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I’ve gotten to know many local families as an Allstate agent in Broadlands. I enjoy being a part of the community, and building local relationships is one of the best parts of my job. I look forward to getting to know you and helping you to find the solutions that meet your needs.I’m committed to helping Broadlands residents assess their immediate and long-term needs and choose options that will help them achieve their goals. When you want to explore options for protecting your home, personal property, or financial future, I’m available to answer your questions. If you’re already a customer, I’m ready to review your coverage so that you can make any necessary adjustments to fit your changing needs. Call, email, or visit my agency in Broadlands today.

Get $100 off your home insurance deductible the day you sign up, plus $100 off every year you’re claim free, up to $500. Contact me to learn more about Deductible Rewards.

Are you thinking about buying a boat? Yes, we insure those too!

Why Objects in Your Sideview Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear - The Allstate Blog

You have likely noticed that a car's sideview mirrors always say, “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear." Ever wondered why? Find out: The surface of your sideview mirror on the passenger side is a convex shape. You may have also noticed that because of this, the image in the mirror looks farther away than it truly is. Here’s why.

At Allstate, we value strengthening the communities where we live and work. In 2018, Allstate and the Allstate Foundation contributed more than $47 million and helped nearly 3,000 community groups. Use #GoodHeartsGoodHands and share how you give back to your community!

Unlike some business ventures, being an Allstate Agency Owner, allows you to own equity in your business and create a legacy for future generations. Many of our Agency Owners today share a similar story to that of Dannielle Thomas. If this story inspires you, contact me today!

Have you lost your wallet? Consider placing fraud alerts with the three credit reporting agencies. This adds a statement on your credit reports to alert credit issuers that they should take reasonable steps to verify that the person applying for credit is really you.

This year, stop putting off protecting the thing that matter most – your loved ones. I’m here to help you find a life insurance policy that fits your unique story and budget. Call me to #InsureYourLove today.

4 Social Media Strategies to Help Deter Burglary, Theft | The Allstate Blog

Social media is everywhere, and so are cyber-security threats. Use these four tips to protect yourself from hidden online dangers. Here are four social media strategies to help deter burglary and theft in your home.


Which products in your home could pose a threat to your family?
Learn more here. Product recalls don’t expire, so it's important to check our recalls pages regularly. It's especially important if you receive hand-me-downs o]

How's your teen's driving? Now they can get personalized driving feedback with Drivewise®. It can help young drivers develop good driving habits to help keep them safe on the road. Learn more:

Permanent Life Insurance 101: What You Need to Know | Allstate

Kids left the nest? Let’s make sure you’re protecting the retirement you worked so hard for. #InsureYourLove A permanent life insurance policy can provide coverage for the rest of your life unlike term life insurance, which covers you for a certain number of years.

Are you going to be filing an income tax return extension with the IRS this year? Here's the online form.

Disaster Information | Allstate

I care about protecting our community from the unexpected. Stay updated on need-to-know catastrophe info from Allstate here. Use these resources for help filing an insurance claim and to follow updates from relief organizations after a disaster strikes.

Does Car Insurance Cover Water Damage? | Allstate

A heavy rainstorm or flooding could leave your car susceptible to water damage. See what may be covered by your auto insurance policy: Water can cause serious damage to your vehicle. Learn more about some of the ways water damage can occur and how auto insurance may help protect your vehicle.

Here is a life-simplifying tip...keep a roll of quarters in your glove box for unexpected road tolls and parking meters.

Increase the Value of Your Rental Property | The Allstate Blog

Landlords: Upgrading your rental property may boost its value and help you attract more potential renters. Learn more: Upgrading your rental property may boost its market value while helping you attract potential renters. Learn what renovations offer the biggest return.

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Is your relationship status changing? It's a good time to review your insurance policies. Let's talk!

They're best friends! 😍

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Trust and Will: The Differences | The Allstate Blog

Need to create an estate plan? Before you do, learn the difference between a will and a trust. What's the difference between a will and a trust? Learn about the differences to help make estate planning a little easier.

Save the number of an emergency contact in your mobile phone under "ICE". It stands for “in case of emergency.” Emergency personnel will know to look for this in case you’re unable to respond.

Car Thief | Allstate Mayhem

I’m here to help protect you from life’s uncertainties, because well…that’s my job. Contact me today to make sure your insurance is up-to-date.

I’m a car thief. #MayhemCaughtOnCam Connect with us on: http...


For those of you with February birthdays, here are some fun places that will help you celebrate. Your birthday month is also an excellent time to sit down with us to review your policies. Let's make sure the coverage you have is up-to-date to support your current needs!

Free food on your birthday >>> birthday presents 🎁

Read more:

Home Burglaries and Insurance | Allstate

Two coverages in a homeowners insurance policy may help cover a break-in at your place. Find out how they work. Homeowners insurance typically includes coverage for damage to your home and the theft of belongings due to a break-in. Here are some tips to get you going and an overview of what to expect when filing an insurance claim.

