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Operating as usual 11/20/2019

7 Ways to Resist the Urge to Splurge During the Holidays The gift-giving season can turn even the thriftiest among us into shopaholics. Even if you’re armed with a strict budget, a pre-planned gift list and the best of intentions, it’s still easy to overspend. 11/19/2019

Why It’s Important To Stay Social In Retirement And How To Do It Maintaining an active social life gets harder with age. When we retire, we lose about half of our social networks, but here’s the real issue: staying socially connected is essential to one’s well-being. 11/18/2019

Choosing the Right Earnings Day is a Complex Task for Finance Executives Deciding when to post earnings increasingly involves weighing regulations, executive travel plans and the timing of competitors' reports, all in an effort to maximize—or perhaps avoid—attention from analysts and investors. 11/18/2019

Factbox - What needs to happen before Boeing's 737 MAX can fly again Boeing has spent months working on updating critical flight control software at the centre of both crashes, with the hope of winning Federal Aviation Administration approval for the planes to fly again in the United States between October and December. 11/16/2019

When Recession Returns, Will You Be Ready? With mixed signals coming from the markets and money managers, how should people allay their concerns amongst the economic uncertainty? 11/15/2019

Here's How Much Colleges Are Actually Charging in 2019 The average price of attending college increased above the rate of inflation once again, with modest increases across the 2019 published prices of every type of college. 11/14/2019

The Fed Gives Investors an Appropriate Gift The Federal Reserve's subtle change in the language of its postmeeting statement sent markets the vague message it sought. 11/13/2019

How Much Do the Rich Really Pay in Taxes? This Simple Chart Will Tell You How much taxes do the rich really pay compared to everyone else? If you’re conservative, the real answer may be a lot less than you assume. If you’re a liberal, it may be a lot more than you think. 11/12/2019

Not So Fast, Mr. Trump! Relocating to a Low-Tax State Is Hard to Do States can subject taxpayers who say they've moved away to intrusive audits that drag on and on. 11/11/2019

I Love Christmas Shopping at Costco. Here's How to Find the Best Deals and Holiday Gifts With every holiday comes great intentions. Of course you want to stay within your budget, and also find your loved ones gifts they’ll actually love (and won’t regift the next year). 11/11/2019

Bill Gates’ 5 Secrets To Happiness Are Surprisingly Affordable It’s maddening, but sometimes Forbes readers dismiss the wisdom of a life coach. You tend to pay more attention to the life lessons delivered by billionaires. The problem is that while most life coaches are not very rich, most billionaires are not tremendously happy. 11/09/2019

3 Financial Plans, 3 Budgets: How I Pay For The Holidays We know that November and December can be tempting times of year, especially when it comes to overspending. Unfortunately, the budget organization principle known as the 50/20/30 rule doesn’t look kindly on temptation. 11/08/2019

The Federal Reserve Has Cut Interest Rates Three Times in 2019. Here's What It Means for You As for practical takeaways from the Fed’s latest announcement, the consensus is that it’s highly unlikely that there will be more interest rate cuts in the near future. In other words, the situation could be as good as it gets for borrowers for months to come. 11/07/2019

6 reasons why you might consider taking on a side gig today If you're thinking of taking on a side gig, you're not alone. Some people take on this type of work to make ends meet, while others use it to work toward larger savings goals. 11/06/2019

What Is A Family Office And Do I Need One? For those who don’t use one, the term family office probably conjures up images of several generations of a single family working together, generally in one location, often operating a small business. And while that could be one definition, in the world of financial services, the term family offic... 11/05/2019

Giving a 6-Year-Old a Debit Card Sounds Insane. Here's Why Some Think It's a Smart Money Move The piggy bank is so passé—get your kids some plastic. That’s what supporters of a growing group of tools aimed at teaching kids money skills claim. 11/04/2019

The Most Common Social Security Scams and How to Avoid Them Since virtually all seniors receive Social Security benefits, it's probably unsurprising that a lot of scam artists raise the program in fraudulent phone calls, e-mails, and letters. Here's a rundown of some common Social Security scams. 11/04/2019

Why Women Don’t Need To Play Golf To Make It Big In Business More women are starting businesses today than ever before. Between 2007 and 2018, the number of women-owned businesses grew by 58%—almost five times faster than the national average. Yet, there is no shortage of challenges. 11/02/2019

