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Our passion is helping families through financial planning, which serves as the foundation of either building or preserving your wealth.

Having years of experience in the financial services industry and interviewing many firms to serve our clientele, it is our belief that independence affords us the ability to provide the best solutions for the families we serve. Liberty Wealth Strategies was created to deliver a high-end level of care to those who entrust us with their financial well-being. We chose to work with JW-Cole Financial as our broker / dealer. JW-Cole’s robust platform offers access to the industry’s top technology and provides availability to unbiased investment solutions. By utilizing such a platform, we’re able to customize investment strategies and provide a tailored client experience. Most important, JW-Cole offers a high level of service and regulatory compliance monitoring, which enhances our firm’s capabilities to better serve our clients. Our core passion is helping families through financial planning, which is the foundation of either building or preserving your wealth. It is our honor to work hard for your family and friends while maintaining long term, generational relationships.

Old Estate Plans May Be Harmful To Your Wealth

What life events might call for an update of your estate strategy? Forbes has a list @ There are lists of reasons to update your estate plan, but here are two common planning mistakes that cost families big because they weren't addressed.

Retirement, Estate Planning: Documents You Should Have

What 4 documents are vital to an estate strategy? A Forbes article lists them: Managing your estate, regardless of the size, begins with working with an expert to help give you greater control, privacy and security of your legacy – the one you worked so hard to build. The documents you need to get started are outlined below:

As Jobs Are Automated, Will Men and Women Be Affected Equally?

How will the automation of jobs impact working women? Harvard Business Review considers the future @ The outlook is mixed.

The 10 Best Cookbooks to Give Beginner Home Cooks

Eater lists 10 great cookbooks for beginning or reluctant cooks: From the classics ("The Joy of Cooking") to the new ("Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat")

How financial therapy can reshape your relationship with money

What is the connection between money and your mental health? Mic takes a look: My anxiety has never been higher than when I started out as a freelancer four years ago. Panic washed over me as I sent clients “just following up” emails about past-due payments and did mental gymnastics devising ways to minimize my already meager…

How to stop throwing away your veggies and fruit

We have all tossed old fruits and veggies. How can we waste less of the produce we buy? CNN has some tips: Does your spring mix, spinach, bananas and other fruits and veggies go bad before you get to eat them? Stop wasting your food (and money) with these tips.

Making Business Travel More Affordable - 12 Techniques

Small Business Trends lists 12 ways to make small business travel more affordable: Without making business travel more affordable, you can end up costing your company a lot of money. Here are 12 tips to help you save money.

‘To 244 years of success’: The 2019 Marine Corps birthday message from the commandant is out

The U.S. Marine Corps turns 244 on November 10. Read more and watch the video tribute @ Marine Corps Times: “Once a Marine always a Marine is not just a slogan,” Berger said. “Here’s to 244 years of success as a Corps.”

US services companies growth rebounds in October

Good news for the economy: service sector growth picked up in October. CNBC has the details @ Measures of sales, new orders and employment all rebounded from the previous month.

Hurricane Dorian: What does insurance cover after a disaster?

What does insurance cover after a disaster, such as a hurricane? Read this USA TODAY piece: How well will your homeowners or renters insurance hold up after a storm like Hurricane Dorian? The answer largely depends on the storm itself.

There's a key tax deadline right around the corner. Here's how to prepare

The next estimated tax deadline is September 16. First time paying quarterly taxes? Read this CNBC article: When it comes to taxes, Sept. 16 doesn't quite have the same ring as April 15. However, this deadline is an important one for entrepreneurs, investors and people in the side-gig economy. Here's why.

Some Countries Require You to Have Travel Insurance, Others Aren’t Far Behind

Some countries require tourists to have travel insurance. Travel + Leisure lists some of them @ You probably know you need a passport to leave the country, but did you know that some countries require that you have travel insurance before entering?

Life Insurance Quiz

Is life insurance less expensive than you think? Take our fun and informative quiz and call us today: Is life insurance less expensive than you think?{Several factors will affect the cost and availability of life insurance, including age, health and the type and amount of insurance purchased. Life insurance policies have expenses, including mortality and other charges. If a policy is surrendered pre...

Toxic Employees Can Have Deadly Consequences For Your Business

How do you handle a toxic employee at your business? This Forbes post offers some suggestions: One rotten apple spoils the barrel, and one unhappy employee can ruin an entire workforce. Learn how to manage problematic employees and minimize their damage to your company and workplace morale.

7 Ways That An Interest Rate Cut From The Fed Impacts Retirees | Bankrate

Bankrate notes how the recent interest rate cut by the Federal Reserve could impact retirees: The latest Fed move just might put retirees in a pinch.

In addition to helping blood pressure and cardiovascular health, deep sleep may play a role in preventing Alzheimer’s disease

As MarketWatch notes, a new study says deep sleep may be important in preventing a common form of dementia: A new study in the peer-reviewed journal Science says cerebrospinal fluid during non–rapid eye movement sleep clears metabolic waste products from the brain.

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Not having long-term care insurance can be 'the single biggest devastator' of your financial plan

This CNBC article notes why extended care coverage may be vital in retirement: No one likes to think about needing long-term care. Yet the reality is that many people will at some point in their life.

Strong consumer spending propping up U.S. economy

Consumer spending rose by a healthy 0.6% in July, Reuters reports: U.S. consumer spending increased solidly in July as households bought a range of...

