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For over 80 years, we have served an impressive collection of insurance programs to both our existing and new customers. Think of us for all your business, personal, life and health insurance needs.

To better serve you Fullerton Insurance Service is moving to a new location! We will be moving on Friday 12/7/2018. Our office will close early tomorrow! We will be available on Friday by phone only up to 11:00am. Our new address will be:

1551 N Tustin Ave #500, Santa Ana, CA 92705

We will be up and running and ready to serve you on Monday with the same numbers available for all our staff. Have a wonderful weekend!

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Here are some space heater safety tips for you. Stay Warm and Stay Safe!😊

Stay toasty this season with these space heater safety tips. https://travl.rs/2BHRzDw #ThinkSafe

Travelers Insurance

🤓 Insurance Safety tip of the day! Dont forget to water that Christmas Tree!🎄 Be Merry and Stay Safe!😊

Here’s what can happen if you forget to water your Christmas tree🎄🔥: https://travl.rs/2QD7Jqk #ThinkSafe

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Replacement cost

Home Replacement Cost. Make sure your home is covered for what it would cost to rebuild it. Click below for more information on home replacement cost. Contact us today for your homeowners insurance quote!



ipx.bcove.me Make sure your home is covered for what it would cost to rebuild it.

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Umbrella - personal liability coverage

🤓 Keeping you informed! What's Umbrella Coverage?

An umbrella policy provides million-dollar peace of mind, starting at just $20/month. Click below and dont get soaked in a lawsuit!


ipx.bcove.me Don’t get soaked in a lawsuit. An umbrella policy provides million-dollar peace of mind, starting at just $20/month.


Cal/OSHA Emergency Regulation - Policyholder Center

Keeping you informed🤓 Attention all employers CA : Cal/OSHA Issues Emergency Regulation. See below:

On November 1, 2018, the Office of Administrative Law approved an emergency action regarding the electronic filing of 300A forms. The purpose of the amendments is to conform California's recordkeeping requirements to the federal OSHA program.

This means that the employers in California described below are now required to submit Form 300A data covering calendar year 2017 by December 31, 2018. These employers should follow the instructions posted at federal OSHA's ITA



icwgroup.com Cal/OSHA to Require Electronic Form 300As from Many Employers Cal/OSHA’s emergency regulations requiring certain employers in California to electronically submit each year their Form 300A summaries of work-related injuries and illnesses to federal OSHA have been approved by the Office of Administr...

🤓Make sure your home is properly insured! Contact us today for your annual insurance review! www.fullertoninsurance.com

Did you know that more than half of homes in the U.S. are underinsured? Make sure yours isn't one of them. http://ow.ly/Vl9R30mqTK1

We hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween !


Homeowners: Remember to keep your home well-lit tonight if you are welcoming trick-or-treaters. #Halloween

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Ghosts, pumpkins and candy galore. Wishing you a safe and #HappyHalloween.


How to Have a Healthy Halloween

Boo! Even ghosts and gobblins need to be healthy too! Here are some heart healthy Halloween tips!

heart.org Too much Halloween candy got you spooked.


🎃 10 cities where drivers need to be aware of auto theft! 😱👻
Click below for more information and stay safe!

The holidays bring out the best and the worst in people, and Halloween is no exception. With Halloween often comes an uptick in criminal mischief that includes property damage and auto theft. http://news.alm.com/KTpy66N

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Its almost Halloween and we are thinking about insurance! 🤓
Click below for some Halloween safety tips and have a great and spooky Halloween!🎃

#Halloween has 17 percent more home claims for theft and vandalism than any other day of the year. Learn more in this CNBC article. https://travl.rs/2qigkzN

Watch where they're walking🤓
Distracted walking creates new hazards for pedestrians and drivers. When you're behind the wheel, there's one more thing you need to be on the outlook for – digitally distracted walkers.. Click below for more information and be aware.😊

Now there's one more reason for drivers to remain alert - distracted pedestrians. http://ow.ly/ueBN30m4tio

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Here is something creepy to do this weekend! Have a fun weekend! Halloween is almost here!🎃

Every five years the Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach transforms itself into Pageant of the Monsters for Halloween. Watch reporter Peter Larsen transform into a Guardian of the Grail.

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🤓 Stay Safe!

