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Mike and the staff at J and B Insurance and Taxes are very knowledgeable and caring. No matter how busy they are they will find the time to help you when you need them.
J and B Insurance and Taxes has a small complimentary guest list for The Outta Control Cookers tent at The Pasadena Rodeo Cook Off this weekend . Inbox me at 7133407963 if you want to come out to The Outta Control Cookers tent at The Pasadena Fairgrounds this Friday or Saturday night on J and B Insurance and Taxes!
With National Medicare Education Week, I am inviting you to join me for this educational seminar and get questions answered concerning Medicare. This event is open to the public of all ages. No admission. Light lunch will be provided.
Thanks for the support!
I need to get a quote for full coverage on a a new truck

J and B Insurance and Taxes makes things easy for our clients Text us your income tax or insurance questions today @ 713 340 7963. Here at J and B Insurance, we work hard to secure your life.

I have been providing insurance coverage to the greater Houston area since 2002.

We provide home, auto, commercial, and life insurance for everyone! As low as $29.00 for qualified customer.

Mission: Our mission is provide value to our clients by offering them affordable taxation, insurance, and small business services.

Operating as usual


All You Need To Know About Round Two Of Covid-Related Stimulus Checks

We want to share this link with our Facebook followers about the upcoming Covid-19 related stimulus payments. There are some changes from the last round of stimulus payments including a lower amount being awarded to tax payers in some cases, provisions for dealing with payments for deceased taxpayers, and virtually no way the payments can be offset by a government agency. For more details read the artticle below:

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forbes.com Checks will be $600 per person - or $1,200 for married couples filing jointly - and an additional $600 per child.


Congress reaches deal on COVID-19 relief, stimulus checks for Americans

It looks like another round round of Covid-19 stimulus will be passed by Congress soon. This will result in additional stimulus payments, increased unemployment benefits, additional funding of the PPP loan program for business owners, eviction assistance and financial assistance for schools to name several of the more well-known aspects of the stimulus plan. If you are a business owner who had a hard time assessing the EIDL or PPP programs last go around fell free to inbox me here.


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fox26houston.com Top Capitol Hill negotiators sealed a deal Sunday on an almost $1 trillion COVID-19 economic relief package.

A few months back I met a lady named Sarah who works with Tom James, a custom clothing company, on LinkedIn. She wanted to me to purchase some business attire from her company. I was skeptical about the timing due to the pandemic . But I gave her a shot and followed her guidance because her sales approach was top notch. The results were a really cool outfit and some content to use to market both of our brands.If you have male or female clothing questions contact Ms.Miller by phone @ +18329280643. She is is very knowledgeable and professional. She also has great taste. Ms Miller picked out what I am wearing in this pics.

I have two weaknesses that I need to work on.
1. I buy bowties knowing darn well that I have two left thumbs which makes them impossible to tie properly.
2. I keep loosing designer socks. I have two sock drawers. If it is not a black or white athletic sock then good luck finding two matching socks. My solutions have been to buy several extra pairs of dress socks as back ups when I go to the mall or my personal favorite, that only works in Texas, which is to buy a decent pair of cowbody boots and forgot about matching socks. The boot thing works ok until you have to fly out of town and you are busted at the airport with mismatch socks like Bozo The Clown.

Happy Holidays!

We hope that everyone is making the best of things this holiday season. We know times are a bit harder due to Covid-19 and the economic fallout that has resulted from it. We want to do our part to help others in our community during this holiday season. We are looking for a family to adopt for the C...

I was overdue for a concert. I mean like long overdue. When my partner invited my out to a Shinedown concert at White Oak Music Hall I jumped all over the opportunity to get out the office. Despite the chilly weather I had a great time and got the opportunity to listen to some old music I have not heard in awhile.

Our company loves to help people. Message us or drop a question below when you need answers to questions about auto,home, or business insurance. We can also answer your questions about Federal income taxes. We will get you the answers you need to help you make decisions with confidence. Contact us today.

