Shirley Quattlebaum - State Farm Insurance Agent

Shirley Quattlebaum - State Farm Insurance Agent


Below this office where the old candle market used to be
Stefani is always super helpful with any questions or concerns we have and always gets things taken care of with an overwhelmingly warm and welcoming vibe about her. Couldn't ask for a better person to deal with for our car insurance.
Shirley: S.O.S.: We are in NZ and my emails to Anita are not being delivered. Alamo is coming after me for Jan 21 accident, I need to forward Alamo letter to Anita but my emails are getting returned undelivered... pls. check your personal FB page for message w/ my gmail address...and pls. confirm receipt of this....gonna send friend request from my FB to your personal page.... Thanks! Maurice
Happy Groundhog Day - 2019. Let's celebrate with a little trivia....Any takers???
Alivia supporting her favorite insurance agent!! 😊
Cullman Chamber Rounded up the troops, and buzzed on in for a rootin, tootin good time. We're dressed up as the State Farm New Business Team, if you couldn't guess. All Hallows Eve candy eating can now commence.
We would love for you to come join us !!! It is going to be a big event. We will have former Alabama Football Players signing Autographs and the Cullman County Youth Football Playoffs will be going on across the street !!! I look forward in hearing from you. We are now accepting vendors for our 3rd Annual Fairview High School Band Car and Tractor Show. It will be October 28th from 10am-3pm at the Fairview Town Park in Fairview, Cullman County, Alabama. Last year, we had over 66 Show Cars, over 50 Exhibitors and over 1200 Visitors. Your tax deductible donation of $25 for Non-Food Vendors and $50 Food Vendors goes straight to helping our Band Students buy new equipment and new uniforms. You keep all of your profit at the event. Non Profits can set up a booth for free. It is an excellent opportunity to minister to or educate our visitors. Check out our page and download your application from there.
No bites here

We make it our business to be like a good neighbor. We represent the premier insurance company and work hard to keep our promises.

Located on Hwy 31 four blocks south of Cullman County Courthouse

Love this lady!!!!

Over the coming days, we will be highlighting our staff, and how we have adapted to coronavirus changes. Today we will celebrate Paige Williams. If you asked Paige what she has done over the last seven weeks, she will tell you flat out... FOOD!!! Paige has been a rock start coordinating all the donations coming in and helping them go right back out. Community Meals, Food Pantry, free lunch giveaways all moved to a drive-through distribution with no real hiccups. If you know Paige, join us in celebrating her today!

We asked Paige what one thing have you learned during this time and how will it help you lead in the future?

"We are more productive when we work together. We have had an outpouring of community resources and individuals that have provided products or services we needed, as well as being able to communicate the ways we can help them. We accomplish more together than apart! I believe I will focus more on building and nurturing relationships within our community and trust God for the provisions, because he has truly shown out!!"

If you want to help support the mission of The Link to help our neighbors grow out of poverty through encouragement, education, and employabiity training, you can give here:

Your gifts will help us continue to engage our neighbors (with a safe approach) continue their journey of growth.

Join me on April 28 for a day of paying it forward! Consider this an opportunity to provide a simple act of good while still practicing social distancing. Check back in on Pay It Forward Day and share the acts of kindness you've participated in!

James Spann

This feels like a lifetime ago, and yet never goes far from our hearts.

NINE YEARS AGO TODAY: I still don't have the words to describe the generational tornado outbreak of April 27, 2011. In Alabama, 62 tornadoes touched down. A total of 252 were killed, over one thousand more injured. Pulitzer Prize-winning author Rick Bragg is a gifted writer, and his words in Southern Living written after that horrible day perhaps are appropriate:

"Where the awful winds bore down, massive oaks, 100 years old, were shoved over like stems of grass, and great pines, as big around as 55-gallon drums, snapped like sticks. Church sanctuaries, built on the Rock of Ages, tumbled into random piles of brick. Houses, echoing with the footfalls of generations, came apart, and blew away like paper. Whole communities, carefully planned, splintered into chaos. Restaurants and supermarkets, gas stations and corner stores, all disintegrated, glass storefronts scattered like diamonds on black asphalt. It was as if the very curve of the Earth was altered, horizons erased altogether, the landscape so ruined and unfamiliar that those who ran from this thing, some of them, could not find their way home.

We are accustomed to storms, here where the cool air drifts south to collide with the warm, rising damp from the Gulf, where black clouds roil and spin and unleash hell on Earth. But this was different, a gothic monster off the scale of our experience and even our imagination, a thing of freakish size and power that tore through state after state and heart after Southern heart, killing hundreds, hurting thousands, even affecting, perhaps forever, how we look at the sky."

