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A Danish venture capital firm based in Copenhagen, investing in mainly Nordic early-growth companies in tech and lifestyle that can scale, where we can add value and provide great, global exit opportunities.

Founded in November 2016 by Peter Warnøe, Lars Tvede, Joakim Warnøe and Richard Sussman (USA).


Happy to announce that our portfolio company Zliide has won Mastercard and NFT Ventures LDP2019 program at Money20/20 in Amsterdam🥇🚀✨

- we've won the LDP2019 Spring Edition 🏆

Despite being the youngest team ever participating in the Lighthouse Development Program - we took the title 🥳

It has been a pleasure to work together with all of the cooperating partners including Mastercard, NFT Ventures, SEB, DNB and Fintech Mundi!

And thanks to all the participating fintech start ups from both Norway, Estonia and Denmark - a pure pleasure meeting you guys. We wish you best of luck 🙌🏻

Now drinks 🥂 then hard work 🤙🏼

Photo by FinansWatch 📸

Nordic Eye News May 2019

Walking the Talk — The Active VC Role Three years after launching Nordic Eye, we’ve gained enlightening experience as to the thought process behind our investments. We…

Ide født af gymnasieelever udløser to-cifret millioninvestering - Bootstrapping

Great article about our portfolio company Zliide in Bootstrapping. We're thrilled to be part of Zliide and the future journey💡🤗🚀

#venture #scaleup #startup #venturecapital #growth Med deres intelligente tøj-alarm giver Zliide magten tilbage til tøjbutikkerne. Stifterne bag vil sikre, at kunder i butikker aldrig mere skal stå i kø for at aflevere [...]

Begejstret fynsk robotdirektør i Canada: Vinder stor international pris

Stort tillykke til Blue Ocean Robotics med en af verdens mest prestigefyldte priser i branchen for deres UVD Robot 👏👏👏 UVD-robot fra Blue Ocean Robotics har vundet en stor robotpris i Canada onsdag aften - robotten er allerede i brug på en række sygehuse og hospitaler og...

Meet the finalists

Proud to announce that our portfolio company Zliide has won the Danish race of Mastercard and NFT Ventures development program👏🥇👻 Zliide wil now participate in the final round at Money20/20 in Amsterdam. Congrats to the amazing team and best of luck at the finals 🤗🚀 Mastercard and NFT Ventures are excited to announce the finalists for the Lighthouse Development Program Batch #2. At the start of the year, Lighthouse Program organizers solicited applications from Denmark, Estonia and Norway before selecting 15 participants based on their potential for growth. Fo

Innovation Centre Denmark Silicon Valley

Thursday May 23rd, DACC will be hosting an evening with founder and VC Peter Warnøe from Nordic Eye Venture Capital. Join for an evening where he will be speaking about his adventure as investor and his view on Silicon Valley. Sign up today:

Thoughts on organization categories in the start-up environment By Lars Tvede, Nordic Eye Strategic Advisor

Lars Tvede - speaker @ TEDxFrederiksberg

On June 1st, Lars talks at TEDxFrederiksberg about how a creative society can achieve sustainability through a combination of efficiency, recycling, compression, substitution, digitization, virtualization, biological cultivation, synthesizing and sharing. By doing so, society moves towards ever greater wealth, but also towards long-term sustainability.

BUY TICKETS HERE: The Odd Reality of Sustainability

TechSavvy Media

Det er ikke længere et særsyn at se voksne mennesker – endda i jakkesæt – suse ned ad storbyens gader på et el-løbehjul. Trenden har ramt både USA og Europa, og er også nået til både København og Aarhus.
Men hvorfor kaster investorerne så mange, mange, mange millioner efter el-løbehjulene, og hvad er det for et vækstpotentiale de mange startups skal indfri til gengæld?
VOI Scooters - Donkey Republic - Nordic Eye

Wearables will become part of the daily dress code of consumers by Suzaan Sauerman, Lifestyle Technology Consultant & Visionary

How the ‘Airbnb of boats’ is trying to rule the waves with rentals

'Last year, The Economist named Boatsetter one of two companies attempting to “rule the waves” of the global boat rental space.'

Great article on the Boatsetter Story! Jaclyn Baumgarten, CEO of Boatsetter, discusses how she created the Airbnb of boat rentals in Fort Lauderdale


How does Nordic Eye invest and what do we look for in startups / venture companies? Get to know how we work throughout an investment process and find out what excites us the most💡💰📈👨‍💻🕵️ (podcast in Danish)

#venturecapital #startup #investment #growth #scaleup

Joakim Warnøe fortæller i denne episode af podcasten fra Fremtidsfabrikken om, hvilke faser en startup skal igennem, når de søger funding hos Nordic Eye.

Eske Gerup,Lars Horsbøl Sørensen.

Today, our co-founder, Lars Tvede and his co-author Mads Faurholt-Jorgensen announced, that their book ENTREPRENEUR will be published i Chinese language by CITIC Press Group in February 2020. CITIC among the biggest publishers in China and operates as well a large network of Chinese bookstores. The group also runs approx. a third of all airport bookstores throughout the South East Asian region.

