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Star Wars the Last Jedi - Cheap Car Insurance Action This morning we were discussing a bit of exciting news. Disney and Lucasfilm have announced the name of the latest Star Wars installment, and we are all very excited. It is called Star Wars the Last Jedi. I have kids and they go nuts over the Star Wars films, more so than I did as …

Kelly Anne Conway dressed quite silly for the inauguration! - Cheap Car Insurance Action So the Inauguration was quite amazing today. Donald and Melania were quite grand. Barack and Michelle Obama were stately. The members of their family were there looking quite regal. And then there was Kellyanne Conway, who looked, well…silly. Memes are popping up all over the internet. We would…

Who are the richest men in the world?

Who are the richest men in the World?

What are these crazy U.S. Army bullets that turn into plants? - Cheap Car Insurance Action Okay, probably inappropriate to cuss on a blog post for a company, but what in the world is going on with the Army? Fox News has a report that the United States Army is in discussions to develop bullets that turn into plants! They want to have “biodegradable alternatives” for their rounds. They pl...

Who won at the Golden Globes?

Did you watch the Golden Globe Awards? So we are big fan of movies and television. Who isn't these days? So we wanted to get your thoughts on the awards show last night. has a list of all of the winners and losers from the...

Special Needs Teen Tortured in Chicago?

Special Needs Teen Tortured in Chicago

Did the Russians hack the Democratic National Convention? - Cheap Car Insurance Action

Russians hack Democratic National Convention So here we go, Trump was elected, and it would appear that the Obama administration is doing everything it can to discredit his win. No matter how you feel about Trump and the outrageous things he said during his campaign, you have to admit something fishy is going on. Not once during the election...

OU defeats the Auburn Tigers in the Sugar Bowl There is an excellent summary of the Sooners victory over the AUburn Tigers at the Sugar Bowl yesterday at . The quarterback skills of Mayfield, the running prowess of Mixon and...

How did the Dallas Cowboys dominate the Detroit Lines? -

New blog post is up and ready to view on our website! Fox Sports News has an excellent article by Michael Vu that breaks down how the Dallas Cowboys demolished the Detroit Lions. The Cowboys appear to be the hottest team in America right now. They are performing with greater intensity than the Cavaliers with Lebron James, and hotter than the Warriors…

Will the Chiefs make the playoffs? - CheapCarInsuranceAction.Com cheap car insurance quote

Do government officials get pulled over for insurance violations? / CheapCarInsuranceAction.Com So, do you ever wonder what would happen if say, the governor were pulled over for speeding and was without insurance? What would happen? Well, the The Courier, a United Kingdom publication has an article on just this sort of thing. The transportation minister for the Scottish government was pulle...

Is there good hunting in Kansas? / CheapCarInsuranceAction.Com

Check out our new blog post and lt us know what you think! Happy Friday! We thought we would post a blog about those things that get our readers excited. Car Insurance? No, not quite. So it is always a fun time talking about guns and hunting. Today, we will talk about hunting in Kansas. We thought we would highlight a few points for those who want to hunt in Kansas. T...

Did a seven year old girl kill a deer? / San-Antonio Only in the great state of Texas would you see this! A seven year old behind an AR-15 shot her first deer and the pics were posted to Facebook. Surprisingly, they have been view over 2 million times. You can see them here: Lilly Pads Outdoors We want to see what you think. Personally, we think it…

Can insurance companies sue you? / CheapCarInsuranceAction.Com

Can insurance companies sue you? Fox News 9 in Minneapolis has an interesting report about how State Farm is suing a chiropractor for fraudulent billing. Dr. Joshua Anderson is a Twin Cities Chiropractor who is accused of billing the insurance company for services that were not performed. The chiropractor allegedly billed the comp...

[12/02/16]   "At Action Insurance, we know better. Customers want the cheapest insurance rate they can get, and they want the best insurance service they can get."

[11/30/16]   Our new blog post is up and ready to view on our website!

[11/29/16]   Should the government bail out othe health insurance industry? Check out our new blog post and let us know what you think!

