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My future office- from city to jungle

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Back to office! Lots of social distance-:)

Due to business expansion, we are seeking reputable CRO partners in the US, UK, Switzerland, France, Germany, and Australia.
- 5+ years of proven track record
- key management team with average 15-35 years of business experience
- boutique firms preferred
- stages: pre-clinical trials, phase 1, phase 2, phase 3
- subsector-device: cardiovascular, neurological, surgical, spinal.
- subsector-drugs: oncology

To contact, please email [email protected] with your full name, company information, and website. Many thanks.

We are looking for:
A. large renewables and infrastructure projects in Africa, LATAM, and Southeast Asia
Stage: ready for construction/in construction
Type: Solar/wind/hydro and transmission towers
Size: 200+MW (no up limit)
Location: Africa, Southeast Asia, LATAM only.
Bidding projects excluded.

B. Renewables projects in West Europe
Stage: operating assets only
Type: Solar/Wind/Hydro
Size: 25+MW
structure: majority control
Location: West Europe only: UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Iceland, Poland, etc.

To contact, please email [email protected] Please provide company and key person information for verification purpose. WW background check and KYC required.

Renewables projects:
Type: operating assets Solar or Wind or Hydro
Size: 25MW+
Deal structure: majority control or 100% take over
Location: West Europe: UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Iceland, Poland, etc.
PPA: to be discussed
太阳能/风能/水电站 必须是运行资产25MW以上,控股或者100%收购。 卖方承担所有顾问费。
有意请联系:[email protected]

Seek medical DEVICE companies going to China market via licensing agreements and/or China rights
· Pediatrics, obstetrics, and oncology-related
· Class 2 or 3 medical devices
· Technology leading min 2 years ahead of peer products in the global market
· Have clinical trial reports from reputable hospitals
· Endorsed by leading KOLs in the home country
· Global patent filed in major markets: US, China, and Europe
· Interested in but not in China market yet
· Post revenue and sufficient operating cash flow for the next 6-12 months
· Platform products are plus
Service type: licensing agreements and /or distribution rights to China market.
The potential buyers are large medical or pharma companies including Fosun and SinoPhama. For IP protection, we engage in reputalbe law firms.
To contact, email [email protected]

#pediatrics #obstetrics #oncology #medicaldevice

Happy Mother’s Day

Due to business expansion, we are seeking bankruptcy legal partners in NYC, Houston, San Francisco, Toronto, and London.
- 10+ years of bankruptcy practice
- Clean record and licenses in good standing
- Key partners with average 15-35 years of business experience
- Boutique bankruptcy law firms with a middle-market network
- Understand interconnections with other business functions: marketing, sales, operation, human resources, IT, tax, public relationships, etc.
- Strong project management experience
- Able to work under pressure and remain team players with international clients

To contact, please email [email protected] with your full name, company information, website, and license numbers. Many thanks.

#bankrupcy #chapter7 #chapter11 #internationalclients

Dear all business owners:

Around the world, governments are issuing PPP loans to help business owners with financial challenges from COVID 19.

For US entities, please check with your bankers and CPA firms, or simply check, if you have not applied yet.

#ppploan #covid19

How to select medial suppliers in China during COVID 19 time?
The key to focus these days: 1) quality (meeting CE/CFDA/FDA standards) 2) production/lead time 3) custom clearance and logistics
-First, stay calm!
-Know your focuses. Apply 80% / 20% rules.
-Work with the people you know. All the business relationships built during this period will last lifelong.
-The standard in China is the national standard/Guo Biao/GB.
-Chinese FDA (CFDA) is equivalent to the US FDA or CE mark. In many cases, the CFDA standard is more rigid.
-Depending on products, such as masks, the large factories' orders have been taken by governmental orders both within China and overseas governments. For smaller buyers, it is very hard to get orders from branded name factories. For smaller factories, make sure to check their business license, CE mark, and FDA certificate, if any. Please note many of these are newly FDA 510K registered.
-Many countries waived CE or FDA requirements these days. Use CFDA or GB as your criteria in this case.
-Smaller factories may not have all the documents in English. Use google translator to translate. You can get 80% of specs figured out. Then work on English translations after securing orders.
#covid19outbreak #medicalproducts

The key to stopping the covid19 outbreak is testing. This has been proven in South Korea.
The two main testings in the global market are blood-based testing and PCR testing. Both have pros and cons.

