Ryan Mahloch - Johnson Insurance

Ryan Mahloch - Johnson Insurance


Congratulations Officer Vosters!! #kaukaunastrong #kaukaunaproud
These dehumidifiers are still out there. Check your's out and replace it if you need to! My family had one... we cut the cord (after unplugging it) and got rid of it. Not worth keeping and sacrificing my family's safety.
Be safe today... don't drive through standing water on the roads; and make sure to put away those things that could blow around and be damaged or cause damage. A few simple things can help protect you and help prevent you from having to file that dreaded insurance claim.
Put it down... #itcanwait

Offering insight and advice on personal insurance, through our comprehensive insurance review program. Representing Johnson Financial Group.

Offering insight and advice on insurance questions.

This is NOT an excuse to not have to pay for your insurance, but if money is tight during this unexpected time... rest assured that Integrity Insurance (along with a lot of other carriers) will do the best they can to keep your coverage intact. As always, reach out to your agent with questions or concerns.

To support customers affected by COVID-19, we’re suspending cancellations due to nonpayment of premium from March 18 to April 6. Please visit our website to learn more: http://bit.ly/2vA2Aqo

Very important release concerning branch locations for the foreseeable future.

IF YOU ARE IN NEED OF ASSISTANCE... CALL ME AT 920.225.5549 OR EMAIL [email protected].


Vote Now for the 2020 Best of The Valley

I hope you can say I'm good enough for Best in the Valley! I'd appreciate your vote!!


post-crescent.secondstreetapp.com Voting is now open for the 2020 Best of The Valley! Prove that you’re a local legend and know the best spots! It’s time to vote for your favorite restaurants, entertainment, shopping, services, and more in the 2020 Best of The Valley!

Dryer fires are the 8th most common cause of house fires in the US. Maintaining and cleaning your dryer vents will help you from being another stat...

Need a hand with this let us help🤦‍♂️

Eric Grant - Acre Realty, Ltd.

[01/23/20]   Please note... I will be out of the office and on vacation now thru February 2nd. If you are in need of assistance during this time, call my office number at 920.225.5549 for the direct line to our service team.

Nice calendar Eric Grant - Acre Realty, Ltd.!
If you're looking for a great realtor... he's your guy!!

I have nothing to say... but PLEASE just take a minute and read.

I'll Look at Your Facebook Profile Before I Tell Your Mother You're Dead - Dr. Louis M. Profeta, Emergency Room Physician, St. Vincent Hospital of Indianapolis

“It kind of keeps me human. You see, I’m about to change their lives; your mom and dad, that is. In about five minutes, they will never be the same, they will never be happy again. Right now, to be honest, you’re just a nameless dead body that feels like a wet bag of newspapers that we have been pounding on, sticking IV lines and tubes and needles in, trying desperately to save you. There’s no motion, no life, nothing to tell me you once had dreams or aspirations. I owe it to them to learn just a bit about you before I go in.

Because right now . . . all I am is mad at you, for what you did to yourself and what you are about to do to them.

I know nothing about you. I owe it to your mom to peek inside of your once-living world.

Maybe you were texting instead of watching the road, or you were drunk when you should have Ubered. Perhaps you snorted heroin or Xanax for the first time or a line of coke, tried meth or popped a Vicodin at the campus party and did a couple shots. Maybe you just rode your bike without a helmet or didn’t heed your parents’ warning when they asked you not to hang out with that “friend,” or to be more cautious when coming to a four-way stop. Maybe you just gave up.

Maybe it was just your time, but chances are . . . it wasn’t.

So I pick up your faded picture of your driver’s license and click on my iPhone, flip to Facebook and search your name. Chances are we’ll have one mutual friend somewhere. I know a lot of people.

I see you wearing the same necklace and earrings that now sit in a specimen cup on the counter, the same ball cap or jacket that has been split open with trauma scissors and pulled under the backboard, the lining stained with blood. Looks like you were wearing it to the U2 concert. I heard it was great.

I see your smile, how it should be, the color of eyes when they are filled with life, your time on the beach, blowing out candles, Christmas at Grandma’s; oh you have a Maltese, too. I see that. I see you standing with your mom and dad in front of the sign to your college. Good, I’ll know exactly who they are when I walk into the room. It makes it that much easier for me, one less question I need to ask.

You’re kind of lucky that you don’t have to see it. Dad screaming your name over and over, mom pulling her hair out, curled up on the floor with her hand over her head as if she’s trying to protect herself from unseen blows.