Why is Kanye in the hospital? / CheapCarInsuranceAction.Com So it is all over the news, Kanye is in the hospital for various reasons. So, you might be asking why that should be posted on an insurance agency’s blog. Well, it turns out that Kanye has a massive insurance policy to cover him in the event that he is not able to perform. The company that he pur...

Will my insurance cover stolen Christmas gifts? / CheapCarInsuranceAction.Com Now that the election is over, and we can stop worrying about whether Trump or Clinton will replace Obama, many are moving on to the next big excitement, gifts! Do you think your car insurance will cover gifts that are stolen out of your vehicle? The answer is, probably not. An excellent article a...

Have you seen the Trump, Clinton, Trampoline video?

This Trump, Clinton, Trampoline video is a must see!

What will Trump do with Obamacare? / CheapCarInsuranceAction.Com

What does President-Elect Donald Trump plan on doing with Obama Care? Click the link and find out! So now that the election is over, and people are trying to get back to their lives, many are asking what will happen with Obamacare. Perhaps you enrolled through the Marketplace and are worried you might lose your coverage. Well, Forbes has an overview of the most recent Trump interview. Trump ad...

What does Facebook have to do with my insurance price? / CheapCarInsuranceAction.Com

what does facebook have to do with your insurance price? Check out our website to find out So there is a crazy article over at ZDNET by Charlies Osborne that discusses an insurance company that wants to access its members pages. The idea behind their decision is that it is thought that “your profile can apparently be used to assess your personality and the likelihood of incident...

Do you need insurance for Halloween? / CheapCarInsuranceAction.Com

New blog post is up and ready to view on our website! Do you need insurance for Halloween? Thanksgiving is coming and Halloween is behind us, but did you know that many insurance claims are filed after Halloween. An excellent article at by Shay Arthur outlines how many crime related insurance claims are made the day after Halloween. What has become a common practice of turning y...

Should clowns buy insurance? / CheapCarInsuranceAction.Com

Shoud clowns get insurance? So we have been talking about this at the office. You probably have too. We have wondered if one of those scary clowns tried that stuff in the wrong state if he would get shot. It would be horrible, but people are probably freaked out by clowns and the wrong guy might shoot one. So, it happened. ...

How much did Trump make on his insurance claim? / Cheap Car Insurance

Check out our new blog post and let us know what you think? There is a surpising article that outlines a seventeen million dollar insurance payment that Donald Trump received after a storm. An article at ABC News discusses a massive insurance claim that Donald Trump made after Hurricane Wilma. The article discusses the lack of damage to the property as well...

Do you need insurance to own a gun? / Cheap Car Insurance

Mandatory gun insurance? Find out more on our website! So here it comes, mandatory gun insurance! Wow, so there is an article at Daily Kos that hints at what might be coming for anyone who carries their guns outside of the home. It is an insurance concept you may not have wrestled with before. What would it mean for the number of people willing to ca...

Does Obamacare charge fees? / Cheap Car Insurance

Does Obamacare charge fees? Check out our new blog post to find out! So you may have wondered how much does Obamacare cost? Or, knowing how much it costs, does Obamacare charge fees? This excellent article at the Dallas News explains how Health Insurance Brokers are adding fees to make up for their losses. Healthcare companies are shaving commissions for brokers. …

What do Kaepernick and Football contracts have to do with insurance? / Cheap Car Insurance

Kaepernick's insurance he purchased before he went through contract negotiations with the 49ers is brilliant At, there is a really cool article about Insurance. Definitely not a place you would expect to find it. So this is how the Big Money works. The San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick purchased a really unique insurance policy before he went through contract negotiations with the...

Why are Epipen prices rising? / Cheap Car Insurance

Is Mylan's Epipen profiteering ripping of Medicaid too? Check out this article and let us know what you think. Do you use an Epipen? Many people with allergies have one just in case they need to combat an allergic reaction. But are they a preventative device? This article at npr outlines what has taken place with Epipen: EpiPen-Maker Mylan Settles For $465 Million In Medicaid Dispute The states that “EpiP...

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