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Amijag Investment Fund, LP we believe A "good company" does not always translate into a "good stock" rating if current stock is fully priced.

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[05/31/13]   Nikkei had double digit correction & US gurus decided to ignore the correction as Asian markets are uncorrelated to US & Europe. Today Europen unemployment hits 12.2% unemployment rate, can we have correction now? Looking forward to a 15-20% correction in short term. Hopefully metals will have a flight to safety run.

United Health Group (UNH) Research Report

United Health Group (UNH) Research Report Follow us on facebook for more research reports & timely live updates! United Health Group (UNH) (NYSE – UNH) Current Price: $56.28 (1/29/13) Dividend: $0.85 Current Outlook: Positive Future Outlook: Extreemly Positive Rating: Strong Buy Intrinsic Value: $69 Holding Buy Price Target: $52 – $54 Book…

[01/24/13]   Convertible Prefereds: Banking & Health Care sectors have been very volatile under the ObamaCare & Obamanomic. A great way to play these long term value buys is through convertible preffereds. A few convertible preferred's move identical to the stock movement with dividend yields of 7-11%. I would recommend divesting 20% of your portfolio into convertible preffereds.

Couple of well priced prefered's are:

Unisys Corporation Series A Convertible Preferred (NYSE: UIS-A)

Wells Fargo & Company Wells Fargo & Company 7.50% Non-Cumulative Perpetual Convertible Class A Preferred Stock, Series L

[01/24/13]   Facebook (FB) shares have had a 60-65% run & at this point we feel the stock is over priced & recommend a reduce. Current price levels on FB are unjustified.

Apple (AAPL) Research Report

AAPLE INC (AAPL) $451 Strong buy reiterated Follow us on facebook for more research reports & timely live updates! Apple (NYSE – AAPL) Current Price: $586.10 (11/05/12) Dividend: $10.60 Current Outlook: Extreemly Positive Future Outlook: Positive Rating: Strong Buy Intrinsic Value: $475 Holding Buy Price Target: $555 – $580 Book Value: $128.6...

[01/01/13]   AIF NAV $105.53 (YTD annualized gross investment earnings 18.83% & net of fees return 7.83%) | 2012 Dividend declared $5/share

Happy New Year!!!!!

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Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. : Walmart Says Green Monday Is Busiest Online Shopping Day in December and Hos

"Black Friday" was a term coined by a US retailer (Macy's I guess) in 1939 that marked the day when their books turned into black from red. Now that we're living in an era of technological revolution a new term "Green Friday" has been coine
d by Ebay last year which marks the day when record sales of the year are recorded online.

Since, Walmart has embraced this term I think all stores will follow their lead with over 60% savings on Toys. Expect some super deals on December 10th 2012 from all Etailers.

Its ironical how both these terms were coined right after major recession's & sadly the shopping season has shrinked from 5 weeks to 2 weeks over the years. SAN BRUNO, Calif., Dec. 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- had its best day in history on Cyber Monday this year thanks to its customers. And, with only two weeks left before Christmas, it is... | December 6, 2012

[11/27/12]   I'm amazed by Facebook's (FB) weight on Nasdaq: Dow(-0.33%) & Nasdaq(+0.33%) are in perfectly opposite directions given a 8% movement in FB shares. Could this be coincidence or something to worry about one company's weight in a 5000 company small to mid cap stock index? Are these indexes truly representative of market?

I sure do have a strong case for #Amijag Investment Fund's AIF Index which I launched last month with 43 securities.

Apple (AAPL) Research Report

Black & White Future of Apple Inc. Follow us on facebook for more research reports & timely live updates! Apple (NYSE – AAPL) Current Price: $586.10 (11/05/12) Dividend: $10.60 Current Outlook: Extreemly Positive Future Outlook: Positive Rating: Strong Buy Intrinsic Value: $475 Holding Buy Price Target: $555 – $580 Book Value: $128.6...

Advanced Auto Parts (AAP) Research Report Follow us on facebook for more research reports & timely live updates! Advance Auto Parts (NYSE – AAP) Current Price: $80.10 (11/05/12) Dividend: $0.24 Current Outlook: Average Future Outlook: Extreemly Positive Rating: Strong Buy Intrinsic Value: $65 Holding Buy Price Target: $65 – $68 Book Value: ...

