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5 Tips for a Successful Holiday Road Trip

Be prepared for hitting the highway this season. Remember the roadside emergency kit and phone chargers.

DIY Roadside Kit

Jumper cables and reflective triangles are essential items to keep in your car. Be sure you know how to use each item in your emergency kit.

In Case of Emergency

Do you have what you need if your car breaks down? Cold weather means adding items such as cat litter and blankets to your roadside kit.

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Filing in the Digital Age

Learn six ways to keep your digital files safe, secure and organized. From music to photos to tax information, most of our important information is digitized these days.

5 Tips for Getting Organized

Get the whole family on board to get things under control -- and help them stay that way. Filing cabinets, safes and baskets are just three ways to keep clutter at bay.

When Disaster Strikes

These 10 smartphone apps can help you and your loved ones during an emergency. Being prepared during earthquakes, hurricanes and other life-threatening situations is important.

Organizing Paperwork

Heed this advice to get those piles under control. Gathering, planning and digitizing can help you find what you need quickly.

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Which fence speaks to you?

Are you fond of traditional trellises, or do you prefer a more contemporary look? Find inspiration for your next backyard project in these 22 designs.

Go Sideways

Wooden fence planks don't have to be vertical. Take a look at these elegant lateral arrangements. Horizontal slat fencing can make your outdoor space look bigger.

Breathtaking Bamboo

From simple and minimalist to detailed and decorative, bamboo fencing can add privacy as well as beauty. These 21 designs show how you can use this natural material to create your own private oasis.

Backyard Barriers

Are you looking to update your fence? Consider a one-of-kind design that complements your property. Explore a few unconventional options to enclose your yard while adding visual interest.

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You Can't Hide Your Texting

The "textalyzer" can let cops know when you were last texting. New York police might be the first to use a so-called "textalyzer" to see if you were using your phone in the case of an accident.

Plug In to Tune Out

Technology often causes distractions on the road, but could more tech solve the problem? Two tech companies may have a solution for distracted driving.

Multitasking Myths

Is talking on a cellphone (even hands-free) the same as talking to a passenger? The National Safety Council debunks five myths about driving and using a cellphone.

Distracted Driving Do's and Don'ts

Distractions can be classified as visual (reading a text message), manual (eating while driving) or cognitive (talking to someone on the phone). It's good practice to avoid all of them. Stay focused on the road while driving. Set guidelines to help keep you and your passengers safe.

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Develop Your Green Thumb

Never planted bulbs before? It's easier than you think. When, where and how to plant bulbs this fall to ensure beautiful spring blooms.

Deer Deterrents

You can always build a fence, but be sure that it's 8 to 12 feet high. Deer are great jumpers! From sprays to scare tactics, there are many tactics to keep deer out of your yard or garden.

Flower Power

Hungry animals always getting the best of your garden? Plant these beautiful and unappetizing flowers. Thirteen bulbs wildlife tends to avoid.

Double-Duty Plants

Daffodils and snowdrops are not only beautiful, but they also keep deer away. Use natural methods to keep your garden from being devoured.

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Fire Prevention

The top causes of house fires and the most common places they start: Statistics show that roughly half of home house fires start in the kitchen.

Signs of Circuit Overload

Keep your home and family safe. Be wary of overcrowded outlets. Knowing the signs of electrical overload in your home can help lower the risk of a house fire.

Aww, rats!

From aluminum foil to dryer sheets, here are eight poison-free ways to deal with a mouse problem. What to do when these unwelcome guests take up residence in your home.

Fix These Dangerous Flaws

Responsible homeownership requires awareness and circumspection. Avoid these mistakes. Negligence can turn minor issues into big problems.

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It's the Law

Different states have different laws regarding child passengers, but safety is always the number one concern. A quick way to keep up with child passenger safety laws in your state.

Safe and Snug in the Backseat

You want peace of mind when it comes to your newborn's safety. Rest a little easier with one of these top-rated car seats. Tips for picking the right car seat for your baby.

Five Times Safer

If you're worried about where they'll put their legs, rest assured they'll figure it out. If your toddler still fits, a rear-facing car seat will protect them better than a forward-facing one.

Buckle Up

Protect your youngest passengers with the right car seats and safety tips. Protect your kids year-round with these safety reminders during Child Passenger Safety Week.

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A Surprising Factor

Your credit score plays a part in what you pay for insurance, and that could be a good thing. How your credit score could affect your insurance premiums.

Knowledge Is Power

Most home insurance policies includes these standard coverages. One simple guideline: Get enough coverage to rebuild your home.

Insurance 101

Get a quick, clear look at how policies work. This crash course can help you understand what your insurance coverage really means.

Coverage Comprehension

Do you understand your insurance policy? Get to know common vocabulary used in insurance plans.

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Don't Feel Screwed

Spinning in place has never helped anything. How to remove a stripped screw.

Pricing Home Improvement

Check this list to see what your next project might cost you based on national averages. How much will certain home projects likely cost?

Location, Location, Location

Make sure you're ready in case of an emergency. Know where to find shut-off valves and other important safety items.

Become a Jack-of-All-Trades

You don't have to be a handyman, but knowing a thing or two can be useful for a homeowner. A few simple skills can save you from big headaches.

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Stay Safe

Make sure to stress the importance of always wearing a seat belt. Here are some common factors that lead to teenage auto accidents.

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