Balance for Cyclists

Specialized accident insurance coverage designed exclusively for cyclists. Coverage for Individuals, Events, Tours, Group Rides, Rentals & Bikeshare Programs.

Balance for Cyclists is a personal accident insurance program built to make sure you're covered in case of an injury. It's like a helmet for your wallet. We have plans for individuals, events, tours, group rides, rentals, & bikeshare programs. Contact us to see how you can ride smart with Balance.

Air Ambulance Costs Fly Around Fixes For Surprise Medical Bills

In an emergency, you're not thinking about the costs of being rescued. But we are and want to help alleviate on-going concerns for cyclists nationwide.
"Over and over again, the high cost associated with air ambulance service gives patients the biggest sticker shock"
Balance for Cyclists programs protect you on every ride. The median cost of an air ambulance bill is more than $36,000 and seldom covered by insurance, sparking many consumer complaints. Yet none of the proposals introduced or circulating in Congress to …

Walmart Owners to Build Public Mountain Bike Trails on Their Colorado Land

After how successful the Ozarks trail projects have been, this is great news for Colorado. The family is hoping the project will help restore the land while providing more recreation opportunities in the area.

Balance for Cyclists's cover photo

[04/09/19]   Naples Velo members now ride smart with Balance! Get access to group rates for our program. NVBC members can DM us to find out how! #ridesmart #naplesvelo #balancecycling

Surprise medical bills: The doctor is not in your insurance plan - The Boston Globe

Surprise medical bills?! These are NOT what the doctor ordered. Patients receive hefty bills from doctors who are not included in a hospital’s insurance plans.

Horsey Hundred

Hey folks! The Bluegrass Cycling Club (BCC) is hosting their big event, the 41st annual Horsey Hundred BCC on May 24th-26th. Best wishes from Balance for Cyclists to each and every participant. If you haven't registered or want to check out this GREAT event, go to Kentucky is beautiful in May!

#horseyhundred #biketours #biketourism #ridewithbalance HORSEY HUNDRED: the ultimate trifecta for cycling in Kentucky… Bicycle. Adventure. Fun.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

That's one way to exercise your pony!!

Even Whiskey has a morning fitness routine.

Why An ER Visit Can Cost So Much — Even For Those With Health Insurance

Hey Team! Happy Monday. We hope you all had a great weekend.

Here's a good read for today on why accidents are so expensive. Something to keep in mind while we ride, because #crasheshappen. Vox reporter Sarah Kliff spent over a year reading thousands of ER bills and investigating the reasons behind the costs, including hidden fees, overpriced supplies and out-of-network doctors.

This is totally photo shopped, but we all wish it were real 😂 Wouldn't you love to go mountain biking on the moon?!


We’re in Laguna Beach this week visiting @richieschley and hitting the local trails. #balancecycling

Balance for Cyclists's cover photo

We're thrilled to announce our new partnership! We've teamed up with the Bluegrass Cycling Club to offer their members group rates when they signup for Balance.

If you're in Kentucky, check them out and sign up today!

Why Pizza Night Can Be the Most Important Part of Your Diet

This is the most delicious news of 2019. A dietitian makes the case for why an occasional slice of the cheesy stuff is totally healthy.

This Blind Cyclist will ride 206 miles for charity

What a story! A blind cyclist is going to ride 206 miles for charity this summer. Three cheers for Clark Roberts! Clark Roberts plans to ride the Seattle to Portland bike race this summer.

Do most people bike for work or fun?

How about you? Do you ride for fun? For work? For both? Tell us below. I set out to settle a debate with a friend about biking.

Fred Hubbell Seriously Injured in Arizona Bicycling Accident

#CrashesHappen to all kinds of folks, even politicians! We wish Fred Hubbell a quick recovery. SCOTTSDALE, Arizona — 2018 Iowa Democratic gubernatorial nominee Fred Hubbell underwent a second surgery Monday afternoon after a car hit him in Scottsdale, Arizona, Friday afternoon. A family friend confirmed to Channel 13 that Hubbell was riding his bicycle alone when a motorist ran a red light ...

