Team Strategy Inc.: Association and Real Asset Property Management

Association and Real Asset Property Management. Registered Investment Advisors. The Financial Solutions People. Team Strategy Inc. is a full service Homeowner Association HOA and Real Asset Property Management Company.

Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Team Strategy provides services throughout the entire Pikes Peak region.

Mission: Low cost, value-driven management, consulting, and advisory services for commercial, condominium, townhome, neighborhood, and community associations.

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[11/22/16]   FIDUCIARY DUTY...Who is the client?

With these abysmal interest rates (1 to 2%), the ability to meet long-term capital improvement needs by associations has been extremely difficult. However, unfortunately, many association managers lack the financial/economic training and/or experience to adequately address these circumstances. In addition, one might argue that to do so constitutes providing financial advice.

That said, association managers often refer these services to Third Party providers. However, merely farming these services out to others may not effectively address the financial circumstances. For example:

Brokers/Dealers: Farming out to a brokerage/dealer firm the responsibility to maintain Reserve Funds (whether it be a Certificate of Deposit, Money Market, etc.) is a Bad Idea. Why? First, there are generally transaction fees charged by the broker (usually 6 or 7%). If the funds are only earning an abysmal 1 or 2%, this is simply irresponsiblle. In addition, associations need to understand that the broker/dealer's fiduciary duty isn't to the association, it is to the employer. The brokerage firm.

Banks: With the expansion of financial services associated with banks, many of the individuals promoting products are doing so to generate sales for the financial institution. Not the association. That said, the bank employees fiduciary duty is to the bank, their employer.

Insurance: Insurance agents work for an employer. Their fiduciary duty isn't to the client. Since many are paid via a commission based structure, it is in the agent's best interest to promote policies which provide a higher rate of interest (via commission) for the client. This benefits the insurance agent, not the association.

Caveat Emptor ...Buyer Beware.

Simply obtaining a financial product recommended by an association manager or promoted by a third party does not insure that the association's "Best Interests" have been adequately addressed.

Team Strategy: The "All Aspects" Association Management Company.

Team Strategy: The "All Aspects" Association and Real Asset Property Management Company.

Team Strategy Inc.: Association and Real Asset Property Management

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Team Strategy Inc.: Association and Real Asset Property ManagementBuilding a comprehensive listing of "ALL" Community, Commercial, Condominium, Neighborhood, and Townhome Associations in Colorado. This Colorado Association Directory is courtesy of the Property and Technology Divisions of Team Strategy Inc.

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Team Strategy Inc.: Association and Real Asset Property Management

Ask your legislators to co-sponsor the HOME Act!

The HOME ACT (Helping Our Middle Income Earners) HR16-4696.

Legislation going thru the House of Representatives at the present time will (if passed) allow homeowners within homeowner associations whose households have a combined maximum of $115,000.00 will be able to deduct up to $5,000.00 in assessments and fees.

“The HOME Act recognizes that millions of middle class homeowners are struggling to keep up with rising household expenses like child care, college tuition, health care, mortgage and community assessments,” Eshoo said. “The Home Act can go a long way by providing relief from this tax burden on millions of middle class families.”

For more information click the link below:>

Click here to contact your Representative today and urge them to co-sponsor the HOME Act!> Ask your legislators to co-sponsor the HOME Act! On March 3rd, Representatives Eshoo (D-CA) and Representative Thompson (D-CA) introduced the Helping Our Middle-Income Earners (HOME) Act, H. R. 4696. This bill allows for an income tax deduction for homeowners association assessments and fees. Speci…

[10/08/15]   Question...What are Common Area Elements. Common Area Elements differ from Association to Association. Common Area Elements may include: garages, carports, storage sheds, asphalt driveways, concrete, clubhouses, swimming pools, etc. Because common area elements are defined within the Associations CC&R's (Covenants, Conditions & Regulations) for the benefit of its members.

Therefore, as outlined in the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (CCIOA), the use of the terms Common Areas, or Common Area Elements is in appropriate for taxation purposes. Any improvements, land or structural, must be defined. Make sense???

[06/29/15]   Effective July 1, 2015 if a homeowner requests to see the association records (for whatever reason) the Board of Directors and their managing agent are required to provide them with access (during normal business hours) within ten (10) days. If the association (or their managing agent) fail to do so they may be fined up to $500.00 (per occurrence) for non-compliance. The association (or their managing agent) may charge a reasonable fee for reproduction and copying costs. 38-33.3-317 Colorado Revised Statutes.