Happy Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving is going to be a bit different from the ones we are accustomed to due to the worldwide pandemic. According to CNBC as of last night over 54 million Americans face some type of food shortage. I wanted to do something to help with that problem so, I volunteered this morning with Bobby Rouse and Erica Rouse of the Reach One Foundation to help with a Thanksgiving Meal Giveaway they organized. Check out their website @ https://reachone713.org/ for information about adopting a family for Christmas. Thanks for reading. Happy Holidays!

I spent my Monday evening working on our tax season training manual. I am using a combination of written materials and video to help incoming tax preparers and tax office owners prepare for the upcoming tax season. If you are interested in preparing income taxes or starting your own tax office this tax season message us here. My company can help you take the steps you need to get started today.


Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) – Symptoms

We wanted to share a Coronavirus online self checker tool from the CDC website. Please do what you can to keep yourselves and others safe. Enjoy your day. Share this post with family and friends.


cdc.gov COVID-19 has a wide range of symptoms. The Self-Checker is a guide to help make decisions on when to seek testing and appropriate medical care.


What you need to know about influenza (flu) from CDC

cdc.gov Everything you need to know about flu viruses and flu illness, including symptoms, treatment and prevention.

Shopping around for auto insurance? We can save you time and money by doing the price and coverage comparisons for you. Click on the link below for a free auto insurance quote https://www.jandbinsuranceandtaxes.com/contact or message here today!

We help business owners insure their commercial vehicles. When you have questions about trucking or commercial auto insurance message us here or text us @ 7133407963. We want to save your company money and time by helping to make the process of getting you covered quick, correct, and easy! Contact us today!

I hope that everyone is doing well. Thank you for following us and watching this video.
As of now I have no stimulus check release dates. I will say that Congress has been at a standstill over the actual dollar amount in aid that will actually be available. I do not like posting daily on the stimulus or any Coronavirus relief until everything is finalized by our government. l will keep you posted.

October 15th is the deadline for filing taxes if you requested an extension back on July 15th. Drop a comment below or inbox us if you have federal or state income tax questions. I would hate to see anyone pay penalties or miss out on a refund especially right now if they failed to make the deadline. Text me direct if you have questions about your income taxes.

Are you interested in increasing your income?
Contact us for information on starting your own income tax and insurance agency. We can train you and your team to operate two seperate recession proof businesses at once. For more info text us @ 713 340 7963 or click on following link: https://www.jandbinsuranceandtaxes.com/j-and-b-business-opportunity

We sell auto, home, and commercial insurance. We can quote you for free. Text 713-340-7963 for more info.

Follow these links for more information:


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We have a federal income tax deadline coming up on October 15th. If you have not filed this year's tax return yet text us direct @ 7133407963. We can help you make the deadline. With everything that has been going on this year the last thing you want to do is have to pay penalties or miss out on a refund because you did not make the federal income tax filing deadline for this tax season.

My name is Mike. I live in Houston. In this video I am in Las Vegas. While in Las Vegas I was able to help my clients as if I was at the office with my smart phone and laptop. We should have the option to be able to work from any place we want when we want. Who wants to live life on a leash? Nobody does. Let's talk about starting your own J and B Insurance and Taxes office today. We can help you cut that the 9 to 5 leash and regain control over where you work from and when you work. We can help you start your office quickly and at a startup price that will fit your budget. We offer homebased, remote, and brick and mortar opportunitors. The services we offer are recession proof and pandemic proof. Drop a comment below or request more info to get started. You can text us also @ 7133407963.

J and B Financial is recruiting people to own and operate their own J And B Insurance and Taxes office.
We offer affordable and flexible startup fees. We provide the insurance, income tax, and marketing support to help you be successful. We help you gain more control over your life by empowering you as a business owner.
Not ready to start a business? No problem. We will pay you $1000.00 for every client you send our way that we are able to enter a contract with to start the their own office. Please ask any questions down below or go to our website and leave some information at https://www.jandbinsuranceandtaxes.com/j-and-b-business-opportunity
Thank you watching please get your friends to watch and like our YouTube Channel.