Time Management Techniques For Small Business Owners

Forbes shares some time management techniques for business owners @ Understanding the business value of your to-dos and setting concrete deadlines will help you prioritize effectively and manage your time more efficiently.

If you've never had life insurance before, this is exactly how to get it and why you should sign up when you're young

Business Insider takes a closer look at the nuts and bolts of life insurance: How does life insurance work? It gives your loved ones an income source if you pass away, and a term policy won't cost you much per month.

Why everyone should get a prenup, according to 'Broke Millennial' author Erin Lowry

Should pre-nuptial agreements be commonplace? CNBC talks to an author who makes that case: As younger generations wait longer and longer to get married than their parents and grandparents, individuals are accumulating more wealth, assets and, in many cases, debt before marriage than in the past. Erin Lowry, author of "Broke Millennial Takes on Investing" says every millennial getting marr...

Insurance For Landlords: Protecting Your Investment

Forbes has a post on insurance for landlords: what it usually covers, and what it may not. When establishing yourself as a real estate investor, it is critical to acquire the right insurance to protect your business, your property, yourself and your tenants.

How Small-Business Owners Can Find Success On The Radio

This Forbes post explains how radio advertising can work for small business owners: There are a few ways, in addition to the internet, that entrepreneurs can start marketing their businesses.

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The inverted yield curve explained and what it means for your money

Wondering what an inverted yield curve is, and why it troubles Wall Street? CNBC explains it @ An inverted yield curve marks a point on a chart where short-term investments in U.S. Treasury bonds pay more than long-term ones.

Hiring For The Holidays: What Small Business Owners Need To Know

Hiring for the holidays? The Story Exchange has tips for SBOs and managers looking to fill seasonal positions: Sure, the big-box stores started hiring seasonal employees back in June. But it's not too late to find the perfect employees to help with the holiday rush.

What Is a Solo 401(k) and How Much Can You Contribute?

The right time for business owners to open a Solo 401(k) is right now. TheStreet gives you the reasons why @ A solo 401(k) plan is designed for those who are self-employed. These accounts are easy to open and fund, and they have high contribution limits.

These 5 sources of retirement income aren't taxable

This USA TODAY article spotlights 5 potential sources of tax-free retirement income: Keep more of your money during your golden years by incorporating these into your retirement plan.

Get a Grip, Small Business Owners! 5 Tips to Help You Deal With Stress.

An Entrepreneur post shares 5 tips to help business owners cope with stress: Eliminating stress is impossible, but here are some tactics to help you cope and stay strong.

If Women Don’t Apply to Your Company, This Is Probably Why

When hiring, how can a company make its culture more attractive to women? Harvard Business Review offers tips: What signals does your recruitment process send to applicants?

Yes, There Is A Life Insurance Gender Gap

Men are more likely to have life insurance than women. Forbes examines this life insurance gender gap @ There is a life insurance gender gap, but what can be done about it?

Record-High 56% of U.S. Women Prefer Working to Homemaking

Gallup says that the percentage of women who prefer working to homemaking has hit a record high: A new high of 56% of U.S. women would prefer to work outside the home rather than stay home and take care of the house and family.

Stop fiddling with the food! And other mistakes cooks make

Avoid these 12 mistakes, and NBC News says you will become a better cook: From under-salting to working with a dull knife, these mistakes are pretty easy to avoid in the kitchen, once you know what to look out for.

Science Says the Most Successful Kids Have Parents Who Do These 5 Things

Science says certain parental behaviors can help kids succeed. Inc. lists some of them @ Your behavior as a parent has a lot to do with whether or not your kids turn out to be happy, healthy and successful.

7 ways to save serious cash on holiday travel

MSN shares 7 tips to save money on holiday travel @ Want to fly home (or far away) for the holidays? According to AAA, the average price of an airline ticket to fly home around the holidays is close to $500 per person.

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Why Unglamorous Entrepreneurial Opportunities Can Be Lucrative

Sometimes, successful businesses start from unglamorous ideas. An Entrepreneur post reminds us of that truth: Oftentimes, profitable business ideas are far from the most attractive.

How to Retire Early

Do you want to retire before you turn 60? This U.S. News piece mentions some possible steps toward that goal: We're not all cut out to work until our 60s.

Three Types Of Insurance Your College Student Must Have

Your child may need 3 types of insurance when heading off to college. Learn more at Forbes: You may not think that your college student needs insurance, but there are risks that you should cover when sending your child off to college.

Doing this simple thing once a year can help you save more for retirement

An article @ USA TODAY notes that this is a good time to schedule an annual retirement savings checkup: It doesn't take much time, but it can give you a better chance of reaching your goals.

The Antarctic ozone hole is the smallest since it was discovered

Good news: the ozone hole over the Antarctic is now the smallest since its discovery in 1982. CNN has details: While the ozone hole over Antarctica typically grows in September and October, scientists observed the smallest ozone hole since they first began observing it in 1982, according to a joint release by NASA and NOAA.

How retirees can make required minimum distributions pain free

Fall is here, and as CNBC notes, this is the time to get ready for required minimum distributions (RMDs): It's that time again, when individuals over age 70½ and those with inherited retirement accounts have to take out their annual required minimum distributions. Here's the missteps to avoid so that you're not faced with a tax penalty.

6 Breast Cancer Symptoms Every Woman Needs to Know

Health lists the 6 breast cancer symptoms all women need to know about: These are the most common signs and symptoms of breast cancer in women, according to an oncologist and a breast cancer specialist.

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