We have learned much over the last nine years about the event; involving both physical science and social science. We must take the lessons learned to help mitigate loss of life during every severe weather event. Days like April 27, 2011 come along in Alabama once about every 40 years, but we will be better even on "routine" severe weather days thanks to what we know now.

Who's's the scoop.

We have $10 Gift Cards to Johnny's Bar-B-Q just waiting to be used up by all you lovely quarantined people. I know you can't get out so...we're coming to you.

- The first 20 people to who do not have State Farm Ins., and call my office (256) 255-1515 for a quote will receive a $10 Gift Card in the mail.

If you already have State Farm but would like a gift card too, have a friend that does not have State Farm call our office for quotes (256) 255-1515, and give us your name as a referral.

Lastly, what's your favorite place to eat? What gift cards would you like to see from your favorite eatery?

#maytheoddsbeeverinyourfavor #whoshungry #quotes

Shirley Quattlebaum - State Farm Insurance Agent

State Farm

Just a hunch

Skinny jeans, modern slang and the ESPN documentary series "The Last Dance" ... good guesses, Kenny.

Some Good News

If you haven't watched this're in for a treat!

John Krasinski highlights some good news around the world, has NASA astronauts from the International Space Station stop by, and invites you to relive #SGNProm with special guests Billie Eilish, Jonas Brothers, Chance the Rapper, and Rainn Wilson.


Good Neighbor Relief (:30) | State Farm® Commercial

I'm excited to announce the Good Neighbor Relief Program! Watch this video and give me a call to learn more - I'm here for you.

Announcing the Good Neighbor Relief Program! Our auto policyholders in force between March 20 and May 31 will receive on average a 25% policy credit (no poli...

Join me in recognizing the 50th anniversary of Earth Day by doing something good to help Mother Nature.

State Farm

Call us!

Wanna save up to 30%? Earn a big discount with Drive Safe & Save. Get started with a quote today.

State Farm

Drive your way to a huge discount with Drive Safe & Save from State Farm. Get started with a quote today.

State Farm

Join us!

We're proud to announce we've teamed up with Global Citizen to support One World: #TogetherAtHome, a one-day event to fight COVID-19 with performances from the biggest names in music. We're honored to continue supporting communities across America. Tune in Saturday 4/18 and learn more, including how to get involved, at:

For my customers experiencing financial strain due to COVID-19 and needing to discuss your policies or accounts, please reach out to my office. I'm available to connect virtually by phone or email. If you need help paying your State Farm Bank® loan, call 1-877-SF4-BANK.

In case you missed yours...

Your formal #SGNProm invitation 🕺🏻💃⁠

Who's coming? Tag your friends below and make sure you tune in! We've got more than a few surprises for you up our sleeve.

With Drive Safe & Save, how you drive (and how much you drive) determines the discount you can earn on your auto insurance — up to 30%. Call my office, text SAVE to 78836 or go to to get started.

403 - Forbidden

If you've been impacted by recent storms, here are some precautions to follow in the aftermath.

I'm excited to announce the Good Neighbor Relief Program! Our customers with auto policies in force between March 20 and May 31 will receive on average a 25% policy credit (no policyholder action needed). That’s 2 billion dollars in customer savings! Now more than ever – being a Good Neighbor means everything.

We’ll get through this together, stronger, and with a kinder heart 😉

I encourage you to reach out to your local
Non-Profits, and find out what needs they have? Who needs help? How can we continue to make Cullman Great?

We’re honored to live, and serve our community everyday.

Know somebody that needs help? Let us know 😉

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Thank you Shirley Quattlebaum for the coloring books, yummy lunch, and generous donation!!

State Farm

Coming to Cullman😊

Announcing the Good Neighbor Relief Program! Our customers with auto policies in force between March 20 and May 31 will receive on average a 25% policy credit (no policyholder action needed). More than ever, being a good neighbor means everything. Learn more by clicking the link below.

State Farm COVID-19 Update

Like a Good Neighbor.... Learn more about the Good Neighbor Relief Program.

John Krasinski

Now, for the news anchor we never knew we needed.....

Please share the link with the community or anyone having difficulty.

It's a Southern Thing

Anybody relating to this right about now.....

Good luck to everyone who made schedules. Y'all are gonna need it.

Shirley Quattlebaum - State Farm Insurance Agent

Going on a BEAR HUNT....gonna spot a giant bear! Our Good Neigh-Bear will be on the front porch, and in the windows after closing. Let your little explorers know where to hunt on your exploration of Cullman.

