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Our Appleton office is by appointment only. The Edelman Financial Engines Advisor Center in Appleton serves the Fox Valley. Through a personalized investment plan, we can assist you with a 401(k) rollover to a professionally managed account, saving for a child’s education or developing a retirement strategy.


How Much Is an Investment Advisor Worth?

Can a financial planner help you improve your financial outlook? Make sure you are aware of all the services and benefits they offer. Learn more here: https://bit.ly/33ye8FR

edelmanfinancialengines.com A Vanguard study says an investment advisor can add up to three percentage points to your performance.


Long-Term Care Insurance: A New Perspective

Long-term care is needed by 70 percent of seniors. You’ll likely need LTC or provide care for a loved one who does. Learn how to prepare yourself financially: https://bit.ly/2MLyEMq

edelmanfinancialengines.com Talk with a Ric Edelman approved financial advisor about how to manage your money for every stage of life.


Linking Estate Planning With Financial Planning

Combine retirement planning with estate planning. You’ll make everything easier for both you and your family. https://bit.ly/31iW8xy

edelmanfinancialengines.com Talk with a Ric Edelman approved financial advisor about how to manage your money for every stage of life.


Buy or Lease Your Next Car?

Getting a new vehicle is exciting, but deciding whether to buy or lease can be difficult. Let us help you make the best decision for your situation: https://bit.ly/2przvd2

edelmanfinancialengines.com Talk with a Ric Edelman approved financial advisor about how to manage your money for every stage of life.


Why You Should Forget About Budgets

Hate dealing with a budget? Ditch it! Learn more here: https://bit.ly/2OP6eUp

edelmanfinancialengines.com Talk with a Ric Edelman approved financial advisor about how to manage your money for every stage of life.


How Does Financial Planning Work?

Having a solid financial plan is important, but what if you don't know where to start? Let us guide you: https://bit.ly/2MN8Gs9

edelmanfinancialengines.com Talk with a Ric Edelman approved financial advisor about how to manage your money for every stage of life.


Don’t Let World Events Change Your Long-Term Financial Plan

National and global news can often have an impact on your finances, but proper planning can help you avoid disasters of your own.

edelmanfinancialengines.com Talk with a Ric Edelman approved financial advisor about how to manage your money for every stage of life.


Can Spouses Combine 401(k) Accounts? | Independent 401(k) Accounts

It's important for you and your spouse to work together when creating your retirement plan. You can learn even more about your options here: https://bit.ly/2pqaTBL

edelmanfinancialengines.com Talk with a Ric Edelman approved financial advisor about how to manage your money for every stage of life.

Finally having extra cash on hand is a great feeling. But it's important to put that money to work for you in the most efficient ways possible. Should you invest or pay off student loan debt? Learn more here: https://bit.ly/2plIlct


Setting Up a Trust | Types of a Trusts | Trust & Estate Planning

Trusts can help you better manage your assets. But you'll need to choose the right option for your situation. Use this guide to see what may work best for you:

edelmanfinancialengines.com Talk with a Ric Edelman approved financial advisor about how to manage your money for every stage of life.

We have a new look, but our mission remains the same: helping you achieve your financial goals. Check out our updated website and learn more about what we can do for you. #FromHereForward https://bit.ly/2LneF8D

Edelman Financial Engines


30 Questions to Ask When Considering a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)

Before signing up for a continuing care retirement community (CCRC), here are 30 questions you should ask: https://bit.ly/2K7FaNH

edelmanfinancialengines.com Before you sign any papers, here are 30 questions you should ask when considering a continuing care retirement community

Edelman Financial Engines

Edelman Financial Engines

Edelman Financial Engines's cover photo

Here are 10 warning signs from the Department of Labor that your pension contributions are being misused: https://bit.ly/2YKmtDs


10 Important Lessons About Personal Finance

Here's financial wisdom from America's favorite TV judge, Judge Judy: https://bit.ly/2Z2YKi5

edelmanfinancialengines.com America loves Judge Judy and we've compiled 10 of her best bits of personal finance advice.