How You Can Find Purpose in a Paycheck — In Retirement Can you retire and still find meaningful work? There’s a new formula for how this could work. In Chris Farrell’s vision, you can have both. In his new book “Purpose and a Paycheck,” the whole idea of stopping work entirely and doing nothing for the rest of your life is going the way of the f... 11/01/2019

Not All Millennials Are Broke. Over 600,000 in the U.S. Are Now Millionaires Millennials, as a whole, are notoriously burdened by student loans, and many have trouble paying off credit bard balances let alone figuring out how to buy a house. But quite a few millennials are doing just fine financially. More than fine, actually. 10/31/2019

Stuck In a Rut? Here Are 15 Ways to Pull Yourself Out of a Bad Situation. if you can't get out of your motivational funk, your productivity will plummet. 10/30/2019

Both Aging Parents In Fragile Health: Who Is In Charge? The author says: Jackson, 90, wanted a consultation due to confusion about some bills he was supposed to pay for his wife’s care. I met him and saw the bills for many thousands of dollars. Alarms sounded in my head immediately. 10/29/2019

How to Navigate Friendships at Work While Climbing the Corporate Ladder, According to Successful Entrepreneurs It can be difficult to maintain friendships at work when you get promoted — especially if you’re managing your friends. How do you straddle the line between being a good friend and a good boss? 10/28/2019

Advice for a Couple That Has Way Too Much Credit-Card Debt The Smiths have a lot of debt on credit cards. A financial planner offers ideas for how they can fix that and get on with their own plans. 10/27/2019

Trying to Control Your Heirs' Behavior From the Grave Often Backfires It's hard enough to influence people's behavior when you're alive. After you're dead? You may be inviting trouble. 10/26/2019

I spent years ignoring my money after the shock of the Great Recession, but now I wish I could tell my younger self 6 lessons I've learned since When I was younger, money scared me. I turned 20 in 2009, smack dab in the middle of the Great Recession. During that time, I saw my mom working as a real estate agent as the housing market bottomed out and my dad get laid off from the job he'd been working at for 30 years. 10/25/2019

How to Maintain a Professional Relationship After a Business Partnership Falls Through Research shows that up to 70 percent of business partnerships fail. No matter what happens, you’ll have work relationships that fail, too. I know it hurts, but it’s important to act professionally and strategically. It can feel like the end of the world, but there's a way to manage things gracef... 10/24/2019

‘Feel the Force': Gut Instinct, Not Data, Is the Thing Many executives say it's time for statistics to replace guesswork, but evidence suggests that managers who spend their time buried in data lose their ability to discern how their decisions will play out in the real world. 10/23/2019

Why You Need To Buy Green Bananas “I’m at that stage of life where I don’t buy green bananas anymore.” The first time I heard someone say that was many years ago, from a much older friend named Pete. He was in his early 70’s. I hadn’t a clue as to what he meant. 10/22/2019

TSA PreCheck Vs. Clear Showdown: Here's the Expedited Airport Experience I Found With the Best Value The author says: I was hesitant to spend the money, but recently I tried the two most popular domestic travel options, Clear and TSA Precheck, and took the opportunity to compare accessibility, perks, restrictions, and price points along the way. 10/21/2019

Sleepovers Have Parents Worried About Gadget Use Some parents worry about what their children could be exposed to online late at night when over at a friend's house, where the rules on internet access could be different from their own home. 10/20/2019

What to Know About Missing a Student-Loan Payment Many student-loan borrowers have difficulty making repayments, but they don’t always realize the devastating, long-lasting financial consequences that can result from missed payments. 10/19/2019

How to Calculate Your Own Net Worth (and Eventually Increase It) The author says: Like the rest of the internet, I’m addicted to reading about the net worths of famous people. I don’t have a good reason why. 10/18/2019

The Expenses People Often Forget When They Plan for Retirement A reader asks: I'm working on a budget for retirement. Could you tell me the expenses that people tend to miss or overlook after leaving work? I'm trying to avoid as many surprises as possible. 10/17/2019

Three Ways to Travel With (Happy) Kids These items make undertaking vacations with children more stylish, less stressful.




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