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Providers of insurance to those who preserve, collect and deal in extraordinary property. Markel has a commitment to Success. We believe in hard work and a zealous pursuit of excellence while keeping a sense of humor. Our creed is honesty and fairness in all our dealings. The Markel way is to seek to be a market leader in each of our pursuits. We seek to know our customers' needs and to provide our customers with quality products and service. Our pledge to our shareholders is that we will build the financial value of our company. We respect our relationship with our suppliers and have a commitment to our communities. We are encouraged to look for a better way to do things…to challenge management. We have the ability to make decisions or alter a course quickly. The Markel approach is one of spontaneity and flexibility. This requires a respect for authority but a disdain of bureaucracy. At Markel we hold the individual's right to self-determination in the highest light, providing an atmosphere in which people can reach their personal potential. Being results-oriented, we are willing to put aside individual concerns in the spirit of teamwork to achieve success. Above all, we enjoy what we are doing. There is excitement at Markel, one that comes from innovating, creating, striving for a better way, sharing success with others…winning.

Are You Managing Your Field Trips Effectively? | Markel Specialty

Does your facility host a lot of field trips? Here are some safety tips to keep in mind for the next time your organization hosts a field trip. Tips to prepare for a safer field trip.

Woman of Steel

What will you be doing when you are 96? Learn how 96-year old Beverly Pepper continues to rewrite the rules of modern art. At 96, the American-born, Italy-based sculptor Beverly Pepper has spent six decades bending metal to her will and rewriting the rules of modern art.

Museums Matter – Invite Congress to Visit Your Museum and Legislative Updates

Did you know you can invite government officials to your museum? Inviting a local elected official to your facility may help your museum in unexpected ways like extra funding. Advocacy Alert – June 26, 2019 Invite Congress to Visit Your Museum and Legislative Updates Did you know that a visit to the museum can change how elected officials think about museums? The A…

All the Rembrandts - Exhibitions – Now on view - What’s on - Rijksmuseum

2019 marks the 350th anniversary of the death of the Dutch master painter Rembrandt. To celebrate his life and legacy, museums in the Netherlands are dedicating the entire year to new exhibits showcasing his work. Trip to Amsterdam anyone? Our website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file which will be saved on your computer or mobile device when you visit our website. More information? Read our cookie policy.

Three Ways to Protect Your Organization's Reputation | Markel Specialty

The reputation of your organization is very important to the community it serves. Do you have policies in place to protect it? Here are three things to keep in mind to help control the reputation of your organization. Three risks that may impact your organization's reputation.

Active Shooter Emergency Plan | Markel Specialty

Does your museum have an active shooter emergency plan? Unfortunately today's day and age, organizations need to prepare for active shooter scenarios. Here are some tips to keep in mind when developing your active shooter emergency plan. Unfortunately in today's day in age, you and your facility need to be prepared for the worst. Markel Specialty offers some tips to consider when developing an active shooter emergency plan for your facility.

Van Gogh, Starry Night | Carrières de Lumières - Site officiel

Trip to France anyone? Vincent Van Gogh's artwork is taken to new heights with a new stunning walk through exhibit The Carrieres de Lumieres in France. Running now through January 2020, don't miss this larger than life opportunity! An immersion in Van Gogh’s finest masterpieces! As of 1 March 2019, the Carrières de Lumières will exhibit the work of the genius painter Vincent Van Gogh (1853–1890), who only achieved fame after his death. Spanning the 7,000 m² of the Carrières, a visual and musical production retraces the...

What Does Markel Know About the Art World? | Markel Museum Insurance

What does Markel know about the art world? Turns out, a whole lot. Learn how one Markel executive's love of art changed the whole art landscape at all Markel offices. What does Markel know about the art world? Turns out, a whole lot. Learn how one Markel executive's love of art, changed the whole art landscape at all Markel offices.

Markel Corporation

It may not be art, but it is beautiful! Great teamwork. Great turnout.

Everyone had a blast at the Richmond Marathon—watch the video for a recap of the action! #whywerun #richmondready #runrichmond

Winter Weather | Hazards/Precautions | Occupational Safety and Health Administration

It is hard to believe, but the winter season is here. Are you and your business prepared to handle the first heavy snowfall? OSHA explores some hazards to be mindful of and offers some precautions you can take to help keep everyone safe. Winter Weather | Hazards/Precautions

What does Markel know about the art world? Turns out, a whole lot. Learn how one Markel executive's love of art, changed the whole art landscape at all Markel offices.

Family, Landscape, and Race in Sally Mann’s Photographs

Calling all art lovers! Sally Mann’s (world-renowned artist and whose work we feature at numerous Markel office locations) “A Thousand Crossings” exhibition is traveling the country, and it’s next stop will be at The Getty Center in Los Angeles starting November 16th. If you are in the area, you do not want to miss it! Mann’s historical and social explorations are anchored in her embrace of her identity as a Southerner.