Market update/tips - March 19, 2020.
-Most of these products are made in China. So, make sure they have CFDA first, which is very strict standards.
-Many products have CE. There is a huge difference between the real CE/ISO certified and CE/CoD speed processes.
-Most of these products do not have FDA (UAE process) as of today.
-Many countries around the world start to waive CE/ISO/FDA requirements.
-The market price fluxes daily for these products.
-The common payment terms are 50% down payment upon placing the PO. The other 50% upon picking up the shipment.
-Make sure the factory has enough quality control (ISO) and enough capacity left for your orders.

#COVID19 #testingkits #globalmarket

COVID 19: Testing is the key to stop the spread of COVID 19. We are working day and night to locate and verify reliable COVID 19 testing kits with CE certificates. We are excited that we secure one reliable large international manufacturer and ready to connect with our distributors and governmental healthcare authorities in Europe and Latin America. The earliest time we expect is to place orders is next week and ready for picking up the following week. These kits are for home use, no need to send to a testing labs and wait for days.
As of right now, there are only a few manufacturers receiving CE certificates in the world. We are excited to help distributing the products to the hands of people in need.
Another working weekend but worth it.
I am grateful to have a group of go getter partners around the world working together.

Be careful with NYC middle town

Happy International Women’s Day!

- to all fellow women around the world in business, politics, academics, NGOs ...

Coronavirus and global supply chain and distribution channels – now and future – pharma and medical device companies only

China is the main supplier and market to the global pharma/medical industry, and the coronavirus outbreak has put a severe strain on the global supply chain and distribution system. Although the virus is under control in China, it will take some time for companies to resume production and distribution in the near future. That means supply chains and distribution channels will continue to be impacted. How can we help?
- Short term: we help you shift production to our partner network in other regions: Mexico, India, Eastern Europe (we will monitor virus situation around the world and exclude the impacted areas for the possible contamination). Meanwhile, we reroute some distributions capacity to our partner network in the Middle East and Western Europe market.
- Long term: build an alternative supply chain and distribution systems around the world for your sustainability.

To discuss this, please contact [email protected]. Our global network will help you rebalance your supply chain and distribution quickly and also let you diversify it so that you are not subject to the high risk of a single source/channel.

#supplychain #sustainbality #medical #pharmacy

Breaking News: Li Xu was appointed as Vice Secretary of the Overseas United Working Committee (OUWC) of the China Association for Promoting International Economic & Technical Cooperation, a subcommittee of the China Association for Science and Technology which is registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs.
In her new role, Ms. Xu is organizing a global think-tank forum to address the post coronavirus rebuilding effort. The OUWC is responding to the demands “facing the world frontier of science and technology, economic key battlegrounds and the major national demand” called for by Chinese President Xi, acting as an important platform for advancing the implementation of the Belt and Road initiative and strategy of integrated civilian development.
Managing more than 2600 enterprises in China, OUWC has established close communications with over 120 countries and enterprises around the world and has offices in 35 countries and regions that provide liaison services for Chinese enterprises. To date, the OUWC has organized 100+ overseas visits in 60+ countries and is responsible for over $30B signed projects. The OUWC has received commendations from many countries and accreditation for a number of major sino-foreign cooperation projects from the central committee.

Dear global community:
Brainstorm Time: if you can invite anyone in the world related to entire human species healthcare, who will you invite and why? Must be related to global healthcare and public health.
To share ideas, please leave comments below or email me [email protected]
Many thanks!
Together, we build a healthy new world!

A great breakfast meeting at NASDAQ about Brazil Capital market.
Brazil has been a hot spot for international investors lately: from fin tech to renewables. Look forward to learning more about renewables market in Brazil!
#Brazil #renewables #capitalmarket #nasdaq

Houston, TX, US: Team lunch with our energy tech advisor: Doreen Chin
The holy grail of the energy industry is energy tech, namely technology focused on energy storage. We are pleased to be working with Doreen Chin, our new energy tech advisor, to address the future of the global energy market in the US, Latin America, Europe, China, Asia, and Africa. Doreen led a discussion and provided our team key insights in the areas of oil and gas, onshore/offshore wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, and waste to energy.
Doreen is a member of the Offshore Technology Conference board of directors, the only Asian and the third female board member in OTC history. She has 37 years of experience in academia, power generation, and oil and gas, focusing on project delivery, technology development, engineering design, scientific research, and teaching. Doreen has deep ties to the energy industry, having served as chair of the ASME Petroleum Division and board member of the Engineering Leadership Board (ELB) for the Cullen College of Engineering at the University of Houston.
#Weomenintech #energytech #renewables #womeninenergy #OTC #ASME

To assist those in China, we are seeking fair price suppliers of the following medical supplies:

