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We help clients to clarify their financial goals and reduce the risks associated with saving, investing, and managing money.

Legacy Financial Partners is a full-service financial planning team located in Alamogordo, NM. Our focus is helping businesses, individuals, and families to clarify their financial needs, goals, and desires, and to manage the risks associated with saving, investing, and managing money. At Legacy Financial, our goal is to help maximize your well-being in all phases of life, and we pledge to do so with honesty, integrity, and transparency. No matter how large or small the sum, and whether you have experience investing or not, we can help you understand and make use of the financial tools available to you. We have found that well-informed, educated investors tend to maximize their opportunities. This is what we want for each and every person in their financial life. Legacy Financial Partners is proud to be associated with Investment Centers of America and their outstanding network of financial professionals. Since 1985, ICA has been a leading provider of investment and insurance products through community banks and independent offices. With almost 400 professionals, ICA uses a client-focused approach to support financial advisors in meeting their customers’ goals. Additionally, ICA has created a Financial Solutions Team consisting of a group of specialized investment professionals providing independent, investment insight to ICA's Financial Advisors and their current and prospective clients.


Consumer prices post biggest decline since 2008 as coronavirus puts clamps on inflation

U.S. Consumer Prices dip to the lowest point since 2008. MarketWatch has more @ https://on.mktw.net/2LmFYxR

marketwatch.com One thing anxious Americans don’t have to worry about, with the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down large slices of the economy, is inflation. Consumer prices...


Almost half of America is now carrying credit card debt, and more of it

Credit card debt has spiked during the COVID-19 crisis, with half of Americans owing more. More from CNBC @ https://cnb.cx/2yhVo3F

cnbc.com More Americans, and especially millennials, are being forced by the coronavirus economic crash to carry increasing levels of credit card debt.


As coronavirus pandemic pushes more grocery shoppers online, stores struggle to keep up with demand

According to CNBC, online grocery shopping is now practiced by 10-15% of Americans. More @ https://cnb.cx/3aY8G2m

cnbc.com The surge in online grocery sales may decline as the pandemic recedes, but experts say more customers have downloaded apps, tried new services and become familiar with its convenience.


U.S. Mortgage Rates Tumble to a Record Low

Yahoo! Finance looks at the falling mortgage rate, a new record low for the U.S. More @ https://yhoo.it/3f4L6V1

finance.yahoo.com (Bloomberg) -- U.S. mortgage rates fell once again to the lowest on record.The average rate for a 30-year loan was 3.23%, down from 3.33% last week and the lowest in almost 50 years of data-keeping, Freddie Mac said in a statement Thursday. The previous record was 3.29%, reached in early March.The c...


Why long-term flexible work options could be a game changer for women

CNBC examines how more flexible work options are changing lives for women. More @ https://cnb.cx/3f7PLph

cnbc.com With remote work becoming a reality for many parents, CNBC Make It spoke to experts about the impact long-term flexible work options could have on working mothers.


COVID-19 has some older workers rethinking retirement - Marketplace

The COVID-19 crisis has certain older workers rethinking their retirement from the workplace. Marketplace has more @ https://bit.ly/2L8pTfc

marketplace.org After the 2008 crisis, people 62 or older who were laid off were much less likely than younger workers to return to the workforce.


Grandparents, grandkids connect over virtual workouts

Fox 17 in Michigan takes a look at kids and elders meeting up for virtual workouts. More @ https://bit.ly/35dSYPw

fox17online.com NewsLocal NewsMichiganNewaygo Actions Facebook Tweet Email Grandparents, grandkids connect over virtual workouts 'Exercise fun with Grandma & Grandpa' Grandparents connect with grandkids over virtual workouts By: Mike Avery , Zac Harmon Posted at 12:37 PM, Apr 29, 2020 and last updated 2020-04-30 11...


Homeowners fear they may owe hefty lump-sum payment on mortgages

Homeowners are concerned they might owe large mortgage payments in the wake of COVID-19. CBS News has more @ https://cbsn.ws/35hNDGS

"What makes them think I'm going to have three months of money in three months?" one homeowner asked.


