveness through automation.

Two of the key initiatives are expanding their customer support hours and partnering with non-profits and health organizations to help fight COVID-19. This means, that Forecast now offers free accounts to all non-profits, health organizations and other firms involved in the betterment of the COVID-19 situation until the crisis has been solved. Forecast has already partnered with Red Cross, allowing them to coordinate their international response efforts without any financial strains. So make sure to reach out, if you qualify to the mentioned criteria! With a global pandemic in COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and millions of people are now forced to work remotely, Forecast's mission is more relevant than ever.

Remote Work Playbook

These days most companies and teams are working remotely, including the Seed team. This is a difficult adjustment for most offices - but fear not, there are helpful tips available. Our portfolio company, Dixa, has been so kind to share their ‘’Remote Work Playbook’’, which was created to help their teams successfully adapt to this new reality, by staying healthy, supportive and translate a culture into a 100% digital setting.

Give it a read - and stay safe! Welcome to the remote work club! Although the circumstances of this remote period are not ideal, we are well prepared and well equipped for it!

Ugens Startup: Under radaren er Superb blevet et af Danmarks store startup-håb • TechSavvy

Superb was recently featured as the ‘Startup of the Week’ in TechSavvy Media. Our portfolio company is predicted as one of the great startup-hopes in Denmark, and we’re excited to be a part of the journey!

Superb offers Guest Experience Management (GXM) to restaurants. The SaaS platform connects all restaurant’s individual systems and helps restaurants collect vital data and insights on how to effectively operate and provide the best guest experience.

"Restaurant technology is stuck in the past. For too long, restaurants have used multiple systems that do not work together to manage their daily operations — leaving restaurants worldwide with a time-consuming workflow and no way to collect insights about their guests. Without these insights, restaurants teams are left to guess their way forward, struggling to build repeat business — The key to a successful restaurant. It’s time to change the way restaurants work once and for all." – Says Founder and CEO Zaedo Musa. Danske Superb vil gøre restauranter datadrevne. Og uden at gøre meget væsen af sig, har de allerede spredt løsningen til 100 byer i 35 lande.

The Monthly Rundown: Startups to Watch - February 2020 | Crunchbase

We’re proud to find portfolio company Dixa on @Crunchbase’s list of top 5 Startups to Watch! 👏🏽 Shamus Noonan the Sales Guy at Crunchbase highlights trendy startups that are on the rise and show impressive growth signals.

Seed Capital Denmark recently participated in the $36M Series B round with Notion Capital and Project A Ventures among others on board.

Follow link to read why he is watching Dixa 👇🏽 Curious about what’s trending in the startup world from a salesperson’s perspective? In "The Monthly Rundown" I dive into a few of the “hottest” startups.

Basketball camera - Veo

Exciting news!! 👏🏽 Football camera company - Veo, is entering the market of other sports! They’re now ready to introduce their AI-powered sports camera to the rest of the world of sports, such as basketball, rugby, hockey, handball, volleyball, lacrosse, American football to a name a few 🏆🏉⚽️🏐🏀🏈🏒.

Veo offers a portable and affordable football camera that allows anyone, anywhere to record and analyze matches without the need of a cameraman. The real magic lies in the processing, where Veo’s patented AI-powered software detects both the ball and players to create a perfectly balanced broadcast view for its users - just like a match on TV.

Learn more about the AI-camera and the added sport categories, such as basketball here:

#sports #aicamera #sportscamera

Forecast announces AI Driven project scheduling -

Way to go, Forecast! We’re so proud of our portfolio company and the amazing team, who have just launched the first-of-its-kind - Auto Schedule, that automates project scheduling by using AI-powered algorithms. Automating the project plan, means that fewer human errors and better visibility into the project progress will be guaranteed, as well as a significant reduction in time wasted on planning projects and allocating resources. It can be compared to having 40,000 project managers ready to answer your questions any time, any day. It’s just amazing!

Learn more about the project planning tool in the article published by Enterprise Times or visit and try it out for free!

#scheduling #artificialintelligence #projectplanning Forecast has announced Auto Schedule. This applies Artifical Intelligence to resource allocation of tasks in projects amnd automates the project creation

Seed Capital backs Dixa in a $36M Series B round to make customer service more personal and…

We're thrilled to share the news about our latest investment! 👏🏽🎉

Seed Capital Denmark invested in Dixa as the first institutional investor back in 2017, and it has been an exciting journey to follow ever since!

We’re very excited to participate in the series B round along with Project A, Preben Damgaard, Nikolaj Kornum & Lars Thinggaard, and welcoming a new world class investor on board, Notion Capital.

'’We continue to be impressed by the team’s ability to grow, mature and execute. The amazing revenue growth shows that Dixa addresses a great need in the market for a software tool, that helps businesses have relevant conversations with their customers in real-time across all channels. We believe Dixa is well positioned to become a global winner in this huge and growing market''. Says Niels Vejrup Carlsen, General Partner at Seed Capital.

Read full article in our blogpost. Dixa, a SaaS startup offering a customer service platform for better and more personal customer service, has closed $36M in Series B…

Sunburst | Innovationsprogram

Our General Partner, Lars Andersen is again this year a part of the business panel in Gorrissen Federspiel’s innovation program, Sunburst. The aim of the program is to discover the most talented entrepreneurs and startups in Denmark and help them develop and boost their full potential.

