Matthew Kirkpatrick, Liberty Mutual Insurance Agent

I am licensed to sell Auto, Home and Life insurance in VA. Please contact me for any of your personal insurance needs!

- Joined Liberty Mutual Insurance in 2016 - Graduated from Virginia Commonwealth with a degree in Sociology - Serving clients in Richmond, VA; Glen Allen, VA; Midlothian, VA - Married with 4 children: Quinn, Charlie, Brodie and Clementine - In my spare time, I enjoy coaching youth soccer in Richmond - I enjoy spending time with my children - I enjoy getting to know my customers and their unique situation, needs and personal circumstances - My goal is providing you with quality coverage at a fair price - I work personally with my clients to recommend coverage levels and options customized for each life-stage Please contact me today to learn more about our complete coverage plans designed to protect you, your home, and your automobile.

Insurance tip #5

Do you have an Umbrella policy? Do you know what an an Umbrella policy is and what it does to protect you and your family?

Call me or your local agent and get some more information about this important and often overlooked insurance policy!

(804) 868-5794
[email protected]

Update: I want to thank all my clients and referral partners for helping me achieve three milestones the first quarter of 2019!

1. Sales agent of the month three months in a row!

2. Won the Liberty Mutual nationwide competition - an all expenses trip for Adrienne and I to Vancouver in June!

3. Secured a full time assistant to help me grow my business - Jimmy Feuda is my new SA. He’s from Philadelphia and I’m excited about him joining the team!

Matthew Kirkpatrick

Insurance tip # 4

Our house burned down twelve years ago this month. We were out of the house for nine months whilst it was getting rebuilt.

Do you have enough dwelling coverage (amount to rebuild your house) on your home insurance? When was the last time it was updated?

Do you have enough loss of use coverage? This is to cover all your additional, hotel, clothes, rental house that is similar in size/neighborhood so you can maintain your lifestyle.

Contact your local agent and have them check on your

Matthew Kirkpatrick
[email protected]
(804) 868-5794

Ok folks - it’s coming down to the wire!

I am only 3 policies away from not only securing my full time assistant but also winning an all expenses trip to Vancouver for Adrienne and I this summer - but my deadline is this Friday!!

Who is ready for me to take a look at their car insurance? I may be able to get you better coverages and save you some money!

Who would like a renters insurance policy for $9 a month to cover clothes and other personal belongings?

Many of my clients already have home and car insurance - you guys really should tie it all together with an Umbrella policy to protect your ASSets in case you get sued - only around $25 a month!

Text, call or email me and we can make it happen!

[email protected]

Insurance tip #3

What are your car insurance liability limits? Do you know?

I am talking about if you cause an accident - how much coverage do you have to pay for........

- medical costs for everyone involved
- damage to vehicles
- damage to property
- loss of salary
- pain and suffering

If you don’t have enough you can be sued and have your wages garnished and they can go after your house.

Liability is the most important part of car insurance.

Check with your agent and make sure you don’t have 25/50, that’s not enough. You need to have at least 250/500.

Matthew Kirkpatrick
[email protected]

I am only 10 days away from possibly two major accomplishments but I need your help!

#1: I am in the running to win a national Liberty Mutual competition - an all expenses trip to Vancouver for Adrienne and I in late June. I need to help out a few more folks with Car, Home, Umbrella, Life or even PET insurance 🐶🐱

#2: If i have a strong finish to the month, I may also qualify for a full time assistant, provided by Liberty Mutual, to help me grow my business and take it to the next level - it’s a salaried position with benefits!

You can help me in any of the 3 ways below!

a) contact me ASAP and see if I can help you!
b) refer me to a friend, family member and or co worker
c) share this post and recommend me!

Thank you so much for all your continued support

Matthew Kirkpatrick
[email protected]

Insurance tip #2

Always max out whatever life insurance your employer offers but know this.......

- you don’t own the policy, your employers do
- the policy is only active while you work there
- you should have your own policies outside of work

Do you have your own policy outside of work?
if you don’t, whats your plan?
If you do, do you have enough?

When was the last time you had your life insurance reviewed?

Matthew Kirkpatrick
[email protected]

I am going to be posting weekly insurance tips/general advice you may find useful.

Here’s the first one

Insurance tip #1

When was the last time you had your dryer vent cleaned? This is a major fire hazard!!!

Look what happened when a friend of mine had there vents cleaned!!!!

Contact Tucker Slater at (804) 754-5998 and he can help you!

Matthew Kirkpatrick
804 868-5794
[email protected]

Glad to be able to contribute part of my commission with Liberty Mutual to help “Building a Better RPS” with Scott Garnett

What is Umbrella insurance and do you need one?

Umbrella Insurance is additional liability coverage above and beyond what you have in your home and car insurance.