Apple’s Tax Strategy Aims at Low-Tax States and Nations

Apple's creative tax strategies Apple serves as a window on how technology giants have taken advantage of tax codes written for an industrial age and ill suited to today’s digital economy.

[10/09/12]   USD/CAD has reached 0.9760 at this point I would open a long position.

[10/09/12]   We've all heard of Dow Jones, Nasdaq, BSE, Sensex but have you ever heard of AIF? Well that't the new index I have created which will have 33 companies which may last the next great depression. I will be updating AIF every month & mirroring the index returns too. Beta on my new index is 0.85 & has a current dividend yield of 2.4%. I cannot upload excel/pdf files a link to the index compilation shall be included later on today.

[10/07/12]   "You don't get paid for being right until the market agrees with you" - Pratik Shah

[09/02/12]   August NAV $96.96

[08/30/12]   We've had two bull run's (Jan-March) & August with the anticipation of QE3. What happens if Bernanke dissapoint's once again tomorrow? I personally feel if we have a third round of quantitative easing (in layman's term dumping a few trillion into the economy) it will have more of a bull run on the investment side (gold ($1900 - $1950), silver ($42-$47), bonds) rather than a real growth in the economy. Public & Business confidence is at all time low so convincing people to reinvest will be a tough job.

Can eBay Deliver Faster Than a Pizzeria?

If this concept becomes a success it could revolutionize the brick & mortar business! Deal of the Day: With same-day delivery, online retailers say items may arrive in less than an hour -- but for a price.

[08/17/12]   Quality stocks like Coco Cola, JNJ, ABbot Labs, WMT & MCD have had a bull run on a slow world economy. I believe its time for the other sectors to outrun these safe dividend bets & rate the above blue chips as overweight. I recommend locking in profits or selling covered calls.

[08/17/12]   Groupon (GRPN) has dropped 81% , FB has dropped 47%, Zynga down 81% from its peak. I see strength in these companies & after bashing them for past 8 months I think its time to look into this $150 billion 2012 IPO Sector which is trading at 1/3rd its IPO price. These companies are great growth stocks just they were extreemly overpriced & a bold investment today can pay huge returns. I recommend buy on facebook ($20), Zynga ($3) & Groupon ($5) which is trading at 1/2 its Google buyout offer.

Spain steps up austerity amid protests -

Spain's Telefonica (TEF) jumps a quarter & Long term TEF bonds are up 3517 bps. TEF has declined over 44% in a year on negative Spanish growth but looks like austerity will provide a boost in sales revenue based on higher utility prices. Government is raising taxes but does it forget that Telefonica just wrote off multibillion dollar of goodwill on sale of its brazilian assets, so the higher taxes will be offset with the goodwill writeoff. Brilliant move on TEF management's part of increasing prices, decreasing competition & having a positive cash flow for debt reduction. Spain has announced a fresh set of public spending cuts and tax increases amounting to €65bn over the next two and a half years as the government of Mariano Rajoy struggles to achieve its budget deficit reduction targets with an economy mired in

[07/11/12]   World has been divided based on different schools of Economics:

On one side we have the American politics which has changed its course from purely classical under the Clinton Era to Keynesian under Bush & Monetarist under Obama, Western countries have seen creation & destruction of wealth by not sticking to one policy long enough. Each one of them are good for the economy when applied over long run but Treasury's poison pills of quantitative easing has become an addiction handicapping the financial markets as well as the world. I personally think Fed's decision to hold back on QE 3 is a brave stance which may hurt American businesses for years to follow but will get the financial markets off this wonder pill which boosts the stock market 20-25% every time a few trillion dollars are artifically created.

On the other side we have the European & Asian politics which are moving exactly opposite to American's from government controlled growth of Monetarist policy to Keynesian school by implementing extreeme austerity measures trying to control wages which are always downward sticky. Historically lowering wages & boosting growth has never worked thats why they call wages downward sticky, no one likes taking a pay cut. I hope European's snap out in time to a free market economics otherwise they will see a massive outflux of foreign money imparing future redevelopment.