Three winning companies get access to several benefits such as competent and highly specialized legal counseling at a value of DKK 150.000 (1st & 2nd place) and DKK 100.000 (3rd place) plus a variety of juridical documents, continuous mentoring, USD 20,000 for Google Cloud Platform Services (1st place) and USD 3,000 (2nd & 3rd place), access to a workshop hosted by the digital innovation agency Jayway by Devoteam at a value of DKK 35.000 for all three winners. So, there’s a lot to gain!

If this sound like something for your business or someone you know, then don’t hesitate to apply by following the link below – the deadline is 1st of March!

Mastercard har sagt ja til at være døråbner for dansk kortløsning

We’ve got very good news this Monday morning! Our portfolio company Cardlay is partnering with Mastercard, which is a great deal for the young company. This follows a recent round of $10 M in funding with Seed Capital Denmark, SEB and other investors on board. With the new partnership, Cardlay’s solution, which already supports more than one million corporate cards in the Nordic countries, will now be distributed to Mastercard’s partner banks across Europe.

Cardlay provides a fully digital white-label frontend for banks and their corporate clients, and helps companies automate business processes, including applications, integrated and real-time travel expense management and much more.

“Working closely with Mastercard is a testament to our vision to enrich all transactions for the future of banking and finance. Our platform is championing a culture of collaboration throughout the industry, enabling us to provide a better customer experience to corporate cardholders,” says CEO and Founder Jørgen Christian Juul. Cardlay satser på at skrive kontrakt med 10 europæiske banker i 2020 takket være et nyt partnerskab.

Dansk megasucces blev dømt ude: »Det var det skøreste, de nogensinde havde hørt«

Portfolio company Trustpilot was featured in an article by Berlingske this weekend. Founder and CEO of Trustpilot, Peter Holten Muhlmann, talks in the interview about the phenomenon that he calls the ‘’trust economy’’. Today, customers have almost all the power in determining the success of companies, which relies on the reputation and reviews that customers share with others. People want to make sure that they can trust the companies they’re dealing with. This tendency is one of the key reasons why Trustpilot has become such a rapid growing company.

Trustpilot was founded in 2007 and has today more than 700 employees in offices around the globe such as Denmark, England, USA and Australia. Seed Capital Denmark invested in Trustpilot for the first time in 2008 and has since then been an active partner.

About us

Seed Capital has established itself as the most successful seed stage investor in Denmark – respected by winning entrepreneurs and top international syndication partners. Since Seed Capital was established in December 2004, the Seed team has identified, funded and helped many companies to commercial success, and some to profitable exits. Companies such as Trustpilot, Vivino, Templafy and Endomondo.

The experience gained over the years from over 300 investment cases has given Seed Capital an ability to find founding teams with the ‘X factor’ necessary for success. Seed Capital has an extensive experience in helping innovative companies on their journey to become commercially successful and category winners. Seed Capital has a reputation for a high level of professionalism and outstanding value add services that help companies achieve their goals. Over the years, Seed Capital has built a strong network of both local and international investment partners to co-fund winning entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Besides investments, Seed Capital assists portfolio companies with value-generating activities such as management support, business development, organizational and strategic planning, marketing, and ad hoc operational, financial, and legal assistance.

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The easy way to run a healthy business. Risika creates security when trading between Nordic businesses by providing fair and accurate credit assessments.

MiniFinans MiniFinans
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Hos MiniFinans har vi de seneste år hjulpet flere tusinde mennesker, med at få deres drømme til at gå i opfyldelse. MiniFinans er et brand under Finans 247 ApS.

Dansk Rejseforsikring A/S Dansk Rejseforsikring A/S
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Når du køber en rejseforsikring her, er det AIG der er forsikringsselskabet bag. Dansk Rejseforsikring er således agent for AIG som er et af verdens største forsikringsselskaber.

Carnegie Wealth Management Carnegie Wealth Management
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Carnegie i Danmark er en del af nordens førende investeringsbank med kontorer i seks lande.
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Copenhagen tilbyder kredit på den enkle måde. Få op til 15.000 mere mellem hænderne. Klik ind på vores hjemmeside og ansøg med NemID nu.

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Nordens er finanshuset for selvstændige. Vi levere enkle og gennemskuelige finansielle produkter til mindre selvstændige.

Deeds Capital Deeds Capital

Deeds giver dig en bedre likviditet i din hverdag ved at udbetale 10% af din boligs værdi til dig. Du får pengene skattefrit i hånden med det samme.

Den Sociale Kapitalfond Den Sociale Kapitalfond
Vester Voldgade 108, 1. Th
Copenhagen, 1552

Den Sociale Kapitalfond investerer kapital og kompetencer i virksomheder og organisationer, som bidrager til at løse sociale problemer. Når de vokser, kan vi både hjælpe flere mennesker og sikre det finansielle afkast.

Danmarks Nationalbank Danmarks Nationalbank
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Dette er Nationalbankens officielle side. Her kan du blive klogere på, hvordan vi arbejder for at sikre Danmark en robust økonomi.

Debtor Debtor
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Vi køber din faktura. Få op til 99% af fakturabeløbet udbetalt inden for 24 timer.

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