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The Markel Insurance Company name and reputation are unsurpassed in the field of equine insurance. For fifty years, we have provided uninterrupted coverage for horses and horse-related risks. We also pioneered many of the policy forms and endorsements now considered standard in the industry. As a leading developer of specialty risk management tools and services, we have continually enhanced and improved our products to meet the changing needs of our customers.

Many of our employees were horse owners long before they became involved in the insurance industry. They know first-hand the passion shared by horse owners. They are true “horse people” who represent the commitment that makes the Markel difference.

International Horse Press

For Immediate Release / Cremona, 03.11.2020
Elementa and IRHA Italian Reining Horse Association Team Up to Host the 2020NRHA European Futurity in November
Provided by Simona Diale/IHP - NRHA European Futurity Media Contact - Thanks to the new-born partnership between the Italian Reining Horse Association (IRHA) and Maria Cecilia Fiorucci’s Elementa, the NRHA - National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) European Executive Board voted unanimously to run the 400.000euro ELEMENTA NRHAeuropeanfuturity concurrently with the IRHA/IRHBA/Arcese Futurity & Italian Championship Finals in Cremona on November 20-28.
Mike Hancock Sam Oldfield Sammi Miller KL Performance Horses Markel Insurance Muriel Contensouzac de Moubray Cardinal Reining Horses Cristina Serra Giancarlo Doardo Vittorio Gaetano CremonaFierer Markus Schopfer Paulus Beurskens Rudi Kronsteiner François Zurcher Maik Bartmann Sterling Ranch Domenico Lomuto

Markel Small Business

There are many important facets to cybersecurity. Here are a few statistics that give a good idea of the impact of cyber-attacks.

Arabian Horse Times

Look back at the Greatest Show on Earth...The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show of 2020.

Congratulations to Deb Witty, 2019 APAHA Horse Person of the Year!! Deb has been a Markel horse insurance specialist since 2003. Deb is so very deserving of this honor, and we thank her for all her hard work and dedication to our customers and the horse industry.

We appreciate the Silver Dollar Circuit highlighting our very own Debbie Kail! Debbie joined Markel as a horse insurance specialist in 2000. Our thanks to Debbie for her 20 years of service to horse and farm customers as well as all her contributions as a valuable Markel team member!

Day 5- You Need This On Your Team -

We hope you have enjoyed the coverage of the Florida Reining classic over the last week.
Click the link below to tune in to watch the last days events!

You don't want to miss this!
The Florida Reining Classic continues this Saturday. Coverage for both arenas is available by clicking the link below.

Markel Small Business

A heavy load of snow and ice may not only damage your roof, it can also cause damage to your building, awnings, and equipment. After a snow storm, inspect your roof and awnings from the ground.

Come by and visit the Markel booth through Sunday during the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show!

Slide into the weekend by following the Florida Reining Classic live! Events start at 7AM today.
Click the link below to watch coverage from both arenas.

Markel is a proud sponsor of the Florida Reining Classic held in Jacksonville, FL. Be sure to tune in to the action at 8AM by using the link below!

Can't make it to the Florida Reining Classic?
Don't worry, Markel has you covered!
Click the link below to be connected to the live feed, starting at 8:00AM.

USA Jumping

Natalie Dean was the only athlete to jump double clear in today's Palm Beach Masters CSI-Y Young Rider Team Competition to help the #USAJumping Stars and Stripes Team win gold! 🏆

American Quarter Horse Association

Need advice on what to wear in AQHA ranch horse classes? Experts in ranch-horse competition weigh in about the kind of fashion, tack and equipment you should bring to shows – plus, what trends are a no-no!


Arabian Horse Association of Arizona

2020 Scottsdale Show Live Feed

There are a lot of people putting in fake links on our page, please only use this link:

Deary Performance Horses

After numerous requests... we present the Saturday night ride in Waco TX ... Owen Deary showing his miniature horse, KIDS BEST FLINN. Most know his as “Little Flinn”, this is his first time to the show ring.

American Quarter Horse Association

It’s no surprise that with parallel advances in health care and nutrition, our horses are staying active longer, often well into their second decade of life and beyond.

But did you know that a longstanding AQHA rule requires owners to notify the Association if a horse 25 years old or older is still alive?

National Reining Breeders Classic

Markel Insurance Sponsors NRBC Non Pro Draw Party

2020 will mark the ninth consecutive year that Markel Insurance has sponsored the National Reining Breeder's Classic Markel Non Pro Draw Party. This popular party is set for Wednesday, April 15 at 7 p.m., upstairs in the Texas Children's Hospital Arena Club at the Great Southwest Equestrian Center in Katy, Texas.

The party has become an annual highlight for the National Reining Horse Association's second largest reining. The Markel Insurance Non Pro Draw Party puts Non Pros on center stage at an event with special touches and special fun! The wine glasses lined up with numbers on the bottoms make for some fun times while each finalist draws a glass one-by-one to determine their running order. Who will get the first run of the finals? Come to the party to find out! Everyone is invited to attend.