Standard Manufacturer
Mask N95/N99 (US standard: NOISH) 3M: 1860/9142,1870+
FFP2/ FFP3 (EU standard: EN149) UVEX (Germany)
KN95 (China standard: GB2626-2006)
Protective Suits US Standard: ASTM F1671-97A Pupont: Tyvek series 1422A and 800TJ or 3M: 4565
EU Standard: EN14126 Lakeland: AMN428ETS
China Standard: GB19082-2009
Goggles Level 2 or above: medical safety goggles/protective eyewear 3M: 1621AF/1623AF

If you have any of the above medical supplies to sell, please contact [email protected] or WhatsApp: +1 281 748 9862, and we will connect with business owners and local governments in China. Please leave the company name, website, unit price (fair price only), min quantity, earliest availability for shipment, contact person and best contact info. The China side will be the governmental trade department or factory owners. Cash buy.
I also would like to buy a smaller quantity of masks for family and friends in China at retail prices. I will pay over the phone for product meeting specs

Horasis – Portugal: Future-proofing your business
Future-proofing business: Globalization, digitalization, and community-based businesses are becoming
the future, often requiring rapid strategy re-formulation. Yet how do you find the time to anticipate the
future and develop methods to minimize the effects of the shocks and stress of future events?
I look forward to sharing my view with likeminded fellows at the March Horasis meeting in Portugal. It
will be a pleasure to discuss how businesses can future proof their organizations with attendees from
Russia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, UK, and Sweden.
Li Xu International and International Mergers & Acquisitions are the change agent of the era. We thrive
on and embrace change and continually assist organizations to reengineer and optimize their businesses
from within. We understand facing change is scary and often painful, yet future proofing requires
endless self-disruption and self-motivation. Our business is designed to help companies be future proof,
especially those in the global market, as globalization is our tomorrow. Whether you are expanding into
a foreign market, or transitioning to a newer business model, technology adoption, etc.., we are here to
help you move into a new world together.
As usual, we will host seminars/meetups/workshops in Lisbon right after the conference. Stay tuned for
details. Meanwhile, please contact [email protected] if you have any questions.

To help fight for Coronavirus:
We are looking for medical protective coveralls:
3M —4565/4570;Dupont —Tychem 2000 & 4000; ProShield 80; or all other similar products with EU CE certified Type 3 or Type 4. Minimum quantity: 2000. Need by Friday.
One of our Chinese companies has a corporate jet in Texas and they can fly and pick up whatever inventories you have globally, prefer nearby countries such as Mexico, Canada, Colombia, Peru, etc.

(Recap: a week back in Houston) It’s that time of year. We’re busy working on our clients’ year-end closings in our Houston office. As foreign companies set up offices in the US, many often lack the capacity to manage their daily operation and back offices. International CFO and International CMO offer COUNTRY MANAGER services to help manage full or part of the daily operations of US subsidiaries of foreign companies. The scope
can include the development of US marketing strategies, go to market/commercialization strategies, business development/sales in the US market, building functional US sales teams, and back office support including accounting, tax, finance, IT, HR, and administration. We also manage external legal counsel as Country Manager for our clients.
For more information, contact [email protected].

#foreigninvestment #coutrymanager #interimcfo #interimceo #interimcmo #yearendclosing #globalbackoffice

Wuhan and all those affected by Corona virus: stay strong!

Medical supplies needed for China virus outbreak! Thanks

Happy lunar new year to all my family, friends, team, partners and followers in Asia Pacific!
Stay strong, embrace prosperity, live everyday with smile, happiness, and health.

- Li Xu International, International Mergers & Acquisitions, and our global team.

JPM No. 38 healthcare conference in San Francisco.
It was a pleasure to join hundreds of healthcare executives at the 38th annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco, who presented new ideas and addressed the current state of the industry.
More than 9,000 industry leaders discussed drug pricing, patient affordability and the changing role of the consumer. Attendees representing 450 emerging fast-growth companies, innovative technology creators, and investment firms had the opportunity to swap insights on strategic plans for 2020 and hear from peers about innovations taking place across different industry segments.
#JPM #healthcare #medtech #digitalhealth #pharma

One more race on the wall.

Take a break from the cold NYC and SF, back to Houston for Houston Half Marathon 2020.
Feeling my skin finally can breathe again. I finally admit I belong to 热带植物人群。Pick up race package and hugged with some fellow runners, looked up to the legacy runner list ( they are at average age 54 years old over 15 years to compete 10 races). Tomorrow will my No. 6 races / No. 5 in Houston. First time to run a race without training. Yep, I will hurt, feel pain, and cross the finish line again. Then my doctors will fix me up next week. This is what doctors are for? [Grin][Grin]
Changed my routine pasta as a pre race meal to a steak lunch at Sawgrass. Enjoy some warm Texas hospitality and country music.

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