I check your page before I tell them you’re dead because it reminds me that I am talking about a person, someone they love; it quiets the voice in my head that is screaming at you right now shouting: ‘How could you do this to them, to people you are supposed to love!’”

For the love of God, put down your phone, slow down, come to a complete stop, wear your seatbelt, go the speed limit, and drive like your life depends on it. Because it does. And if that’s not enough, drive like other peoples’ lives depend on it...because it does.

Don’t ruin your family’s or our holiday season...

Below is what came out of my dryer vent after 10 years of usage. I was told there were areas almost completely clogged. To help prevent dryer fires... you should clean it out every 2 years. Added benefit... my clothes should dry in half the time and save me some energy usage.
Thank you Fox Valley Clean Air!!

Good Morning America

Great fire safety tips during this holiday season.

The holidays are prime time for house fires. So Matt Gutman suited up in protective gear to demonstrate life saving tips to keep YOUR family safe if your house catches fire. https://gma.abc/2ZzRteQ

To all who served... thank you!!
#veterans #thankyou


‘It’s a nightmare’: Target 2 Investigates fraud complaints against Summit Contracting

This is why it is very important to do your homework before hiring a contractor. A little advanced work on your end could save you a lot of work extra work (and money) afterwards.

wbay.com We found out the company is under criminal investigation for fraud after dozens of customers filed complaints with local and state authorities.

Great words of advice AND very important to do!

You know to change the battery every year! Did you know every 10 years you should change the whole thing out? It is part of the 1/4 plan we offer👍

Ryan Mahloch - Johnson Insurance

Worth the share even 3 years later... and most of the stats are still pretty true!

Interesting stats of the day...

**In 2014, almost 700,000 vehicles were stolen... that's one every 43 seconds.

**The cost to consumers and insurance companies is over $4.5 BILLION A YEAR... and affects everyone's insurance rates as a result (this accounts for approximately 9% of your yearly auto insurance cost).

**The odds of your vehicle being stolen... 1 in 196.

**Less than 15% of cars stolen are recovered and cleared (meaning returned back to the owners).

**A National Insurance Crime Bureau survey found that 1/3 of people leave their car running and unoccupied (and typically unlocked... 40% leave valuables in the vehicle in plain sight... 60% leave their car doors unlocked, normally in their garage; and frequently with their keys (and a lot of times valuables) still in it.

Remember to take some simple steps next time you get out of your car; and you can help make sure you don't become a victim of the above stats.

It's a new school year. Drive safe... and you'll help keep our kids safe too!!

Here's a safety reminder, as we get back into the swing of the school year ... Please be alert, especially in school zones. Please be patient with our walkers, bikers, other drivers, and buses. And please follow the bus light rules on the roads always.

Have a great year, KASD, and stay safe!

[07/22/19]   Due to power outages... we are unsure of the status of our Appleton location being open tomorrow. If you have a claim from this weekends storms that you need to file with me... please first try me at my office at 920.225.5549. If the phones do not work and my voicemail does not pick up... call my cell tomorrow between 8:30 & 5pm at 920.205.4593.
Thanks... and stay safe!

Thank you West Bend Mutual Insurance Company and fellow PDP 19 members! It's been a great past 6 months. Best of luck to all of you!!

Congratulations to these independent agents on graduating from our Producer Development Program earlier this week. Best of luck to all of you! 🥳


Car insurance rates by state 2019: Most and least expensive

Great article to show you just how affordable the average insurance policy is in Wisconsin. We rank 50th out of 51 for the most expensive (we are 2nd cheapest behind Maine)!!


insure.com Find out which states are the most and least expensive for car insurance and see how your state ranks.

Some of the fun things we got to do learning about the West Bend Mutual Insurance Company Teen Driving Program.

[06/25/19]   Great day to be at the track with my fellow PDP partners with West Bend Mutual Insurance Company.

[05/21/19]   Today is Johnson Financial Group's annual Service Day. Company wide, you will see our team out in the community volunteering.
As part of Service Day, our Downtown Appleton location is selling bags of popcorn for $1 to help benefit the Fox Cities Humane Society. If you are in the area... stop in and support a great cause!!

#involvement #community #serviceday #johnsonfinancialgroup

Harrison Fire Auxiliary Inc.

Harrison Fire Rescue Annual Brat Fry has decided to take all the funds raised this Saturday and donate them to the fallen Appleton Firefighter's Family. After all they are members of our community. Please stop out Saturday from 10am to 2pm at the Sherwood Mobil and show your support for our fallen brother. If you can't make it to the brat fry and would still like to help you can donate to the fundraiser below.