US issues new guidance for small business loans, pressures public companies to return funds

CNBC reports on the Small Business Administration’s new guidance for Paycheck Protection Program loans. More @ https://cnb.cx/3azer6k

cnbc.com The update comes after a public furor that large companies tapped the facility for hundreds of millions of dollars while thousands of small businesses have yet to receive funding.


If you left or lost your job, here is what you can do with your 401(k)

CNBC asks what to do with your 401(k) after you have moved on from your job. More @ https://cnb.cx/2yxtCzT

cnbc.com There are a number of things to take into account when deciding if you should roll over your 401(k) from a former employer.


America's craft beer boom may go flat as coronavirus shutdown slows brewery taps

USA Today examines how COVID-19 has dealt a serious blow to small craft beer businesses. More @ https://bit.ly/357mB57

usatoday.com The COVID-19 pandemic could disrupt the nation's craft beer industry, especially smaller breweries, which rely on beer sold and consumed onsite.


What's the secret to keeping your credit card balance at $0 after you get out of debt?

CNBC asks how those who’ve come out of debt use their credit card. Could you stay at zero? More @ https://cnb.cx/2yBItZQ

cnbc.com It can be scary to use a credit card again after paying off a lot of debt. CNBC Select offers a simple trick to keep your balance at $0 while using your card for everyday purchases.


Housing expert: Home sales could fall 30% to 40% in the next months

Yahoo! Money reports that home sales may significantly decease in the coming months. More @ https://bit.ly/2VticpP

money.yahoo.com The spring and summer months are traditionally the hottest homebuying season, but this year one housing expert predicts sales to drop as much as 40% during that time because of the coronavirus pandemic.


These COVID-19 Scams Have Cost Americans $13.4 Million So Far | The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool reports on some COVID-19 scams to watch out for. More @ https://bit.ly/2RX8WIj

fool.com Don't let them cost you.


The stock market is crashing and we're in a recession. Can I still retire?

USA Today examines a question on many minds: should one retire during a recession? More @ https://bit.ly/3btQTkF

usatoday.com I had planned on retiring this October. But with all this stock market crash and recession stuff, I’m not sure I can or should.


6 Social Security Rules You Should Know by Heart | The Motley Fool

What should everyone approaching retirement know about Social Security? The Motley Fool takes a look @ https://bit.ly/2xLnDqT

fool.com You don't need to know everything about Social Security, but you should definitely know these six rules.


Free Fall: Oil Prices Go Negative

Diminished demand sinks U.S. oil prices to a record low: under $5 a barrel. NPR reports @ https://n.pr/2zjQFi5

npr.org For the first time ever, a key oil benchmark, West Texas Intermediate, fell below zero on Monday. That means some traders, instead of paying money to buy oil, are paying to get rid of it.


Filing for unemployment as a gig or self-employed worker? It's complicated

CNBC asks an interesting question. How can you apply for unemployment if you work in the gig economy? More @ https://cnb.cx/2yneB3z

cnbc.com Gig workers, independent contractors and the self-employed have a more roundabout process to file for unemployment benefits than traditional salaried workers, experts say.


US faces an 'unprecedented' decline in oil production

CNN Business reports on the unusual drop in oil production. More @ https://cnn.it/2VwPsv2

cnn.com The United States will suffer an "unprecedented" decline in oil output this year despite a historic agreement by some of the world's other big producers to slash supply with the aim of shoring up prices, according to the International Energy Agency.


IRS "Get My Payment" site leaves some people confused and frustrated

CBS News examines the issues many Americans have experienced in receiving their stimulus checks. More @ https://cbsn.ws/2XGtecB

A new service intended to help people track their federal stimulus check is leaving some users in the dark.


Trump issues guidelines to open up parts of US where coronavirus cases are in decline, testing ramped up

The White House reveals plans for reopening public life in the United States. CNBC reports @ https://cnb.cx/2xCfx3V

cnbc.com The new guidance ramps up pressure on governors to loosen their restrictions, even as health experts and business leaders alike warn that widespread testing systems are needed before Americans can safely start returning to their normal lives.


Are You Managing Your Job Search Or Is It Managing You?

Forbes examines practices that may make your job search less stressful. More @ https://bit.ly/2ylbYzi

forbes.com Now that a global pandemic is disrupting lives, businesses and supply chains around the globe, many people are finding themselves looking for new jobs. We are in the midst of extremely challenging times. To get through it, we need to acknowledge our emotions rather than bury them.


