Texas Home Buyers

Texas Home Buyers


Price reduction! Price reduction! Price reduction! - More profit opportunities Motivated for SELLERS! Thinking like a dream I would have a house with green vegetation and huge spaces around it. It will match your dream here. Here is a beautiful owner's home and many properties for the residents of the village. Large barn with modern auto doors and full bath concrete floor workshop. The average 75-acre coastal field property has three wells on the back, and the main house is connected to county water, with a large barn with workshop and bathroom. Click on the link below for more details... CLICK HERE https://tanny88.blogspot.com/
Open House/Showing for this Property 7/2/19 @ 10am-2pm Cash Buyers Welcome!!! Great Investment Opportunity!!! Dm for more details!
Anyone looking for a great home 7 blocks from the beach in Galveston Tx a great OFF MARKET small rehab ! Great price for the area and size !!
1311 Ave J Brownwood TX
1311 Ave J Brownwood TX 76801. House 2 bed 1 bath 1130 SqFt house. The house needs electricity and plumbing upgrading back to code. All work should satisfied the city code inspector. The house has new roof but need to fix the sealing in the living room because of an old leak. I can Owner finance Price: $15,000 Down: $5000 Finance: $10000 Monthly:$500 Interest: 10% Or best offer Discount for cash: 15% Avi 512-924-3360

Texas Home Buyers has been serving the Houston Community for over 25 years. THB is A+ Rated with the Better Business Bureau. We purchase Property all Cash & Close Quickly.

We cover Harris, Ft Bend, Montgomery, Galveston, & Brazoria Counties. Selling your home, regardless of the circumstance, can be a stressful undertaking. Texas Home Buyers eliminates the frustration. We handle the inspection and evaluation, provide a cash offer, and take a hassle-free approach on closing so you can focus on other things. Our team of real estate experts has been serving the Houston area for over 20 years, helping individuals, families and businesses with selling their houses, lots, commercial spaces and industrial spaces. Our turnaround time is quick and easy thanks to our 3-step approach!

Mission: Our experienced real estate professionals make it easy and hassle-free to sell your house fast for cash in Houston.

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Selling a home during COVID-19 – Texas Home Buyers

Thinking about selling your home this spring?
Spring season is usually “prime-time” for home selling, but this spring season is a whole new ballgame.

With the coronavirus intensifying and pushing the economy in a tailspin, many homeowners are asking the same question: Should I sell my home during the coronavirus pandemic, or wait?

Whether you’re in a situation where you NEED to sell your house, or if you’re just considering putting your home on the market soon. We put together a few factors to consider during this time of crisis. Read them now at https://texashb.com/selling-a-home-during-covid-19/

texashb.com Texas Home Buyers is still offering a free in-person visit OR free video showing. Call, Text, or fill out the form below to schedule your cash offer.

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Texas Home Buyers

Texas Home Buyers

Stop wasting your time dealing with realtors and home selling websites. We buy homes quick for cash 💸 Now you can spend your time how you want, with cash in hand 😌 #HomeBuyers #TexasRealEstate

Take out the stress of selling your home and sell it as-is 😌 No stress just cash in hand 💰
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Four Simple Low-Budget Ways To Sell Your Outdated House — Texas Home Buyers

Renovations will help your home sell faster but can cost time and money. Here are 4 simple budget friendly ways to sell your home 👨🏼‍🎨🛠 BUT the best tip we can give you is to call or visit us online. Save the most time and get cash now with Texas Home Buyers. 💸⏳
#TexasRealEstate #HomeSelling http://bit.ly/2TrHKBt

texashb.com Four simple low budget ways to sell your outdated home. Selling your home won’t be as easy as all the renovations, but you will surely receive more money for your home than you would have before. What if you don’t feel like taking on all that work? What if you don’t want an agent to charge you...