A true Umbrella does 2 things

1. Provides additional liability
2. Provides legal defense costs in case you are ever sued. At Liberty Mutual, that includes libel and slander suits.

Make sure your assets are protected. Assets include property, income, and retirement!

A $1 million Umbrella can cost as low as $22 a month!

(804) 868-5794
[email protected]

Shout out to Charles Merrill at C & F Mortgage!

Charlie is my go to Loan officer!

Not only is he a great guy with tons of knowledge and experience he is also very tall, has a beard and loves a pint - what’s not to like?

Charlie can help with new purchases, re-financing plus many other mortgage related
services including answering any general questions you may have.

To all my Realtor friends - you need to reach out to Charlie and get to know him. He can help you and your clients!

Contact Charlie at
(804) 370-4577
[email protected]


When was the last time you had a life insurance review?

Do you have your own policy that you own outside of work?

Do you have enough life insurance?

Depending on your age and health, I can get you $250,000 of life insurance for only $23 a month!

Salary replacement, college fund, paying off your mortage plus other debts, can all be taken care of with the right amount of “Love” insurance - thats really what it should be called!

Contact me for a needs analysis review!

[email protected]

Big thanks to my friend and HR director Ramon Puzon at Service Center Metals!

For the past two days I have had the opportunity to present to 200 SCM employees. I provide payroll deduction and employee discounts for all employees for their personal insurance (Home, Car, Life, Renters) - it’s completely free for companies to secure my services and it’s no obligation to employees.

If you know of any HR directors/COO/CFO’s who are awesome like Ramon, I would love an introduction!

Matthew Kirkpatrick
[email protected]
(804) 868-5794


I would love the opportunity to give you a no obligation insurance review.

I can take a look at your home and car insurance policies and make sure you have the right coverages for 2019!

Is your dwelling coverage accurate?
Do you have the right amount of loss of use coverage?
Are all your personal personal belongings covered with 100% replacement cost?
Is your jewelry covered?
Do you have the right amount of liability on your car and home insurance?

Just give me a call, message me and or send me your dec pages and I will gladly take a look at your situation - completely no obligation!

[email protected]

We are at the mid point of January and by now you are still eating healthy and exercising, right? Well either way, let’s make sure your INSURANCE is in a healthy state by getting a check up from me!

I can give you a free, no obligation review of your Home, Car and Umbrella insurance and make sure you are good to go!

Contact me at

[email protected]
(804) 868-5794
Matthew Kirkpatrick

Drive safe everyone and hopefully everyone by now has shoveled the sidewalk in front of your house (that’s for you Wendy Martin)

By the way, let me give you a free, no obligation review of your Car, Home/Renters and Umbrella insurance!

Just email your dec pages to me at [email protected] and I will get to work. I can make sure you have....

- the correct liability coverage.
- the correct rebuild cost for your home.
- full replacement cost on all personal property including scheduling jewelry and other expensive individual items.

Call or text me at (804) 868-5794 with any questions!

To all Realtors and Homewowners

The dwelling coverage on Home insurance is the amount it will cost to rebuild the house - it has nothing to do with the market value, listing price or land!

Therefore, typically, the dwelling coverage amount is lower than the market value/purchase price.

A lot of homewoners think because they paid $500,000 for a house, that's what it needs to be insured for and that's not the case.

The Scott Garnett Real Estate Team

Some great info from Scott and Katherine!

The temperature is high and inventory is still low. We share strategies to help navigate this tricky market in our latest newsletter.

Pet Insurance | Liberty Mutual

Pet Insurance is a lot less expensive than spending $4,000 on a surgery. Health insurance can help protect your pet in the event of an accident or an illness. Learn more about our customizable pet coverage today and get a quote.

Umbrella Insurance | Liberty Mutual

Here is some information on Umbrella Insurance Umbrella insurance coverage provides extra liability insurance to protect auto and homeowners. Get a quote today.

Why Not to Choose Your Minimum Car Liability Insurance Limit

Liability is the most important part of car insurance. This is in place in case YOU cause an accident. Make sure your car insurance liability limits are 250/500 or higher. Don't just get the chepaest policy and then down the road, literally pay for it.

Message, text or email me if you would like more info or for me to review your policy

(804) 868-5794
[email protected] Understanding car insurance liability basics and how much you should get? Is it worth paying more for extra liability or is state minimum enough?

Great spot for someone to get into Cary town!

3305 Ellwood Avenue
Richmond, VA
3305 Ellwood Avenue is coming to the market! So charming and in the most convenient location just steps from Carytwown. 2642SF with 3BR's/2B. Beautiful woodwork, floors and fireplaces. Large eat-in kitchen and large, sunny bedrooms. The cutest back yard ever!! It's priced at only $158/SF....needs a little upgrading so bring your decorator. (Listed by Scott Garnett/One South Realty) $419,500

Liberty Mutual Mobile | Liberty Mutual

To my clients - I highly reccommend downloading the Liberty Mutual app and our Home Gallery app. Resources plus all your policy information at your fingertips! Explore our range of mobile apps and solutions for car insurance, home insurance, claims, and more.

