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From food trucks to wholesale, each business owners policy from Farmers® begins with coverage that can be customized to your specific requirements. Browse by industry online anytime and call me to get started whenever you’re ready.

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Farmers® has seen almost everything, including a time when a hot air-balloonist went from soaring through the air to scoring a car hood. Wondering if your policy can withstand dents from above? Call me.

When a storm strikes, surging water levels can cause catastrophic damage within minutes. Prepare your home for wet weather by clearing basements of any valuables, and store them in the high-but-easy-to-reach areas of your home instead.

Collision rates are high for teen drivers with under 1,000 hours behind the wheel. So you may want to extend your liability coverage with an umbrella policy if your child is set to hit the open road. Call me for the keys to unlocking added coverage.

Bird droppings on your car are bad, but they're nothing compared to wet cement. Farmers® has seen a motorist learn the hard way after parking by a construction site, and we covered it. Want to learn more about your policy options? Call me.

Think protecting your car hood in a crowded parking lot is a breeze? Think again. But fortunately, Farmers® covered this hit-and-fly incident. Give me a call to see if you have coverage for fly-by-ballooning.

At Farmers®, we love to help before you even ask. That's why we have Mobile Claims Center buses: to provide quick, on-the-ground claims service to areas hit by major natural disasters. On a smaller scale, that's also why I'm posting this. Let's talk.

From food trucks to wholesale, each business owners policy from Farmers® begins with coverage that can be customized to your specific requirements. Browse by industry online anytime and call me to get started whenever you’re ready.

In 1933, FDR closed all banks for 4 days to prevent runs. During this time, Farmers® paid all claims in cash. Today, we don't worry about bank runs, but we continue to take initiative to serve you. Let's talk about how I can do that for you.

A ball hitch can pull trailers, boats—even a condo's worth of stuff. The bad news is it can also uproot a parking barrier that wrecks nearby cars. Fortunately, Farmers® was there to cover it. Protect yourself from the unbelievable-but-true. Call me.

We want our kids to get a great education, but can’t guarantee we’ll be here to provide when it’s time. Fortunately, Farmers® offers ways for you to help fund their studies. Call me to talk about your options. Now that’s a smart move.

Practicing off a gelatin dessert may seem strange, but when Rickie Fowler prepares for anything, he knows how to handle almost anything. Are you prepared to handle whatever life throws your way? I want to help. Let's chat.

One of the often-forgotten benefits of a homeowners policy: medical cost coverage. With it, if a houseguest takes an unexpected tumble over some sleet or snow, at least their wallet may not be the worse for wear. Interested? Call me.

A gentle getaway went awry, and we covered it on 10/17/17. Worried about losing sleep over a parking faux pas? I can help with your questions.

Everyone wants to get a fresh start in 2019. How about a free Farmers Friendly Review®? Call me about reviewing your policies so you can plan the next 365 days with confidence.

Farmers® has seen what happens when a cat gets unwanted attention from the neighborhood pack, and we covered it on 2/2/17. Want to check off that policy review from your checklist? Let's talk today.

Just as how Rickie Fowler is prepared to do whatever it takes to get tournament-ready, I'm prepared to do whatever it takes to help you get the coverage you want. Give me a call today.

If you're a skier, here's hoping for a snowy winter—unless that snow's weight damages your seasonal condo. Comprehensive property coverage can help in instances just like this. Let's talk so you can enjoy the snow instead of worrying about it.

A cat causes a canine calamity to a car. And we covered it on 2/2/17. Don't let a dogged pursuit doom your ride. Call me for help with your auto policy.

With the coming new year, it's always good to sit back and think on how life has changed. Whether you welcomed home a new baby, new car, or even a new TV, make sure to update your policy to match your needs. Schedule a Farmers Friendly Review® today.

Help protect yourself against road trip-ups this holiday season. Keep an emergency kit in your trunk. And if your car breaks down, safely pull off the road as far as you can until assistance arrives. Stay safe this holiday!

The year's almost over. Have you scheduled your Farmers Friendly Review® yet? It's totally free, and can help you find potential savings or help you find the coverage you want. Let's set up your appointment today. Give me a call.

Want flexibility in your home insurance? Within the standard, enhanced and premier Farmers Smart Plan Home® packages you can adjust not only your coverage limits but also your coverage types. Have questions? I can help so you can find the right fit for you.

Last winter, frozen pipes accounted for 63 percent of Farmers claims filed. Heading out of town for the holidays? Suggestion: set the thermostat to 55 degrees or warmer to prevent pipes from freezing.

You’ve made your home your own — but do you have home insurance to match? It’s easy to choose the coverage you want with three highly customizable packages from Farmers®. Call me today to learn more.

From my family to yours, have a safe and spooky Halloween. Be sure to use a flashlight when you're out trick-or-treating, and keep an eye out for any supernatural beings.

I know from experience that home claims seem to happen at the worst times. That's why our award-winning Farmers® Claim Department is available 24 hours, seven days a week. If you need help getting your home back on track, reach out anytime.

A cactus crashing into your home is definitely not a memory you want to relive. Luckily, it isn't one of yours. But Farmers® has seen it and covered it on 1/20/17. Inspired to check your own home coverage? Let's chat.

The younger and healthier you are, the lower your annual premium may be. If you're thinking about life insurance and need a place to start, I can help you understand your options.

When shopping around for Homeowners coverage, consider these four things (below). Make sure you get the insurance that you want. As always, I’m here to help. Shoot me a message and let’s chat.

An angry squirrel attacking an automobile? Farmers® has seen it, and covered it on 8/5/16. Don't leave your policy open to dings, dents, or scratches from these cute but mischievous creatures. Give me a call today.

We’ve all heard of “lawn envy,” but this is getting ridiculous. Farmers® has seen fake turf become a victim of real theft, and covered it on 3/6/16. Worried that would-be lawn thieves are eyeing your turf? Give me a call.

Just like Rickie, my door is always open if you have a question. Let’s chat today.

A team of squirrels calling down coniferous carnage on your car? Farmers® covered it on 8/5/16. Get coverage you can tailor to fit your auto needs. Send me a message today.

Ready. Aim. Pew, pew, pew. We've seen what happens when squirrels get their hands on pine cones, and it isn't pretty. But at least Farmers® covered it on 8/5/16. Wondering if you have the coverage you want for your car? Give me a call.

Rickie knows that even the smallest distraction can ruin a drive. Join him and Farmers® in driving distraction-free.

Some things are too hot to handle alone. Is your insurance one of them? Send me a message today to explore your insurance options.

Farmers® has seen paint-can chaos before, and we covered it. Give me a call so you can make sure your covered in case your dance moves (literally) rock the house.

FAQ: What does “full coverage” mean? It typically refers to a policy that includes both liability coverage and coverage for damage to your property. Interested in more trivia, or have any questions about your policies? Let’s chat.

Remodeling? You've probably spent sleepless nights debating granite or marble countertops, but have you thought about how it would affect your policy? It's not as exciting as your kitchen's new backsplash, but if your home's value has gone up, your coverage may need to, too.

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