365 Boss Level Financial Services

365 Boss Level Financial Services


Very professional! Trina do not waste your time! And you will see instant results! Great customer care & service!!
Just started and already being alerted Good new points racking up and progress is being made!!
Thank you for helping me reach my goals!
Trina thank you for helping me raise my credit scores and providing great customer service even when i asked the dumbest questions . You’re truly a blessing and awesome at what you do!!
When I started the process with 365 Boss Credit Repair I was very apprehensive I wanted to be sure I was doing it with professionals so I trusted Trina Johnson and eveything worked out great, thanks to 365 Boss Credit Repair i feel better about myself and I also have a sense of idea of how good credit feels.
I got convinced by one of my friends to try out 365 Boss Credit Repair because they helped him fix his credit and I have heard good things about the company.My life has changed since I began with 365 Boss Credit Repair before I would not get approved for anything now i do, I defiantly recommend 365 Credit Repair because they got me to my guaranteed score.i thank Trina Johnson so much for a tremendous help
Carlos Gusman Carlos Gusman
Right here Belinda Champaign Carla Stewart
Vanessa Farrufia, you won't be disappointed!

Good people make mistakes. Leverage your credit with MY750SCORE.We offer no cost credit consultations. Are you seeking to increase your scores to purchase a Home, Vehicle or personal reasons.

Offering competitive packages to suite you. Credit Goals!!!

[04/26/20]   Good Evening,

If you’re enrolled our credit program you must maintain your credit monitoring service. It’s a must have while repairing the credit. If we’ve contacted you and you have not corrected the situation. It will put your repair on hold. This is something we must have. It helps us to identify many factors pertaining to your report. If you have not updated the information within 48 hours you will be dropped from our program. If you choose to reinstate their will be a $125 fee. This is a serious process of the program. If you can’t maintain $21.99 a month for credit Monitoring you shouldn’t have started until you’re fully ready financially. This is one ☝️ f the situations you have no choice.

I will not argue about facts and what’s important.



Who’s ready to increase their credit scores?
Take your money and put it in a place that will carry you! Credit is wealth🔑
Free Credit Audits
Enroll today
$285 one person
$425 two people
This is for a limited time
Be Bossy with your credit and make moves

365bosscredit.com With our aggressive strategy, we help you to rebuild your credit quickly without any extra haggling delays!

[04/05/20]   Keeping your credit utilization down. Will keep your credit scores from decreasing.

It’s hard right now for many people. Keep pushing and praying!

[03/31/20]   FYI-

What Happens If You Pay Less Than The Minimum Amount Due?

If you pay less than the minimum amount due each month you will be charged a late payment fee and start accruing interest on your unpaid balance as well as any new purchase made.

[03/31/20]   For your knowledge..
What Is A Minimum Payment Due?

The minimum payment due means the smallest amount you must pay by the payment due date to avoid late fees and/or negative reporting to the credit bureaus. Just remember, to avoid interest charges, it’s best to pay off your balance in full each month. Also remember, how much of a balance you have on your card impacts your credit utilization ratio, which counts for 30% of your FICO® credit score.

[02/12/20]   If you haven’t paid your identityIQ or any Credit Monitoring Company of your choice. And I know we’ve told you all to keep the service while repairing your credit and you choose to do other. You have 24 hours to contact us to continue your process. Otherwise you will need to pay a reinstatement fee. We can’t properly restore your credit.
You all make the job hard. Then upset when the results are not grand.

Enough is enough. Grown people don’t follow instructions.

[02/03/20]   Gm. We have update our policy for our credit repair clients.... It’s simple!

If we’re working hard to have your credit cleaned as an adult you must follow.
•If you receive letters please send them within 7 days. By Email or Fax
•If you are on our Monthly program and you don’t pay on your due date. Within 24 hours you will be canceled and will have to pay. Reinstatement fee of $50 the first time after $75 the 3rd we will no longer provide services for you.
•If you haven’t received correspondence from the bureaus within 45 days of us doing business. Contact us immediately.
•If you’re on a payment plan and you don’t pay your remaining balance as agreed within 24 hours you will need a reinstatement fee to continue services.

•••You all expect for the company to uphold their standards and we expect the same for you as well!!
We’ve been very lenient but not anymore. We’re here to make sure you reach your credit Goals!

365 Boss Level Financial Services

[01/29/20]   What are you doing to rebuild your credit?

What are your credit goals??

Stop sleeping in your credit. It’s the new cash!

Free Credit Consultations



Take your taxes and pay for credit repair?

Make a small investment in your future. Are you aware if your credit scores are 750 with no high usage and little to no debt you can receive a loan for $50k for your business or real estate needs?

Just imagine what your financial freedoms could really be. Get started today with a credit consultation.
365 Boss Level Financial Services




Take your taxes and pay for credit repair?

Make a small investment in your future. Are you aware if your credit scores are 750 with no high usage and little to no debt you can receive a loan for $50k for your business or real estate needs?

Just imagine what your financial freedoms could really be. Get started today with a credit consultation.
365 Boss Level Financial Services




[01/02/20]   FYI😬
Maxing out credit cards is a credit score killer. You want your credit cards to report less than 30% otherwise FICO will ding you for that cycle until it’s paid down.

Credit utilization only includes your revolving credit accounts, such as credit cards. It doesn’t consider other types of credit like auto, personal or mortgage loans. The good news is damage to your score is temporary if you bring the balance down and never pay late the following month by the statement date.

[01/02/20]   An interesting aspect of the risk scoring model is that the amount of a default is not important, it is the DEFAULT itself.
In other words whether you default $100 on an account or $1,000 is irrelevant. The fact that the account went into DEFAULT is the credit score killer.

[01/02/20]   A 90 day late payment is the credit score killer. Payments that are 90 days late are used in the credit scoring model as a predictor of high risk and whether you will default on your other obligations. This negative entry can greatly damage your scores up to 4 years and can remain on your credit reports for 7 years. Lates should be avoided by all means.

Credit scoring models conclude once you go 90 days late on an obligation, you are likely to repeat that behavior compared to a consumer who has never been 90 days late. 90 day late payments are detrimental to your credit score.

A late payment in the past six months will be more severe than a late payment five years ago. It gets better over time.

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