The Power of Compound Interest

Compound interest is the gift that keeps on giving! https://bit.ly/2YIAvWu

edelmanfinancialengines.com An easy-to-understand chart explains the power of compound interest and how money grows exponentially, not linearly.


Q&A: Social Security

In recent decades, demographics have shifted; we now have fewer workers and more retirees. As a result, the amount collected in Social Security taxes is insufficient to pay the retirees in the future. https://bit.ly/2Y1ZMiR

edelmanfinancialengines.com Understanding the Social Security crisis and the government's impact


Preparing for the Vacation of Your Life — Your Retirement

Before you start planning, it is important to understand some basic retirement truths: https://bit.ly/2S56u13

edelmanfinancialengines.com Preparing for retirement is just like preparing for a fantastic vacation. Here's a guide to help you achieve the ultimate


5 Bogus Beliefs About Credit and Debt

Here are five bogus beliefs that many people have about credit and debt: https://bit.ly/2RPvnh7

edelmanfinancialengines.com These are only a few examples of misinformation about credit and debt. Let’s set the record straight on each of them.

Small business owners need to be proactive about retirement savings. https://bit.ly/2mV0soG


Q&A: Sharing Net Worth With Adult Children

Do you know what to tell your family about your assets? If not, here's Ric Edelman's advice: https://bit.ly/2nkqoKn

edelmanfinancialengines.com Estate planning advice and sharing your net worth and estate plan with your adult children


Retirement Planning for Folks in Their 50s

Make time to fine-tune your retirement plan, even if you are not where you want to be: https://bit.ly/32K810H

edelmanfinancialengines.com If you are in your 50s, this is a great time to fine-tune your retirement plan — or even start one if you haven't yet.


Test Your Retirement Income Knowledge

Nearly three out of four people aged 60 to 74 failed a 38-question quiz on retirement income topics administered by the American College of Financial Services New York Life Center for Retirement Income. Test your knowledge: https://bit.ly/32M0vT7

edelmanfinancialengines.com How much do you know about your retirement income strategy? Take this quiz to see if you know enough - or need to learn more.


A Conversation You Should Not Avoid

Talking about your future need for long-term care and how to pay for it is the first step in creating a viable plan. Yet few people want to discuss it. https://bit.ly/2O1CVO9

edelmanfinancialengines.com Some people would prefer a root canal instead of discussing long-term care. Learn why it’s a conversation that shouldn’t be avoided and how to prepare for it.


Q&A: 1031 Exchanges and Statutory Trusts

Beware of loss of control and lack of liquidity with these trusts. Ric Edelman explains why: https://bit.ly/2NZWjuW

edelmanfinancialengines.com 1031 exchanges and statutory trusts might seem like a way to get around capital gains taxes, but they come with some big disadvantages.


Money Shouldn’t Be a Taboo Subject with Kids

Money shouldn't be a taboo subject. One of the most important lessons you teach your kids about money is how to talk about it. https://bit.ly/34K85Q9

edelmanfinancialengines.com Money shouldn’t be a taboo subject with kids; it’s one of the most important lessons. Learn about one dad’s tactic to see if it can work for you?


Financial vs. Physical Fitness

There shouldn’t be a contest between financial and physical health; you can and should pay attention to both. https://bit.ly/2O6dVVS

edelmanfinancialengines.com A survey reveals results comparing financial and physical fitness and explains how a financial plan can help you save for retirement.


How You Can Use the Cash From a Side Job Wisely

Do you have a side hustle? Here's the best thing to do with your extra cash: https://bit.ly/2LAQ4vK

edelmanfinancialengines.com Millions of Americans earn a side income. Learn how you can wisely spend your earnings from your side job.


