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One trusted partner delivering more control, more power, and more revenue! Mesh Networks (Mesh) was founded in 2006 and is the emerging leader in network and bandwidth management solutions for wired and wireless deployments to commercial and residential facilities.

Mesh’s End2End™ Network and patent pending Bandwidth Management and Optimization Solutions for wired and wireless services are a fully scalable solution, for delivering, managing, monitoring and monetizing reliable network connectivity for the property management, MDU, REIT or any management operation of commercial and multi-tenant facilities. Whether you need superb bandwidth management, exceptional wireless coverage or a complete End2End™ Solution, Mesh’s networking experts can integrate their bandwidth management solutions into an existing system or design for a new development that includes expert design, execution, implementation, 24/7 monitoring & support. Mesh’s experience and expertise is proven to help ease IT related headaches by reducing IT and help desk costs, provide additional revenue opportunities, and significantly increase site management and end user satisfaction and quality of experience. Mesh Networks has you covered, everything from expert design, equipment selection, installation, IT management, maintenance, monitoring, ongoing support & future proofing is provided in a Mesh End2End™ Partnership. Contact us today for more information about our bandwidth management and End2End™ network solutions. Call 855.855.MESH or [email protected]

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4 Ways Tenants Of The Future Will Behave

Mesh Networks understands just how important WiFi is for the multi-tenant property owner.
“WiFi in public areas is simply a must have, and sitewide WiFi will likely be the norm going forward,” says Cortland Partners director of investments Lou Davis

Read more at: Multifamily tenants' demands have evolved with the advent of innovative integrated devices, rapid delivery, expanded online capabilities and other developments

7 ways to use smart home tech in an apartment rental

Today's #techsavvyrenters demand the best in IT. Consider providing the best connectivity to keep them impressed and happy. A San Francisco couple shows how to turn your home into a smart one— in a relatively painless and potentially kind of fun way.

Samsung Swivels Everyday Tech for Better Senior Living - Senior Housing News

#MeshNetworks subscribes to this idea of bringing senior living communities into the 21 century to help seniors live longer, healthier and happier lives... The 21st Century Senior Living Community is a series brought to you by CDW, a provider of technology solutions and services focused exclusively on serving the healthcare marketplace. The series takes a clear-eyed look at how leading providers and their partners are creating the next generation of se...

Technology Will Radically Alter Multifamily. Here’s How.

It's a good thing Mesh Networks increases #bandwidthutilization up to 40%. It is impossible to anticipate all the ways tech will alter multifamily, but developments pertaining to internet, infrastructure and mobile are imminent.

Forecast: 2017 Student Housing Technology Trends | UNITS Magazine With 2017 on the horizon, the team at Campus Apartments routinely looks at the trends of 2016 so it can predict what will become popular in the near future. What will phase out? What innovations will be coming down the pipeline in 2017?

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5 technologies that are making smart buildings smarter

"...wireless can minimize the volume of cooper wire installation, keeping first costs down..." Biometric sensors, improved Wi-Fi and predictive maintenance data are driving the growing market for smart buildings.

EaDo Has Come A Long Way, But Its Just Getting Started

EADO is becoming a beautiful, vibrant part of Houston! This pictured building is now a protected landmark thanks to the work of Houston developer David Denenburg. @MeshNetworks was there for this EADO event and this is indeed a magnificent building. Read the full story... EaDo's transformation is already underway, now it's kicking into high gear

Broadband Communities - JUL 2016

A Mesh Networks network installation success story is featured in this month's issue of one of the most highly respected and widely read industry trade magazines- [email protected]

A Dramatic Broadband Rescue:
Creekside Vue Apartments

This month, BROADBAND COMMUNITIES highlights Creekside Vue, a luxury greenfield development in New Braunfels, Texas, about 25 miles northeast of San Antonio. MESH NETWORKS stepped in after the original contractor was unable to install the agreed ­upon broadband equipment. Mesh improved and implemented the existing design, which included fiber to equipment rooms with coax and Cat 5 cable to individual units. Thanks to Joanne Luger, VP of sales at Mesh Networks, and owner Tim Marroquin for supplying the information for this profile. Read the exciting details beginning on page 14.


Bandwidth consumption is only going to continue to grow according to this survey from The key issue for property owners who provide connectivity services is uncontrolled bandwidth consumption. With bandwidth consumption steadily on the rise, how will property owners contain network operating costs, generate increased net operating income, and most importantly, increase tenant satisfaction and retention? Check out the article by Joanne C. Luger on our May 10th post to find out the only real answer to this worrisome problem! WASHINGTON – Today, CTIA® released its annual survey results, which found Americans used 9.6 trillion megabytes (MB) of data in 2015, three times the 3.2 trillion MB in 2013. This is the equivalent of consumers streaming 59,219 videos every minute or roughly 18 million MB: Smartphones are the num...

