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Home Buying Process Update: How Much Time Will it Take?

Part 2 in our discussion with industry expert JD Tomlin, this time we discuss if the new procedures and mandates are affecting the purchase timeline. The answer may surprise you! #Benchmarkneverquits.

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Home Buying Process Update: How Much Time Will it Take?
Part 2 in our discussion with industry expert JD Tomlin, this time we discuss if the new procedures and mandates are affecting the purchase timeline. The answer may surprise you! #Benchmarkneverquits.

How Has The Pandemic Affected The Home Buying Process?
First part in our series with industry expert JD Tomlin on how the housing market and home buying process has adjusted in this "new normal". Watch to find out how the home buying process has been affected and the innovations that have been made to keep the realtors, buyers, and sellers healthy. Thank you to JD Tomlin for his time and great insight from the realtor perspective! #Benchmarkneverquits.

Benchmark Never Quits: Michael Thorin Veteran Testimonial
Army Veteran Michael Thorin was faced with a devastating circumstance due to complications from his exposure to harsh chemicals during his deployments. Because of this health issue, he and his family had to move out of their home after the discovery of mold that threatened Michael's health. After seeing his story in a veteran Facebook group, a Benchmark Loan Officer reached out and went above and beyond to find a safe home for Michael and his family. This is why #Benchmarkneverquits.

Benchmark Never Quits: Pat's Story
Benchmark won't waste any time in getting you and your family into your home. Stop the endless rental cycle and start investing in something you can call your own! #Benchmarkneverquits

Easiest VA Refinance Available? IRRRL Explained.
VETERANS: Want a fast and streamlined way to lower your monthly payments? An IRRRL might be your answer!

Mortgage Quick Tip: Forbearance explained
Many people are considering asking their mortgage companies for a forbearance during this pandemic, but what exactly does that mean? Check out our latest Mortgage Quick Tip to find out if a forbearance is a smart choice for you. #Benchmarkneverquits.

Mortgage Quick Tips: Fannie Mae Appraisal Update
During this time of social distancing, Fannie Mae has just released some updates to their guidelines to appraisals and employment verification. This will allow appraisers some flexibility during this unprecented time. Watch our latest Mortgage Quick Tip to learn more about how the industry is adjusting to this crisis. #Benchmarkneverquits #socialdistancing #mortgages #Fanniemae

Benchmark's Hybrid E-Closings: How to get a mortgage and maintain social distance
As Social Distancing sweeps the nation, Benchmark offers our clients hybrid E-Closing. Meaning you can sign up to 70% of your documents remotely. Watch the video to learn more! #Benchmarkneverquits.

Mortgage Quick-Tip: Coronavirus and your mortgage
The Federal reserve just cut rates from 0% to .25%. But what does this mean for mortgages? Watch our latest mortgage quick tip to find out! #Coronavirus #Covid19 #MortgageRates #FedRatesCut

ATTN. Veterans, learn about your refinance options today!
Veterans: Did you know you could save hundreds a month by refinancing your home? Talk to your Benchmark loan officer and learn about how you can take advantage of these low rates today!

Did you know that refinancing your home could potentially save you an average of $266 a month? Get in touch today to learn about your refinance options! #Benchmarkneverquits.

Benchmark Mortgage Presents: Combat Mindset For The Marketplace by Chad Fleming
Take CHARGE of your market! Chad Fleming's Combat Mindset will equip you with the tools to dominate and become a leader in your marketplace. #Combatmindset #Benchmarkneverquits

Benchmark Never Quits: Cynthia Arbige Veteran Testimonial
Retired Navy veteran, Cynthia Arbige struggled to find a lender that would approve her. She found Benchmark through a referral and closed on her home shortly after. We will do the extra work and go above and beyond to ensure veterans are able to acheive the dream of homeownership. This is why #Benchmarkneverquits.

