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Will the coronavirus infect markets and the economy? - RBC Wealth Management

How will the coronavirus impact markets? We discuss the knock-off effects of the pandemic on the economy and share what investors can expect in upcoming weeks.

rbcwealthmanagement.com As Wuhan Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) spreads, capturing more public attention about the many uncertainties and risks associated with the virus, financial markets have reacted. The increases in infections and deaths have pressured equity markets worldwide and boosted safe-haven sovereign bond prices. The...


How Researchers Expect To Add At Least 2 Good Years To Our Lives

The American Heart Association doesn't want to just add years to our lives, they want to make those years significantly healthier and are focused on three main strategies:

mindbodygreen.com The steps to better health, not just longer lives.


Do trade deals erase concerns for economies and markets? - RBC Wealth Management

Tensions between the U.S. and its main trading partners will affect the global economy. Learn how four current trade negotiations may impact investments.

rbcwealthmanagement.com With the MSCI World Index reaching new all-time highs in the last three months, one can be forgiven for concluding that recent trade agreements will usher in a much improved environment over their predecessors. In fact, global trade volumes are unlikely to revert to their previous heights and the de...


Is the Fed behind the recent rally in U.S. stocks and corporate bonds? - RBC Wealth Management

A record run for U.S. stock markets in recent months has coincided with the first expansion of the Fed’s balance sheet in years. Here’s what investors need to know.

rbcwealthmanagement.com A record run for U.S. stock markets in recent months has coincided with the first expansion of the Feds balance sheet in years. Heres what investors need to know.


5 Unhealthy “Health” Foods

You can’t always believe the hype. Are your health foods really junk food in disguise?

chowhound.com These 5 unhealthy health foods aren’t actually good for you, from granola to red wine.

Join me in honoring the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his dreams of freedom and justice for all.

I'm remembering the bravery of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. today and celebrating the legacy he left behind.


Meet the women and men going to Mars! Thirteen new astronauts join NASA under the Artemis program, making them candidates for the first human exploration of the Red Planet set for the mid-2030s

Houston, we have a Mars mission! Meet the 13 brave astronauts who will be candidates for a mission to Mars with NASA in the mid-2030s

msn.com It's been more than two years in the making, but 13 astronauts have finally joined NASA under the mission that will bring the first female to the moon and some may be the first humans to step on Mars.


Mark Wahlberg's Secret to Becoming More Disciplined

Consistency breeds discipline and entrepreneurship will challenge both. For Mark Wahlberg, as both an actor and entrepreneur, his greatest business asset is his own diligence.

entrepreneur.com The actor and entrepreneur's greatest business asset is his own diligence.


3 old-school methods to fight dementia, proven by new studies

Is there a way to regain control of dementia's progression? Low-tech solutions like exercise, a good night’s sleep, and a “cognitively active” lifestyle could be far more important than we realized in resisting dementia.

inverse.com “I would argue that these are the best current tools we have to combat cognitive decline.”

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Equities and the U.S.-Iran conflict - RBC Wealth Management

The equity market’s relatively restrained response to the U.S.-Iran conflict is actually the norm rather than the exception. Learn more.

rbcwealthmanagement.com Following a stellar 2019, with the S&P 500 delivering its second-best annual return of this bull market cycle, equity markets have received a geopolitical wake-up call to begin 2020.


Buying power: Will the U.S. consumer drive economic growth in 2020? - RBC Wealth Management

RBC Capital Markets’ Chief U.S. Economist, Tom Porcelli, shares: “As we think about 2020, there is almost no getting around the fact that the consumer will again be the engine.” Learn more about the role consumers will play in economic growth.

rbcwealthmanagement.com The consumer is the main engine of the U.S. economy, and with rising wages and a strong employment picture, the consumer appears to be in great shape as the new year begins. Jim Allworth discusses the importance of consumer spending with RBC Capital Markets’ Chief U.S. Economist Tom Porcelli.


Cardio May Boost Memory & Brain Health, New Mayo Clinic Report Finds

Looking to improve your brain health? Cardio may be the key.

mindbodygreen.com They've given us another reason to hit the gym (and, more specifically, the treadmill) this January.


No, High Levels of Exercise Won’t Actually Mess With Your Heart

When it comes to heart health, is there a point where too much exercise is too much? New research data says that working out at high volumes isn't tough on your ticker after all.

bicycling.com Researchers find that working out at high volumes isn’t tough on your ticker after all.