#bearhuntcullman #covidquarantine #tryingtobringjoy #ourstatefarm #realdeal #heretohelp #cullman

Connecting digitally can be simple. Download the State Farm mobile app to manage your policies/accounts, connect with me and more:

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

This is hilarious! Check out the link below.... State Farm is going to be matching donations made to the American Red Cross up to $100,000! Donate using the link - created with our neighbors State Farm

Jimmy continues his #stayhome party by checking in on announcer Steve Higgins in another Tonight Show home edition. And all week long State Farm is going to be matching donations made to the American Red Cross up to $100,000! Donate using the link - created with our neighbors State Farm.

John Krasinski

This warms my Office loving heart ;)

John Krasinski highlights some good news from around the world, including an interview with Steve Carrell to mark the 15thanniversary of THE OFFICE, as well as John’s newest hero Coco. #somegoodnews

Our new normal team meeting with extended team and missing Megan who was on the phone. I’m so grateful for all. 😍

Hey Folks, Katie here. I wanted to share my thoughts, and give you a glimpse into my real-unfiltered - new world, as I'm sure all of you are adjusting to this brand new reality too. We'll be bringing you a glimpse into all of our remote workers this week.

Isn't it amazing how quickly people working in brick-n-mortar buildings, are now working from home? We're taking on the role of Teacher, Cook, Housekeeper, Coach, Account Reps. or whatever your new titles may be, and doing it beautifully. There's no better time to be called a "Good Neighbor" as so many of you are demonstrating daily.

You're hearing a lot about "Shop Local" and "Support your local businesses". Here's what that means, and why it's important....Who do you know that works for a local business, or owns their own business? That's them. That's me. That's a good portion of Cullman County. Businesses have created curbside service where it was unheard of a month ago. Who knew FaceTime would be a resource to so many :)

Any support you can show for your local folks are needed now more than ever. $1 to however many dollars can be the difference made in their lives.

I know these are scary times, and the uncertainty of where your next paycheck is coming from can be daunting. You dig in to the uttermost core of your being, hang on tight, and have some faith. We've got this. You've got this. We'll get there.

I'm doing my part....I've attached a photo of some beautiful art acquired via almost curbside service :) The art shop around the corner. Yes, I did practice social distancing.

Lastly, If you happen to get a call from "Katie or Stefani @ State Farm" asking to give you a quote your kind :)

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Shirley Quattlebaum - State Farm Insurance Agent

Cullman Regional Medical Center

Together, we can stay apart and stop the spread of COVID-19. Practice social distancing by putting space between yourself and others. Continue to practice healthy habits to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

• Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds
• Clean and then disinfect frequently used surfaces
• Stay home if you’re sick
• Avoid touching your face

Learn more about staying safe and healthy at #covid19 #socialdistancing Alabama Public Health

Southern Living

If you are home just biding the time, and feel the need for some theatre therapy....


What a treat!

To help ensure everyone's safety during the outbreak of COVID-19, we want to remind you of the many things you can do from our mobile app or, including managing your policies and accounts, paying your bill, filing/tracking a claim, and more.

Thank you for helping us keep the community safe and healthy!

Financial Documents: Should You Save or Shred Them? - State Farm®

Should you shred or should you stow? Some financial documents are worth preserving, while others needn't be seen again. Use this helpful guide to determine your route: Save or shred? When it comes to personal documents, it's a question we should all ask ourselves. State Farm has a few suggestions to help.

Rock the Red today!

Cullman Regional to Host National Wear Red Day Luncheon February 7th

Cullman, AL — Heart disease and stroke cause 1 in 3 deaths among women each year, killing approximately one woman every 80 seconds. Fortunately, we can change that because 80 percent of cardiac and stroke events may be prevented with education and action.

Join us for our Rock the Red – 3rd Annual National Wear Red Day Luncheon on February 7th at Loft 212 where we will have a gourmet luncheon, inspiring survivor story and interactive physician discussion.

Wear red and encourage others to do the same while taking the time to Know Your Numbers. Five numbers all women should know to take control of their heart health are: Total Cholesterol, HDL (good) Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar and Body Mass Index (BMI). Knowing these numbers can help women and their healthcare provider determine their risk for developing cardiovascular disease.

The National Wear Red Day Luncheon will be held on Friday, February 7th from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm at Loft 212 (212 4th Street SW, Cullman, AL 35055). Tickets are $20 per person or $150 for a table of 10. To purchase tickets, call 256-737-2754 or register online at For more information about upcoming events at Cullman Regional, visit

Our Story

My amazing team, and I love being right here in Cullman, AL to take part in our local communities Helping Life Go Right.

We have new faces, new departments, and a great office environment to better serve you. Come by, text, email: [email protected], Office: (256) 255-1515,

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