Denver bicyclist paralyzed in car crash awarded $52.5 million — one of the largest jury verdicts in Colorado history

Gary Suydam was paralyzed while riding home from work in 2017. Sadly, Gary hasn't yet seen a dime of his $52.5 million settlement. Balance would have helped someone like Gary by providing a large, lump sum of cash up front for him to use as he sees fit. Gary Suydam was struck by two cars and paralyzed on Jan. 27, 2017, as he rode his bike home from work. This month, a jury awarded him more than $52 million in a judgment against a driver and the te…

Presidents on Bicycles | The Bicycle Story

Presidents ride bikes, too! Here's a gallery of several recent American presidents doing what we all love. Got any photos of famous leaders on bikes you'd like to share? Post them below!

Burning Question: What's Next for Mountain Bike Helmet Safety? - Pinkbike

Lots of new exciting developments in helmet safety coming from the mountain bike world :) Electronics, new materials, better testing standards - there's a lot of work going on behind the scenes to ensure the next generation of helmets are safer than ever.

Remember to show your bike some love today

Major Taylor, World Champion Bicyclist The first African-American cycling champion, fans called him the Black Cyclone. He blew past terrifying threats, setting records with an elegant grace.

Here’s Where It’s Getting Better—and Worse—to Bike in the U.S.

More cyclists died in 2018 than 2017, but there are bright spots around the country where cycling is safer, too. A new report shows that while cycling deaths are up nationwide, some cities and states are bucking the trend.

2019 Pan-Florida Challenge Ride for Hungry Kids in Memory of Robert Sciolino

Florida Cyclists! Pan-Florida Challenge for Hungry Kids needs your help - if you're in the area and want to volunteer we're pretty sure that they'll give you big hugs - help out through this link! Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the 2019 Pan-Florida Challenge Ride for Hungry Kids in Memory of Robert Sciolino. Our athletes, and the kids we serve, are counting on your help to provide a quality ride experience. We need your help with every facet of the ride - from the week before...

How about this photo?! U.S. Army soldiers, Buffalo Soldiers, riding their bicycles on an 800 mile patrol in 1896!


“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” Albert Einstein

In 1896, the army embarked on an ambitious plan to embrace the bicycling craze that had been sweeping the nation. Lt. James Moss of the 25th Infantry (one of the four Buffalo Soldier regiments) led men on a harrowing 800 mile round-trip from their post in Fort Missoula, Montana to Yellowstone National Park. It was the first time the U.S. Army utilized this type of transport. Though the trek was filled with danger, challenges, and broken equipment, it was ultimately deemed a success. The army, however, decided not to implement the bicycle for many reasons, including that the bicycle was still being tested and the country was on the brink of war with Spain. The 25th, pictured here, would be sent to Cuba in 1898 to take part in combat during the Spanish-American War. Their bicycles remained at home.

The Buffalo Soldier played a key part in the development of the national park system by serving in many critical roles in the western United States, including protecting some of the first national parks. Learn more at

P.S. If cycling in a park today, remember to stay on designated paths.

Image: Soldiers pose with bicycles, ca.1896.

#FindYourPark #AfricanAmericanHeritage

How Safe Is Cycling? It's Hard to Say

#CrashesHappen. It's a good reminder. Cycling is generally very safe, especially if you ride smart. But that can change in an instant. Although many cyclists have strong opinions on their sport’s safety, there’s not enough of the right data to make a conclusion.

It's funny because it's true 😂


5 New Bike Routes Through America's Offbeat Pockets

Dreaming of a cycling adventure? Here are a few ideas :) Take a back road with the U.S. Bicycle Route system. Traverse 26 states and our nation's capital to see the smaller towns, the less crowded parks, and the scenic landscapes that you might drive right past if you were in a car.

After Vox story, Zuckerberg hospital promises to change its aggressive billing tactics

Out of network bills can really put a dent in your wallet. Great to see public outcry making a difference for folks in San Francisco. The hospital will suspend surprise bills as it takes 90 days to work toward a new policy.

Never, Ever Forget Your Helmet: Cyclist's Horrific Deer Crash Caught On Camera

We posted a version of this video last week, but the headline is a good reminder. #WearAHelmet. It can save your life. And your head. The cyclist was traveling at 40 miles an hour at the time of the collision.

We Love Cycling

Ask yourself why you do it or what would it take for you to start commuting.

Just boosting this a bit! We're really excited to be partnering with the San Diego Mountain Biking Association. Check them out at!

We're so excited to share the news! We've partnered with the San Diego Mountain Biking Association to offer its members group rates on our unique injury insurance built for cyclists! Members can save 25%

Check them out at!

