Pennformer Community Federal Credit Union

Our Credit Union was founded in 1941 at the Pennsylvania Transformer Company. We have been in business since that time offering savings and loan services. Our assets now approximately $8 million dollars and we have nearly 1500 members. In 2003, We became a Community Credit Union. Persons who live, worship, work (or regularly conduct business), or go to school in, and businesses and other legal entities located in Washington County PA are eligible to join us.

[06/27/13]   FLAG ETIQUETTE Hang your flag vertically or horizontally with its stars positioned so that they appear at the top left-hand corner when you are facing the flag. Never let it touch the ground.

[06/27/13]   MASTERING YOUR CREDIT CARD DEBT *Take Inventory-How many credit cards do you have, and what are their balances? *Evaluate the cost-How much is the annual fee and what rate are you paying? Are cash advances at the same rate? *Get one card-Look for one card with no annual fee that has the same rate on purchases and cash advances. *Payments-Try to pay more than the minimum payment. Minimum payments often pay the interest without making much difference to the principal balance. *Don't exceed the limit-Hefty fees apply if you do. *Pay on time-Late payments cause late fees to apply. Late payments and exceeding your credit limit is reported to credit bureau. This will lower your credit score greatly. *Monitor your purchases or charges regularly. You only have a short time to dispute any items that are not yours. If not reported quickly, these charges become your debt to pay, so be dilligent. PENNFORMER VISA CREDIT CARD 8.95%(PURCHASES & CASH ADVANCES) NO ANNUAL FEE.

[06/27/13]   CHECKING ACCOUNT FEES TOO HIGH? *When comparing checking accounts, it's important to consider fees. Just because a financial institute offers everything, doesn't mean that you need it or should pay for it in fees. Some important tips for everyone when choosing a checking account. *Minimum balance fee. Some banks charge a fee if your balance drops below a certain level. This could be as high as $15 or more in some cases. At Pennformer Community FCU there is no minimal balance, therefore no fee. *Some banks charge for per item checks, such as you can only write 10 checks per month, then you are charged an amount per check that you write over that limit. You can write as many checks as you like with no fee at Pennformer Community FCU. * Some banks charge a monthly service fee of as high as $12 per month just to have your account there. There is no monthly service fee at Pennformer Community FCU. *Debit cards and Home Banking available at Pennformer Community FCU. *Free Atm service thru Allpoint and Star Network at Pennformer Community FCU. *Take inventory of all fees and compare. You might be surprised to find out how much money you can save by doing a little homework. It is your money, spend it the way you want.

[05/01/13]   REASONS TO TAKE A HOME EQUITY LOAN NOW * Income tax deduction- Most of the time, you can deduct the interest paid on a home equity loan if you itemize on your income taxes. * College- Not only will you be educating someone and obtaining an income tax break, again, your home equity might be hefty enough to fund this substantial expense. * Repayment-If you are looking for a payment that will stay the same over the life of the loan, this is how a fixed home equity loan is structured. You can budget the same payment amount each month. *Interest rates- You can usually obtain lower interest rates with a home equity loan than you can with credit cards or personal loans, especially at your credit union. *Consolidate BIlls- If you want to consolidate high interest credit card or other bills and take advantage of a tac break, a home equity loan can do that for you. *Pleasure- If it is a dream vacation or a larger puchase you always wanted but felt it has always been out of reach because of cost, a home equity loan can help fund the trip of a lifetime. *Home Improvement- If you obtain a home equity loan to remodel a kitchen or add a room, it can possibly increase the value of your home. *Easier to obtain- Because your home is collateral for a loan, it may be easier to obtain than a personal loan or other types of loans. PENNFORMER COMMUNITY FCU HOME EQUITY RATES Minimum $10,000-Maximum 85% of the appraised value of home(minus liens, mortgages and/or home equity loans), not to exceed $100,000. 5 YEARS OR LESS 2.99%APR 5 to 10 YEARS 4.15APR 10 to 15 YEARS 4.25%APR Over 15 YEARS, Maximum 20 years 4.99%APR $300.00 Non-refundable Application fee (Fee will be waived if applicant signs three year waiver form)