Every day I'm trying to learn a little something new...
#insurance #agents #educate

Go Brewers!

If I'm not learning to be better, I'm failing my clients.
#strivetobebetter #insurance #agents #educate #development

[04/25/19]   I will continue to share this every year! Nothing is more important than your life and your family's life!


[04/03/19]   Enjoyed giving a presentation to college students on the importance of insurance and protecting what you have.
#education #higherlearning #agents

Appleton Police Department

Another example of not drinking and driving... call an Uber or a Lyft... and stay safe!!

Safe driving is nothing to joke about.

Here is a video from a recent crash caught on traffic camera at Northland and Richmond. The driver was injured but, treated and released. The driver was arrested for several traffic violations including OWI 1st Offense and Reckless Driving-Endangering Safety. Thankfully no one else was hurt.

#drivesafe #appletonsafe #drivesober #buckleup #appletonpolicedepartment


Check out Ryan Mahloch - Johnson Bank.

You can vote for me thru April 14th via this link. I'd appreciate your vote!!

jsonline.secondstreetapp.com Voting is now open for the 2019 Best of The Valley! Prove that you’re a local legend and know the best spots! It’s time to vote for your favorite restaurants, entertainment, shopping, services, and more in the 2019 Best of The Valley!


Vote Now for Best of The Valley 2019

Vote for me for Best of the Valley Insurance Agent or Agency under the Services listing! You can vote once per day, everyday until April 14th!


post-crescent.secondstreetapp.com Voting is now open for the 2019 Best of The Valley! Prove that you’re a local legend and know the best spots! It’s time to vote for your favorite restaurants, entertainment, shopping, services, and more in the 2019 Best of The Valley!

Ryan is a business partner of mine in Appleton and another great member of Johnson Financial Group. Stop in and see him!

Lock your rate 𝙗𝙚𝙛𝙤𝙧𝙚 you shop!

Always learning... always striving to be the best I can!

What do insurance agents do in their free time?

Day 3 of Development Training...working to become the best agent possible for you.
#success #insurance #insurancetraining

[02/26/19]   I will be out of the office until Friday for training, in order to better serve your insurance needs in the future. If you have an immediate need, please let me know and I will make sure someone reaches out to you in my absence. Thanks!!


Automakers recall 1.7 million cars over air bag fears

This is a NEW and updated airbag recall... and it appears that this is ongoing. Check to see if your vehicles are involved at nhtsa.gov/recalls, for not only this recall; but also any other recalls your vehicle could be involved in.


Subaru, Tesla and five other car manufacturers will replace potentially lethal inflators from Takata

Due to the weather conditions forecasted, our offices will be closed. If there is anything of immediate assistance I can help you with, please call my main number. I will be monitoring things as closely as possible from home.
Stay safe, stay warm... and if at all possible, stay home!!

If you want to be successful... just follow the formula below.

[01/01/19]   To my friends, family, clients, and colleagues... thank you for an amazing 2018! Happy new year!! I look forward to seeing and working with you all in 2019!!

[12/21/18]   I will be in the office Christmas Eve until noon and out Christmas day with my family. I will, however, be available the rest of next week.
Please have a safe and happy Holiday with your family and friends!!

[12/05/18]   I saw a sign stating "OWI task force deployed this weekend. Drive sober." It's sad when it takes a task force and a sign to remind us drinking and driving are bad things. #Uber is $25 or so... call and stay safe.

[11/22/18]   Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours. It's a great time to reflect on our blessings and spend time with friends and family.
I will be spending my time with my family, and will return to the office Monday morning.
Thanks again and have an amazing Thanksgiving weekend!


A.O. Smith Recalls Residential Water Heaters Due to Fire Hazard

AO Smith issued a massive nationwide recall on water heaters. Make sure to see if your's is affected!!

consumerreports.org A.O. Smith recalls about 616,000 residential gas or propane-fired water heaters. Consumer Reports provides the details.

Remember to be safe on the ice this winter.

Just a quick reminder as the temps keep dropping!

[11/09/18]   We will be closed on Monday in observance of Veterans Day. I'll be back for normal office hours Tuesday at 830am.

I also want to take a moment to thank our veterans for their selfless sacrifices. To my father, my brother, and countless other friends and family that have served... I am proud to have the opportunity to know you and get to say thank you!

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