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Business Interruption

Many businesses have experienced business interruption and are being told by insurance companies that their insurance policy doesn’t cover losses caused by a business slowdown or closure due to a pandemic, often relying on exclusions or other policy language.

States have begun introducing legislation requiring insurers to provide coverage to business owners for at this time. Further, business owners nationwide are filing lawsuits against their insurance companies for the wrongful denial of their claims.

Business owners should click "learn more" to see if they qualify for immediate consultation by one of our highly qualified legal representatives.


Herron Group Insurance's cover photo


Herron Group Insurance's cover photo

insurancejournal.com 02/13/2020

Report: 2019 Was 7th Year in Last Decade with 10 or More Disasters of $1B-Plus

When we talk about property rates in Harris County, we must take notice that insurance is effected by global events as well as local.

insurancejournal.com Last year was a particularly hazardous one, with natural catastrophes causing excessive damages in what appears to be an ongoing trend of higher losses in

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How to Protect Yourself from Package Theft and ID Fraud

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Tips for Handling a Tire Blowout

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Pumpkin Spice Latte Idea

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Understanding an Umbrella Policy

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Car Maintenance Checklist

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How to Help Prevent Frozen Pipes

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5 Tips to Protect Your Possessions with Valuable Items Insurance Coverage

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imga.biz 09/01/2017

Do I Have to File a Texas Homeowners Insurance Claim by September 1?

Sept 1 filing date rumor is false!!:

imga.biz In the legislative session that ended in May 2017, the Texas Legislature passed HB 1774, which finally prevented abusive lawsuits that dramatically increased the cost of home insurance for all Texans. Unscrupulous people are taking advantage of the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey in Texas to

[10/29/15]   Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips
As with most child safety issues, adult supervision is a must to ensure trick-or-treating remains fun. Children under the age of 12 should not trick-or-treat without an adult present. Teach children to cross streets at crosswalks and to obey all traffic signals. Remind them how to look both ways when crossing the street. Enforce a stay-on-the-sidewalk rule or, if your neighborhood doesn’t have sidewalks, instruct kids to walk facing traffic as far from the roadway as possible.

Give flashlights to children as part of their trick-or-treat gear. They’re fun and help kids to see and be seen by others.

Tell children not to enter a stranger’s house unless you’re around, and to remain in your sight at all times. Avoid cutting through alleys and other dark, unoccupied areas. This might be a good time to revisit your “stranger danger” talk.

Let kids know they should not eat any candy they collect until you have examined it later at home. Kids love to empty their bags and examine their loot. This is a good time to look it all over before deciding it’s okay to eat. In most cases, homemade treats should be avoided just to play it safe. Unopened, commercially packaged treats are usually safest.

homes.yahoo.com 04/26/2013

Ways to protect your home from burglars

Good, common sense ideas on home security. Please take a few mintues to review and then share this with your friend & family.

homes.yahoo.com If you think you're not at risk of being a victim of burglary, think again. If there's an opportunity to invade your home, no matter who you are or where you live, burglars will take the chance. Here are nine things you can do to make burglars think twice before trying to enter your home.

conta.cc 12/20/2012

Merry Christmas from Herron Group Insurance

Merry Christmas from Herron Group Insurance http://conta.cc/UUcx41


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Happy Thanksgiving from Herron Group Insurance

Happy Thanksgiving from Herron Group Insurance http://conta.cc/Q5taej

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Good insurance infomation as we head into Hurricane Season which begins today! Please take a quick look and/or pass this valuable info with your friends, family and neighbors.

[05/03/12]   To all Commercial Auto policyholders, I recently hired a new producer that is studying for his Insurance Exam. Yesterday he asked me a question that made me think that I should sent out a communication to all of my commercial auto clients.

He said that the State Licensing guidebook states that on a personal auto policy newly purchased cars are automatically covered for 14 days, but then must be reported to the insurance carrier for coverage. However, he said he could not find any guideline on the Commercial Auto Policy for newly purchased vehicles.

The reason is this: there are several “codes” we can use on a commercial auto policy. “1” stands for ANY auto, “2” stands for ANY OWNED auto, “7” stands for “SPECIFIED AUTOS ONLY”, etc, etc. That is why there is no “automatic” coverage like on a Personal Auto policy. If you have symbol 2, anything you own is covered, newly purchased or previously reported. However, symbol 7 – Specified Autos Only means that if it is not on the policy, the vehicle is not covered.

As you can imagine, symbol 7 is much less expensive than symbol 1 or 2 because the insurance company knows what they are covering. There’s no guessing; it’s reported or it is not covered. That is the reason we use the 7 symbol on most of our Commercial Auto accounts. It keeps the premiums down, but it also means we’ve got to stay on top of our vehicle lists.

So please take a moment to ensure we have all of the correct vehicles listed on your commercial auto policy. If you need help, you can call Donna or myself to review the vehicle list we have on file.




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