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Photos from First Frontier Bookkeeping & Tax Services's post 02/12/2021


Photos from First Frontier Bookkeeping & Tax Services's post 02/02/2021

February 1, 2021: Deadline for Business Annual Information deadline down...Praise God🙏

Photos from First Frontier Bookkeeping & Tax Services's post 01/12/2021

Income tax time is just around the corner! And the 2020 tax organizers to assist clients to gather all their tax documents and information were already sent into their repective email address.

We are now accepting appointments for both VIRTUAL/ ONLINE or in person appointments:

1. Call or text to 832-232-1678;

2. On our firm’s website:


1. Clients will be given access into our firm’s client portal where they can upload their tax documents securely;

2. Clients have to provide us with their email address where we can send the link for the client portal access;

3. Clients can send us documents through one of the following methods, whichever is more convenient:

a. Fax to 832-550-2774
b. Email to [email protected]
c. Take clear pics of the documents and text to 832-232-1678
d. Upload to the client portal (RECOMMENDED)
e. Drop to the secured drop box in our tax office at 9894 Bissonnet St Suite 908 Houston, TX 77036
f. Mail to 9894 Bissonnet St Suite 908 Houston, TX 77036

4. Clients will be contacted via phone on their appointment time to discuss computations. Access to the computation sheet will be provided to clients so they can see the numbers.

5. Clients to sign necessary tax forms electronically, so we can e-file the tax returns;

6. Clients will receive electronic copies of their e-filed tax returns or paper copy from the mail, per their preference;

7. Tax preparation fees can be paid via Zelle using our phone number 832-232-1678 or email address [email protected], or we can run electronic debit from their bank account on file.

Looking forward to serve your tax preparation needs again this year😊. Rest assured that we are doing our very best to serve your needs in the safest way without neglecting due diligence, accuracy and quality.

Stay safe and healthy always🙏


The 3-day Virtual Tax Season Updates was just concluded today...thank you National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP) for always being an excellent resource of valuable information which we can definitely apply to carry out our mandate of preparing accurate tax returns💕


October 15, 2020

2020 tax season, our firm’s 12th, has officially concluded today...We can’t thank the Lord enough for His divine protection unto us and to all of our clients as we go through this tax season amid the pandemic🙏...We praise God because it came to pass, and everyone is staying safe and healthy....

To our dear clients, thank you for the continued trust...thank you for the’s the best compliment you can give us, as we strive to do our best to serve your needs💕

This tax season was tough, because we need to cancel all in person meetings, to usher you to a new normal tax preparation service, which is touchless and remote.

The Lord has been gracious💕...unexpectedly, our clientele base has increased by 6.27% from last year’s numbers, despite of the locked down😊...We can’t help but praise God🤗


Five (5 ) days before extended individual tax returns deadline....almost there thru God’s grace🙏💕


September 15th, 2020- Filing deadline for extended business tax returns

Praising God for we have turned in the last tax returns to e-file, as scheduled. Now, we can relax and sit back a bit, before tackling the extended individual tax returns, which will be due in 30 days😊


The first ever virtual TaxCon (tax conference) by the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP), was just concluded today...the annual conference was originally planned to be conducted in San Antonio, TX, but due to the Covid 19 pandemic, they delivered the valuable information to us virtually instead...well, whether virtually or in person, the knowledge that you have imparted to us, still have the same value...and we’re thankful really did an excellent job👍

See you all again in Baltimore next year, hopefully in person, God willing🙏😊


What a tax season it has been!😊....Tax season 2020 is probably one of the tax seasons to remember...thru God’s grace and guidance we were able to pull it through🙏...completed and processed about 74% of the expected tax returns to be processed, the rests being extended...and we still have 90 days to process everything, by the new deadline, Sept 15th for business and October 15th for individuals. To accomplish this, we need to process around 3-4 tax returns a day.

While most establishments went through a locked down in mid- March due to the Covid 19 threat, our firm has continued operations, shifting most of our operations into virtual/online or touchless tax preparation services.

The shift was not easy....considering that our schedule with client in - person meetings was already in place until the supposed to be April 15th deadline...we have to make a quick and viable decision to lead all clients into a process that is totally different from what they were used to...making sure it is easy for them to follow and execute...and we would like to say that we were somehow successful in this, as shown by our output data😊...We believe that God has intervened when we knelt and asked for wisdom on our next steps, when we were just given a short period of time, to conceive a process to ensure our clients’ safety, and can still serve their needs🙏

On to 90 days more, before we can call this 2020 tax season a history...To God be all the glory🙏


Less than 48 hours to tax day💕


Tax office


The “new normal” in our tax office, enacting precautionary measures in accordance with the guidelines set by authorities, to help prevent the spread of covid 19 virus, and for our clients’ safety, which is our firm’s priority❤️


Signing off at past 8pm....


Our 10th day serving clients with their tax preparation needs virtually/online...seems like our clients are now getting the hang of it😊...I’m so proud of them! Uploading tax documents into the client portal, reviewing tax computations over the phone and e-signing tax documents are now just a piece of cake to them😊. Even those who called themselves low-tech or non-savvy with computers got the tasks done successfully! Impressive👏👏👏

Also, I’m so glad to announce that some clients have started setting up/ requesting appointments thru our company website:

I’m glad the website is now serving its purpose😊. It’s an alternative way to contact us for appointments, in case you can’t get me over the phone, because I may be with a client in another line.

I thank God we have all these tools in place😊

Praying for every one’s safety out there🙏



Done sending to e-file extension requests for our business clients who are filing Form 1065, Form 1120 S and Form 1041.

It’s also our 3rd day preparing tax returns remotelly/ virtually, in line with the precautionary measures our firm has implemented recently, to do our part to somehow slow down the spread of Covid 19.