Brain Treatment Foundation: Chris Livesay Testimonial
Brain Treatment foundation works hard to improve the lives of veterans suffering from invisible wounds. Their efforts have provided support and treatment for countless veterans. Chris Pratt is currently holding a contest to visit him on set of his next movie The Tomorrow War. Every $10 donated is a chance to meet Chris on set. Support the Brain Treatment Foundation and the great work they are doing for our veterans. 🇺🇲 ️

Veteran Stories: Presley
Getting Veterans and their families into the home of their dreams, no matter the obstacle. You served us, now let US serve you. This is why #Benchmarkneverquits.

20 Years of Benchmark: What Benchmark Does.
Going above and beyond to help both our clients and our branches acheive their dreams. For 20 years the relationships that we have formed have made Benchmark into what what we are today. Benchmark creates stories, start yours today.

Celebrating 20 years: Our VA promise.
We will always do right by the veteran and provide first class service that ensures that we can help acheive the dream of home-ownership veterans. This is why #Benchmarkneverquits.

Benchmark Never Quits: Art LaFlam Veteran Testimonial
Vietnam veteran Art LaFlam shares his story of why veteran appreciation and VA services are important for so many veterans. At Benchmark we never quit on our veteran clients, we work night and day to make sure we get veterans into the homes of their dreams. Stories like Art's are the reason why #Benchmarkneverquits.

Benchmark Never Quits: AD Carter, Veteran testimonial
A.D. Carter, a Vietnam war veteran was continuously met with holdups and dead-ends. Then he found Benchmark. Veterans deserve a company that understands the VA loan process, a company that will fight for them to get into the home of their dreams. This is why #Benchmarkneverquits.

Let's Talk Mortgage: Benefits of a Cash Out Refi
Need to do some much needed home repairs? Maybe you're looking to renovate? A cash out refinance could be a great option for you. Interested? Read more on our blog ---->

Let's Talk Mortgage: What does refinancing mean?
With all this talk about refinancing, it's easy to get overwhelmed. In this video we're breaking a few of the potential refi options available to homeowners.

Let's Talk Mortgage: Veterans, the mortgage company you choose matters.
As a veteran, why does the mortgage company you choose matter? At Benchmark we understand the ins and outs of the VA home loan process, ensuring you get every single well earned benefit you deserve. #Benchmarkneverquits.

Mortgage Quick Tip: Benefits of Owning a home.
Do you value your privacy? Your security? Your money? So do we. In this #Mortgagequicktip, we break down the lifestyle benefits of buying over renting. Want to know more? ----->

Benchmark Never Quits: Kevin Jenkins Veteran Testimonial
Kevin Jenkins, a U.S. Army veteran was denied from a dozen lenders. With the help of Long Lake Ltd. we made sure that Kevin's dream home was made a reality. We will never quit on the heroes who have bravely served. This is the reason why #Benchmarkneverquits

What is an IRRRL? VA Streamline explained.
Have an existing VA loan you're looking to refinance? An IRRRL might be a perfect product for you! Learn more on our Benchmark Blog - 👉🏠

Does Refinancing Make Sense For You?
How much could you save by refinancing? Get in touch with us to see if refinancing makes sense for you 🏡➡️

Should You Refinance Now? | Summer Marketplace Update 2019
Should you refinance now? Jim McMahan, President of Benchmark Mortgage, shares his thoughts on how home buyers and homeowners can take advantage of the current low mortgage rates. Read more on the Benchmark blog 🏡👉

Thank You For Your Service
“You always hear these people talk about ‘thank you for your service’ and stuff like that. But Benchmark really showed me that they were thankful for it. -Presley Bright, Marine Corps Veteran 🇺🇸 Benchmark is honored to help veterans like Presley achieve the American Dream of homeownership! #BenchmarkNeverQuits

Benchmark Never Quits: Presley Bright
"The first thing I thought of when I first walked into my home was freedom. You know, it was really liberating to have those keys in my hand, to unlock that door and open it up and think to myself, this is mine." Check out this awesome story of service, perseverance, and achieving the American Dream from Marine Corps Veteran Presley Bright. #BenchmarkNeverQuits

Benchmark Never Quits: The American Dream
At Benchmark, our motto is to always do right by the Veteran. That means ensuring Veterans get the American dream they served to protect. And if things get tough we won’t back down. #BenchmarkNeverQuits #Benchmark20YearsStrong

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