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3,000 Years of Business History in Two Minutes

We're going to take a break from Ted Talks today and take a look at this fantastic short created by Bain & Company that illustrates the 3,000 year history of business in less than 5 minutes. What will the firm of the future look like?

Let us know your thoughts!

bain.com The idea of what a business is has evolved slowly but profoundly through a series of what we can now see as definable eras.


Social maps that reveal a city's intersections — and separations

"Segregation is a social construct" says Dave Troy in this short Ted Talk. Take 5 minutes to learn a little bit about every city's unique culture, cliques and invisible lines. Do you see these lines in your city? Let us know!

Happy #TEDTalkTuesday!

ted.com Every city has its neighborhoods, cliques and clubs, the hidden lines that join and divide people in the same town. What can we learn about cities by looking at what people share online? Starting with his own home town of Baltimore, Dave Troy has been visualizing what the tweets of city dwellers rev...

The Elevator Pitch Challenge. Can You Say Yours In Two Floors (10 sec)?

Many entrepreneurs and business leaders love talking about their companies, but can you quickly and clearly explain your ideas? Atlanta's own Mike Gomez sums up his thoughts about the elevator pitch and challenges you to a 10 second pitch. Can you do it?

linkedin.com Prologue: Last Friday, while attending the infamous Startup Chowdown lunch at Atlanta Tech Village I sat at one of the communal tables and introduced


Know Your Value

Our COO says you need to know your value!

linkedin.com In 1982 when Spencer Johnson and Ken Blanchard released “The One-Minute Manager”, they charged an unheard-of sum of $15 for a book with 94 pages in


Lessons from Beyond Life: Never Too Young or Too Old

Jae S. Brown our COO has started a new Leadership Development Blog. Check it out.

linkedin.com To sum a person’s life up in a few hundred words is a difficult task. Especially for those who have lived 94 years like my subject today. But to


Watch the Drones: Can Black Folks Benefit From the New World Order?

Our Client feature on the Root.com. Shout out to Jason Johnson for the article. For additional information on our client feel free to contact Horizon Partners, LLC.

theroot.com American business history is littered with stories of businesses that were started by, or profit off of, black folks but ritually lock us out. The black community spends billions on hair-care products, but most of the stores and companies we buy from aren’t for us or by us.


The jobs we'll lose to machines -- and the ones we won't

Happy Tuesday everyone! For today's #TEDTalkTuesday we thought we would take a look at what the future of job automation might be. Machine learning has become increasingly complex and can now handle tasks such as grading papers or diagnosing diseases. What do you think the workplace might look like 15 years from now?

ted.com Machine learning isn't just for simple tasks like assessing credit risk and sorting mail anymore -- today, it's capable of far more complex applications, like grading essays and diagnosing diseases. With these advances comes an uneasy question: Will a robot do your job in the future?


The future of money

Good Tuesday Morning! It is another #TedTalkTuesday here in Atlanta. And since we're in transaction alley, home of companies like Evestment, BitPay, and NCR Corporation, we think this Ted Talk on the future of money would be a perfect way to start the day. Pay attention as Neha Narula leads us into the future of finance!

ted.com What happens when the way we buy, sell and pay for things changes, perhaps even removing the need for banks or currency exchange bureaus? That's the radical promise of a world powered by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. We're not there yet, but in this sparky talk, digital currency resear...


Why you should define your fears instead of your goals

Good Tuesday Morning! Today we at Horizon wanted to take a look at what we can do to more effectively direct our actions. In doing so we came across this TedTalk by famed stoic, #TimFerriss. Take a few minutes and learn how fear setting can help your decision making in all aspects of life. #TEDTalkTuesday

ted.com The hard choices -- what we most fear doing, asking, saying -- are very often exactly what we need to do. How can we overcome self-paralysis and take action? Tim Ferriss encourages us to fully envision and write down our fears in detail, in a simple but powerful exercise he calls "fear-setting." Lea...


How I built a jet suit

We have all had seemingly unreachable dreams. For Richard Browning that dream was flying so he built himself an Ironman-like suit. For today's #TedTalkTuesday watch him explain his process of trial and error in order to achieve his dream. Icarus would be put to shame.

ted.com We've all dreamed of flying -- but for Richard Browning, flight is an obsession. He's built an Iron Man-like suit that leans on an elegant collaboration of mind, body and technology, bringing science fiction dreams a little closer to reality. Learn more about the trial and error process behind his i...


How to find a wonderful idea

The band OK Go comes up with some wildly creative ideas on a regular basis; from Rube Goldberg machines to filming in zero gravity, they seem like an endless fountain of good ideas. Well take a few minutes to listen to their process and how the play in the sandbox until they find the right idea. #TedTalkTuesday

ted.com Where does OK Go come up with ideas like dancing in zero gravity, performing in ultra slow motion or constructing a warehouse-sized Rube Goldberg machine for their music videos? In between live performances of "This Too Shall Pass" and "The One Moment," lead singer and director Damian Kulash takes u...