Our clients who were scheduled to have their tax returns prepared remotely did a great job😊...uploading their tax documents securely to the client portal, reviewing tax return computations over the phone, and e-signing required documents.

We can do this by God’s grace🙏


Dearest clients:

In light of the recent events surrounding the spread of Covid 19, just want to let you know that our firm is taking precautionary measures to enable us to continue to meet the needs of our clients, while also placing a high priority on their safety.

In order to accomplish the above while ensuring safety for our clients, we have enacted the following measures to do our part to combat the effects of Covid 19:


1. Clients will be given access into our firm’s client portal where they can upload their tax forms securely.

2. Clients have to give us their email address/es where we can send the link for client portal access.

3. Clients can fax tax documents to 832-550-2774

4. Clients can email tax documents to [email protected]

5. Clients can take clear pictures of the tax documents and text to 832-232-1678

6. Clients will be contacted via phone on their appointment time to discuss computations. We will send tax computation sheet via text so clients can see the figures, before we finalize.

7. Clients to sign necessary tax forms electronically so we can e-file tax returns.

8. Clients will receive electronic copies of their e-filed tax returns or paper copy from the mail, per their preference.

9. Tax prep fees can be paid via zelle using our email address [email protected] or we can run electronic debit from their bank account on file.

Please feel free to call me anytime if any questions at 832-232-1678.

Stay safe🙏



February 1, 2020: Done with the last client served at 10:40pm. Time to rest now😊. Day 1 of our firm’s tax season went well. 74 days more to go🙏

So happy to see new faces and returning clients today😊❤️


January 31, 2020 : Deadline to file Quarterly Payroll Tax Returns and Annual Information Reporting requirement. We’re thankful we got them all turned in today🙏😊


Tax organizers are finally out in the mail today😊...the rests have been emailed...seems like we’re all set for 2020 tax season, our 12th!

As in the past, we completely put our trust and confidence in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior alone🙏. On bended knees, we lift up in prayers every single client, whom God will be sending us to serve, both new and returning.

Each year, our goal is to render services with more efficiency, convenience, security and fun😊. We are excited to announce that our company website has been launched and in full operation!

Through our website, setting up an appointment and sending in tax documents securely, through the client portal, has never been easier! But, of course, to the old school folks like me, my phone 832-232-1678 is still very much available to call or text. You can also contact me through email [email protected] or via messenger.😊

So let’s keep the ball rolling, and we’re so excited to serve you all again!❤️


Federal Tax Update Seminar in preparation for 2020 Tax Season😊❤️


Praising God for the good turn out of my face-to-face meeting with an IRS Agent on behalf of a client today🙏. I am usually being requested to go to the IRS office to meet, but this time, the meeting place is in our tax office😊


Praising God for another deadline that we have knocked down today....the 3rd Quarter Payroll Tax Returns filing deadline🙏


So our firm’s 11th year tax season has officially ended today😊

It was an awesome season for’s on this year when we have finally hit the number of clienteles which we have targeted and prayed for the last 3 years....even exceeded it by 7%.
From last year’s tax season, we posted an increase of 12.48% .

It’s another milestone for our firm, and we give all the credits and glory to the Source of it all, the One who we believe and depend on, our Lord Jesus Christ🙏😊

To all our clients, we thank you for the trust and we sincerely appreciate you all❤️....thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you....On to our 12th tax season in Year 2020!😊....see you all again!


Now signing off to rest my weary eyes and mind😴...see you all in the morning with renewed strength and enthusiasm😘


Tax returns on extension are due next week, October 15th...


September 16, 2019

Today is the deadline to file extended business tax returns...we have few more on the list to process and e-file, but we’re claming that we’re still on track, through God’s grace😊...we have until 11:59pm to send them to the IRS today, and be considered filed timely.

I can’t thank the Lord enough for giving us business clients who are so proactive and cooperative as we work together towards a common goal: that is to complete an accurate tax return the best we could😊...

We had a great time working with you all😊

We thank you for the trust and we sincerely appreciate your business!

Extended individual tax returns will be next in line❤️


Back to work....extended business tax returns’ deadline will be in 4 weeks...September 15th, to be exact😊


IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig,speaking at the National Association of Tax Professionals Conference😊❤️


Attending 2019 National Association of Tax Professionals National Conference & Expo in Chicago😊



We wish to thank all of our clients, both returning and new ones, for sharing with us this year’s tax season😊

Thank you for keeping us busy, we can’t complain. The sleepless nights and skipped meals are wiped out by your sincere thank you’s and tight hand shakes. Our team has really enjoyed our conversation with each one of you as we deliver services to your satisfaction.

We value your business and the relationship which we have established over the years.

We saw a lot of new faces this year....Thank you for trusting your friends who referred us to you. We intend to nurture that relationship and trust which we have just established. We’re looking forward to more years of serving you.

Above all, we thank our Lord Jesus Christ for sustaining us, tax season after tax season, without fail❤️



Done for the day in our tax office in the south😊❤️


Philippians 3:13

“Brothers I do not consider that I have made it my own. But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead.”


1.31.19: Information Returns and quarterly payroll tax returns filing deadline

All information returns and quarterly payroll tax returns were filed on time as planned. I praise God for keeping me focused and alert, though multitasking is inevitable at times, as I need to take calls from clients who are setting up their tax appointments, while working on those reports that needed to be filed by the deadline...I prayed for speed and accuracy and the Lord has graciously granted😊


One of our firm’s objectives for Year 2019 and beyond:
“Being able to inform, explain and instill continued confidence in our clients, therefore, in addition to being technically proficient, we aim to be able to listen, manage and advise.”


Meeting up early bird filers and provide assistance/consultation services to business clients today😊





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