Important Document Checklist: What to Keep, Store or Shred

Here's a complete checklist of all the important financial files you should keep or shred and how to organize them so you don't lose them: https://bit.ly/34MZ0WG

edelmanfinancialengines.com The financial services industry certainly produces a lot of paper! Here’s what you need to keep and when you can trash it.


11 Great Reasons to Carry a Big, Long Mortgage

If you ever wondered why Ric Edelman recommends having a big mortgage, here's why: https://bit.ly/300Nqrr

edelmanfinancialengines.com Questions about mortgage affordability? Ric Edelman explains the benefits of a long mortgage and why you should not pay off your mortgage loan.


Why Turning Down All 8 Ivy League Schools Is Brilliant

College planning is an important part of a comprehensive financial plan. https://bit.ly/2Z2CK7i

edelmanfinancialengines.com Getting an Ivy League degree might be valuable, but not as valuable as getting a degree and being debt free.


Q&A: Paying Off Your Grandchild's Student Loans

Did you know that paying off your grandchild's student loans is not the best way to help them financially? https://bit.ly/2JYT7P0

edelmanfinancialengines.com Why paying off student loans for your grandchildren might not be the best way to help them financially.

Q&A: How to Get Young Children to Invest

Since children don't have a savings plan through a company, how do we get them to invest money on a regular basis? https://bit.ly/2z9nomz

edelmanfinancialengines.com Ric Edelman explains how to teach children financial responsibility.

Q&A: How Much to Put in 529 Plan?

Did you know if you accumulate too much money in a 529, it could be subjected to taxes or a 10% penalty? https://bit.ly/33QPyBh

edelmanfinancialengines.com It may be hard to believe, but in some cases you can overfund a 529 Plan. Here's what you need to know.


Growing Your Savings Can Have Health Benefits

Worrying about your finances can put you at risk for numerous health problems: https://bit.ly/2SdcLIr

edelmanfinancialengines.com How do you protect yourself if you feel your work environment is becoming unstable?


10 Things to Do Before You Retire

Here is our guide of what to do before you retire: https://bit.ly/2JIdqxA

edelmanfinancialengines.com Ready to retire? Here’s what you need to do before you retire. Ric Edelman talks about the 10 things to do to prepare for retirement and plan for your future.


Common Mistakes Made During Open Enrollment

Open enrollment season is around the corner! Here are some common mistakes to avoid: https://bit.ly/2zqxbVC

edelmanfinancialengines.com Avoid these mistakes that people make during open enrollment, and the do's and dont's of insurance


Buy or Lease Your Next Car?

If you're in the market for a new car, would you buy or lease? Here is a breakdown of both options: https://bit.ly/30zvy3E

edelmanfinancialengines.com Considering a new car? Is buying or leasing a car the right financial move for you? What does it mean to lease a car? We have the answers! Talk to our planner today.


Experts in Financial Planning | Edelman Financial Engines

This weekend Barron's released their top 50 RIAs and we are #1 for the second year in a row! https://bit.ly/2LneF8D

edelmanfinancialengines.com Edelman Financial Engines - Experienced independent financial advisors, Ric Edelman, 3 times ranked #1 independent advisor in the nation by Barron's.


The Truth About Retiring Abroad

Retiring abroad is actually very complicated and harder than most people think. https://bit.ly/30qy4sG

edelmanfinancialengines.com Retiring abroad is a complicated and financially cumbersome process for almost everyone. Here's why you may want to give it a second thought.


Don’t Let Your Finances Cause You Stress

If you need help coping with financial stress and anxiety, try to follow these helpful tips: https://bit.ly/2JqfV7o

edelmanfinancialengines.com If money stresses you out, you’re not alone. If you feel overwhelmed here are some tips that can help you relax and better cope with financial stress.


Beware of Callers Impersonating Social Security Employees

Always be cautious when speaking to callers impersonating Social Security Administration employees. Here's how you can spot a scam: https://bit.ly/2Zk0BQ2

edelmanfinancialengines.com Beware of scammers impersonating Social Security Administration employees and asking for sensitive personal information over the phone.

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