World is changing as we speak & ways to do business is changing as well. I've seen a new trend in companies which have embraced the home country way of doing business & economic policies like accelerated depreciation & Domestic Production Activity Deduction (DPAD) of 9% will be a significant boost in American production. I'm sure countries will follow America's lead in implementing such policies once political climate settles down globally. In the meantime as an investor I've been seeing huge structural shifts in infrastructure from low cost regions of Asia back to high productivity regions which when compounded with technological advancement & active implementation of NeoClassical Economics should see global growth & productivity results of 5-7% v/s the negative global growth.

In any Top-Down research Macro Economic factors are where we start. I will post further articles down the pyramid, please feel free to share your opinions.

[06/18/12]   Greek Pro Bailout coalition party's win will help booster the market sentiment. Looking forward to India's interest rate decision an interest rate cut is likely which can potentially strengthen the USD/INR around 50 - 52

Amijag Investment Fund, LP's cover photo

[06/11/12]   Coco Cola Enterprises (CCE) appears to be a fair value buy. Expected earnings of ~$1 billion (~$3/share EPS) v/s forward P/E ratio of 9 which is very cheap for a quality stock like this one with a 2.6% dividend yield. This stock is a perfect candidate for above average market returns (Target Price: $31)

[05/18/12]   Markets await silently for Facebook's debuts at 11:00 AM (ET), some major changes to note before purchasing this stock.

Check your margin accounts as brokers have raised initial margin on small cap stocks up to 100% by day's end is this coincidental or just a step to protect financial markets from over trading? Only time will tell.

Secondly, I won't be surprised if the stock opened over $50 but be rational with an exit strategy as historically Groupon, Zynga all opened 30 - 50% above IPO prices but over the week dropped to less than 1/2 their IPO prices.

Lastly, May has been a bleeding month with 12/13 trading days in red & quality stocks have lost over 7-10% mtd so human irrationality to cover losses by over trading will be over zealous in early hours today.

If I were to gamble with FB shares my buy in would be around $45 & exit around $52 - $54 before the closing bell! Hopefully FB IPO will improve the market sentiment & give us a much needed good Friday.

[05/04/12]   The Republic of India has been put on a negative credit watch (BBB-) by S&P giving them time to fix the Forex reserves. I believe it is a great opportunity to open 3-6 month forward short position on USD/INR. Proceed with caution as this trade will be extremely volatile & may not be suitable for faint at heart investors.

[05/01/12]   April 30th NAV $97.54

Nokia Corporation Sponsored Ame Stock Chart | NOK Interactive Chart - Yahoo! Finance

Nokia (NOK) maybe rated as as strong sell across the board & makes sence too due to the dying brand & products. But technically I believe markets have oversold this corporation. It sits on $12.6 billion cash (i.e. $3.56 in cash assets) on a $3.75 share price. Technically RSI on Nokia is 7.14 indicating a strong oversold signal & trading under the lower end of its bolinger band. Read the attached graph for the technicals. Interact with the NOK stock chart on Yahoo! Finance. Change the date range, view event overlays and compare Nokia Corporation Sponsored Ame against other companies.

Are Taxi Drivers Buying Gold or Apple? | Wall St. Cheat Sheet

Great insight, worth a read! The taxi driver indicator refers to a mentality that is common at the peak of bubbles in financial markets...

[04/19/12]   Argentinian Nationalization of YPF has sparked a fear wave accross the financial markets. I initiate a strong buy on TEF (Oversold from Argentinian & Spanish Crisis), MT (Oversold due to poor 4th qurter results) & PBR (Oversold from neighbouring country crisis). As far as commodities Silver looks strong for 2012 & this may be a great time to buy the double long Silver ETF AGQ & short 3 month forward USD/INR 52.74

[04/02/12]   March 5th NAV $100 (Fund Inception)
March 31st NAV $102.53

More Muddled Thinking From BlackBerry Management - Forbes

I was lucky to catch these news in pre trading hours giving my portfolio a 5% boost before our first quarter as a new entity. I think Microsoft or Google could be likely candidates for a buyout around $20 - $25 range. Upside potential is 40 - 80% & downside looks closer to 15%. Jim Balsillie may be gone, but his muddled thinking continues in the form of Thorsten Heins at RIM.

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