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An experienced, dedicated team well trained to help you manage risks. When you call here, you DON'T get a phone bank in Idaho! We have all the modern options for you - including Facebook and Email... but some things are better done the old fashioned way.

We have the experience and the knowledge you should expect from an Insurance Professional. Come see Aubrey, Kathie, Susan, Ken, Jason or Leon. Check our REVIEWS at leonkeebleinsurance.com; to see what our Clients are saying about us!! 281-374-9933

Operating as usual

[09/12/17]   Please call 281-364-9994 for all your insurance needs! I have retired, and handed the ball off to the Mellisa Ray Agency - with Jason Tracy and Aubrey Elliott continuing our commitment to our Clients!

[08/31/17]   Although our agency is closed due to my retirement, your long time agents Jason Tracy and Aubrey Elliott are still taking care of your insurance accounts! Please telephone them at 281-364-9994. If you can't reach them due to office closure leave a message and one of them will call you back as quickly as possible! If you have a Nationwide claim please call +1-800-421-3535.

[08/26/17]   Our Agency is closed. but the same professionals continue our 24 years of dedication - call 281-364-9994 for all your insurance needs. Jason, Aubrey, and Mellisa are there to help. Stay safe and sound during Hurricane Harvey. That's an order!

[07/07/17]   Hey, whoever's out there! Been spending a LOT of time talking to clients and not much time updating this facebook forum. Here are a few highlights of my recent Insurance Reviews. Rates are up. Distracted driving is impacting the personal AND commercial auto insurance markets. Average increases across the nation are around 17% according to a national news outlet story. (won't upset my liberal or conservative friends by saying which one!) Whoever looks "cheaper" today won't be in 3 months. I'm also learning a lot about "sign - up" incentive discounts. Ever wondered where that one company came up with 'save up to 15%?' You save in year ONE, because of their incentives... sort of like the cable & cell phone companies. It averages between 10% and... you guessed it... 15%. Then in year 2 you're back where you WERE... if not worse. And you lose a great agent like, say, ME! I appreciate my loyal clients - many of whom have been with our agency for 24 years! THANK YOU!!!

[05/17/17]   Our office is very busy helping FIRST TIME Home buyers. Call us and find out why! If you're in Harris or Montgomery county we can tailor a plan to fit your budget.

[04/19/17]   Starting my 25th year as a Nationwide Agent today! Still located in the Champion Forest / FM 1960 area of "NORTH" Houston. Whether you're a client or FUTURE client; come by and see us sometime!

[03/09/17]   Insurance professionals are challenged by the same things that frustrate you! A recent trend in INCREASING auto accidents has rates spiraling up. It's just a question of when your carrier has its rate hike. According to national news outlets Fox and CNN, the national average increase this year is 16%. A 6% increase in traffic fatalities has contributed to the rise in insurance cost. Meet with your agent for full details on this wide spread problem... and solutions that fit YOUR family.

[03/08/17]   20 Years ago this week, Jason A. Tracy signed on as a newbie Insurance CSR with my Nationwide Agency. This week we celebrate 20 years of service to Nationwide Clients all across the Houston / SE Texas area! Jason now runs his own Satellite Office for us, located in the Porter Kingwood area. He's probably touched every single client we have, in some positive way! I'm proud of Jason Tracy and happy he is my Senior Associate and my good friend. CONGRATULATIONS Jason!

[01/27/17]   Did you know Nationwide is the leader in Farm and Ranch Insurance in the USA, and the preferred choice of Small Businesses? Our Commercial Specialists are well qualified to help you solve the Insurance Equation at your business.

[12/23/16]   Happy Holidays to all our Client Families!! Our 2 offices will be closed on Monday, to allow our Associates to enjoy time with their families. Our CLAIMS people will be on call "24/7/365" a always- to assist you. Call 1-800-421-3535 if you need immediate Claims help. We'll be monitoring our normal Email boxes over the weekend - so you can reach me there, for a return call Tuesday. Merry Christmas!!

[11/18/16]   We are having more fun than we deserve, down at the Leon Keeble Insurance Agency!! We're doing a phone conversion and running in to technical issues . . . to say the least. My apologies to anyone trying to reach us by phone! Calls are being dropped - randomly - and the NEW vendor will be here all day til it's FIXED!! Not naming any names at this point. THANK YOU ALL!!

