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Futuristic is micro-fund investing in early-stage technology companies coming out of the Nordics & Baltics. We invest in world-class founders building epic companies at scale.


There’s a new well-being app for stressed-out parents

We are proudly supporting Enjo in their quest to make parenting easier and less stressful.

They debuted their app a week ago and has gotten a stunning start on their journey towards bringing mindfulness into the pocket of busy parents all over the world.


qz.com An app has arrived that focuses on parent's well being, not being better parents.


GRID, the SaaS startup here to free the spreadsheet, raises $1m angel round – Northstack

We're thrilled to be investing in GRID - the new face of spreadsheets.

If you're tired of outdated spreadsheets, turn your spreadsheets into modern and easily manageable web applications over at https://grid.is


northstack.is “We are thrilled that the international investment community joins us in our enthusiastic mission,” said Hjálmar Gíslason, founder and CEO. “We look forward to partnering with these investors to expand GRID’s network and strength.”


Futuristic Monthly Newsletter - Revue

Great news! 🎉

We are launching a brand new Futuristic newsletter to share everything from portfolio updates, new investments and resources for the founder community.

Sign up here and tell us what you think!


getrevue.co A monthly newsletter from the Futuristic team. Everything from portfolio updates, new investments and resources for founders.


Investment Memo: Sky.Garden – Christian Jantzen – Medium

On our investment in Sky.Garden:


medium.com In December last year, we made our first investment in Africa. I’ve long been super intrigued to back companies that help African people…


The Nomadic Tales of a Young Venture Capitalist – Christian Jantzen – Medium

Christian relocated to Helsinki earlier this year 🇫🇮️

Below are some thoughts on meaningful relationships, transactional behaviour, and long-term thinking in startup-land.


medium.com Meeting a VC for the first time. We’re five minutes in and this happens:


Danish-founded research collaboration platform Amie raises $250,000 - Tech.eu

Tracking and sharing R&D has been a tedious and inefficient process for far too long.

We're excited to announce that we're investing in Amie alongside The Nordic Web to make research data sharing more open and seamless.


tech.eu Copenhagen-based collaboration platform for researchers Amie, which markets itself as “git+github for R&D” and “the notebook for humans,” has raised a pre-seed funding round of $250,000. The funding comes from several Nordic investors, including The Nordic Web Ventures and Futuristic.vc. (Di...


Fundraising in the Nordics: Getting a fair first deal

The Nordic ecosystem is seeing a surge in founders with a long term mentality for building sustainable businesses.

As investors, we need to catch up and provide a fundraising landscape in which we truly serve these founders as our customers and partners.

Join us at Techfestival. tomorrow where we'll be further discussing this topic alongside other VCs at the NextGen Investor Summit.


medium.com The Nordic ecosystem is seeing a surge in founders with a long term mentality for building sustainable businesses.

TechSavvy Media

Indtil i dag har Christian Jantzen været ene mand i den unge venturefond Futuristic.vc. Han har investeret i 13 virksomheder, hvor ti af dem er offentligt kendte – herunder Peergrade, Pento og Artboost. Men nu udvider den lille venturefond og fordobler antallet af ansatte fra én til to.


Futuristic 2.0 🚀 – Futurstic.vc – Medium

We're making some larger changes to our organisation, in the pursuit to become the best early stage investors in The Nordics 💪

Feat. Ari Helgason Daniel Bakh Hampus Jakobsson Andreas Saari


medium.com I’ve spent large chunks of my thinking about the next steps for developing Futuristic as a firm. When I started the company roughly 18…


A Genuine Apology to the Founders I’ve Met in my First Year as an Investor

Our latest post talks about the mistakes I made and how to deal with sh*tty investor behaviour as a founder - Christian


medium.com Since starting my fund last year, I’ve met hundreds of founders. When I started out, I knew I wanted to be one of those fabled…


Investment Memo: Engaging Care – Christian Jantzen – Medium

We've just published our investment memo on Engaging Care, who we invested in during late spring. If you want to understand how we made our decision, read below:


medium.com In late spring Futuristic invested in Engaging Care. Led by an experienced team, they’ve set out to solve one of the hardest problems in…


The Art vs Science of Pre-Seed Valuations – FutursticVC – Medium

Our latest blog is out! This time, we're trying to help entrepreneurs get their initial valuation right✌️

We're often asked what a good first-time valuation looks like. Although we can't give you an actual number, we've tried to help founders by pointing you in the right direction. Valuations vary between startups, but hopefully, this will be helpful when valuing your company for the first time.

medium.com After countless meetings with highly ambitious founders in the European ecosystems, certain patterns manifest themselves that can remain…


The Evolutionary Game Theory of a Startup Ecosystem — and Why it Matters for Founders

We're inherently connected with the startup ecosystem. Therefore, we've written a piece on how ecosystems evolve and what this means for the founders residing within them ♻️

medium.com Game theory is fascinating. Understanding the strategies of cooperation and conflict between yourself and the people you engage with can…


StartupDocs.dk - Free Document Templates

Attention Danish founders 📢

Erik Byrenius just launched StartupDocs ( http://startupdocs.dk/ ) in Denmark. This provides you with standard documents for term sheets, shareholder's agreements, and employee agreements - for free!

Tell your entrepreneurial friends who are raising their seed round or just getting started, about this amazing initiative.

startupdocs.dk Free legal document templates for Danish startups. Includes: seed round term sheet, shareholders' agreement, founders' agreements and more.


We're proudly backing Peergrade in their latest funding round ✌️

We are excited to announce that Peergrade has raised more than $1.5 million in new capital. The money comes from a range of investors, including Y Combinator, Byfounders, Project A, Nordic Makers, Learn Capital, Futuristic.vc and angel investors from around the world.

In the end, Peergrade the company is synonymous with our product. We will continue to invest heavily in making Peergrade better, faster, simpler and more effective for both teachers and students.


First Search

👀 Legendary VC firm First Round just launched First Search

We have a hard time containing our excitement about this. First Search will be the largest database of curated, high-quality advice for building startups that has ever been created!

Their extensive database features tactical advice from some of the smartest people on the planet, on everything from product design to management and hiring. Every ambitious founder should bookmark this database asap.

Check out the full database below 👇

search.firstround.com First Search is the largest database of curated, high-quality advice for building startups ever created. We’ve vetted, tagged and organized 10,000+ articles about every facet of company-building, written by the best minds in tech, so that you can find the information you need right when you need i...

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