RBC Wealth Management - United States

RBC Wealth Management’s Global Portfolio Advisory Committee monitors six major economic indicators to gauge recession risks. Each chart provides an explanation of the indicator and view of its current status. Learn more,

rbcwealthmanagement.com RBC Wealth Management serves the needs of high net worth, affluent and institutional clients worldwide through a full range of tailored solutions.


If you believe stock market bulls have the bears locked out, this will rattle your cage

The short-term outlook for the U.S. stock market is as pessimistic today as it was optimistic at this time last year.

marketwatch.com Market timers are as bullish now as they were bearish a year ago, writes Mark Hulbert.

Wishing you a wonderful New Year! May your New Year be a fresh start and a wonderful beginning.

Happy New Year!

May your New Year bring joy and prosperity to you and your family.


50 Inspirational Quotes to Motivate You

Great quotes can be inspirational and motivational. They can guide your life, love and career. Here are 50 of the best to kick off the new year!

entrepreneur.com Great quotes can be inspirational and motivational. They can guide your life, love and career. Here are 50 of the best.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas full of joy. Merry Christmas!

[12/25/19]   Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!


Spending Bill Includes Seismic Retirement Changes, Curtails Stretch IRAs

What are the new changes that could come with the SECURE Act? Learn how the changes could impact your retirement plans.

forbes.com The 2020 budget deal includes the SECURE Act, which passed in the House 417-3 in May but stalled in the Senate. We have a link to the text, all 1,773 pages of it.

May this festival of lights bring blessings upon you and your loved ones. Happy Hanukkah!


'Grin and Bear It' Is Wrong. Here's What Great Leaders Understand About Emotional Intelligence.

Could emotions be a strength rather than a weakness in the workplace? Should entrepreneurs share, rather than smother their feelings? Learn how some leaders are using emotions in a positive way with colleagues.

entrepreneur.com Effective leaders have figured out how emotional intelligence can work for them.


Fixed income strategy: Vision will be anything but 20/20 in 2020 - RBC Wealth Management

This year’s vanishing yields set the stage for a challenging 2020. Read predictions for fixed income portfolios and learn how investors can best prepare.

rbcwealthmanagement.com 2019s robust portfolio performance is unlikely to be repeated in 2020. We look at fixed income portfolio positioning amid a blurry outlook for 2020.


'Holiday heart syndrome': What is it and how to avoid it

Beware a hidden seasonal danger called "holiday heart syndrome" which can strike perfectly healthy people as they are enjoying yuletide cheer.

cnn.com Beware a hidden seasonal danger called "holiday heart syndrome." which can strike perfectly healthly people as they are enjoying yuletide cheer.


Why the branch of the future should still be about people, and less about technology

RBC Wealth Management is invested in providing a world-class client experience. Our new Wealth Centers are being built with the latest cutting-edge technology, yet designed with hospitality in mind to make you feel right at home. Learn more,

linkedin.com When I started in this business in the early 1990s, banks and other financial services firms occupied some major real estate all over the country. Anyone who walked down Fifth Avenue in Manhattan at that time probably recalls the massive branches on nearly every corner.


The Fed’s “insurance” rate cuts look set to pay off - RBC Wealth Management

With three rate cuts from the Fed this year and a phase one trade deal on the table, learn what you can expect from the U.S. economy in 2020.

rbcwealthmanagement.com The Fed thinks its rate cuts will reduce economic uncertainty and a phase one trade deal appears at hand. Will either shift the investing landscape?


Plan your children’s destination wedding without derailing your retirement plans - RBC Wealth Management

If your children want a destination wedding, it's important to include that goal in your wealth plan. Learn what else parents should consider.

rbcwealthmanagement.com Luxury destination weddings can create lasting memories, but they also present special challenges for planning, especially when it comes to finances.

Happy holidays!

Sending you and your loved ones warm wishes this holiday season.


The old-fashioned approach to reducing your risk of cancer and heart disease is still one of the best, according to new research

Women who can exercise vigorously are at significantly lower risk of dying from heart disease, cancer and other potentially fatal health problems, according to research presented at EuroEcho 2019.

marketwatch.com A new study of 4,714 adult women was presented at EuroEcho 2019, a scientific congress of the European Society of Cardiology last weekend.