Zwift’s new esports league is like pro cycling. Only without crashes. Or turning

Aside from being ridiculously fun, this looks like a great way to get in some winter riding. The narrative about esports has always been centered on treating gamers like athletes. A new league, launched by Long Beach cycling software startup Zwift, will be among the first to treat athletes like gamers. Professional road cyclists are among the racers competing on Zwift's digital platform.

Are You My Husband?

This story is difficult, but happy, too. Traumatic brain injuries can often change people for life and recovery can be very difficult - particularly financially. That's why Balance includes benefits for life changing TBIs. #WeCoverThat A biking accident alters the dynamic of a couple’s marriage, for worse (and for better).

We're so excited to share the news! We've partnered with the San Diego Mountain Biking Association to offer its members group rates on our unique injury insurance built for cyclists! Members can save 25%

Check them out at!

We love corny jokes. This one is particular bad, and by bad, we mean great.


70-year-old cyclist challenges orthodox mindset

Cycling keeps you young :)

#cycleforlife Zaheeruddin runs cycling club to create awareness about healthy lifestyle and environment

Ride the Rockies Cycling Tour registration is open

#RideTheRockies is a fantastic event and we encourage anyone looking for a first rate cycling experience to check it out. Cyclists will have the chance to feel the burn and take in the views this spring as they pedal up and down the Rocky Mountains.

ER doctors agree it’s time to tackle surprise emergency room bills

Emergency room bills often come with some nasty surprises. The reason? Networks. The ambulance, hospital, and doctors can all be in or out of network. And if one is out of network? Surprise! You’re going to get a big bill. They’re rolling out a plan similar to a proposal in Congress.

Can you spare a few moments to take my survey?

Howdy Facebook! Help us with a survey? We'd like to learn a little more about your cycling and if you've ever suffered a bicycle crash that damaged you or your bicycle. Your responses are completely anonymous. Please take the survey titled "Balance For Cyclists Facebook Survey". Your feedback is important!

Watch: Cyclist and deer collide on Mount Lemmon

A cyclist and a deer collide in Arizona. We want you to know #WeCoverThat. Reed Soehnel now has a smashed bicycle, a broken foot and lots of bruises and cuts.

Let's admit's true.

It's like a helmet for your wallet. Injury insurance for cyclists

Identity of Anonymous ‘Bike Man’ Revealed With 93-Year-Old’s Death

Here's a feel good story to start your Friday :) Over three decades, the mysterious benefactor gifted more than 1,700 bikes to underprivileged kids.

Losing Her Dad From a Heart Attack Inspired This Tennessee Woman to Drop 160 Pounds

Rose's story is an inspiration! After running became too much for Rose Flesher’s knees, her husband introduced her to a new passion: cycling.

Crowded road ahead for city bike share program - Richmond BizSense

A little local news. Our fair city's bikeshare is growing, but facing competition. What do you think of dockless bikes and electric scooters? As regulations to legalize dockless electric scooters and bicycles in Richmond make their way through City Hall, questions remain as to the effectiveness and fate of the city’s own bike share program.

Accident Insurance for Cyclists

Balance for Cyclists is a personal accident insurance program built to make sure you're covered in case of an injury while riding a bicycle. We have plans for individuals, events, tours, group rides, rentals, & bikeshare programs.

Traditionally, the cycling community comes together to hold fundraisers for injured fellow riders. Balance for Cyclists was developed because insurance is a more effective way to deliver substantial funds when an accident occurs. Instead of another fundraiser, wouldn’t it be better if an injured cyclist received a check from a insurance plan?

Why? Because if the accident is serious, for example involving a traumatic brain injury, paralysis or loss of a limb, there will often be substantial unexpected additional expenses connected with recovery that are not covered by health insurance. Balance for Cyclists provides up to $150,000 – paid directly to the injured cyclist ‐ to help offset non‐medical costs such as alteration of a home or vehicle to facilitate mobility, extended travel and lodging by family members during recovery at a specialist long term acute care hospital, loss of income for a caregiving spouse, etc. And, most Americans today face a high deductible on their health insurance policies, often several thousand dollars payable out‐of‐pocket, before their insurance kicks in. Balance for Cyclists’ supplementary benefits, can help fill the deductible gap in case of covered cycling accidents involving emergency room or urgent care facility visits, hospitalization, physical therapy and ambulance transportation. Contact us to see how you can ride smart with Balance.

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