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Top 10 Myths about Life Insurance Without a doubt, life insurance is essential to everyone's financial security. This is especially true for working individuals who have incurred considerable debt over the years. Life insurance provides additional security and prepares you for the worst case scenario. However, there are a variety of misconceptions about life insurance, its availability and how necessary it is. Myth #1—Life Insurance Is Not Important. Of course, this may be true, but only if you are so financially secure that your family will be able to pay the entire mortgage, receive appropriate financial support, and not have to worry about any expenses, were you to die. Most people don't have that sort of economic stability. Myth #2—My Employer's Insurance Is Sufficient. While this may be OK for some, an employer's insurance may not be adequate for other individuals accustomed to a certain lifestyle. In addition, your employer's insurance will only be made available to you for as long as you are an employee of that company. If you are terminated or you retire, the insurance will no longer exist. Myth #3—Life Insurance is Not Necessary Because My Children Are Adults. Grown children will go on to have their own families and with that kind of responsibility comes financial obligations. This means that you cannot depend on your children to provide financial support when you need it or expect them to incur debt to arrange for your funeral and burial. Myth #4—I Cannot Qualify for Life Insurance. If someone is a smoker or has a major medical issue, they may believe that their application for life insurance will be denied. While smoking is a considered factor as it relates to the terms of the policy, there are some companies that offer policies specifically for smokers, but possibly at a higher rate of premium. Myth #5—I Am Too Young for Life Insurance. Life insurance is not only for older individuals. You never know what unexpected situation might arise and how helpful life insurance would be in that situation. Additionally, life insurance at a younger age equates to lower premiums. Myth #6—Life Insurance Coverage is only for the Breadwinner. This is not entirely true. If a non-working spouse passes away, you will need to consider the costs of services that you may have taken for granted at one point in time. You should buy sufficient insurance against losing a non-working spouse, especially to cover the daily costs of cleaning house and taking care of children. Myth #7—I Don't Need Life Insurance Because I Have No Children. If you have or do not have dependents, it is a surety that you will need the protection of life insurance. You can encounter a major, life-changing event and need a beneficiary to handle any assets left behind. Your life insurance would also cover any funeral expenses. This proves that, though you have no children, you still need life insurance for times like these. Myth #8— Life Insurance is Just a Big Scam. Not all life insurance agents are just interested in the sale of life insurance products with the hope of making a big commission. A huge majority of agents have an honest interest in their clients. They want to find the best insurance plans possible to make clients long time customers instead of making a one-time deal. Myth #9—I am Single and Don't Need Life Insurance Single people are of the impression that they don't need life insurance. While most people will purchase life insurance to protect a remaining spouse, single people should also be protected. If you are not insured, you may leave a host of unpaid bills for your family to deal with. Additionally, life insurance may be an excellent way for a single person to leave behind a charitable donation. Myth #10—Life Insurance is Too Expensive. If you structure your finances and your policy appropriately, you will be able to maintain both life insurance and a rich quality of life. You can cut back on unnecessary expenses to accommodate your life insurance purchase. In every life-changing circumstance—such as marriage, starting a family, retiring and buying a home—you should consider life insurance. Forget about the myths. Learn as much as you can about life insurance and the policy that is right for you. Contact a qualified insurance agent for more help in dispelling the myths surrounding life insurance.
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Securex Insurance Group (SIG) is an independently owned insurance agency founded by Allan Hale in 2011 to help families in their greatest time of need.

SIG offers Life Policies online or direct over the phone in 38 States. Visit us at We also specialize in assisting small and medium size businesses recover R&D Tax Credits; Helping seniors to cash in their life policy they no longer need, want or can afford, AND we proactively review our client's Auto & Home policies every year to make sure they are always getting the best rates. If you have an auto or home policy from someone else be sure to ask about our Amazon Gift Card Challenge! Our family of agents work together to bring you the best products and services from our nation's leading insurance carriers. Each agent undergoes extensive training for the various products and programs to ensure they can help you make the right decision an put protection in place for you and your loved ones.

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Visit our website for free Life, Auto and Home quotes online! Securex Insurance offers Life Policies online or direct over the phone in 38 States. We also specialize in assisting small and medium size businesses recover Research and Development Tax Credits; Helping seniors to cash in their life policy they no longer need, want or can afford, AND we proactively...

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Wealth Replacement Life Insurance (CGver180813) Wealth Replacement Life Insurance

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Foresters has made it easier for Americans living with Type 2 diabetes to qualify for life insurance! Contact me to get more information.

Contact me for more information on how Foresters is helping support people living with diabetes with both financial protection and well-being benefits.


Did you know that compound interest is the result of reinvesting interest into your savings? Learn more how compound interest could benefit you.


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Are you 65 or older and own an existing life policy worth $100k or more you no longer need, want or can afford?

I can help put money back into your pocket by selling your policy in the secondary market.

We pay for life insurance policies that policy owners either no longer need or no longer want. Many people have no idea just how valuable their life insurance policy is when they surrender or lapse it, and so many policies today are just given up because of inability to pay the premiums. If you fit our criteria you may be able to receive real value for something you felt had become a burden.

Most of the people we deal with are seniors who need funds for retirement or medical expenses. All transactions are highly regulated for maximum consumer awareness, transparency and protection. Our team will be glad to answer your questions as you decide what to do with your policy.

Your life insurance policy is personal property. Consider your options before allowing it to lapse. Get cash for your policy and start living a better life now. Call us at (832) 798-1596. 😀

The 6 Legal Documents Seniors Need to Have There are specific legal documents that every adult should complete to protect their legal and health interests during good health, illness, and death.

I am your helping hand, the insurance broker who stands up to help others stand back up.

Call me to discuss your needs to see how I can help!
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