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This woman was charged $143,396.66 for a breast biopsy — here’s how to improve medical billing transparency

"Despite claims that hospitals have razor-thin margins, large hospitals are building granite lobbies, planting Zen gardens and reporting record profits."

Stories like this are the reason why. Don't be their next victim; a Direct Access Healthcare Membership can help you find the best price for your healthcare needs. A doctor’s prescription to save patients money, grief and sticker shock.

How to avoid surprise charges from a wellness visit

This is true; unfortunately, some people try to game the system by bringing up every health concern they've had the past year during their "free" preventative visit. You can and will get charged for a regular office visit or other procedures if you attempt this. If you are planning to see your doctor for a wellness visit, there are a few things that you may want to be aware of to avoid surprise charges later.

Hospital Overcharging Lawsuits Yield Little Results - Direct Access Healthcare

We can help you navigate the byzantine bureaucracy and give you the knowledge to help fight any hospital overcharging! Like it or not, healthcare is a business now and it’s run by people who sometimes care more about their bottom line than your bank account.

[02/17/20]   Why are we letting large hospital systems get away with charging 1000% above the cost of the actual service or good and taking advantage of consumers?? For our Direct Access Healthcare members, we audit, review and negotiate medical bills to find you savings!

Bonkers pricing of “free” flu shots shows what’s wrong with US healthcare

There literally is no such thing as "free" healthcare as we all pay higher premiums for it. Even flu shots are not immune to price gouging. A Direct Access Healthcare Membership can steer you to the best price so you don't get jabbed more than once! In broken US health system, a flu shot can cost triple what it should.

Hospital CEOs get big raises despite pressure to control health care costs

Every year, large health care chains cry poverty and blame insurance companies as the reason they have to raise their rates--this story tells a different truth. A Direct Access Healthcare Membership can help you find affordable quality healthcare outside of large chains. Advocate Aurora's Jim Skogsbergh and Northwestern Memorial HealthCare's Dean Harrison lead the way as local pay hikes outpace the national average.

Nothing To Sneeze At: $2,659 Bill To Pluck Doll's Shoe From Girl's Nose

The fact something like this costs $2,659.00 shows just how broken and corrupt the healthcare system can be. Don't be one of these stories; a Direct Access Healthcare Advocate membership gives you access to people who can help mitigate these types of bills. A young girl put matching doll shoes up her nose. One came out easily. The second required a trip to the hospital emergency department and led to a bill that isn't child's play.

How do You Shop for Healthcare? - Direct Access Healthcare

Are you shopping for your healthcare services? We can help you become a confident consumer! How do you shop for healthcare? My recommendation is to get 3 prices from 3 different healthcare providers.

Benefits of a High-Risk Pool - Direct Access Healthcare

Take a look into one theory of Healthcare reform: A High Risk Pool High-risk pools are a way to cover individuals with expensive health conditions at an affordable premium with wide access to healthcare providers.

A Member Success Story! - Direct Access Healthcare

Medical bills are negotiable. Direct Access Healthcare saved one member $9,374.48 on one medical bill. Don't be taken advantage of - Call us today! It matters what you pay for why pay more than you have to?

2019 Health Coverage & Federal Taxes - Direct Access Healthcare

The 2019 Tax Season is upon us! Check out these tips on your 2019 health coverage and Federal Taxes. Tax season is upon us! Here are some important things to remember with your 2019 health coverage and you federal taxes

[02/10/20]   There are many different theories on how to fix healthcare.
Take a look at four popular beliefs here!

New mom hit with surprise $10,000 bill for baby’s hospital stay

Billing mistakes by providers and processing errors by health plans like in the below story are everyday occurrences. A Direct Access Healthcare Membership gives you access to people with inside knowledge to ensure the below never happens to you. Experts say a newborn is covered under their mother’s insurance policy for the first 30 days of life.

The Price is NEVER the Price - Direct Access Healthcare

Did you know that most medical bills are negotiable?
Talk to us before paying your large medical bills and see if we can help save you money! What is the trust price of medical services??

Why is Health Insurance so Expensive? - Direct Access Healthcare

Why is health insurance so much more expensive than other basic insurances?
Find out here! Health insurance is expensive because healthcare is expensive and insured consumers do not shop for lower cost healthcare services.