Associations (and/or their managing agents) are required to maintain financial statements (as described in the Colorado Non-Profit Corporation Act C.R.S. 7-136-106) for the past three (3) years, and tax returns for the association for the past seven (7) years.

[06/28/15]   In 2013, a representative from the Colorado Division of Regulatory Agencies (DORA), Securities Division inquired as to why I was keeping my Advisors License if I was busy managing Real Property and Community Associations?

My response was simply for two (2) reasons: First, it is a "Lifetime License" issued by the Securities Exchange Commission; and Secondly, there are more than 50% of the Community Associations that are "underfunded" and "undercapitalized". With more than 10,000 people retiring each day, that presents a problem that a "traditional property manager" doesn't possess the knowledge, skills, or licensing to assist with.

Today, I can report that I have finalized the steps necessary to meet the state of Colorado Community Association Manager (CAM) guidelines. Team Strategy Inc. will be legally licensed to continue to manage Community Associations, as well as provide the financial knowledge and expertise to the more than 70% of these Community Associations that are underfunded and under capitalized. Association financials are more complicated than merely balancing a bank account.

For the is my understanding that Team Strategy Inc. remains the only company with a dual license in the state of Colorado.

Team Strategy Inc.: Association and Real Asset Property Management's cover photo

Team Strategy Inc.: Association and Real Asset Property Management

[05/28/14]   hey, I might be wrong. If so, please tell me. However, I already know of several situations in which I strongly believe that I may indeed be right.

[05/28/14]   My Latest Adventure...If I purchase a plot of land. Pay the tax on the undeveloped land (lets say its 10 acres). I build 50 townhomes that comprise 7 acres. The townhomes (i.e. the owners own the land below and the sky above). As such, a townhome owner also pays annual property taxes on both the building and the lot under the building.

If the total property is 10 acres, the owners pay the property taxes on the building and the land directly beneath the building, what happens to the other 3 acres in Common Area. If the Association, is not paying the tax, who does? Or worse, doe anyone pay the tax until such time as the property (the association is disbanded).

If I build an apartment complex, use the Leasing Office as Common Area to rent apartments. If I convert the apartments into condominium Townhomes, and lease the Leasing Office space as a clubhouse or an apartment, should I be paying property tax on that structure?

It seems to me, if property taxes were once assessed (i.e. at the time of sale) then why aren't property taxes being assessed on an annual basis. Since most HOA's are 528 entities, not 501 C-3 or C-4, the property taxes would be expensed accordingly. The mere fact that a parcel of land (either developed or undeveloped) doesn't have a physical address assigned to it cannot be a valid explanation for said property to not be paying property taxes.

At a time when we are debating whether or not to raise taxes, to create new taxes, or how fund projects such as City of Champions, etc., are we certain that everyone who should be paying taxes are actually doing so? If I buy a house, I pay taxes on the entire parcel. We assess the building, and the entire remaining land (whether developed or undeveloped). It seems to me that certain entities, such as Associations or Covenant Controlled (non-Associations) have developed their parcels of land and don't pay any taxes on them (aside from the actual structure). Why not?

I am certain this is going to stir up some controversy. However, it is merely a "Fairness Issue." Before we go creating additional taxes, or raising new taxes, we should first be determining whether we are accounting for all those elements that should be taxed. With approximately 8,0000 plus HOA's in Colorado, if they have amenities that are being assessed or paying taxes, shouldn't they? I do not know the complete answer to this question. However, therein lies my adventure.

In my more than 18 years of involvement in Homeowner Associations and Association management, in a number of capacities, I can count on one-hand the number of times I issued a draft on behalf of any clients for the payment of property taxes. Income taxes maybe, but property taxes? Rarely. I would most certainly hate to think that there lies within our statutes a "Loop Hole" that penalizes the majority of taxpaying citizens. If so, maybe a "Fix" is required?

Team Strategy Inc.: Association and Real Asset Property Management's cover photo

Are You Prepared for Nature's Wrath? at Embassy Suites Colorado Springs in Colorado Springs, CO Are You Prepared for Nature's Wrath? - Your source for local - Community events in Colorado Springs, CO

[03/12/14]   Several months ago I shared with an HOA Board President how I negotiated a CD with New York State Bank a rate of 7% on a 60-month CD back in 2008. His response? I bet you can't do that today. However, that was several months ago and now with Market Linked Certificates of Deposit the investor retains their principal but can earn market yields as well. Indeed, the investor has several options for future growth. All with the principal being FDIC insured.

If your an HOA that has limited funds, and your dealing with 1.85% returns on your protected reserve funds, chances are your stuck. On the one hand you cannot jeopardize the Reserve Funds. And on the other the Capital Improvements needed languish and your Association's purchasing power diminishes daily.