5 Top CEOs Say This Is the 1 Task They Will Never Delegate

Even as a #leader sometimes you just have to do some things yourself. Whether its because you are the most experienced or because you don't have any options taking control of certain tasks in a necessary function of #leadership. Read below to find out what some top #CEOs had to say on the matter.

inc.com Inc. 5000 honorees tell us how they would tackle a common business challenge.


How I learned to read -- and trade stocks -- in prison

Good Tuesday Morning! Time for another timeless #TEDTalk. Watch as Curtis "Wall Street" Carroll reminds us that anyone can learn, and anyone can teach, at any age, in any environment. And that education is necessary for progression in anyone's life. #TEDTalkTuesday

"I now had an obligation to meet those on the path"
- Curtis Carroll

ted.com Financial literacy isn't a skill -- it's a lifestyle. Take it from Curtis "Wall Street" Carroll. As an incarcerated individual, Carroll knows the...

Horizon Partners would like to thank all of the men and women who have sacrificed their lives on behalf of the United States. Today we remember, appreciate, and remain grateful for your service and your sacrifice.


The future we're building -- and boring

Good Tuesday Morning! We all know who #ElonMusk is, and he certainly likes to dream big. Take some time and listen to some of his big visions for our future of transportation. This seems especially relevant given some of the recent transit struggles of some major cities like #Atlanta. Happy #TEDTalkTuesday!

ted.com Elon Musk discusses his new project digging tunnels under LA, the latest from Tesla and SpaceX and his motivation for building a future on Mars in conversation with TED's Head Curator, Chris Anderson.


The agony of trying to unsubscribe

Is your organization too impersonal? Is it impossible to unsubscribe from your messaging? Do your clients feel well taken care of? Well for today's #TEDTalktuesday take a quick look at what James Veitch does when he gets an opportunity to interact with a CRM.

ted.com It happens to all of us: you unsubscribe from an unwanted marketing email, and a few days later another message from the same company pops up in your inbox. Comedian James Veitch turned this frustration into whimsy when a local supermarket refused to take no for an answer. Hijinks ensued.


Four questions to ask before choosing an investor

As a new company or startup it can be tempting to take whatever check an investor is willing to write. It can feel like you don't have a choice when in reality you and your organization need to be picky! Here are four questions from e founder of Quivira Capital that might help you choose your investors.

virgin.com . With this growing number of new companies looking for investors, the market is becoming increasingly saturated with demands for an investor that can do it all and tick all the boxes.


To solve old problems, study new species

Its another #TEDXTuesday! We at Horizon Partners like to explore problem solving in any number of industries. Today we listen to biologist Alejandro Alvarado explain how studying new species can lead to solving old problems!

ted.com Nature is wonderfully abundant, diverse and mysterious -- but biological research today tends to focus on only seven species, including rats, chickens, fruit flies and us. We're studying an astonishingly narrow sliver of life, says biologist Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado, and hoping it'll be enough to…


7 Things Great Bosses Tell Their Employees Every Single Day

Good Thursday Morning! We have always found that the best leaders support their teams in many ways every single day. If you're looking to do some small things that go a long way look at communication. Here are a few things that should get you started.

inc.com Leaders have the power to get their people super motivated -- or not.


3 ways to plan for the (very) long term

Good Tuesday Morning! It is time for another TED Talk. Today Ari Wallach examines short term thinking and how we can focus our thoughts towards transgenerational actions through the lens of #PhilippePatek's marketing. As the world becomes more immediate, partly due to the rise in technology and information, it might be time we start examining our long term plans.
#TEDTalk #TEDTalkTuesday

ted.com We increasingly make decisions based on short-term goals and gains -- an approach that makes the future more uncertain and less safe. How can we learn to think about and plan for a better future in the long term ... like, grandchildren-scale long term? Ari Wallach shares three tactics for thinking b...


SMALL BIZ STRATEGIES: Improve your motivation at work - Atlanta Business Chronicle

Is your team suffering from a dip in motivation? It happens to us all at some point or another, but here are a few techniques to keep your energy going and your team supplied with momentum.

bizjournals.com Everybody goes into a flat spin at some point each day. Here's how to straighten up and fly right.


To Be An Effective Leader Keep A Leadership Journal

If you want to do something well keep a record and review the game tape. In the words of Henna Inam "To be an effective leader, keep a leadership journal." Read here article in Forbes to learn more.

forbes.com Want to become a more effective leader? Start by keeping a leadership journal. Here are 10 questions to get you started.