Do You Know How Health Insurance Works? - Direct Access Healthcare

Want to lower your health insurance premiums? Find out two easy ways here! Many people believe health insurance companies have an unlimited amount of money to pay healthcare providers. I can understand why people believe this when paying such large premiums to health insurance companies. However, most of us do not take the time to understand how health insurance really wor...

Finding out the true cost of medical services and prescription drugs is nearly impossible. Would you ever walk into a store and buy a shirt without knowing the cost of the product? Then why are we letting medical providers get away with this secrecy?

Are you frustrated with rising health insurance premiums and health expenses?? We have a solution to help you navigate the intimidating health care system! Make sure to subscribe to our blog for helpful hints and tips on being a good consumer in the health care industry!

Nearly Half of U.S. Sunscreens Would Be Banned in Europe. Why? They Don't Work

Great guide to help know which sunscreen to buy... Many sunscreens on the market contain an ingredient that may actually trigger skin cancer lesions and tumors!

Blue Mind Health

Relieve anxiety, stress, depression, boost your health, and increase happiness with Blue Mind. Sign up to watch the FREE 6 episode documentary event.

3 Popular Exercises That Can Accelerate Aging & Weight-gain

No more crunches!!! Surprisingly, not all exercise is created equal. Believe it or not, some exercises are not only a bad choice but could very well be counter-productive. In fact, recent studies have discovered that exercises once considered being an effective way to get lean, fit and healthy while helping keep you lo...

Alo Health

Are you low or no carb? Plateaued on your weight loss or muscle building goals and don’t understand why? When protein and fats are the only source of energy for your body, they are not as readily available to build and repair. Your body is telling you something. You want to listen. We can help. #alohealthllc #foodmatters #smartcarbs #healthyfat #protein #enzymes

8 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Detoxify

Are you hearing a lot about 'detoxes' and 'cleanses'? Here are some practical ways to lower your toxic load. In addition, check out the resources on our website. Click here Given what we are now exposed to through our food, air, and water, detoxification has become a modern-day necessity. Without the daily activation of ancient, effective physiological pathways designed to remove environmental toxins, we are bound to get sick. So, what are some simple, effective ways w...

Food and Nutrition Intolerance/Sensitivity Tests from Allergy Test (Up to 68% Off). All Fees Charged in USD.

Are your seasonal allergies back? It's hard to avoid allergens if you aren't quite sure what they are. Check out this simple allergy test currently on sale through Groupon. All it takes are a couple strands of hair. Get a clearer sense of your tolerance of a wide range of food and non-food items with this in-depth intolerance test

Are you interested in improving your digestive health??
Call Alo Health for a FREE 15 minute consultation to determine if they can help.

Is your body lying to you? Is your head trying to tell you that there is something awry with your gut? In our training as digestive health practitioners we learned ways to assess your body so that it cannot lie to us. We can help you break the code to living well and reaching your health goals. Curious? Longing to improve your well-being? We love guiding you ♥️ Schedule your free phone consult today! #alohealthllc #wellness #healthcoaching #digestionmatters

Don't miss The Digital Dementia Summit May 20-26, free and online!

Have you heard of Digital Dementia? Young people are developing cognitive issue from technology overuse. Learn more by checking out this FREE summit. #DigitalDementia" is very real -- join us at this free, online event to learn more!

Healthmeans for a Healthy Gut

Check out this FREE resource for digestive health. We've collected our top expert talks and eBooks to create this incredible, self-learning gut health bundle... for FREE!

Spring Time is Cleanse Time!
(courtesy of Alo Health)
If you don't clean the water in the fish bowl, the fish will be swimming in it’s own waste. If your body is not efficiently eliminating waste products, your body is a dirty fish bowl. We want you to have a "clean fish bowl" so that your body can work efficiently! The lymphatic system is the sewer system of the body where waste products are carried away and eliminated. The fluid coursing through the vessels becomes congested and waste products accumulate when your stress increases and your activity level decreases. Pain and inflammation is a common result. Health can't be obtained or maintained with a clogged system!