Six Things Property Managers
By Should Know About Increasing
Net Operating Income With
High-Speed Internet & TV

Break-Through to Network Profitability and High QoS in the Untamed World of High-Priced, Uncontrolled Bandwidth Consumption.

Property management companies, owners and managers have to contend with a host of daily processes and services while ensuring tenant satisfaction. In today’s Internet-hungry world, property managers are being saddled with delivering and managing high-speed Internet services – a difficult task for some and nearly impossible for others. The number of factors involved in keeping bandwidth delivery ahead of the curve while ensuring high quality of service (QoS) and tenant satisfaction makes the risk vs. reward decision difficult enough – never mind delivering income and profitability from a property’s network.

At conferences and business meetings with property owners, managers and REIT executives, I hear what appears to be the same symptoms of many expensive, failing Internet deployments. People report rising bandwidth costs and customer complaints at MDU, student housing, senior living and commercial properties due to increased video and audio streaming, uncontrolled data consumption across multiple mobile devices and the Internet of Things explosion. Meanwhile, “bandwidth hogs,” which remain unleashed, continue to dilute service levels for the majority of tenants and business operations, which greatly reduces overall customer satisfaction.

These and other factors often force property owners or managers to purchase additional expensive bandwidth – which, at best, is a short-term solution. This momentary solution is destined to become diluted quickly because of the “first-come, first-served” nature of an unmanaged network.

Once the unmanaged network is properly installed, managed and optimized, the QoS problem, or lack of QoS problem, is resolved – property owners and managers can contain network operating costs, generate increased net operating income (NOI), and, most important, increase tenant satisfaction and retention.

Property managers should consider six steps in upgrading, retrofitting or installing cost-efficient, profitable, high-speed Internet systems for their properties.

Find out the six things you should know...

Article By Joanne C. Luger
Vice President Sales
Mesh Networks

To schedule your free property evaluation, contact Joanne today at: [email protected]

2016 InterFace Seniors Housing Midwest Seniors Housing Business magazine and France Media’s InterFace Conference Group are pleased to host the 2nd Annaul InterFace Seniors Housing Midwest conference on June 21 in Chicago at the Westin River North. The conference will focus on the state of...

InterFace Student Housing Conference Brings 1,200 Student Housing Executives to Austin |...

Mesh Networks thanks Richard Kelly and InterFace team for hosting a great InterFace Student Housing Conference where we can learn about the industry, and forge new relationships! Thursday's industry "Power Panel" included (from left to right) Rob Bronstein, president of The Scion Group; Randy Churchey, CEO of EdR; Bill Bayless, president and CEO of American Campus Communities; Wes Rogers, president and CEO of Landmark Properties; David Adelman, president and CEO of Campus Ap…

Mesh Networks is headed to the 8th ANNUAL INTERFACE STUDENT HOUSING, APRIL 13-15, HILTON AUSTIN. Looking forward to a great week of discussing “Wi-Fi & Bulk- The New World of #IndividualBandwidth”, and creating new and exciting partnerships.

BBC Summit 2016

The Broadband Communities Summit is around the corner! Make your plans to be at the best event to learn, connect and grow your business! Whether you need technology/services or sell technology/service this Summit is THE place to be on April 5-7. Please come visit us at booth #706. We'll see you there! #BBCbestshowever! As the leading conference on broadband technologies for communities, the Broadband Communities Summit attracts broadband system operators, network builders and deployers of all

Austin Pathways @AustinPathways · Feb 22

99% o/ kids stayed in school thx to the YES program. Set & forget ur #AmplifyATX donation:

Mesh Networks' End2End™ Network Solution is Deployed to Creekside Vue Luxury Apartment Homes

Mesh Networks' patent pending End2End™ Network Process and Bandwidth Management Solutions enable properties to provide the most bandwidth to each tenant, check out the details of this exciting installation! HOUSTON, Jan. 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Mesh Networks (Mesh), the emerging leader in network and bandwidth management solutions for wired and wireless deployments to commercial and residential facilities has successfully deployed their End2End™ Network Solution, which includes the state-of-the-art, N…

Merry Christmas From Mesh Networks!

This is a new Mesh Networks family picture taken at our new amazing location. We love it here and look forward to providing the best End2End™ Network Solutions & Bandwidth Management to our customers for many years to come.

Good news! Mesh Networks is growing and has relocated to a larger location to accommodate our growing team and better serve our growing customer base. We love our new home and look forward to serving your network needs from our new location! Read the full story here:

Happy Thursday! Computer Safety Tip #9 is here to help keep your money in your pocket!

Keep abreast of Internet scams. Criminals think of clever ways to separate you from your hard earned cash. Don't get fooled by emails telling sad stories, or making unsolicited job offers, or promising lotto winnings. Likewise, beware of email masquerading as a security concern from your bank or other eCommerce site.

Be safe and please share this important tip with your friends and loved ones!

