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These 10 skills you need to earn higher wages may surprise you

Nice people don't finish last... Good news for job seekers who pride themselves on being nice.

A Social Security strategy for the wealthy

Use what you have, know what you have This income stream can be a powerful financial-planning tool, even for high-net-worth investors

This state gives its residents the best bang for the buck on their tax dollars

Where does your state rank? State governments earn nearly a trillion dollars each year through taxes, but not all that money is well spent.

If I retire abroad what happens to my Social Security and Medicare?

Know what you need to know If a retired individual moves abroad, can he or she still collect Social Security? What about Medicare?

How to retire early: A 5-step plan

Plan, plan, plan! Retirement planning doesn’t have to be a complex process. Here are the key strategies learned by people who have retired early — 35 years early.

These 4 colors can be the kiss of death when selling your home

Educated sellers are the best sellers Painting your home with a weird color either inside or out could repel prospective buyers.

Should you pay for a home warranty?

Make sure you're not buying an empty promise. Do the research. If you’re going to get one, here’s how to use it correctly.

U.S. mortgage payments as a share of income just hit a 7-year high

Understanding what's to come is helpful for planning Rising interest rates and home prices are making homes even more unaffordable

The elderly, cognitive decline and banking

Help your parents or older friends not get taken by frauds and schemes Banks need strategies for helping vulnerable elderly customers

10 ways to retire early — it’s not easy, but it’s doable

Plan plan plan! Your money in retirement isn’t what it used to be — how to plan ahead

Why low-income borrowers should avoid for-profit colleges

Be careful where you borrow from for student loans....and where you plan to use them. Students seeking degrees at public colleges have better success paying off their loans than students who attend for-profit colleges

What to watch in the January jobs report

More jobs in January! The U.S. probably pumped out almost 200,000 new jobs in January, reflecting a vastly improved labor market that’s underpinning steady if unspectacular growth in the economy. The unemployment rate is likely to remain at or near 4.7%. Here’s what to watch.

You might be a millionaire today — if not for these jerks

Who says high school's in the past? The lasting curse of the schoolyard bully.

19 ways to file your taxes for free

It's that time of year again..... The IRS found 70% of all taxpayers are eligible to prepare and file their federal tax return for free.

Here's how long you should keep your tax filings, pay stubs, and other important financial records

Good to know!! Use this handy chart to find out how long you should be keeping financial documents, like tax returns and annual retirement account statements.

6 Tips for Avoiding the Worst Student Loan Repayment Traps

Know your loans! The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau accused Navient, the nation’s largest student loan servicer, of much wrongdoing. Here’s how to steer clear of problems.

Have no money to invest? Here are 5 easy ways to save

You always have the opportunity to save. You can invest up to $5,500 a year in an IRA; here’s where to find the money.

Here’s how to save money for your children’s futures

Plan plan plan! College isn’t the only thing parents should save for.

4 cities where millennials actually act like grown-ups

Millenials. Smarter than you think, Where the under 35 crowd does not act like its peers.

Are you or your parents falling for this common money myth?

Mythbusting! If you have parents in their 70s or 80s, there’s a good chance they believe a common money myth that could be dangerous for them — and for you.

A credit card trend that could make building credit harder

Parents and co-signers take note... A recent move from Discover isn’t good news for young credit card applicants

This city had the biggest increase in house prices in 2016

It's not where you might think.... The total value of U.S. housing stock has reached a new record.

How cranky are consumers about using chip cards?

They thought it would make things easier.... In the year since EMV chip technology became the standard for credit card transactions in the U.S., Americans have adapted pretty well.

10 people you might be tipping this season, but shouldn’t

Great advice One in four people shell out more than $250 on holiday tips.

Time is running out to do these financial tasks before the end of the year

Get ready for 2017 Taking care of these 4 tasks can help you down the road in retirement.

How much to tip everyone for the holidays

Give too much? Give too little? Guidelines for appropriate tipping. Our guide to getting gratuities right this time of year

A very simple ‘Minimum Benefit’ idea for Social Security

Getting ready to retire? Good information. Eliminating the actuarial reduction for a portion of benefits provides a basic income.

Should you take a lump sum, an annuity, or a mix of both when you retire?

Do you know your options? Retiring workers now have all three choices.

David Letterman’s 3 lessons on retirement

This funnyman has some real lessons on retiring. What he’s learned since ending a multidecade run as a popular late-night TV show host.

This is No. 1 financial regret of older Americans

Don't be one of the regretful! The most significant money regrets that Americans have.

5 tips for safe shopping on Cyber Monday

Black Friday isn't the only day to save....and be careful! Here is how to get deals without getting hacked.

Even more ways to lower your tax bill

It's time to start thinking about next year.... Find out which deductible expenditures you should prepay and how to make charitable donations from your IRA.

We know student debt is delaying marriage. But why?

Fascinating We’ve come to accept delayed marriage as fallout from the student debt crisis.

What millennials wish their aging parents would tell them

Are you talking with your kids? Millennial kids are willing to offer assistance as you age, but you need to do a better job of telling them what you may need someday.

I saved 50% of my income for a month — here's the simple strategy I used to keep my grocery bill under $60 total

Plan, plan, and more planning. Meal planning helps me keep my grocery bills low.

7 ways rich people ruin their lives

A good read... If you want to get rich, you have to put that money to work.

The No. 1 sign you can afford to buy a home

Everyone want's to own their own's how! If you're thinking about buying a home, make sure you're doing it for the right reasons.

10 tips for saving $1 million by the time you retire

Don't we all want to know...... Becoming a millionaire isn't as hard it seems. Here are 10 tips to get you started.

What happens when there’s a mistake in your 401(k)

Don't let this happen to you. Know your worth! Are you keeping a close eye on your 401(k) and other retirement plans? You should.

5 things regular people are total snobs about

What are YOU spending your money on? Some of these are hilarious. It isn’t just the uber-rich who can be snotty.

Are you winning the retirement race?

Great read While all people have retirement goals, it can be difficult to quantify exactly what one’s goals should be, and more importantly, whether or not people are meeting them.

Rejected For a Credit Card? Try These 3 Simple Credit-Building Strategies

Good idea! These alternative products can help you improve your credit.

Back to School: Should You Fund Her Retirement or College?

Have you thought in these terms? Parents are taking another look at how to get the most financial benefits for their children.

8 Tips to Set Up a Snowbird Lifestyle

Great ideas for planning toward retirement... Here’s how to permanently avoid winter in retirement.

How to Cope With 3 Common Retirement Emergencies

No one likes an emergency Planning will help you weather these sudden retirement costs.

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