And thanks to the creative enthusiasm of Makel, there is always something special to remember from the event. From a beautiful dessert display one year to amazing door prizes the next, the fun factor is definitely a key part of the event.

Markel Director of Western Disciplines and National Reining Horse Association Hall of Fame member, Frank Costantini has been a true NRBC fan and supporter for years and an integral part of the reining industry.

NRBC Secretary-Treasurer Cheryl Magoteaux Cody noted, "Frank's onsite Markel team includes Non Pro reiners Chloe Lawrence and Karen Schedlauskas and the combined years of experience as reiners and business people has resulted in a remarkable pool of reining knowledge."

Costantini, with his years of experience a Non Pro, an owner, an NRHA Board member, Committee Member and Chair, donor, President, visionary - has made him a part of NRHA history and culture and has propelled Markel to an unmatched relationship. Cody continues, "We are thrilled that he chooses to support the NRBC, personally and as the leader of the Markel sponsorship team."

Frank added, "Markel is very fortunate to once again host the Non Pro Draw Party. We have been there for a number of years and we always try to come up with new and innovative ideas - come to the draw party this year to see what we can do to benefit reiners - everyone is invited to enjoy the festivities. Markel and the remarkable board and staff of the NRBC will always put our heads together to create something fun."

Not only does Markel sponsor the Non Pro Draw Party, but it also awards the Markel Non Pro Commitment Award annually during the festivities. The announcement is always a surprise with only select NRBC staff and the Markel team knowing the new recipient for 2020.

With a long history of supporting the horse world in general and the reining industry in particular. Markel has insurance to fill all of your needs. For information on Markel Insurance, visit the booth at the NRBC and the website at

Markel Corporation

Today, Markel is honoring and remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Here are a few ways we can all celebrate his life and achievements:

-Talk with friends and family about Dr. King’s legacy
-Read and learn more about Dr. King and his message of nonviolence
-Look for ways to give back to our local communities

Paint Horse Journal

Welcome to our new home in the Fort Worth Stockyards!

Arabian Horse Association of Arizona

We will be there!!

Scottsdale 2020 - 10 second commerical

Stable Express

And so it all begins.... :)

Markel Corporation

Last week, the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation honored Tony Markel, Vice Chairman of Markel, and the company for their charitable work with organizations such as City of Hope. Here’s a recap of the event and Tony discussing the importance of giving back. #sharingsuccess

Spreading holiday cheer at the Markel home office today! Shane Crockett Roberta Warren Melissa Renee Holloway

Congratulations to Cade McCutcheon!!

Cade McCutcheon and Super Marioo Claim Level 4 Open Championship

Ten days of intense, world-class competition culminated Saturday, Dec. 7, with the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Futurity Open Finals. The NRHA Futurity, held at State Fair Park in Oklahoma City, featured top horses and riders from across the globe.

When the curtain fell as the final horse left the arena, it was 19-year-old Cade McCutcheon who emerged victorious, not only winning the Level 4 Championship, but also tying for the Reserve title.

It’s been a banner year for Cade McCutcheon, who turned in his non pro card in January to become an NRHA Professional. Prior to the NRHA Futurity, he had won more than $706,616 in lifetime earnings, not including the $307,500 he won in August at the inaugural Run for a Million event.

Still, he wasn’t counting on winning the Level 4 Open Championship at the NRHA Futurity. “I didn’t expect to win it my first time here as a professional, but that’s everyone’s goal,” he said.

McCutcheon had three shots at finishing in the top spot of the Level 4: Deja Vu With A Gun, Super Marioo, and Guns And Dynamite. He competed first on Deja Vu With A Gun (owned by David Silva), marking a 212.5.

Next up was Super Marioo, and the pair scored a 224.5. “I ran in and hit my first stop. I got turned big, and before I loped off, I thought to myself, ‘Just make sure you lope off on the correct lead. Don’t screw it up,’” he recalled. “That horse was there for me the whole way. There are a couple things that could have been better, but overall, what can I say?”

Just five horses later, NRHA Six Million Dollar Rider Shawn Flarida entered the arena on the 2018 NRHA Markel Insurance Prospect Sale high seller Shine Colt Shine. With gracefully executed circles and powerful stops, it looked like McCutcheon’s lead could be in jeopardy. When the score was announced, Flarida and Shine Colt Shine fell just short with a 223.5.

Competing in the third from last set, McCutcheon rode Guns And Dynamite. The 19-year-old trainer piloted the colt through another great run, resulting in a 223.5, tying Flarida for second.

After that, McCutcheon couldn’t have told you how the last seven horses scored, but he could have given you an update on college football. “I went to the bus and was watching Wisconsin vs. Ohio State and doing my best not to pay attention to it. I was just waiting for my mom to call me,” he admitted.

Unbeknownst to him, his scores held, and McCutcheon won not only the Level 4 with Super Marioo, but also Levels 3 and 2, for $196,175 in earnings. Super Marioo’s nominator, Hillis Akin Family Partnership received $9,808.