[11/15/16]   Good morning!! To serve our members better, our agency will be upgrading our telephone and internet service today. We'll have roughly "ten times" what we had before... and with any such change over we expect (but hope we don't have) a brief OUTAGE. Please bear with us as we make this important change!

[09/08/16]   I hope to see some of our Realtor & Title Company friends tomorrow, at the Texas Association of Realtors convention in Galveston! Stop by our Nationwide booth and visit with the best agents in Texas! (Errr... yes, I'll be there too!)

[08/17/16]   I just read a statistic, that only 17% of the people who were flooded out in East Baton Rouge area - and were not required by buy flood insurance by their Lenders, had flood insurance. I completely understand that sometimes it's just not important to buy insurance - but please be aware that you CAN get Preferred Flood rates right now, from your agent.... or from OUR Nationwide Agency. It might be the best $300 you spend all year. (Rates range between $250 and $500 for preferred flood insurance policies.)

[06/08/16]   Personal note time!! Yesterday my awesome staff surprised me with a birthday gift and Mini-birthday cake! They obtained an autographed copy of a book I've been waiting for; just published last week. Thanks Aubrey for making that happen (hope you are enjoying the same author...) Jason came over from his office, our Kingwood satellite office, and that made it even better! Thanks to the best Insurance Agency partners a guy could ever want: Aubrey, Kathie, Nancy, Ken, and Jason!

[05/30/16]   Texas friends, this isn't meant to be "piling on," but I want to remind everyone that there's a 30 day waiting period built in to the FLOOD INSURANCE PROGRAM. If you are concerned about future flooding, contact your Agent tomorrow and complete the application. It's easy. I happen to know one or two good ones....

[05/30/16]   Some of the Americans who have died defending the USA had actually retired, honorably, and re-entered the service as Contractors. Two of them, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty , died defending Ambassador Stevens and Foreign Service staffer Smith in Benghazi. Both had a choice to say "no." but instead they said, Hell Yes... because it was the right and honorable thing to do. Let's include them in this Memorial Day!!


In fatal crashes involving distracted 19-year-olds and under, 21% were distracted by cell phones. Minimize the risks, and educate young drivers to focus their full attention on the road: http://bit.ly/1dAOqFE

Nationwide Releases Natural Disaster Pet Safety Gu... 05/18/2016

Nationwide Releases Natural Disaster Pet Safety Guide

Natural disasters can have serious effects on every member of the family, including our pets. Find out how to keep your furry companion safe with Nationwide’s Natural Disaster Pet Safety Guide. http://bit.ly/1Vp1FOx

Nationwide Releases Natural Disaster Pet Safety Gu... From copies of your pet’s vaccination records to a pet emergency kit, find out what you should have on hand for your 4-legged family member in the event of a...


Today, we are honoring the heroes who died while serving and protecting their communities

[05/15/16]   Coffee made, dog fed, channel surfing Sunday.... and up popped one of my dear friends and Clients, Marianne M.! She was doing a promo - infomercial about Houston NW Medical Center. Sadly, I only caught the last ten seconds of her segment. Looking Good Marianne!!!

[05/11/16]   I was blessed to share a "decompression hour" with an awesome group yesterday: Kathie Jenkins, Aubrey Elliott, Susan Sandacz, Jason Tracy, and Ken Rochow - the men and women who make it happen!! These folks help our Clients through the simple AND the complex insurance needs that come up in THEIR worlds. Claims... new cars... OLD cars, wrecked cars, LOST cars, new houses, second houses, flooded apartments, missed payments, that 69 GTO, the new boat, the SOLD boat, misspelled middle names, old mortgages, new teen drivers,and graduation presents with four wheels! Thanks Keeble Agency Associates!! You're the best!!

[04/29/16]   Another "Certification" under my belt, here in my 23rd year as a Nationwide Agent!! But this one is pretty special.
I completed the Law Enforcement and Corrections Certification program in Columbus this week. Wow, a lot to absorb.
I'll be happy to share the details one on one, but suffice it to say I'm really proud to be among the first Agents involved in this important partnership! WE appreciate what those who swear an oath to Protect and Serve do - - every day when they fasten the velcro of their vests.