Please wish my sister a happy birthday.(to my left) This was also her first time getting out since the Covid19 stay at home orders went into effect back in March. She picked a great place to do so.

We want to put a thousand dollars in your pocket! We are looking for people who want to start their own J and B Insurance and Taxes office and we will pay you when you send those people our way and them up with us to open their own insurance and income tax office. For more information text Mike @7133407963, drop a comment below, or message us here. We look forward to writing some 1000.00 checks this year.

When you have auto, homeowners, or commercial insurance questions text me direct @ 713 340 7963. My company is here to help you find affordable insurance solutions for you and your family.

As of today I have no additional news about any extensions of the stimulus package. For those of you watching who are living in Texas there has been some extensions of the unemployment benefits due to the executive order signed by President Trump. There has not been anything clearly defined for the PPP program extension or the additional household Stimulus payments. We will keep you posted on upcoming news as it unfolds.
The Houston area dodged a bullet last week when Hurricane Laura barely missed our area. Unfortunately, Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana were not as lunch. Both areas suffered severe damage from this brutal Class Four Hurricane. I will leave some links below to help direct people who are able to donate in the right direction.
If you are insure about whether or not you have the proper insurance for your home or auto for hurricane season perils text me @ 7133407963
We Insure businesses. If you need coverage for a new or existing business text me at 7133407963.
Stimulus News:
Hurricane Laura Relief Efforts:


We borrowed the information below from The Texas Department of Insurance. I hope y'all do not have to use it. Stay home or get to a safe place as quickly as you can.

Evening. I want to suggest that you double check your vehicle and homeowners policies to ensure that you are covered if you have wind or water damage from Tropical Storm Lara which is expected to possibly land in or near The Houston/Galveston area and Southern Louisiana. I can tell from today's experience that many insurance carriers are no longer writing insurance policies in our area and if they do they are rating more expensive than usual. In some cases you will not be allowed to make changes to an existing policy or add coverages. A Flood Insurance Policy can take 30 days to bind and by the time we have a major storm in the Gulf of Mexico it is too late to add that coverage. If you have insurance policy questions call or text me direct @ 7133407963, drop a comment below, or message me. Let me leave some reliable sources of information. I cannot stress enough the importance of listening to credible experts and not the guy behind you at 7-11 Please bear in mind that these storms can change direction. Please use the sources below to monitor the situation carefully.Thank you for viewing my post. Please share!





If you have questions about your auto or home insurance coverage as you prepare for a potential hurricane this week drop a comment below or text me direct @ 7133407963. Follow reliable new sources for information concerning Tropical Storm Laura or any changes in our weather. I posted a link to ABC News to provide a reliable source. Be careful this week. https://abcnews.go.com/US/laura-expected-make-landfall-major-category-hurricane-wednesday/story?id=72592436

I have a reputation for challenging people to help others whether by donating, volunteering, or simple sharing a post. Well, while I am out challenging some people to get off that couch there are others are out there already taking action steps. If you all have not met Bobby Rouse let me introduce him to y'all as the founder of Reach One. Reach One is a nonprofit organization that he founded to provide underpriviledged students with experiences and exposure to educational and life changing events. Reach One's initial public service project was a partnership with Elite Basketball Training to provide backpacks and school supplies for Pasadena area school students. My company, J and B Financial, was honored to be invited to participate and contribute to their initial run. For more about Reach One check out their website @ https://reachone713.org/
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Helpful tips for new drivers

Adding teenagers to your existing auto policy can possibly increase your premiums. If you have questions about adding a teenager to your existing policy or would like us to run a quote for your automobile coverage call or text 713-340-7963 or inbox us here. We can run a quote for you without you coming into the office by telephone or social media.

foremost.com I remember the first day I passed my driver's test. I felt like I was on cloud nine…invincible. I instantly thought about all of the places I was going to go by myself. No more asking my parents or friends for a ride - my ticket to being independent had finally come, and I was ready to take on the...

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