McCutcheon also tied for Reserve in the Level 4 on Guns And Dynamite, and took sole possession of the title in Levels 3 and 2. Combined with his earnings on Deja Vu With A Gun, McCutcheon’s winnings for the evening came to $341,899. That unofficially pushed him to NRHA Million Dollar Rider status.

Super Marioo, owned by Story Book Stables, is by Gunnatrahya out of HA Chic A Tune. McCutcheon began riding the colt in early fall, when he was purchased from Gunny Mathison by Freddy Brassfield. “Gunny sold me this horse this summer. He did a phenomenal job training him, and I just had to pick him up and do some of my things. Without Gunny, this never would have happened,” McCutcheon said.

Shortly after McCutcheon showed the colt at the Best of the West Futurity, he received a phone call from Brenda Joyce, owner of Story Book Stables. “She said she wanted to have a horse with me and asked about Super Marioo. She bought him from Freddy, and has been amazing to work with ever since,” he said. “This is the first horse I’ve had with her, and I’m really excited for the future, whatever she decides to do.”
McCutcheon and Kirstin Booth’s Guns And Dynamite, by Gunners Special Nite out of Chic Olena Starbuck, won a total of $145,724 across the three levels. Nominator Turnabout Farms received $7,286.

“I thank my parents and grandparents for doing whatever it takes to make me as good as I can be,” he said. “There are hundreds of people who played into this, and I’m lucky I had the right horse to win tonight.”

Flarida and Shine Colt Shine pocketed a check for $110,752 for the Level 4 Open Reserve title, with nominator Sally Amabile receiving $5,637. The Shine Chic Shine colt, out of Gunners Miss Oak, lived up to the high expectations of being the 2018 Markel Insurance Prospect Sale high seller. The colt is owned by Gaynia Revenberg.


We are ready to assist with all your horse insurance needs!! Come visit us at the Markel booth or at the NRHA Markel Futurity Prospect sale later today! Markel representatives on-site: Frank Costantini Jr; Susan Massy Costantini; Karen Shedlauskas; Chloe Lawrence; Muriel Contensouzac de Moubray

Georgia Arabian Horse Association

All ready for the NRHA Markel Select Yearling Sale. Stop by for all your equine insurance needs!

Georgia Arabian Horse Association

Markel Corporation

Blenheim EquiSports

It’s an extra special #MarkelMonday as we congratulate Rich Fellers and Steelbi on their win in the 2019 Markel Horse 1.45m Jumper Series Final at The Las Vegas National Horse Show 🏆🥇🎉

You can catch the winning interview along with more of the story right here 👇

Looking forward to 2020!

Mary Phelps USA Wins Cones Division for Pony Pairs at the FEI World Driving Championships for Ponies | Horses Daily

Congratulations to our very own Mary Phelps the 2019 FEI World Driving Championships Cones Division Champion!! Mary and her gangsters won the pony pair cones phase, and was the only team to produce a fault-free round. Phelps and her squad earned a top-12 finish with a final score of 178.00 penalty points. Here it is the winning cones round. It’s crazy. We had moved up from 29 place in dressage to 22 place after a great marathon with non other the Bram Chardon as my navigator and coach. The ultimate marathon driving lesson! This meant we started in the first half of the day. The top 10 of the single...

Hanover County, VA

Specialty Agriculture's team building event to Courthouse Creek Cider for a farm and cider making tour, and wrapping up the event at Tanglewood Ordinary for "Grandma's Sunday Dinner." Great local businesses not far from the office to visit!!;

Legacy Show Jumping

2019 WINNERS - Legacy MARKEL TOUR Championships - Del Mar California!!

Blenheim EquiSports

Who will be crowned the Leading Lady and Leading Gentleman of the Markel Insurance 1.45m Jumper Series Final this year at The Las Vegas National - Nov. 11-17, 2019⁉️👑

Both riders will receive a $500 Solea Equestrian Gift Certificate.

#MarkelMonday #JumpLasVegas Markel Horse

PC McCool Photography & Alden Corrigan Media

Blenheim EquiSports

Who will go all in to win big in the Markel Horse Insurance 1.45m Jumper Series Finals at The Las Vegas National Horse Show❓❗ Here's a look at a few more of the talented riders competing this year. We look forward to welcoming 25 top contenders 🦄⭐

Kaitlin Campbell, Molly Warmington Talla, John Bragg, Bruno Diniz Das Neves, Jamie Taylor

#MarkelMonday #jumpLasVegas #WestCoastShowcation

PC Alden Corrigan Media & McCool Photography

Deb Witty- Markel Equine Insurance Specialist

Setting up in Tulsa. Feel free to stop by for a quote.

Markel Corporation

Markel History: In 1930, Sam Markel formed Mutual Casualty Association and Mutual Casualty Company in Norfolk, Virginia, to insure jitney buses. He later agreed to selectively cover responsible long-haul truckers, a group snubbed by traditional carriers.

International Horse Press

Congrats Craig Schmersal and Cade McCutcheon
The Run For A Million Million Dollar Invitational Co-Champions!
#internationalhorsepress #mediapromotion #eventcoverage #graphics
Photo IHP/Bee Silva

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