If you would like to learn more about how it's possible to Increase Property Revenue and Satisfaction with property wide wired & Wi-Fi solutions, visit or call 855,855,MESH. We are here to help you!

Computer Safety Tip #8...... Avoid P2P and distributed file sharing. Torrent, Kazaa, Gnutella, Morpheus and at least a dozen other file-sharing networks exist. Most are free, and all lead to potential Trojans, viruses, worms, adware, spyware, and every other form of malicious code imaginable. There's no such thing as safe anonymous file sharing.

We only have 3 more computer safety tips left to go, stay tuned more coming soon. Please share these important tips with your friends, family and co-workers.

Computer safety tip #7 has arrived!

Treat Instant Messages (IM) suspiciously. Instant Messaging is a frequent target of worms and Trojans. Treat IM's just as you would email.

Be IM safe and have the best day!

Here it is, Computer Safety Tip #6.

Take control of your email. Do not open email attachments or click on links received unexpectedly no matter the senders name. Remember that most worms and Trojan-laden spam try to spoof the sender's name. Make sure your email client isn't leaving you open to infection. Reading email in plain text offers important security benefits that offset the loss of pretty colored fonts.

Many of your friends and family may not know this, so please share this important tip with your loved ones or business friends. Be sure to 'like' us and post a comment if this has helped you!

Mesh Networks is pleased to announce that Mr. Aaron Shbeeb has accepted the offer to become a permanent, full time team member and continue in his current role as Senior Network Products Developer.

Aaron comes to Mesh with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Engineering from Ohio State University and over 10 years of experience in the software security and development industry. As a software engineer, Aaron has an extensive background in software product development and security. The technologies Aaron has mastered are wide-ranging to encompass: C/C++, PHP/MySQL, HTML/CSS/Javascript, jQuery, Sencha ExtJS, just to name a few. Aaron’s experience in software and network security includes an emphasis on secure coding, reverse engineering and penetration testing.

Mr. Shbeeb has become a well-respected member of Mesh’s expanding team. Mesh Networks is looking forward to many years with Aaron, and thanks him for his contributions to date. Mr. Aaron Shbeeb’s work in product development and security has been an important part of moving Mesh Networks forward in expanding and improving our amazing line of bandwidth management and network products and services.

We have our 5th Computer Safety Tip ready for you.....

Secure your browser. Many labor under the dangerous misconception that only Internet Explorer is a problem. It's not the browser you need to be concerned about or is it a matter of simply avoiding certain 'types' of sites. Known, legitimate websites are frequently being compromised and implanted with malicious JavaScript that forces malware onto visitors' computers. To ensure optimum browsing safety, the best tip is to disable JavaScript for all but the most essential of sites -- such as your banking or regular ecommerce sites. Not only will you enjoy safer browsing, you'll be able to eliminate unwanted pop-ups as well.

Stay tuned, Computer Safety Tip #6 coming soon! We love your likes...keep 'em coming. :)

Computer Safety Tip #4.... Use a firewall. No Internet connection is safe without one. Firewalls are necessary. It takes only minutes for a non-firewalled computer to be infected.

If you don't have a firewall, please get one today! Turn on the one in your computer, or install one of your choosing. Here are some comparisons you may find helpful.,2817,2369749,00.asp

Has this tip helped you? Be sure to let us know with a comment and a like! :)

Five years goes by fast! Matthew Druckhammer began his career here at Mesh as a technology intern. Matthew was quickly hired fulltime to fulfill the role of Field Sales Technician. Matthew made himself indispensable with his networking skills by installing and troubleshooting network equipment at the Mesh home office and our customer’s locations. Matthew also provided both consumer and business level 2 support. Matthew also provided the entire Mesh team with desktop/software support. Matthew’s dependability, problem solving, team spirit, and “calm under pressure” character is a skill set that has served Mesh well over the years and made him a customer favorite.

Mr. Matthew Druckhammer has since been promoted to Software Developer. Matthew attended Lone Star College, and continued his education, having learned 6 coding languages, multiple systems and software masteries (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP), wireless technology, WAN networks, network design, network administration, website development and electronics. Matthew is currently helping to develop the next generation of NetProfit®, Mesh’s state of the art bandwidth management system.

Mesh Networks celebrates Matthew Druckhammer’s 5th anniversary and thanks Matthew for his dedication and service.

We know you've been waiting for it, so here it is! Computer tip #3...... Install security patches.

Vulnerabilities in software are constantly being discovered, and they don't discriminate by vendor or platform. It's not simply a matter of updating Windows. At least once a month, check for updates to ensure you have the most up-to-date software available.

Here is the next step to keeping your computer healthy.

2) Use antivirus software and keep it up-to-date. You should check for new definition updates daily. Most antivirus software can be configured to do this automatically.

Send this valuable safety information to your friends.

Be on the look out for computer safety tip #3....coming soon!

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