Coronavirus stimulus checks: IRS launches online form to get money faster

Where is my stimulus check? NBC News covers the process @ https://nbcnews.to/2xxfaYq

nbcnews.com Americans can now upload their bank information to get their cash quickly and check on its status.


A Heavy Lift For The Fitness World As Home Workouts Replace The Gym

NPR reports on the fitness industry’s shift in focus to home workouts. More @ https://n.pr/2z1xmtB

npr.org Swimmers, runners, weight-lifters are getting creative with home exercises. Out-of-work fitness instructors are doing tricky math: whether to offer their hard-earned skills on the Internet for free.


3 times life insurance becomes impossible to ignore, even if you wish you could

Business Insider examines key moments where life insurance becomes most desirable. More @ https://bit.ly/34D4UtW

businessinsider.com A change in personal life, professional life, or a sudden outside event like losing a family member can spur people to get life insurance.


Telecommuting Parents Seek Out Virtual Babysitting—Here’s How It Works

Would you hire a virtual babysitter? Forbes covers the practice @ https://bit.ly/3eixmWf

forbes.com It’s our new reality. Children are out of school and underfoot as parents log into Zoom meetings and respond to work emails. In order to adhere to social distancing guidelines, parents are turning to virtual babysitters to help them get a few uninterrupted minutes to concentrate on work.


A Pound Of Flour To Go? Restaurants Are Selling Groceries Now

NPR reports that some restaurants are selling groceries in addition to their normal menu. More @ https://n.pr/3egnwUJ

npr.org Some restaurants are adding toilet paper, fresh vegetables and other staples to their menus. They rely on different supply chains than grocery stores, so there's still plenty of yeast to be had.


US weekly jobless claims jump by 6.6 million and we've now lost 10% of workforce in three weeks

CNBC reports that U.S. jobless claims have risen by 6.6 million. This eliminates 10% of the U.S. workforce. More @ https://cnb.cx/39VFbOf

cnbc.com That brings the total claims over the past three weeks to more than 16 million.


The coronavirus recession is unlike any economic downturn in US history

CNBC examines how the post-coronavirus economic downturn compares to earlier examples. More @ https://cnb.cx/2Vbn8hM

cnbc.com Economists now predict GDP growth will plummet in the first and second quarters of the year as businesses shutter and hundreds of millions of Americans are locked down.


Can I take money from my 401(k) because of COVID-19? - Marketplace

Marketplace takes a look at the stimulus packages’ new 401(k) rules allowing penalty-free distributions. More @ https://bit.ly/3e9SwWG

marketplace.org People affected by the crisis can access of up to $100,000 of their retirement savings without the usual 10% penalty.


Cats should be kept inside if owners show coronavirus symptoms, veterinary scientists say

Veterinarians are recommending that people with COVID-19 symptoms keep their cats indoors. More from CNBC @ https://cnb.cx/2XkW56n

cnbc.com Pet cats should be kept inside if they live in a household where someone is suffering with the new coronavirus, veterinary scientists have said.


How becoming a mother made 11 CEOS, founders, and leaders better at their jobs

Does becoming a mother make you a better leader? Business Insider takes a closer look @ https://bit.ly/2RmJWKl

businessinsider.com "Since I want to be present with my kids, my working window has tightened, so I have become even more laser-focused when I get to work."


How the gender pay gap affects women's mental health

CNBC covers the affect the gender pay gap has on the mental health of women. More @ https://cnb.cx/3bLsBlR

cnbc.com Tuesday is Equal Pay Day. And research shows that increased prevalence of depression and anxiety disorders in women is linked to the higher percentage of psycho-social stressors present in their lives. Here, experts explain how the gender pay gap contributes to women's mental health.


4 ways remote work is better for women

Fast Company asks if working from home or remotely is better for women. More @ http://bit.ly/3d3O379

fastcompany.com Having an easier time getting your voice heard is just one of the advantages of working remotely.


How to invest if you want to buy a house in 10 years or less

Business Insider examines a method for investing toward buying a house in a decade. More @ http://bit.ly/2TXOU0r

businessinsider.com Whether investing is right for you depends on how soon you're looking to buy. If you need that money in two years or less, keep it out of the market.

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