Kevin James Farmers Insurance Agency

I am a the owner of Agile Insurance Services

I proudly serve VA, MD and DC for all of your insurance and financial needs. If you have a concern or question no need to worry feel free to reach out to me or stop by the office. I work alongside several mortgage professionals so I understand the important requirements and the need for precious in crunch time. I also have been working with several commercial start ups protecting their assets and removing the headache of more paper work. It has been great meeting new people and getting to know their specific needs in order to help them the best way I can.

Pretty Patio Design Ideas That Use Mixed Materials

Thinking of redoing your patio this spring? Here's some inspiration. Where do patio design ideas come from? They can be attached to a house, or detached. They are often designed and oriented with the landscape in mind.

Waiting for a Home Insurance Claim Payment? Here's How It Works

It's important to understand how claim payments work. When you make a home insurance claim, you may receive claim checks and payments in different stages. Understand how claim payments work.

Is it always worth it to file a home insurance claim?

Here's why you might want to take care of small repairs on your own. Find out how to protect your house while also saving some money.

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Spotlight on: e-scooters and insurance | III

The growth of electric scooter programs brings up some serious safety and insurance questions. Here's what to know. Dockless electric scooter (“e-scooter”) sharing programs continue to grow in number, popularity and value. The companies that operate these programs report that millions of rides have been taken in cities across the United States. One such company, Lime, was reportedly valued at $2 billion as of...

Fallen Tree and Tree Damage Claims: What's Covered and What's Not

What happens if a tree falls on your home? Do you know what your policy does and doesn't cover? Tree falls on house, does insurance cover it? What if a tree root damages your property? Learn more about home insurance coverage for tree damage.

Why You Should Rotate Your Tires

When's the last time you had your tires rotated? Here's why it's so important to do this regularly. Follow these tips to make your tires last longer and your car drive better.

Is pothole damage covered by your auto insurance?

Find out how to avoid and deal with this all-too-frequent annoyance. These tips could save you some money.

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3 Myths You Should Know About Electric Vehicles In The U.S.

Interested in an electric car? Don't let these common myths influence your buying decision. Electric Vehicle sales increased 81% from 2017 to 2018 in the U.S. Yet, in 2019 what myths are stopping consumers from going electric? Which startups have solutions to make the transition easier?

Rental car insurance | III

Here's what to know if you don't want to overpay. There are more options for renting a car than ever before—bricks-and-mortar, peer-to-peer and membership-based car sharing services. While this means more choice for renters, it also creates more questions about insurance coverage. Use these tips to properly insure yourself when renting a car, and...

Year-Round Home Maintenance Checklist

Are you taking good care of your home? Keep up with simple maintenance tasks so you don't get stuck with larger expenses later. Don't be caught off-guard! Maintaining your home is much easier than paying for big repairs. Look through this home maintenance checklist to make sure you're staying on top of properly caring for your home.

5 Money-Saving Ideas

Owning a home is expensive. But you can save big by completing these basic tasks on a regular basis. It can be surprisingly easy to safeguard your home.

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The Smartest DIYers Know to Avoid These 6 Amateur Mistakes

Are you planning a kitchen remodel? Here are a few common mistakes to avoid. How to make your DIY remodeled kitchen look like a pro did it. These kitchen remodeling tips will help you avoid amateur mistakes. Plus how to paint like a pro.

Best Car Safety Features | Consumer Reports

Find out about "electronic stability control" and more in this video from Consumer Reports.

There are many ways to prevent car accidents. Consumer Reports looks at the latest technology designed to save people’s lives. Check out https://www.Consumer...

The 10 Best U.S. Cities to Make Money on Airbnb

Interested in managing a short-term rental property? Here are the cities where owners tend to see the biggest profits. By offering travelers easy access to desirable destinations at a more affordable price, homeowners in these areas stand to make a great return on their investment.

Protecting Your Rental Property

Are you renting out a second home (or part of your primary residence)? Here's how to protect your assets and limit risk.

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Homeowners Insurance Endorsements to Consider for Added Protection

Avoid unwelcome surprises by making sure you understand your homeowners insurance. Have questions? Reach out today. Take some time to examine your homeowner's policy and add endorsements to provide you with the coverage you need and the peace of mind you deserve.

Gender inequality in California auto insurance rates will no longer be allowed

Should gender be a determining factor when it comes to car insurance rates? Some states are saying "no." Thirty years after California voters told auto insurers to focus on a driver’s safety record in setting rates, the state’s outgoing insurance commissioner has banned the apparently widespread practice of charging different rates for male and female drivers, regardless of their records. New regul...

Solar Insurance: Does Home Insurance Cover Solar Panels? | EnergySage

Before adding solar panels to your home, be sure to do your research and reach out with any questions you have. Home solar is a significant investment in your home, which leaves many homeowners wondering: are solar panels covered by home insurance?