Visit A Participating Museum For Free on 9/22/18

"Where will your curiosity lead you this museum day?" Get your free ticket from participating museums! (The Museum Day ticket provides free admission for 2 people) Join us for Museum Day on Saturday, September 22, 2018.

Virginia Association of Museums

In light of the tragic museum fire in Brazil this weekend, we thought our members might like a refresher on how to be prepared for disaster. Visit our Disaster Resources page for information and links to lots of advice on being prepared and helping recovery efforts from our partners at AAM and AIC.

Protecting Your Museum| Markel Museum Insurance

Are you sure your museum is properly protected? Markel Museum Insurance offers some questions every museum should ask themselves. Few of the many questions you can ask to help you protect your museum.

Museum Pack and Shipping | Markel Museum Insurance

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into selecting the perfect objects for your museum. But have you ever thought about how you would transport these careful selected objects if you needed to send them somewhere? Markel Museum Insurance offers some tips to keep in mind the next time you need to ship valuables from your business.

Don’t Let Museum Risks Catch You by Surprise | Markel Museum Insurance

Does your museum have a risk management program in place? If not, or if your current plan needs to be refreshed, Markel Museum Insurance offers tips on how what to keep in mind as you develop a risk management program. We can’t know what lies ahead, but we do want to be prepared to respond to future events effectively and gracefully. Make a conscious effort to identify & manage your exposures.

City of Hope Celebrates 105 Years with New Museum | Los Angeles Business Journal

More on the Anthony F. Markel Family City of Hope Museum. The City of Hope National Medical Center has marked more than a century of health care, from its roots as a sanitarium for tuberculosis to an advanced research center for diabetes and cancer.

Anthony F. Markel Family City of Hope Museum | City of Hope

What an honor! What vision and commitment!

“I can’t think of any other building at City of Hope I’d rather have named after me: This museum is imbued with 100-plus years of triumphant history,” Markel said.

(read the article: The Anthony F. Markel Family City of Hope Museum provides a dynamic physical place that serves as the tangible expression of what makes City of Hope special.

Back to Where They Once Belonged: Proponents of Repatriation of African Artworks Take Issue with the Past—and Present and Future -

Yes, the movie Black Panther is referenced in this. Thought-provoking article (and movie).

"Repatriation cannot be treated as a single issue with a single solution ... it must be addressed case by case … the focus should be on the moral responsibility of such a museum to make those objects more accessible, perhaps to establish rotating exhibitions in … as a way to help grow culture in those areas." Over the past few years, questions surrounding the return of objects to the continent have evolved beyond whether it will happen to how. Read More

These hilarious tweets might convince you to visit this small English museum

Museums and social media -- did ewe know? The Museum of English Rural Life in Reading has gone viral after seriously upping its Twitter game.

Markel Museums's cover photo

Ready to celebrate International Museum Day 2018?

Celebrate International Museum Day - visit your local museums to experience history, art, science, and more! To celebrate, a select group of shops will offer visitors a 10% discount on their purchases throughout the day. Shout out to all participating museums!! Among the celebrations to welcome the seasonal change during the month of May is International Museum Day – a highly anticipated event for the global museum...

Pennsylvania Federation of Museums and Historical Organizations

Gains in both teacher content knowledge and student achievement while maximizing Museum resources with alternative programing -- win, win, win!

ICA Grand Opening and Block Party

Another reminder. It's all the buzz, and just 3 days away! Saturday, April 21

Steven Holl's Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU to open April 21

Happening in 3 days! -- The ICA's new building named the Markel Center will debut with its inaugural exhibition Declaration, an exploration of contemporary art’s power to respond to pressing social issues. This will be Virginia's first art institution dedicated exclusively to exhibiting contemporary art. Steven Holl Architects' new Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA) at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) will open to the public on April 21, 2018. The ICA's new building named the Markel Center will debut with its inaugural exhibition Declaration, an exploration of contemporary art’s power...

The Smithsonian's Spectacular Traveling Fundraiser

What a super success story!

“We had to start telling that story,” Kirkpatrick says, but first they had to talk about the experience that people have in the museum. “They’re inspired, they’re in awe, they’re in wonder. We had to create that experience away from the museum. We had to get people to take a new look at the Smithsonian [to understand] that it isn’t just a place you come on your sixth-grade field trip, that you can engage with it across the country and around the world.” How a TED Talk-style road show helped the Smithsonian fund the largest cultural institution campaign in history.

Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU ICA Grand Opening Block Party

"Markel" your calendars to come see the Markel Center at ICA's grand opening and block party next month! Photo: Iwan BaanPhoto: Iwan BaanPhoto: Iwan Baan Saturday, April 21, 10 am–4 pm601 W. Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23220 It’s finally here! The Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU opens to the public on April 21 with a site-wide exhibition, Declaration, and a day-long Block Party showcasing Rich...

9 of the Most Beautiful Buildings Opening in 2018

Excellent write-up about how the Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU, also known as the Markel Center, aims to foster the school’s top-rated arts program with a 210-seat auditorium, classrooms, and a sculpture garden via Galerie Magazine #MarkelCenterVCU Galerie Magazine

Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU / Steven Holl Architects

Good story about the Institute for Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU and the 4,000-square-foot gallery, café, bar, and concept shop that radiate from the central forum and frame an outdoor garden, which Steven Holl Architects describes as the “Thinking Field,” used for social gatherings and public programs via Seriously Architecture #MarkelCenterVCU © Iwan Baan Architects: Steven Holl Architects Location: 907 Floyd Ave, Richmond, VA 23284, United States Design Architect, Principal: Steven Holl Senior Partner In Charge: Chris McV…

Virginia War Memorial

No threat of snow was going to keep the Virginia War Memorial Foundation Winter Benefit, presented by Markel Corporation, from having a grand evening!! With the ‘Capitol Steps’ for entertainment, along with a Silent Auction and dinner, a grand time was had by all!

To everyone that came out Friday night as well as all of those that contributed to the success of the evening – Thank You!! We look forward to seeing everyone next year!

And thanks to Karen Davis of Palladin Photography for the wonderful photos of the evening.

Markel Corporation

Thanks to everyone who came out to run the Markel Richmond Half Marathon!

Markel Corporation

We are just 2 days away from the Markel Richmond Half Marathon! We invite all of the Markel runners to join us after your race at our tent on Brown’s Island for snacks, drinks, and high fives—all in true Markel Style. Good luck, runners!

The Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU sets opening date for April 2018

Originally scheduled for this year, the opening of Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU has been set for April 21st, 2018. The new building needed to be acclimatized before art could be installed Read more via Richmond Times-Dispatch #MarkelCenterVCU The Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU has set a new opening date: April 21, 2018.

This Texas Museum Was Devastated by Ike. Here's How It Prepared For Harvey The Galveston Arts Center sustained heavy losses when Hurricane Ike hit Texas in 2008. This time around, staff members were ready

6 Stunning House Museums and the Stories They Tell - Crixeo

Interesting story about how a tiny category of museums is growing into a big subset in our museum culture and info from the National Trust for Historic Preservation via Crixeo In the U.S., you’ll find more house museums than McDonald’s — and that’s a good thing. A tiny category of museums is growing into a big subset...

Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU

Work on the Markel Center continues—inside and out—from painting and plaster work to installing green roofs and bluestone pavers. Thank you for your support!

National Monuments, Spirit of Freedom Experience

In 1987, two monuments were commissioned by congress under President Ronald Reagan to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the US Constitution. Today they are elegantly displayed at our headquarters in Richmond

VCU's landmark ICA arts building opening delayed until spring 2018

Important update on the opening of the Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU; “Everybody is sort of disappointed that we have to have a conversation about delaying a scheduled opening and picking a different date. I had the pleasure of walking through. ... The architecture and design — it’s really breathtaking to see the building itself. It’s frustrating that we have to wait any longer, but it’s very clear that this is the right thing,” said Steve Markel, vice chairman of Markel Corporation via Richmond Times-Dispatch The opening of Virginia Commonwealth University’s landmark Institute for Contemporary Art is being delayed until spring 2018 – months later than the original Oct. 28 planned opening.

Markel Small Business

Be safe in the sun! NIOSH National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and U.S. Department of Labor have updated their original Heat Safety Tool. The updated app, available for both Android and iPhone, provides a clearer user interface. Each year more than 65,000 people seek medical treatment for extreme heat exposure.

Markel Small Business

The Omaha Summer Arts Festival is off to a good start at our doorstep, with street shows, food & shopping through Sunday Downtown Omaha Presented by First National Bank of Omaha Welcome summer!

Markel Small Business

We are excited to share that Markel has once again made the Fortune 500 list...we are ranked at #460 (compared to #476 last year)

Selfies Add to Museum Hazards

Check out this article with quotes from underwriter James B. Gregory III Museum visitors snapping selfies are driving a spike in accidents that are putting exhibits at risk, according to Linda Sandell, senior vice president and

Grace Street demolitions make way for ICA | Richmond BizSense

As an apartment building came down to make room for parking, work continued on the Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU built by Gilbane Building Company, designed by Steven Holl Architects and BCWH Architects

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