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As your personal agent, I believe in keeping you informed and aware of Farmers insurance products. It is my mission to help you develop the right plans to meet your insurance needs.

Through dedication, knowledge and a tireless work ethic, I will be the agent who my customers want to send their friends and families to. I will strive to protect my clients' assets. My goal is to exceed all my customers' expectations.

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Mark Sexton Insurance Agency's cover photo

Mark Sexton Insurance Agency's cover photo

I recently read about a house that was 3-D printed in under 24 hours for less than $11,000. Are you planning on building a home or making any renovations? Whether you're 3-D printing or using more conventional methods, give me a call and let's chat.

I read an interesting fact the other day: Apparently, researchers have found that the more time some folks spend on social media, the more socially isolated they report feeling. That probably explains why I love meeting in person. Schedule your Farmers Friendly Review® today and let's reconnect.

Remodeling? You've probably spent sleepless nights debating granite or marble countertops, but have you thought about how it would affect your policy? It's not as exciting as your kitchen's new backsplash, but if your home's value has gone up, your coverage may need to, too.

If you’re thinking about buying an RV, I’ve got a tip for you to keep in mind. Normal auto policies may not cover an RV’s expensive accessories. If you want to chat further, give me a call.

I don't have a green thumb. That's why smart gardens give me hope. They're smartphone-enabled and take the guesswork out of gardening with automated lighting and watering systems. Plus, no worms. Are there parts of your policy that need tending to? Let's talk.

Farmers has prepared us agents for all types of crazy claims. We even covered a claim where a dog turned a casual squirrel chase into a full-on pursuit on 2/23/16. Watch this unbelievable but true claim story unfold:

Come talk to me about a Farmers Friendly Review. I'll help you find the best policy for any life changes that may have come your way over the last few months.

Raining diamonds may sound fun in theory, but can you imagine them during hurricane season—which, coincidentally, we're coming up on soon? Get in touch with me so you can make sure you’re covered for our planet’s most intense weather.

One of my favorite tips that really works: A former NASA engineer actually tested the fastest way to defog a car. Check out his technique below. And after you’ve cleared that up, give me a call. I’d love to share other useful car factoids you might not know about.

After winter, there may be a buildup of debris and even algae in air filters, which can cause A/C units to work harder and possibly drive up energy costs. Spend this weekend checking yours. For more helpful info, give me a call.

As a total insurance geek, I can't help but think of Elizur Wright. He helped set the ethical and moral standard for life insurance policies more than 150 years ago. If you're curious to learn even more about life insurance, give me a call.

Some interesting insurance trivia: Instead of buying expensive life insurance, the Apollo 11 crew signed photos that their families could sell. If you want to help protect your family’s financial future without having to board a rocket, call me.

For many growing businesses, establishing a strong presence online can be crucial for standing out in today’s economy. But digital systems have their own risks and vulnerabilities, especially if you’re managing your customers’ information. Give me a call to learn more about business insurance options, including cybercrime coverage, so you can select what you want for your business.

Farmers has seen what happens when a dog gets a little creative with his squirrel pursuits. And we covered it on 2/23/16.

Life insurance for your kids is a policy that grows with them. Purchasing a permanent juvenile policy now ensures that they have coverage, even if their health changes later on, and can even be used to help pay for school or a home. Give me a call so you can figure out what's right for your family.

Don’t defrost your meat on the counter because bacteria doubles every 20 minutes at room temperature. The FDA recommends using the fridge instead. Let’s keep petri dishes in the lab and out of the kitchen. And as you wait on your meat to defrost, call me to chat through any upcoming policy needs.

At Farmers, we’ve seen lots of unbelievable things. Like the time a grouchy goat could not discern its own reflection, but caused very discernible vehicular damage. We covered it on 11/9/11.

From carpooling to coupon cutting, what are some of your best money saving habits? See if you can save more when you come in for a Farmers Friendly Review with your local agent:

People hear "Farmers" and think we only offer insurance, but Farmers Financial Solutions also offer Mutual Funds, Variable Annuities, 529 College Savings Plans and more. Good news: I love talking about all of it. Don't just protect your future. Invest in it. Call me and let's chat.

If you tee off anything like I do, you probably hit more turf than ball. Luckily, there are brilliant minds working hard to keep our courses green. If you want a experienced mind to go over your policies with you, give me a call. Maybe we can chat while working on our swings.

A whopping 1,109 carats. That's about the size of a tennis ball. You may not have any rocks that big to insure, but if you do have a new, blingy purchase you want to cover, shoot me an email and let’s chat.

As a Farmers agent, I have seen a lot, so I can discuss coverage options so you can select the coverage that fits your business. But as a small business owner myself, I know that a growing business has changing needs. Give me a call, and we can discuss a plan that works for you.

What are two leading characteristics behind an effective leader? Extroversion and conscientiousness. Being social and having a strong work ethic can naturally inspire others. The best part? These are both traits anyone can work on. Call me today if you need the practice.

We all know what it’s like to take a hard hit (though, maybe not pro-football-tackle hard), and that’s why I’m here. The best offense is a good defense, so let’s review your policies so you can make sure you have the coverage you want for those game-time changes.

Trying to light a grill or a fireplace without a stick lighter is frustrating. Instead of risking a burn with a regular match, light the end of a dried spaghetti noodle. If you cook anything like me, you definitely know how well they burn. Want more tips to impress dinner guests with? Give me a call.

When you own a small business, your employees are like family…like the mess they leave in the kitchen. Still, I know you want to see them and your business succeed at the same time. Let’s find a life insurance policy to help you do just that.

Is it just me, or is there nothing more romantic than starting off a honeymoon with a candlelit talk about life insurance? All right, probably a stretch. But still, it’s a great idea to start your life together by planning your future together.

When you’re young, I know that “life insurance” takes a back seat to more pressing matters… like wondering how old is “too old” to own a futon. But, you should reconsider. Getting a policy early may secure a lower rate and help protect your financial future.

Call me today and let’s chat about what options work best for you. And also about how you should get rid of your futon.

In a recent survey, a majority of people admitted they'd leave their loved ones behind nothing more than photos and memories. Life insurance can help provide reassurance that your family's financial future will be taken care of. Luckily, it's easier than you think. Call me today.

Do you check the manufacturers warranty before you buy big-ticket items? Often manufacturers will have a warranty on their products. If so, buying the warranty offered at the store may be redundant coverage. Give me a call and let’s chat about how else you can protect any shiny new gifts you get this holiday season.

Come see me and I can help you cover your home with more than just snow.

Pro Tip: Wax stain from a toppled candle got you down? If you’ve got an iron and some paper, it’s an easy fix with some surfaces. OR's an easy fix with stained areas. Consider covering the wax with a paper towel and ironing it on the lowest setting to draw the wax right out. For even more tips on how to keep your home in tip-top shape, give me a call.

Mycobacterium vaccae found in dirt promotes neuron growth and increases the serotonin in your brain. That means the more you're outdoors, the better you may feel. For more surprising ways to take care of yourself, give me a call.

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