What to Know About Solar

Does your homeowners policy cover solar panels? Find out. Also: What are the possible drawbacks?

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First-Time Home Buyer Hell: Their Biggest Mistakes and Regrets

A recent study reveals a few interesting trends about the mistakes homebuyers make. We all have things we wish we hadn't said or done. Here are the biggest regrets of first-time home buyers—so you don't make the same mistakes.

What is gap insurance? | III

Keep this in mind if you're buying a new car. Have questions? Feel free to reach out. When you buy or lease a new car or truck, the vehicle starts to depreciate in value the moment it leaves the car lot. In fact, most cars lose 20 percent of their value within a year. Standard auto insurance policies cover the depreciated value of a car—in other words, a standard policy pays the cu...

You Should Freeze Your Child’s Credit. It’s Not Hard. Here’s How.

Should you freeze your child's credit? Here's why many experts recommend it. A new law requiring credit bureaus to offer you free freezes applies to children, too. It’s easier than you’d expect, but you may still have questions. Here are some answers.

How and Why to Freeze Your Credit

Your house and car are insured. Are you working to keep your credit safe, too? Find out if this step makes sense for you.

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Commercial general liability insurance | III

Here's what to know about the coverage you need as a business owner. Don't own a business? Share this with a friend or family member who does! A Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy protects your business from financial loss should you be liable for property damage or personal and advertising injury caused by your services, business operations or your employees. It covers non-professional negligent acts. Understanding this coverage is...

10 Daring Interior Design Trends You'll See Everywhere in 2019

Whether you plan to sell your home this year or just want to upgrade a room, consider one of these fresh new trends. Striking and memorable—with a bombshell or two in the mix—these 2019 home decor trends are a perfect place to start your redesign wish list.

ZF External Side Airbag Reduces Severity of Injuries by 40 Percent | Digital Trends

A German company will soon begin testing external air bags, which are said to drastically reduce the damage of an impact. German components manufacturer ZF will test an external side airbag in 2019. It's essentially the same technology as the airbag mounted inside every new car but it deploys over the side of the vehicle to reduce the severity of injuries. This technology is in development but it's not in series produc...

Car Features to Look Forward to

Learn about a few of 2019's most fascinating car trends. Even standard vehicles have some cool new options.

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What's the Difference Between an Emergency Fund and a Rainy Day Fund?

We've all dealt with unexpected home or car issues. To be prepared, what kind of "just in case" fund do you need? The differences between an emergency fund and a rainy day fund, what each should be used for, and the best strategies for setting them up.

Can't see all of a sudden? Our quick guide on defogging your car windows

Has your windshield ever fogged up without notice? Here's how to handle the situation safely. Did you suddenly lose exterior visibility while driving because of foggy windows? Don't panic! Don't wipe your windshield with the sleeve of your sweatshirt, either. Here's our quick guide on defogging your car windows in a safe manner with some extra advice on how to prevent fogging while you're on...

You Only Think It’s True: 10 Myths Costing You Time and Money

You've probably heard of many of these home maintenance do's and don'ts. Should you believe them? These home maintenance myths will shock you when you find out you’ve been doing it wrong. Like how to test your smoke detector. HouseLogic has home facts.

Frequently Misunderstood Insurance Terms

Do you fully understand your homeowners policy? Take the quiz to see how much you know.

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New car safety technology saves lives — but can double the cost of repairs

Something to keep in mind when car shopping: Certain safety features can be helpful, but they often increase repair costs. Blind spot monitors sharply reduce the chance of injury, but replacing a side view mirror can now cost $3,000.

10 Worst Things to Buy in Bulk at Costco

Are you a fan of buying in bulk? Here's how to save money and make smart choices at the store. Why big packages from warehouse clubs like Costco aren't always the best deals.

Social host liability | III

Know someone who's hosting a party soon? Here's what they should know about staying responsible and being properly insured. Whether you're hosting a Super Bowl party for 50 or greeting the New Year with a few friends, if you're planning to serve alcohol at your home take steps to limit your liquor liability and make sure you have the proper insurance.

How to Decide Between Buying or Leasing a Car | Investopedia

Considering a new car? Here's how to decide whether you should buy it or lease it. The decision between leasing or buying a car is not just a financial one. Here's what you need to consider.

Protect Your Online Purchases

Buying things online can make life easier, but make sure your purchases will be delivered to you safely. Utilize free ship-to-store services or retail lockers to thwart porch pirates.

Solving a Wet Basement Can Be Easier than You Think

Have a basement (or know someone who does)? Take a look at these essential tips for preventing and dealing with water issues. Our tutorial identifies various exterior causes of a wet basement and gives some easy, detailed solutions any homeowner can tackle.

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