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Nicksich & Neel CPA is a certified public accounting firm in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. We offer business and personal tax preparation, payroll, accounting, and bookkeeping services.

In addition to that, we're certified Quick books advisors, ready to help you with all your financial needs. The certified public accountants at our firm have the resources, experience, and in-depth knowledge needed to aid you with all of your personal and business needs

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[09/18/14]   When we discuss our CPA services with you, we will gather as much information from you as we can to give you an informed picture of our services and how they will benefit you, or your business.

[09/16/14]   Did you know that financial audits are not the only kind of audits? Governmental agencies now exercise performance audits, which seek to determine whether companies are meeting their performance objectives, as well as security and information system audits.

[09/11/14]   Trying to find a way to start a college saving plan for your family? Our skilled and experienced CPAs can help your family determine the best course of action to ensure that savings are ready when children reach college age.

[09/09/14]   At our CPA firm, we pride ourselves in listening to our clients. We want to know what is happening in their lives and the everyday operations of their businesses so we can tailor our services to their needs.

[09/04/14]   How can professional CPA services help small business owners? Our skilled CPAs can benefit small business owners in a number of ways including: analyzing operating finances, creating accounting systems, preparing tax returns and determining the best benefit plans for employees.

[09/02/14]   Have you been informed that a recent tax return is going to be audited by the IRS? While we can’t magically make all your problems go away, we can help you gather and prepare the necessary documentation.

[08/28/14]   Who can benefit from the services of a professional CPA? Just about anyone who needs to file taxes or who needs accounting services. Just of few of our varied clients include self-employed workers, small business owners and home owners.

[08/26/14]   If you’re considering starting a new business, you may not realize that the way you organize it could have lasting tax ramifications. Let’s talk about the type of business you’re planning to start and what type of business formation is right for you.

[08/21/14]   Many of the actions a company takes during the year have consequences when it comes to tax time. By establishing a relationship with a CPA early in the year, it’s possible to avoid decisions that could come back to haunt the company during the tax season.

[08/19/14]   CPAs such as the professionals in our firm, are accountants, except they have advanced accounting powers attained through education, experience, successful testing, and the force of law afforded them by their state licensing.

[08/14/14]   Do you ever wish that someone could help you take the guesswork out of what deductions you actually qualify for? We can! We’ll leverage our experience to help you hold onto every penny you can.

[08/12/14]   Although owning your own business can give you the freedom to do things you’ve always wanted, it can also complicate your tax situation. Working with a CPA can help you ensure that you aren’t claiming deductions you don’t qualify for.

[08/07/14]   It’s important to remember that tax preparation software isn’t always the best way to handle your taxes when you have a complicated situation. While the software can tell you about deductions and credits available, it may not always be able to help you determine if you qualify.

[08/05/14]   Are small business owners and self-employed workers really at increased risks for tax audits? Absolutely – and this is yet another reason why these individuals in particular can benefit from the services of a professional CPA.

[07/31/14]   Accountants with broad experience can offer advice and guidance that you simply can’t get anywhere else. While you are intimately familiar with your company, accountants have broad familiarity with other clients and strategies that have been successful and unsuccessful – and why.

[07/29/14]   What can a CPA do for you? Some people mistakenly believe that CPAs only serve as tax preparers. In actuality, they are business and financial strategists who help chart the paths of businesses and individuals.

[07/24/14]   As professionals, we work for you and strive to meet your company’s goals. When we first meet, we will discuss the vision you have for your company (for both the short and long term), identify the services that you would like us to perform, and show you additional ways we can be of service to your organization.

[07/22/14]   Did you know that small business owners and self-employed individuals are more likely to have their tax returns audited by the IRS than any other category of taxpayer? Lower the risk of an audit by turning your tax matters over to our CPAs.

[07/17/14]   With state and federal tax laws always changing, it is important to leave your tax planning and preparation in the hands of a Certified Public Accountant, especially if you are a business owner. CPAs stay on top of the latest changes to tax codes.

[07/15/14]   In the U.S., audits of publicly traded companies are called integrated audits: where auditors expressing their opinion about financial statements must also show that the company's internal control and financial reporting are indeed effective. No matter what type of audit you are facing, we can help.

[07/10/14]   Most CPAs will advise consumers that a proper individual financial management activity is to pay bills on time. This allows consumers to avoid late charges, and also will help to improve credit history.

[07/08/14]   When you’ve recently had your first child, it may be all you can do to catch a few minutes of sleep during the night, much less hunt down the information on how this will change your tax situation. Let us handle your taxes for you so that you can focus on your growing family – and maybe getting a little sleep.

[07/03/14]   According to Forbes Magazine, only about half of all new small companies are still in business five years later. By seeking out and embracing the expertise of lawyers and CPAs, you are more likely to avoid the many landmines that can impact other fledgling companies.

[07/01/14]   We will tailor our services to your comfort level. If you want to maintain the greater part of control over you financial profile, we can help you there. If you want a company to take complete control of all accounting functions, we can help you with that as well.

[06/26/14]   Have you noticed that you typically get about the same tax refund each year? That equates to giving the government an interest-free loan throughout the year. Let us show you how to change your withholdings so you get to keep more of your money throughout the year.

[06/24/14]   When you’re a small business owner, you may try to handle everything you can to keep down costs. Remember, turning over the more tedious financial reporting aspects of your business to a CPA could allow you more time to expand your business.

[06/19/14]   Do not be skittish about discussing rates when talking to CPAs about their services; it is one of the most important components of the conversation. We will tell you our rate structure up front, including hourly fees, and a breakdown of the services included in those fees.

[06/17/14]   Are you looking for ways to make our partnership go smoother during tax season? While having all your receipts in a shoebox is a start, having them categorized and total will help use cut the amount of time we have to spend together.

[06/12/14]   A great way to ensure proper bookkeeping for your business is to manage your cash and cash flow. Do projections, review them regularly, and be conservative. Be sure to consider the amount and/or likelihood of potential sales, current receivables, and lines of credit.

[06/10/14]   Even if you cannot afford a full-time accountant on hand at all times, an accountant you have consulted with during the year is in a good position to handle the preparation and filing of the company’s tax return.

[06/05/14]   While CPAs can provide a wealth of services to large businesses and individuals who earn a higher income, keep in mind that CPAs also provide valuable services to small business owners and lower income individuals who need assistance with financial planning and taxes.

[06/03/14]   Unsure about the direction you want to take with your business? Our team of CPA professionals is trained to analyze businesses and help entrepreneurs identify and resolve issues in order to boost profitability and move that company forward.

[05/29/14]   A certified public accountant can help a new business set up its accounting and bookkeeping functions. With the help of a CPA you can make sure there are controls and procedures for managing the company’s money that can later be tracked through formal reports.

[05/27/14]   When it comes to audit support for your business, accountants can do routine work and they can complete tax returns, but CPAs can analyze that work, represent you at a tax audit, and help you make more high-level business and tax decisions.

[05/22/14]   Unless you are in the financial business, having an accountant available will ensure tax payments are properly made during the year and workers are corrected treated as full-time, part-time or independent contractors.

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