For most, the only options are: 1) Special Assessments, and 2) annual Assessment increases. All the while some 10,000 baby-boomers are retiring daily and shifting to fixed incomes. And the solution is? Well, it can't be the way we have always done things because the numbers are against us.

At the same time the traditional solutions of bank loans, and/or investment bank loans haven't worked all that well either. The returns are extremely low, and they are worse when you calculate your After-Tax Return on Investment (ROI). Consider this, since 1900 the average rate of decrease in purchasing power has exceeded 6%. When was the last time you received a 6% increase in your wages? When was the last time Social Security provided a more than 6% Cost of Living increase?

As you can well imagine most people are far behind the proverbial 8 ball. Add to that the fact that to keep even in this game a person must have an After-Tax ROI of greater than 6%. Wow!!! There's some homework for you. And with equities averaging approximately 3% per year, this challenge becomes even greater. For those reasons, entrepreneurs all over the world are working to provide solutions (both safe and secure) to what we always learned and grew up knowing. It is indeed time to think outside the box. Business as usual will not get it done. The vain hopes that a solution will come from Washington D.C. is merely "FOLLY."

[08/16/13]   FYI - April 2014 marks the date when Microsoft Support for Windows XP will expire. You will no longer receive updates and/or support for the software program.

Annual IREM Charity Run, Walk or Crawl

Annual Charity 5K founded by IREM Chapter 53 Young Professionals Committee to promote the Institute of Real Estate Management and raise money for the Children's Hospital Colorado.

[06/26/13]   Team Strategy Inc. has surpassed a major milestone. In just 30 days, Team Strategy has eclipsed more than 51,000 page views!!! Like Us and help us grow. You provide the support, we'll provide the useful content and information.

SIDE STREETS: Judge rules large Kissing Camels homeowners group can't just absorb small...

If membership is voluntary and does not run with the land, can an adjoining HOA impose its Assessment and Lien Authority upon a smaller HOA or the adjoining HOA's individual members? A judge has smacked down one of the most affluent homeowners groups in Colorado Springs in a decision that affects any HOA thinking of trying to absorb a smaller, neighboring association. After a three-day trial, Fourth Judicial District Judge Timothy Schutz has ruled the Kissing Camels Property Own...

The Path of the Warrior

Memorial Day means different things to different people. For many, it is the start of the summer season, an annual trip to the beach, a 3-day weekend, or a g...

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[05/23/13]   In just 30 days Team Strategy Inc. has skyrocketed from a meager 20,000 page views, to 52,000. What does that mean? It means that by adding new content and more useful consumer information, our branding strategy is working. Gotta Luv those Followers on Twitter.

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Colorado Springs Utilities

Colorado Springs Utilities has established an Electronic monitoring system for its customers. Residential and Commercial Accounts can now track water usage on a daily basis. The data is also exportable to Microsoft Excel and provides graphs and charts for actual usage, water targets, etc. Team Strategy is now setting water usage and targets as well as projecting future water consumption expense budgets. In the future it is hoped this data will be transferable to all of Team Strategy's on-line client accounts for their private use. Snowpack in our mountain watershed is about 77% of normal, which is not enough to remove the need for watering restrictions considering our systemwide total water supply is less than 50%.

[04/26/13]   Team Strategy has recently implemented a state-of-the-art Emergency Preparedness and notification system for all owners within its Association Communities. In addition to E-mail, Team Strategy is also able to provide (voice E-mails) for Sight-Impaired, Text (for hearing impaired), as well as live video.

In addition, Team Strategy is able to send "ALL" formats via electronic communication to cell phones. With a large majority of the homes in Colorado Springs utilizing cellular vs. land line, it makes sense to send messages in formats that homeowners and homeowner association members can utilize while they are away. The system functions 24/7, 365 days per year.

Team Strategy Inc.: Association and Real Asset Property Management

Portions of Department of Energy AFUE Standards Vacated in Court Settlement

90% Federal Furnace Efficiency Standards Withdrawn.
On January 11, 2013 the Department of Energy DOE standards for residential and non-weatherized furnaces were removed in response to a Civil Suit brought on behalf of consumers by the American Public Gas Association (APGA) on December 23, 2011.

Under the previous guidelines, all furnaces installed after May 1, 2013 would need to have an efficiency rating of 90% or greater. As a result of the settlement in the United States Court of
Appeals for the District of Columbia, the AFUE Standards and the May 1, 2013 deadline were vacated.

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