[04/23/16]   Another flood item: If your home was damaged by rising water, you should STRONGLY consider hiring a professional restoration company for the drying and clean up. I walked through a client's home Friday, and was told they would probably not do that. They had store-bought box fans (2 of them) which are totally inadequate to dry out a house. Vineyard Restoration, Serve Pro, Service Master, Blackmon Mooring are several well respected vendors in the Houston area. They are all easy to access on line. If you choose not to hire a professional, you stand a HIGH risk of having mold growth in a few months - and might NOT have coverage for that subsequent damage! Please give this some careful thought.

[04/23/16]   If you suffered property damage this past week, here are some tips. If your car was completely submerged, it is probably a total loss. Have it towed to your home, not to a repair shop. Most repair shops are turning flood damaged cars away, because they can't fix 'em, and they DON'T have storage space. Some tow truck drivers will arbitrarily drop your car at a repair shop and hope for the best. Don't let that happen! Taking your car to a repair shop could actually delay your claim. If you don't have coverage, - maybe it was a "liability only" policy - there are a lot of you out there. Please keep in mind the Casualty Loss deduction on your tax return. Go to "IRS.GOV" and search FORMS for Casualty Loss. Use this for help on money you've spent that is not reimbursed by an insurance policy.

[04/19/16]   I am a proud member of the Better Business Bureau... but one of their reps is giving some confusing information on - screen now, about insurance. Please, please, please ..... ask your insurance professional about coverage limits, not your Banker, your Realtor, or your golf buddy. They know their business. The news most people don't want to hear is, Flood damage to your home is covered by FLOOD INSURANCE. Not Homeowners insurance.


Leon Keeble - Nationwide Insurance

We are "sort of" open today!!! Our main office in Champion Forest area, is 1/2 mile from Cypress Creek. All roads are closed - so we won't be there in person. Jason is at our Satellite Office in Kingwood - and I'm working from home. Our email addresses are: [email protected] and [email protected]. We are returning all calls to our main office today!

[04/19/16]   To our Flood Insurance Clients: Please call 1 800-421-3535 to report your claim. Same number is valid for auto clients who have water damage issues. Message me here, if you need information about your coverage.

[04/19/16]   We are "sort of" open today!!! Our main office in Champion Forest area, is 1/2 mile from Cypress Creek. All roads are closed - so we won't be there in person. Jason is at our Satellite Office in Kingwood - and I'm working from home. Our email addresses are: [email protected] and [email protected]. We are returning all calls to our main office today!


Leon Keeble - Nationwide Insurance

Another round of storms in Texas last night; thoughts and prayers going out to our friends and Clients along the I - 35 corridor / San Antonio area. If you are with Nationwide, and your property was damaged - call 1 800 421 3535 right away for world class claims service.

[04/13/16]   Another round of storms in Texas last night; thoughts and prayers going out to our friends and Clients along the I - 35 corridor / San Antonio area. If you are with Nationwide, and your property was damaged - call 1 800 421 3535 right away for world class claims service.

[04/12/16]   My thoughts go out today for our friends and family up in North Texas - who went through quite a storm yesterday! My clients in McKinney / Denton / Wylie / Frisco area; we're ready to help. Call 1 800 421 3535 right away. You are insured with a company that has the ability to pay all claims, and stay in business next year, for the next storm. Not all companies can say that.

[04/01/16]   If it's not one thing it's something else!! Computer adventure #1712 - the Missing Web Page!!! Starring Leon Keeble Insurance Agency! If you try to find us, our page has - for some yet to be explainable reason - disappeared. You can try "keebleagency.com" or leonkeebleinsurance.com... we own them both... and both take you to a Limbo page sponsored by Nationwide. We are working on it!!! First thing I checked... we DID pay for our domain name renewals! Go to Nationwide.com and do a name search; and you'll find us with just a couple of extra clicks. THANK YOU, and have a spectacular weekend!!!

[03/31/16]   So, I went to my Ortho surgeon this week and was told I was doing well. That was the good news. The disappointing news was, I still have to wear the brace on my RIGHT leg, .... 3 months being the normal safety period. That would be April 13th. He scolded me for my bad behavior.... with a witness (THE witness.. my wife...) That makes it harder to cheat!! Once again I have to thank my incredible associates - Kathie, Aubrey, Susan, Ken, and Jason - for watching my back! And Kathye Carpenter for being my supportive wife - and for not trading me in!


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