It’s National Teen Driver Safety Week: talk to your #teendriver about how to be safer on the road. Get our tips. https://travl.rs/2R94kfc #ThinkSafe

It's always a good idea to reevaluate your property insurance coverage on a regular basis .🤓 Contact the experts at Fullerton Insurance today for your annual insurance review for your home or office ! www.fullertoninsurance.com

The cost to rebuild your business in the event of a total loss goes up each year. Is your property insurance coverage keeping pace?


Four Emerging Cyber Trends - Philadelphia Insurance Companies

Due to rapid advancements and increasing reliance on technology by businesses of all kinds, cyber risk has grown much bigger and much harder to define. Companies in every industry are waking up to the fact that, as long as they use technology to conduct business in any way, they are vulnerable to cyber risks. Click below to read about four emerging threats that exemplify how rapidly cyber risk is changing, and why evaluating coverage needs should be an ongoing conversation. Contact the experts today at Fullerton Insurance to discuss your cyber risk!


phly.com Technological advancement, increased connectivity, and more cunning hackers all drive the evolution of cyber risk. Companies that don't keep pace are exposed.

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7 Questions to Ask Before Upgrading to Commercial Auto Insurance - Liberty Mutual Insurance

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners use their personal vehicles for business—but this practice can be risky. In the event of an accident, your personal auto insurance policy might not cover you for business use, while your business owner’s policy (BOP) isn’t likely to help unless you’ve purchased a commercial auto add-on.

Not sure if you need to upgrade your insurance policy? Click below and Ask yourself these seven questions....

viewpoint.libertymutualgroup.com If you’re a small business owner who uses your personal vehicle for business, you might need to upgrade your insurance policy.


7 Ways to Reduce Your Commercial Auto Risk - Liberty Mutual Insurance

Why are commercial and personal auto insurance rates increasing? Commercial auto losses have become more frequent in recent years, driven by increases in both traffic and distracted drivers. Meanwhile, rising medical and auto repair costs have made the impact of these losses more expensive. Combined, these two factors have created a reality where commercial auto claims are also becoming more costly Thankfully, there are ways to reduce your risk and maximize your protection. Click below for more information and contact us today for a personal or commercial auto quote. www.fullertoninsurance.com

viewpoint.libertymutualgroup.com Reduce your commercial auto risk and maximize your protection to make sure your fleet stays as safe as possible.

🤓It's a statistic that's both startling and sad: motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for children. And, for every fatality caused by a motor vehicle crash, hundreds more children are treated for injuries related to a car accident.

Having a car seat isn't enough. It's just as important to make sure that it is properly installed, and that you use the right precautions when you have children in the car. Click below for some helpful tips to help keep your children safe on the roads and stay safe!🤓


You’re carrying precious cargo. These car seat safety tips can help you protect the ones you love like no other. http://ow.ly/QDN130lHo0D

7 things that burglars hate😎
Click below for a list of tips that can help you roll out the "unwelcome mat" to would-be thieves. Contact us today to get a quote for your homeowners insurance!


Burglars can be pretty smart. So are these quick, affordable security tips that can help you deter them. http://ow.ly/oITL30m2NKT


The Ins and Outs of General Liability Insurance: What’s Covered — And What’s Not - Liberty Mutual Insurance

General liability (GL) coverage can be part of a standalone policy or can be part of a business owner’s policy (BOP). This coverage safeguards your business’ finances and reputation in the event a customer or third party takes legal action against you or your employees. Click below to learn more and be informed! Contact us today for more information and have a great week! www.fullertoninsurance.com

viewpoint.libertymutualgroup.com General liability insurance can’t protect you from every incident your business might face, but it can offer additional protection against third-party claims.

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🤓Homeowners insurance can protect you from the unexpected. If your home is damaged or your belongings are stolen, it can help cover repairs or replacement, temporary housing and more. But what if you have an incident where you’re not sure whether to file a claim? You might not know what is covered under your policy or whether your policy will cover all of the damages. Click below for three questions to help you determine what to do next:

Wondering if you should file a claim? Here are three questions to help you decide: https://travl.rs/2B8QgiQ

This year, National Voter Registration Day is September 25, 2018 and hundreds of events are being planned across the nation. This page features a directory of all planned events so that future voters and those interested in volunteering can find local events near them. Dont Forget to Vote Nov 6th!