The English version of the book is available in print, eBook and audio-book formats from from Wiley & Sons. The Danish version - from Gyldendal - is also available in all formats.

#entrepreneur #startup #venturecapital

Preparing for Nordic Eye general assembly 😊

At MovieHouse Hellerup


Yale Endowment is often praised as one of the smartest long term asset allocators in the world.

Interestingly, their biggest overweight - by far - is venture capital. The attached graph shows how it has grown in their portfolio since shortly after the magnificent David Swensen took charge. It shows 16% venture allocation in 2018. For 2019, they raised this to 18% - equal to 60x overweight versus a balanced portfolio. The reason might be that their ANNUAL average return from this over the last 20 years has been 106%.

TechSavvy Media

So savvy! Our portfolio company Zliide featured in Danish startup media TechSavvy Media. Zliide is now live in three stores and things are moving forward! We're thrilled to be part of the journey together with amongst others PreSeed Ventures & SEED Capital Denmark 🚀🚀🚀

#startup #venture #scaleup

”Det er egentlig alt, hvad vi kan online, som vi flytter ned i den fysiske butik. Hovedmålet er at kunne trække samme data i den fysiske butik, som i en onlinebutik. Det er det, der er super spændende. Det er det Amazon kan – og hele tiden får deres konvertering til at stige, fordi de kan give kunderne det, de vil have,” siger Morten Møgelmose, medstifter og CEO i Zliide.

The Superbug-Killing Robot Company Continues its Growth! By Per Juul Nielsen, CEO, UVD Robots ApS


By Lars Horsbøl Sørensen, Youth Advisory Board Member

Earlier this week I returned to Denmark and presented my thoughts on Productivity and Time-Management for selected private banking clients in the Danish bank, Spar Nord. More precisely, I presented 5 focus-areas to optimise personal productivity.

My overall view, a little extreme at times, is that very very few people (read 0.01 %) have the need to work 60, 70, 80 or 90 hours a week. If you are Elon Musk and run 3 billion-dollar companies I can understand but for most of us working that long hours is inefficient.

In fact, it damages our brain and studies clearly show that decreasing marginal productivity exist as we work longer and longer hours.

I have worked with productivity optimisation for years at the digital consultancy, IIH Nordic who since february 2017 has offered their employees a very controversial 4-day workweek that has gotten attention all over the world.

Do not bother too much about "4-day workweek". Thats not the point. The point is that we all can work more efficiently. In the latest episode of "Fremtidsfabrikken" we discussed this 4-day workweek with CEO of IIH Nordic, Henrik Stenmann. Links below for your convenience:

A great explanation, although there are many, to why so many people waste their time working long hours instead of working smarter is found in the difference between the industrial age and information age.

In the industrial age TIME EQUALED MONEY as most people worked in factories where we could simply measure the production in NUMBER OF UNITS PRODUCED, which basically was a question of 1) the quality of the machines used and 2) the time input.

Today, in the information age or innovation age, time is however no longer money. Or... It kinda still is but there are so many other factors.
Moreover, you cannot measure in "units produced" anymore. In factories you still can yes. However, for more or less all office jobs, where most of us find ourselves doing knowledge-intensive work, it is super hard to actually measure the "outcome" of our work.

The outcome of work is also no longer just a matter of our time input and the quality of the machines used.

It is much more complex today. Thus the equation is different today.

In the industrial age: Time = Money
In the information age: Productivity = Money

And productivity depends on much more:
- Time input (like in the industrial age)
- Quality of machines used (like in the industrial age)
- Knowledge and learning
- Network
- Social intelligence and communication skills
- Level of focus or concentration
- Energy level
and more...

Productivity = Money

Thus, corporations and individuals alike can achieve huge benefits from spending just a little bit of time optimising productivity

Nordic Eye News March 2019

Tel Aviv field trip | The Superbug-Killing Robot | Seedster 2019 | AI in venture financing | The best from Bellabeat
- and more

Can Artificial Software Pick the Best Start-ups?

Lars Tvede shares his take on the use of AI in venture financing By Lars Tvede, Strategic Partner

Fra McKinsey til København: Manden bag storbyens orange delecykler

Behov bliver til idé og handling bliver til en virksomhed. Donkey Republic og den gode iværksætterhistorie :) Erdem Ovacik er manden bag de for tiden meget omdiskuterede orange delecykler fra Donkey Republic. Ideen fik han fra en tidligere sambo, der delte fire cykler med en stor gruppe venner.

The sales machine – Nordic Eye Venture Capital – Medium by Heath Williams, CEO, Nordic Eye Sales Accelerator


Great to see our portolio company Zliide has been selected to participate in Mastercard and NFT Ventures accelerator program🤗 👏

We're honored to announce, that we have been chosen by Mastercard and NFT Ventures to participate in the #LightHouseDevelopmentProgram 2019 Spring Edition with following statement:

".. they have proven that they are building solutions that are innovative, scalable, and most importantly, impactful."