WHERE do those waste products come from? First, the trillions of cells in your body eat nutrition and excrete waste, which is toxic. Next, everything you breathe, put on your skin or into your mouth has the potential of containing waste products. If you live in an industrial environment, for example, chemicals are released into the air, so it’s inevitable they get into your body through your lungs. Non-organic and processed foods contain chemicals or hormones that need to be detoxed by the body. Body products, like lotions, deodorants and perfumes, also contain similar ingredients that get absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the pores and can be even more toxic to the body as a result. (We’ll get to the good news in a bit; no need to get depressed!).

HOW does this system become congested? Unlike the circulatory system, which has a heart to pump the blood around, the lymph system has no pump. It’s called a “passive system.” Proper breathing, stretching, and activity provide the pumping action. Back in the days of planting and harvesting our food by hand and washing our clothes using a washboard, we created plenty of pumping action daily. Since we’re more sedentary now, it’s no wonder the fluid stays pretty stagnant in our vessels. Second, when we breathe correctly, our diaphragm actually moves up and down and provides a lymphatic pumping action. Proper breathing involves our abdomen moving in and out upon inhalation and exhalation. How many people do you know like to stick their bellies out when they breathe? Hence our lymphatic problems!

The great news (finally) is that we can successfully and easily decongest and clean this system through “physical medicine” techniques and supplementation. Some “physical medicine” techniques include daily lymphatic breathing, dry brushing, rebounding and lymphatic massage. Supplementation allows natural ingredients to get into the lymphatic vessels, liquefy the thickened fluid, and release toxins into the bloodstream. From there, it is eliminated from the body. That’s a beautiful cleanup process! Finding a practitioner who can suggest the right detox products will be helpful, to ensure safe and “sick-free” body cleansing. Some products may include enzymes or herbs, so checking with your doctor or pharmacist will also be important. Happy spring body cleaning!

Healthmeans for a Healthy Gut We've collected our top expert talks and eBooks to create this incredible, self-learning gut health bundle... for FREE!

The Truth About Cancer

What if lots of what we’ve been told about cancer was a lie? 👉

In our newest exploration, we traveled to Asia to discover the hidden knowledge of Eastern medicine.

Join us as we take you to these countries and speak with 87 doctors, scientists & survivors from 7 countries to unite to end cancer.

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So proud to support a local school! Consider joining in on the festivities!! 🥳

This event would not be possible without the generosity of our sponsors and donors. Thank you to DePere Smiles, S.C. and Midwest Insurance Brokerage, Ltd. for your support of Catholic education at Holy Spirit School!💟

Frostbite - Symptoms and causes

Be safe during this cold spell...With this weather, it will only take 15-20 minutes of exposed skin to potentially get frostbite.
Let's all think warm thoughts!! Learn how to prevent frostbite by preparing for being outdoors in freezing temperatures and how to treat and recover from frostbite.

Attached you will find the form and instruction for the health sharing plan exemption. This is the last year that this will be required
Attached you will find the form and instruction for the health sharing plan exemption. This is the last year that this will be required


If you are suffering from skin conditions, this is a great resource. new speakers weekly.

Skin Care Service

Don't miss The Toxic Mold Summit January 28 - February 3, free and online! Don't miss The Toxic Mold Summit January 28 - February 3, free and online!

Hacking Your Healthcare with Dr. Mark Hyman

An interesting perspective....You can watch his sessions for free for a limited time. Learn how to work with your doctor to get the care you need, including which tests matter and how to understand the results. Take control of your own healthcare!

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Interesting sessions that will help with brain health. Check it out! Get the brain UPGRADES you need to prevent and heal from the constant attacks on your brain! #SuperhumanBrain

Drinking Fruit Juice May Be Worse Than Drinking Soda

This is an interesting read...I didn't realize that certain juices contain more sugar per serving that our body can process in a day. I would personally prefer to get my sugar in the form of chocolate. The conventional mindset has always been that drinking fruit juice is healthy, especially pure fruit juice. We purchase fruit juice and fruit smoothies thinking that it will help our health and weight loss efforts by starting our day with something we believe is packed with vitamins. We think we are...

Alo Health, LLC, Learn how to nourish, strengthen and sustain your body's health and wellness by partnering with our Health Consultants at Alo Health! Alo Health provides health consulting to individuals to maintain health, prevent chronic disease and reverse symptoms of illness. Using a client’s health history, physical examinations, and laboratory tests, we identify which body systems and organs are imbalanced. By assessing the body structure ...

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