What is Umbrella Liability Insurance? Do You Need It?.

Take a few minutes and learn/refresh about Umbrella insurance. If you ever get sued, you better hope you have one! What's umbrella liability insurance? How much excess liability insurance do I need? Who needs it? Understanding personal liability options

The Scott Garnett Real Estate Team

Have you been to a HOUSE STORY event yet? Still a little confused as to what exactly it is? No idea what we're talking about?? No matter which category you fall in, this blog is for you:

Shaheen, Ruth, Martin & Fonville Real Estate

It really is a great place to live and raise a family!

Not only should you visit...but move here too! And of course, we can help with that! #RVArealtors

Renovation Financing by Richard Day

As a friend and client of mine, Richard is very good at what he does - he really has a wealth of knowledge and can be a great resource for you!

Adrienne and I used Richard for a renovation loan a few years back and he walked us through the whole process!

Going into the #spring market can be overwhelming for buyers - I'm always here to help guide you through the process. Be sure to check back to the page to see more informative videos! #rva #home

The Scott Garnett Real Estate Team

We've said it once (okay, more than once) and we'll say it again: winning bids in this market is NOT easy! But if there's one thing experience has taught us, it's how to negotiate, no matter how many people we're fighting against! We'll let you in on a few of our secrets...

I just popped in to take a peek and show support to the awesome Anousheh Khalili and the River Fox Realty Team - what a super house and a great price point at $360,000 in the heart of the Fan - just steps to Kuba Kuba!

The quintessential Fan rowhouse on a gorgeous block! 116 North Lombardy - 3 beds/1.5 bath renovated kitchen and a sunroom perfect for spring sunshine. $360k Showings start Thursday. Open house Sunday 2-4.

Matthew Kirkpatrick, Liberty Mutual Insurance Agent

Thank you to all my friends, clients and partners for all your continued support!

Referrals are a huge part of growing my business - send me the name and number of 3 people I can reach out to (please give them a heads up first) and I will mail you a $10 Amazon gift card!

(804) 868-5794
[email protected]

I am licensed to sell Auto, Home and Life insurance in VA. Please contact me for any of your personal insurance needs!

Contact me so I can give you a no obligation insurance review - I can take a look at what you currently have and make sure you have the correct coverages on your home insurance (like water back up) and on your car insurance (liability limits) plus get an umbrella policy in place!

I can also get all your smart phones, lap tops and I-pads insured for $48 for the year - don’t pay $11 a month per device to your phone carrier!

I do home, car, renters, umbrella, life and even pet insurance!

Email/FB message/Text
[email protected]
(804) 868-5794
Matthew Kirkpatrick

Congrats guys - I hope 2018 is even better!

We’re pretty late posting this but wanted to thank everyone again for a record year in 2017!! We helped a lot of people buy and a sell a lot of homes! We could not have done this without the help from our family, friends and clients! We look forward to providing the same great service in 2018! #thankyou #referrals #rva #realestate

What is Umbrella Liability Insurance? Do You Need It?.

If you don't have an Umbrella policy, read this article! What is umbrella insurance? How much umbrella insurance do I need? Why would a person need umbrella insurance? How will umbrella protect my future?

The Scott Garnett Real Estate Team

Owning a home is fun, but it comes with its fair share of hiccups! We sat down with Liberty Mutual Agent Matthew Kirkpatrick to find out what people need to take into consideration in today's real estate climate:

Are you properly insured? If you cause a serious car accident, do you know how much your insurance policy will cover? Do you have enough personal property coverage in case of a fire?

Let me give you a no obligation review to make sure you are set with all your insurance needs - Home, Auto, Umbrella and Life and now Pet Insurance!

I can get your pets covered from anywhere between $10 and $30 a month and it can include all vet check ups and routine maintenance plus medicine you already pay for!

Contact me at

[email protected]
(804) 868-5794

Great night helping with the first ever House Story!

A fabulous inaugural House Story! Such a special place to kick it off! Biggest thanks to Katie Goldman Baron and Matthew Kirkpatrick the man who sponsored the adult beverages! So fun!

Meet the Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm

Make sure you have up to date smoke detectors in your house.

Check out the Nest home device - wireless smoke detector connected to your phone.

If you would like a complimentary one ($100 value) contact me!

[email protected] The Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detector can use Wi-Fi to alert your phone. Just burned the toast? Silence the alarm from your phone. That’s better than smart. It’s thoughtful.

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