Without further ado, meet the other rocket ships in the Lighthouse Spring Class of 2019:

Spiir, ERNIT - The Smart Piggy Bank, Hufsy, GoAppified🚀

Løverne byder i flok i aften - se med på DR1 kl. 20.45

Recorded Books - Entrepreneur


“Entrepreneur”, the VHSmith bestseller written by Lars Tvede and Mads Faurholt is now available as audiobook - 12.5 hours of practical, top-rated startup advice 😊💥 Build a world-class business with a clear blueprint to success Entrepreneur: Building Your Business From Start to Success is your guidebook to achieving entrepreneurial success. Whether you're an existing business owner seeking to increase your reach, or a budding entrepreneur ready to take the next...

Lars Tvede on LinkedIn: "“WHAT A GREAT DAY” Nordic Eye provided funding for the incredible LuggageHero startup. Now they are on a roll 😁👍"

Nordic Eye provided funding for the incredible LuggageHero. Now they are on a roll 😁👍

February 22, 2019: Lars Tvede posted on LinkedIn

New investment: Donkey Republic – Nordic Eye Venture Capital – Medium Share solution — Simple — Station-less — Smart lock — GO!

Danske Bluetown leverer internet til millioner af verdens fattigste mennesker - Bootstrapping

Nordic Eyes porteføljeselskab Bluetown hjælper FNs Verdensmål om internetadgang godt på vej. Danske Bluetown har udviklet en løsning, der kan give internet i fattige og afsides liggende områder. Henrik Føhns har talt med Bluetown.

Supertrends — looking into the future – Nordic Eye Venture Capital – Medium

"The Future is Lit" by Lars Tvede By Lars Tvede, Strategic Partner

30 Under 30 Europe 2019: Retail & Ecommerce

Congrats to Mads Fibiger and Organic Basics for making it to the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe list! Reinventing how we shop, online and off.

This week, there is a big feature story in a leading Danish magazine about Henrik Zillmer, the wizard/founder of AirHelp - an incredibly successful startup.

New video course with Lars & Peter on Entrepreneurship - how to build a business.

Available March 1 - sign up now on

Iværksættere henter millioner fra Lars Tvede og Løvens Hule-investor

'LuggageHero er en enorm god vækstcase', udtaler Peter blandt andet i Berlingske i dag om vores investering i dansk startup.

Nordic Eye News January 2019

January newsletter in full length

sign up Women In Tech DK hosted an event to inspire and guide startups through the fundraising process, from legal issues to network and insight on what investors are looking for. Peter Warnøe explained about the 3 key aspects in a startup that Nordic Eye looks closely at - Product, Team and Market - a...

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Amazon built an electronic vest to improve worker/robot interactions


By Eske Gerup, Youth Advisory Board Member

Amazon has recently made their first step to solving the problem of safety in robot-human interaction and collaboration. They have developed a vest equipped with sensors and positioning systems that automatically updates all connected robots nearby of the position of the vest/employee. This makes interaction much easier and provides the opportunity for humans to repair, do maintenance or physically interfere with robots without having dedicated safe-zones, pathways or shutdowns of multiple robots creating additional and unnecessary downtime.

Safety will be a crucial thing to establish. Already scandals have taken headlines on newspapers across the world where there has been collisions or injuries. As robot-human collaboration increases in private firms, factories and soon in public we will definitely see several new inventions to solve the challenges of interaction, danger, safety and close collaboration. Over the course of the last year, Amazon began rolling out a new worker safety wearable to 25+ sites. From the looks of it, the Robotic Tech Vest is really more like a pair of suspenders attached to an electronic utility belt. The Amazon Robotics-designed product was created to keep workers safe wh....

Nogle af vores Youth Board medlemmer mødtes over jul og nytår i Colombia, hvor den stod på salsa- og arbejdslejr.

Eske og Lars kiggede på deres podcast, Fremtidsfabrikken og fik blandt andet lavet en lille nytårsspecial til lytterne, som i kan finde nedenfor. Derudover blev der arbejdet på en ny bog, der udkommer senere i 2019. Stay tuned!


Både Peter Warnøe og Lars Tvede har deltaget i Fremtidsfabrikken som gæster. Begge to super fede episoder, som kan finde på podcastens Itunes og Spotify sider:


Nu kommer løverne på banen! Se premieren i aften på DR1 kl. 20.45

Google X and the Science of Radical Creativity


By Lars Horsbøl Sørensen, Youth Advisory Board Member

We humans have a hard time keeping up to speed with the technological advancements and opportunities. As such, one could say that we are advancing more than fast enough. However, is that really the case? At Google's secret factory, X, the general believe is that we should think much more radical. Find radical solutions to the world's issues instead of small incremental improvements.

The article is rather old but surely a must-read so enjoy it before the new year or start 2019 with a great read about radical solutions from the inside of one of, if not the world's, most powerful company. How the secretive Silicon Valley lab is trying to resurrect the lost art of invention

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