Wanted: New Skills

Good Wednesday morning! Take a quick look at where we are and where we're headed with Vivian Hunt's write up on closing the skills gap in the U.K. workforce. As a managing partner at Mckinsey & Co. she has great insights into where skills development needs to be focused and why.

linkedin.com At first glance, the UK economy does not have an employment problem. After all, unemployment is at its lowest level (4.7%)


3 lessons on success from an Arab businesswoman

Good Tuesday Morning! It is time for another great TED Talk on Leadership. Leila Hoteit is a shining example of female leadership globally and in the Arab world. Take a moment to listen as she shares some of her experience, strength, and hope in this week's #TEDTalkTuesday

ted.com Professional Arab women juggle more responsibilities than their male counterparts, and they face more cultural rigidity than Western women. What can their success teach us about tenacity, competition, priorities and progress? Tracing her career as an engineer, advocate and mother in Abu Dhabi, Leila...


8 Stupid Office Rules That Drive Everyone Crazy

Since it is Friday here is a somewhat more lighthearted read. These are some of the worst office rules we have ever seen. Maintaining a great environment for an organization means having skilled leaders who can manage a team without a rulebook. Have you ever had to work under conditions like this?

huffingtonpost.com Companies need to have rules—that’s a given—but they don’t have to be shortsighted and lazy attempts at creating order. I understand the temptation...


Day 40: Things to watch final day of Georgia legislative session

Happy Sine Die! It is the last day of Georgia's legislative session. If you can't make it down to the Capitol you can always follow along online at the legislative website with live broadcasts; you can also follow updates on twitter with #gapol, Georgia State Senate, and Georgia Chamber of Commerce

myajc.com Georgia lawmakers gather for the final day of the 2017 legislative session on Thursday with several key bills still in play.


​Forbes: Atlanta No. 3 U.S. city poised to become tech mecca - Atlanta Business Chronicle

Here is some good news for your Wednesday! According to Forbes magazine Atlanta is poised to become a Tech Mecca! Thanks to the Russell Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Atlanta Tech Village, Ignite HQ and others our city has become a welcoming home to startup technology!

bizjournals.com Atlanta could soon become one of the world’s most elite tech cities.


Everyday leadership

Drew Dudley helps explain how leadership is really an everyday concept. We need to focus on not worrying about how it is larger than us. Take 5 and watch this for your Ted Talk Tuesday. Define your lollipop moment.

ted.com We have all changed someone’s life -- usually without even realizing it. In this funny talk, Drew Dudley calls on all of us to celebrate leadership as the everyday act of improving each other’s lives.


The World's 50 Greatest Leaders 2017

We spend a lot of time discussing leadership here. Fortune Magazine has put together their list for the world's 50 greatest leaders for 2017. Take a look and tell us who your favorite is!

fortune.com In business, government, philanthropy and the arts, and all over the globe, these men and women are transforming the world and inspiring others to do the same.


Lies Managers Tell Themselves to Avoid Firing Someone

How many do you tell yourself? We can all struggle with this from time to time so take a minute to learn about some of the solutions.

linkedin.com There are four lies managers tell themselves to avoid one of the hardest conversations in business. Things will improve. Someone in the seat is better


What David Rockefeller Taught Me About Life and Leadership

In honor of the late David Rockefeller read this fantastic write up by Alan Fleischmann in Fortune.

fortune.com The ex-CEO of Chase Manhattan Bank died Monday. He was 101.


3 Public Speaking Tips I Learned From Watching The Best on Stage

Many are deathly afraid of public speaking, many are overly excited at every opportunity to speak publicly. This article has some great tips, tricks and directions for both types of people. Take a read and then share your best tips with us!

linkedin.com Politicians and business leaders know that public speaking is about more than just your words. It's about your entire public persona. A television


Where good ideas come from

Take a deep dive into Britain's liquid networks! A great presentation from Steven Johnson explores the great beginning of innovation in Britain. He does a great job of unpacking the question "where do great ideas come from?"
Happy #TedTalkTuesday

ted.com People often credit their ideas to individual "Eureka!" moments. But Steven Johnson shows how history tells a different story. His fascinating tour takes us from the "liquid networks" of London's coffee houses to Charles Darwin's long, slow hunch to today's high-velocity web.


Americans Are Quitting at the Highest Rate Since 2001. Here's What This Means to Business

People are quitting their jobs at the highest rate since 2001. What does this mean for your leadership style and your organization?

linkedin.com As the LinkedIn Workforce Report shows, the American economy is strengthening and hiring is up. And you know what that means? More people are quitting


Invest Atlanta board OKs master plan for Underground Atlanta - Atlanta Business Chronicle

Here is a little news from Atlanta about the sale and development of the historic Atlanta Underground. It's the most recent home of The Masquerade and is now changing hands yet again. Let us know what you think about this new development!

bizjournals.com The board of Atlanta's economic development agency Thursday overwhelmingly approved a conceptual master plan for the redevelopment of Underground Atlanta opposed by downtown residents and business owners.

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