Would you be on financial thin ice if somebody took a tumble on your steps? I can help by reviewing the family liability protection on your Homeowners Insurance. Call me to learn more today.

Most Wi-Fi hotspots don’t encrypt the info you send over the internet and are NOT secure. To determine if a website is encrypted, look for https at the beginning of the web address (the “s” is for secure). Look for https on every page you visit, not just when you sign in.

Half of all home heating fires happen during the winter months. Help reduce the risk by plugging just one appliance into an outlet at a time. I can help you save 20% plus free shipping on fire safety products from Kidde:

Sump Pump Maintenance Tips | The Allstate Blog

An alarm can help alert you when there is water buildup in your sump pump pit. Check out more helpful tips here. A sump pump helps keep excess ground or rainwater from entering your home. These tips can help you maintain your sump pump and keep it in working condition.

Statistically, most break-ins occur between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., and the first room searched is the master bedroom. If you keep valuables in your master bedroom, keep them in a safe!

How to Remove Salt Residue From Your Floor | The Allstate Blog

Stop salt stains from damaging your carpet or tile. Here’s how: Winter means salt gets tracked into your home and onto your floors. Here’s how to use vinegar to remove salt residue from your carpet or tile floors.

Leasing vs. Buying a Car and Insurance | Allstate

If you're thinking about leasing a car, be sure to ask what kind of insurance coverage may be required — you may need more than you think. Learn more: Leasing vs. financing a vehicle: What's the difference and how does it affect your car insurance? Learn more in this article.

Travel Insurance for Bad Weather | Allstate

Unexpected bad weather could cause vacation cancelations or cut your fun trip short. Learn how a travel insurance policy may help reimburse your expenses: Here are five travel insurance coverages that address bad weather events.

Bunch of Wind | Allstate Mayhem

Sushi, the wind and Mayhem are all unpredictable. I’m not! Don’t hesitate to contact me so you know exactly what you are getting with your coverage.

I’m a bunch of wind. #MayhemCaughtOnCam Connect with us on: ...

How to Make a Door Draft Blocker | The Allstate Blog

Chilly winds blowing? Keep drafts out of your house with some pipe insulation and tape. Learn more: A chilly breeze can sneak into your house under your door. Here's how to make a DIY door draft blocker in five simple steps:

Jewelry losses are among the most common home insurance content-related claims. If you are popping the question on Valentine’s Day, call us to talk about adequately insuring the ring.

Do you use your vehicle to transport goods? Are you hauling heavy tools or equipment or towing a trailer for your business? If so, it's likely you need a commercial auto insurance policy. Got questions? We should talk.

[02/02/19]   These roads are no joke out here today. Do you know what your property damage limit is on your auto Insurance policy? If it’s $50k and you cause an accident totaling a $75k auto, calculate how much money you have to come up with? Do you have that in the bank? Review your policy and know your coverage!

Have you added any aftermarket items, such as custom rims or an upgraded stereo to your vehicle? If so, let's talk. Comprehensive and collision coverage generally only cover original equipment. Additional coverage may need to be added to your auto policy.

Illegal window tints, burned-out lights, broken windshields, and expired tags can be an easy way for you to get pulled over by police. Take a second to make sure you are not an easy target.

[01/28/19]   Some lenders encourage borrowers to over-insure their homes by requiring that their minimum dwelling limit be equal to their mortgage. Keep in mind that insurance companies do not insure land. Ask a lender if they require this before you start the loan approval process.

Factors That May Affect Your Car Insurance Premium | Allstate

Your age and driving record aren't the only factors that may affect your auto insurance premium. Learn more in this article. Many factors may affect your car insurance premium, including the coverages you choose, your age, where you live and where you drive.

When getting work done to your home, it's important to use a licensed contractor. Pass or hire?

You can save $3,000 by having uninsured Chuck in a truck doing your siding. Pass or hire?

Do you have vehicles on your auto policy that are titled to someone else? All vehicles on an auto insurance policy must be titled to the named insured on the policy in order to make it legal and valid. Is this something that we need to talk about?


With colder temperatures, store garbage in sealed containers to avoid attracting unwanted visitors...

'What you looking at there, human?' 😂🐻


Do you wonder if you have a vehicle with a recall? Enter your VIN on the NHTSA website to learn if your vehicle is part of a recall. Learn about the NHTSA recall process.

Your life is always changing, and as a result, your insurance needs are changing too. That's why it is so important to take the time to do a policy review. Has it been awhile?

In the colder months, ceiling fans should rotate clockwise at low speed to pull cool air up. The gentle updraft pushes warm air, which naturally rises to the ceiling, down along the walls and back to the floor.

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