Not a lot of things in life are easy, selling your home should be 🏡💸
Stop home selling stress before it happens and give a call. Cash offers happen 24 hours after your home evaluation 🤝
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Relocating — Texas Home Buyers

The opportunity to start your new journey should not be on hold because of realtors, we buy homes fast and for cash 💸 So take the hassle out moving and selling your home with Texas Home Buyers 🏠 #RealEstate #HomeBuyers http://bit.ly/37WrgXb

texashb.com Relocating your can be a terribly hard process. You may not have time to list your home on the market and deal with the stress of selling. Hiring a real estate agent takes far too much time, and you will lose money to the agent’s commission. Agents usually take a few weeks to sell your home, and y...

What's the difference between listing your home and selling to Texas Home Buyers? 🤔 More than you think 🤯 Get you cash faster, give us a call today 🏡📞
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With cash offers in as little as 24 Hours you don't have anything to lose 💵💸
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Downsizing Your Home For Retirement — Texas Home Buyers

A home once filled can turn into a house to big. 🏡 When retirement hits the first thing you might realize is it's time to downsize. Here are the best tips for downsizing in retirement 👴🏻👵🏻 #EmptyNesters #Retirement #Downsizing

texashb.com The kids are all grown up, out of the house and you’re thinking about retiring. Selling your home provides an excellent, quick income infusion during a time in your life where every bit of cash counts. Don’t downsize without a plan, however, as going about the process in an organized manner ensu...


32 Things That Make Your Home Look Dated (And How to Fix Them)

Is your home not selling because it looks dated? 🧓🏻🏠 Here is how to fix the dated home look, but you want to fix the 'not selling' part then that is were we can help. No matter how dated it looks we will buy it from you fast with cash 💸 #WeBuyHomes #TexasRealEstate

familyhandyman.com Trends come and go and, before you know it, what you thought was stylish once is now behind the times. If your home has any of these, it’s time for an update!

Turn your untidy house into a tidy sum 💸 Call us and get a great deal for your house as it is #SellTheHeadache #SellForCash #RealEstate


Texas Home Buyers | Sell Your Home Fast for Cash | Simple and Easy Way to Sell Your House

Texas Home Buyers, I mean our name really says it all doesn't it? What it doesn’t tell you is how fast we will buy your Texas home! ⏳ With cash offers in as little as 24 hours you can sell your home just like it is and keep your peace of mind 😊
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texashb.com Texas Home Buyers purchases houses, buildings, lots and other properties simple and fast. We are Texas' most trusted home buyers because we care about YOU. Our experienced home buying professionals have been buying houses fast for cash with our simple process for over 20 years. All over Texas where

Any property can be a sold property with just one call or a few clicks 🏘 Others make you wait 7 days, we can get you cash is 24 hours 💵💰 #SellYourHomeNow #AnyCondition


How to Survive the First Year of Homeownership - HomeAdvisor

Ready to start your new home journey? Call us, sell your home as-is fast, and check out these tips on surviving that first year. 🏚➡️🏠

homeadvisor.com You scraped together the down payment, endured the gauntlet of the house hunt, and signed enough documents at closing to cause a serious hand cramp. Welcome to homeownership! Now the real fun starts. Owning a home is one of life’s great accomplishments and a source of endless pleasure and pride. B...

Repairs, foundation, flooding and cracks can all be signs yours home is turning bad on you. 🏚👿 We buy homes "as-is" fast, call us to see for yourself. 💸 #Texas #RealEstate

There is a better way to sell your home in Texas and it's not with a realtor 🙅🏼‍♂️ Sell your home for cash almost instantly with Texas Home Buyers 💸 These is a reason we are Texas' most trusted home buyers.