🤓Something to think about : As drivers get older, they may not be fit to get behind the wheel for much longer. Their reaction time will slow down over the years — presenting risks to themselves and others on the road — and loss of vision or other physical ailments may be cause for concern. Read below for more information and stay safe!🤓

Family members are often involved in determining whether older family members should continue to drive. But the conversations are not happening as frequently as one might expect. http://news.alm.com/teRUdIv

Happy Labor day! Fullerton Insurance Service will be closed today to celebrate Labor Day 2018! Here are some pictures of the City of Fullerton from ages past- All the hard work through the years made this city great and our country great! Have a great day!

Photos from Fullerton Insurance Service's post

Have a great weekend!!!

🤓It is estimated that the number of renters in the U.S. is near an all time high at 43 million according to the U.S. Census Bureau. However according to an Insurance Information Institute poll, only 41 % of renters carry renters insurance.😮 Is renters insurance expensive? Is it limited? Click below for more information and be informed! Contact the experts at Fullerton Insurance for your quote today and be protected!😊

Is renters' insurance expensive? Is it limited? Do you even need it if your landlord has a policy? Here are some myths and truths about renters' insurance. http://news.alm.com/caGDpAL

Travelers Insurance

🤓Homeowners insurance can protect you from the unexpected. If your home is damaged or your belongings are stolen, it can help cover repairs or replacement, temporary housing and more. But what if you have an incident where you’re not sure whether to file a claim? You might not know what is covered under your policy or whether your policy will cover all of the damages. Click below for three questions to help you determine what to do next.🤓 Contact the experts at Fullerton Insurance Service for all of your insurance questions! www.fullertoninsurance.com

Wondering if you should file a claim? Here are three questions to help you decide: https://travl.rs/2B8QgiQ


Preventing Wildfire Damage - Philadelphia Insurance Companies

Wildfires are a concern for multiple locations throughout the United States. More than four million acres across the U.S. have been burned by wildfires in 2018, according to the National Interagency Fire Center. In July, a massive wildfire in California killed several people and destroyed more than 1,000 homes and businesses. Click below to learn more about this exposure and how to keep people safe and prevent structural damage. Stay Safe!

phly.com Wildfires are a concern for multiple locations throughout the United States. Philadelphia Insurance Companies encourages policyholders to learn more about this exposure and the ways to prevent structure damage from these fires.

🌞Spending time in nature can help relieve stress and anxiety, improve your mood, and boost feelings of happiness and wellbeing. Here are some helpful tips to Be Well and enjoy the green spaces around you! Click below for more information and stay cool today!😎

This August, we invite you to get outside and Breathe In Nature! All month long, we’ll be giving you tips and tricks on how to Be Well and enjoy the green spaces around you. Follow us here and join the Healthy For Good movement http://spr.ly/6180DtPrY


🤓Wildfires can be devastating, causing those affected to loose their business, inventory, property and lives. Wildfires can start abruptly and burn for days or weeks, spreading over vast expanses of land. 🔥Wildfires are a reality of nature. It is wise to be as prepared as possible in the event that a wildfire threatens your business or employees. We hope everyone is staying safe during the #wildfires. Call us at 714-577-5800 with any claims questions and check out this Wildfire Action Plan.




The Hartford versus The Unexpected - Office Celebration

Contact Fullerton Insurance Service today for your business insurance quote and be prepared for the unexpected !

When the unexpected strikes your small business, The Hartford strikes back. Join over one million small business customers who trust The Hartford for their b...

Travelers Insurance

🌝Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are the most common problems when the body is exposed to excessive temperatures. Heat exhaustion occurs when the body overheats from prolonged exposure to high temperatures.😎💛🧡🌞 Click below for some symptoms of heat exhaustion and more tips for heat exposure....

Know how to help prevent heat exhaustion so you can focus on fun in the sun: https://travl.rs/2uwvrYH #ThinkSafe


Working in Extreme Heat: 5 Things You Didn't Know

We all know the standard advice for working outside during the summer: take frequent breaks in the shade, drink lots of fluids and wear sunscreen. Click below for some lesser-known facts about working safely in the summer heat. Stay Cool Everyone!

emcins.com Check out these lesser-known facts about working in the heat. They may surprise you.

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