[05/01/13]   Negotiating Tips for Buying a New Vehicle! Thinking of buying a new vehicle, but dread the process. The experience can confuse and wear down car buyers. It requires research, commitment, patience and the right attitude to get the lowest price for the vehicle you want. Here are some tips to help get the best car price and the experience a little bit less intimidating. * Don't try to negotiate when the dealership is busy, like on Saturdays. * Shop around and play dealers off of one another. * Ask the dealer to show you the actual invoice. Not only do you see the pricing but it lets you know how long the vehicle has been at the dealership. The longer it has been there, the more eager they are to get rid of it. the invoice price and the sticker price define the low and high end of the pricing scale. You want to wind up somewhere in between. * Check out Manufacturers cash incentives for specific models. Check on-line before you shop to find out the incentives. * Do your research. Websites like,,,, not only provide the MSRP and dealer invoice price for vehicles but will also show you a final transaction price of somewhere between dealer's invoice and MSRP. * Line up your financing before going to dealership so you are a Cash Customer and can avoid any dealer's attempt to negotiate the monthly payment. Contact your Credit Union for their current rates. * Be prepared to walk out if you don't get the price you want. OUR NEW VEHICLE LOAN RATES: 2.49% APR for 60 months!!! 2.99% APR for 72 months!!!

[05/01/13]   Spring is here! Even if groundhog "Phil" got it wrong, we are ready for spring and warmer weather. We long for warm sunny days. To help us push it along, we are offering a great deal for those who want to feel the wind through their hair and the bugs in their teeth. Buy a "New" Motorcycle or a "New" Boat and get a fantastic rate of 3.49% APR for 60 months. Contact the office for more details. (All loans subject to credit committee approval and credit bureau reporting.)

[01/22/13]   Keep your personal information safe: *Check your credit report each year. You are eligible for one credit report each year. *Never carry your social security card in your purse or wallet. Leave it at home in a safe place. *Do not write your social security number or driver's license number on your checks. *Never write your pin numbers on the back of your ATM, Debit or Credit Cards. *Shred any papers with sensitive or identifying information. *Try and send as much mail as possible directly from the post office or hand directly to the mail carrier.

[01/15/13]   Fully Secured Loans Savings rates still remain low. Instead of withdrawing your savings, why not take Fully-Secured Loan backed by your savings at the Credit Union with unbelievable Low Rate of 2.15%. This way you do not deplete your savings and the interest is really low. It took you a long time to build the savings and it is hard to build it back once it is gone. Contact the office for details. All arrangements for the loan can be made over the phone.

[01/15/13]   Dormancy Fees Try to get into the habit at the Credit Union and at other financial institutes that you may have money in to make a small deposit once a year. This avoids your account from becoming escheat and avoids you being charged a dormant fee.

[01/15/13]   CELL PHONE NUMBERS GO PUBLIC THIS MONTH! Your cell phone number is being released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sales calls. You will be charged for these calls!! To prevent this call the following number from your cell number: 1-888-382-1222. It is the National Do Not Call list. It only takes a minute of your time. It blocks your number for five years. You must call from the cell number you want to have blocked. You cannot call from a different phone number.

[09/24/12]   NEW VEHICLE LOANS Haven't decided if you want to buy a new vehicle or not? There are a lot of 2012 New models that are onthe lots that dealerships are willing to deal on to make room for the 2013 models. We are offering a special rate for new vehicles that have never been titled and have fewer than 2,000 miles for an unbelievable rate of: 2.49% APR 60 month Payback!! (Loans subject to credit bureau reporting and credit committee approval)

[04/24/12]   FREE CREDIT REPORTS The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires each nationwide consumer reporting companies to provide you with a free copy of your credit report at your request once every 12 months. The three nationwide consumer reporting companies have set up a central website, a toll-free number, and a mailing address through which you can order your free annual report. It should take approximately 15 days to receive your report. * Log on to: or * Call 1-877-322-8228 or * Send request to: Annual Credit Report Request Service P.O. Box 105281 Atlanta, GA 30348-5281

[04/24/12]   NO FEE CHECKING ACCTS We offer no minimum balance checking accounts. You can also get a Visa Debit Card to make purchases deducted from your checking account instead of writing a check. The debit card allows you to get cash from ATM machines, many of them fee free. Life is stressful enough, checking accounts should be made simple.

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