Go from home ruin to home run with best team in the game. When you need us most we have your back with fast home buying. 🏚💸
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There is no question about it, we will buy your home 'as is' for cash 💵 No repairs needed just a simple evaluation and done 🏡💸 Visit us online or give us a call today #RealEstate #HomeBuyers

The feeling of stepping into a new home is unmatched but the process can be more than you expected 😖 We take the hassle out of home selling and buy your home fast for cash. 💸😌#DitchTheHeadache #SellYourHomeFast


5 Things to Consider Before Joining the Tiny Home Movement

Sometimes, even in Texas, smaller is better. Check out these tips to consider before joining the tiny home movement. ✅
Want a tiny home but don't want the hassle of selling your home? We buy homes 'as-is' fast for cash so you can live how you want. 💸🏠
#TinyHome #Downsizing

bestrealestateblog.com You’ve probably heard about the tiny home movement and how some people do a drastic downsizing in an effort to live more simply. You may have even wondered if it’s for you. Obviously, there are some pretty big benefits. For starters, who wouldn’t love to shrink their mortgage payment? And what...

Don't get stuck with remodeling, slow agents, and stacks of paperwork. 🤕
Sell to us and get a cash offer as fast as 24 hours. 😁💵
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Every house in any condition all over Texas we buy "as is" for cash. Don't sell to scammy 'ugly home buyers' but to buyers you can trust will give you the time and attention you need. 🏠🏡🏘🏚 #TexasRealEstate #HomeBuyers


Texas Home Buyers | Sell Your Home Fast for Cash | Simple and Easy Way to Sell Your House

If you want to sell your house fast, we can save you time, headaches and expenses. Call us or apply online for a fast, “as is” cash offer! #TexasRealEstate

texashb.com Texas Home Buyers purchases houses, buildings, lots and other properties simple and fast. We are Texas' most trusted home buyers because we care about YOU. Our experienced home buying professionals have been buying houses fast for cash with our simple process for over 20 years. All over Texas where


How to Clean Carpet: Cleaning Tips for Long Lasting Carpet

The Holidays are over and all of your guests came and went but your homes carpet felt every step. 😖 Here are some tips to help save your carpet and keep it clean for future selling.

familyhandyman.com Properly cleaned and maintained carpet will last twice as long. Learn the effective strategies for keeping your carpet looking new and fresh for years.

This weeks review is simple but important ☝🏼 No hassles just cash in hand and the joy of enjoying a service you recommend it to those around you. #SmoothService #TexasRealEstate


Sell Your Home Fast — Texas Home Buyers

It's time to get out of that house you can't sell 🏚 Swap your headache for cash with buyers you can depend on 💸😌 #TexasRealEstate #Houston #Sellit

texashb.com Eliminate the stress associated with selling your house like costly cleaning, repairs or renovations. Texas Home Buyers makes it easy and stress-free to sell your house fast in Houston. Our team of real estate professionals has over 75 years of combined experience with buying and selling homes in Ho

With a cash offer in 24 hours you have more time to spend it the way you want to. 💸🏠 We won't waste your time like realtors and repairs can. Contact us today and get time back on your schedule ⏰ #SellMyHome #24HourTurnArounds

One free home evaluation and done ✔️🤝 More Texans trust us with their homes so why shouldn't you? Give us a call today and get cash 24 hours after you evaluation 💸


Costly Repairs — Texas Home Buyers

As you get ready to sell your home you will start to see all of the repairs that need to be made in order to sell. 🏚 This can take time and money you might not have. Don't waste anymore time, we buy homes as is in as little as 24 hours ⏳💸 #SellTheHeadache #SellFastForCash http://bit.ly/2FsTj4G

texashb.com The unfortunate reality is that some people may not be able to sell their home simply because they cannot afford to make the required repairs. The best solution is to locate a buyer who will purchase the home quickly and in its current state, no questions asked. Texas Home Buyers will schedule an ap

Foreclosure can creep up faster than you think. 🏠 In about 60 days your home could belong to someone else and your credit can plummet. Luckily you have us. We can stop the foreclosure, save your credit and give you cash in hand. 🏡💸 Don't get stuck, call us. #SellFastForCash #TexasRealEstate

The start of this new year could be the start of a new home 🏡We know your time is valuable so we buy homes fast. Your new journey starts here with Texas Home Buyers 🤝 #NewYearNewHome #TexasHomeBuyers

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