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We are here to serve our customers. We have over 10 years insurance experience Metoyer Insurance was estblished in 2002 by Darius Metoyer because he felt customer service was becoming less of a priority in the insurance industry.

We provide that old fashion service where we come to your home or meet with you on your terms.

Operating as usual


You should think twice if you have to leave your house with only liability insurance. 09/16/2017

One bolt can give your home a jolt Lightning causes nearly $1 billion in property damage in the United States each year. Learn how to protect your home: 09/13/2017

Don't let thieves hide in plain sight Many trees and shrubs are in full bloom and could be hiding spots for thieves. Consider these home security tips to help keep you, your family and your possessions safer. #ThinkSafe 09/09/2017

Thieves love a good BBQ Going on vacation? Here are some basic home security steps you can take to help create a secure environment while you’re away. Share them with others: #ThinkSafe 09/06/2017

How can you travel safer this summer? Gearing up for a summer getaway? Here are precautions you can take to help choose and share your adventures safely. Share them with your friends and family: #ThinkSafe 09/01/2017

Tips for when it's not a test Tornadoes can occur rapidly and without any notice. Know what to do when it comes to tornadoes: #ThinkSafe 08/30/2017

Tee up some lightning safety Do you know what to do if you’re on the golf course when a lightning storm hits? Share these tips with others to help keep everyone safer. #ThinkSafe 08/25/2017

What factors contribute to tire blowouts? Most tire blowouts occur from May through October. Do you know why and how to help prevent one? We have tips to help you: #ThinkSafe 08/23/2017

Preventing water damage starts here Start preparing your home, inside and out, before a storm is even in the forecast. Share these hurricane prep tips to help others weather the storm. #ThinkSafe 08/19/2017

Latch onto pool safety Are you ready to enjoy your time by the pool? Don’t forget the pool safety tips. Share them with your friends & family: #ThinkSafe 08/16/2017

Do you know how hail forms? The average hailstorm can cause serious damage, even if it only lasts five minutes. Learn how to protect your home: #ThinkSafe 08/12/2017

Rainy with a chance of trouble Hydroplaning in the rain can cause you to lose control. Get our tips for driving in heavy wind and rain: #ThinkSafe 08/09/2017

Ahoy! Safer boating ahead. Follow this boating safety checklist to help get you out on the water quickly and more safely: #ThinkSafe 08/05/2017

Dial up before you dig in Did you know that you’re required to call ‘811’ before digging on any property? Learn why and share these tips: #ThinkSafe 08/02/2017

Do your driving skills need a tune up? If you’re driving on a multi-lane road and see a stopped emergency vehicle ahead, what should you do? Take this short quiz: #ThinkSafe 07/29/2017

What's your BBQ IQ? Whether you prefer the convenience of a gas grill or the flavor of a charcoal grill, be sure to follow these grilling safety tips: #ThinkSafe 07/26/2017

Skip into summer Here's to ice cream cones and sand between our toes. Enjoy the #FirstDayofSummer. 07/18/2017

Saving a bundle? How do you make sure you’ll get savings when you bundle your home and auto insurance with one company? Take a few seconds to watch this video and see.Now or as your coverage needs change, I’m here for you. As your local agent, I can understand your insurance needs. As an independent agent, I know ho... 07/08/2017

Three-Minute Home Security Checklist Do you have a habit of running out the door without securing your home? Get Travelers “SAFE” three-minute home security checklist to help keep your home from being a target. #ThinkSafe 07/05/2017

How to Protect Your Car From Theft Vehicle theft can take place when you least expect it. Follow these steps if you believe your car has been stolen: #ThinkSafe 07/01/2017

Are You Driving Under the Influence of Your Phone? Distracted driving - especially mobile phone use - is putting us all at risk. Help your family and friends drive distraction-free by taking and sharing this quiz: #ThinkSafe 06/28/2017

Spring Home Maintenance Tips Spring cleaning and spring maintenance go hand in hand. Consider these tips for your spring maintenance checklist: #ThinkSafe 06/24/2017

What to Do During a Tornado Do you know the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning? Learn the meaning here and help get prepared with these tips: #ThinkSafe 06/21/2017

How to Help Stay Safe While Driving During Tornadoes and Hail Hail storms may be on the way. If you’re caught in a hailstorm while on the road, here are some tips to help: #ThinkSafe 06/17/2017

Identifying Hail Damage to Your Roof Do you know how to spot hail damage to your roof? Here's a guide that may help you: Share them with others. #ThinkSafe 06/14/2017

Spring Home Maintenance Tips Repairing cracked or uneven driveways and sidewalks can help provide a safe entrance for your friends and family. Check out Travelers spring maintenance tips: #ThinkSafe 06/10/2017

How to Drive Safely in Strong Wind and Rain Spring is known for heavy winds. Driving in heavy winds can be difficult. Here are tips to help you. #ThinkSafe 06/07/2017

Electrical Safety in the Home Did you know that extension cords are intended for temporary use? Share these electrical outlet safety tips with your friends and family: #ThinkSafe 06/03/2017

Spring Driving Tips As spring riding season nears, watch for motorcycles and bicycles in your blind spots when passing or merging. Share these spring driving tips with your friends and family. #ThinkSafe 05/31/2017

Call Before You Dig Before breaking ground on that outdoor project this spring, call 811. Learn why and share these tips with your friends, family and neighbors to help keep everyone safer: #ThinkSafe 05/27/2017

Spring Home Maintenance Tips Have you started your spring home maintenance yet? Travelers has a handy checklist to help you out. Share it with your friends and family: #ThinkSafe


Have a great Memorial Day Weekend! Stay safe out their!

Stay safe this Memorial Day weekend! 05/24/2017

Spring Driving Tips Spring driving can bring challenges as more pedestrians and animals head outdoors. Stay alert and slow down so you can stop safely. Share these tips to help keep everyone safer: #ThinkSafe 05/20/2017

Time for a change New season, new batteries. Have you checked your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors lately? Share these spring maintenance tips with your friends and family to help keep everyone safer. #ThinkSafe 05/17/2017

Happy Spring Here’s to budding flowers, warmer temperatures and outdoor projects. #ThinkSafe

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9320 Eastex Fwy
Houston, TX

General information

We offer Auto, Home, Life and Business Insurance. We have a commercial insurance specialist and we are dedicated to helping business owners at any level of business.

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Monday 09:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 17:00
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