Adapting investment strategy to the negative yield environment - RBC Wealth Management

Read insights on the health of the central banking system and learn what investors can expect in 2020.

rbcwealthmanagement.com As much as US$17 trillion of global debt has traded at a negative interest rate in 2019. Learn why interest rates are so low in our Global Outlook 2020.


25 Again? How Exercise May Fight Aging

Ready to feel like a 25-year-old again? The muscles of those who worked out looked like those of 25-year-olds and showed less of the inflammation that is tied to health problems as we age.

nytimes.com The muscles of those who worked out looked like those of 25-year-olds and showed less of the inflammation that is tied to health problems as we age.


Can you believe 2019 is so quickly coming to a close? Stay on track with our Year-End Checklist tool which provides important tips on offsetting capital gains, retirement planning, charitable giving and setting yourself up for success in the upcoming year. Contact me to discuss any ideas and questions!



Jell-O Could Be the Secret to Stronger Bones and Tendons

For athletes, Jell-O may be a key part of recovery. The gelatin can help connective tissue heal.

outsideonline.com Connective tissue is notoriously slow to heal. New research suggests gelatin might help.


Before you sign up for Disney+, use this calculator to add up the ‘true’ cost of your streaming services

We all enjoy our night of Netflix, Hulu and movies, but how much are these streaming services really costing you?

marketwatch.com Netflix for $12.99, Disney+ for $70 a year, Hulu with no ads for $11.99, and add on HBO for $14.99… wait, how much is this all costing? Welcome to the next...

Wishing everyone a joyous Thanksgiving holiday shared with friends and family. We’re grateful for the roles we have in helping people manage their wealth. Happy Thanksgiving!


What firms can do to attract women advisers

With more education, higher earning careers and inheritance coming their way, women will be the primary consumer of wealth management services in the not-too-distant future. Kristen Kimmell, head of advisor recruiting at RBC WM- U.S., wants to ensure women have their choice in financial advisors.

investmentnews.com Fewer women apply for jobs as financial advisers than men, but that shouldn't stop firms from trying to create more balance in their adviser ranks.

As you give thanks this Thanksgiving for family, friends, turkey and pie, please let us share our gratitude for making our jobs so special. Happy Thanksgiving!


‘A sense of place:’ WAFA helps support women at RBC Wealth Management - RBC Wealth Management

For nearly 30 years, our community of female financial advisors has come together for professional development and networking. Read more about how this group is growing and thriving. #WomenofRBC

rbcwealthmanagement.com Learn about RBC Wealth Managements women-focused employee resource group, one of the longest-standing groups in the country.


Can the UK general election break the Brexit impasse? - RBC Wealth Management

While there is light at the end of the long Brexit tunnel, there are various outcomes from the UK general election for global investors to consider.

rbcwealthmanagement.com The first part of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Withdrawal Agreement (WA) defines the legally binding terms of the UK’s exit from the EU: leave the bloc on Jan. 31, 2020, with a one-year transition period which maintains the status quo. The two sides could agree to a one-off extension lasting t...


The world's first space hotel will be modeled after luxury hotels in NYC and Paris — and the foundation designing it says it will be completed by 2025

The galaxy is in line to get its first space hotel. The Von Braun Rotating Space Station will have amenities like restaurants, low-gravity basketball, trampolining, and rock-climbing facilities.

businessinsider.com The Von Braun Rotating Space Station will have amenities like restaurants, low-gravity basketball, trampolining, and rock-climbing facilities.

Looking to make an impact this holiday season with your philanthropic giving? http://bitly.com/2Pc0iFh


The global equity playbook as the economic cycle ages - RBC Wealth Management

We recommend investors remain bullish in 2020, but continue to be cautious of recession probabilities. Read more on the outlook for global equities.

rbcwealthmanagement.com We have a constructive outlook for stocks for 2020. The economic expansion should have further to run, in our view, underpinned by accommodative credit conditions everywhere, the robust good health of the American consumer, easing U.S.-China trade tensions, and the likelihood most developed economie...

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I am dedicated to providing everyday families and individuals with financial solutions, guidance and tools, to meet their needs across all life stages.

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The A.C.Coy Company is a national technical consulting and recruiting firm with its corporate headquarters located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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We buy Oil and Gas rights in Ohio, PA, and WV

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Our passion is helping families through financial planning, which serves as the foundation of either building or preserving your wealth.

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The McNamara Investment Group is a unique multi-generational wealth advising team located in Janney’s Canonsburg, PA office.