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Insurance and Risk Management Creekside Risk focuses on providing full service risk management solutions to individuals, families and businesses.

Personal Insurance: • Homes • Automobile • Private Collections (wine, jewelry, art etc...) • Collector Car • Watercraft • Aircraft • Personal Umbrella Commercial Lines • Professional Liability • Real Estate • Manufacturing • Restaurants • Technology/Power • Not-for-profit • Service Contractors

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Check out our newest blog regarding "Life Insurance" and "Why you need it!"

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Are you fully covered? Ready when an accident does happen?

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Hey October!!

The leaves are starting to change (in some places) and maybe it's time you started thinking of changing a few things yourself!

Let one of those things be your thoughts on insurance! Are you paying too much? Are you sure you are covered? Do you have a private insurance agent? If you are unsure about any of those last questions, call us today!
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We are in the week following Tropical Storm Imelda, and this is the most important time for homeowners affected by the storm and flooding. Please follow these 5 steps to ensure you are moving in a positive direction, while dealing with such a stressful event!

1. Safety Is Key - You may be forced to remove yourself from your home is the damage/flooding is significant enough. Be sure that your electricity is turned off, and that you cover yourself appropriately. Rubber boots and gloves help with this, as flood water is highly contaminated with chemicals and debris. Some might add that if you came in contact with flood water, to call your doctor and consider a tetanus shot. You may be asked to boil your water for some time.

2. Remove The Water From The Home! - Whether you use bins, buckets, or pumps, you need to be sure to remove as much of the water as possible.

3. CALL YOUR INSURANCE AGENCY! - You need to call your insurance agency and report everything! File your claim and speak with your agent on your next steps! You need that professional opinion!

4. The Home Needs To Be Dry - You can purchase dehumidifiers just about anywhere. These need to be set up so that the moisture can be removed from your home. Here is a link to an affordable dehumidifier.

5. Document EVERYTHING! - Store all valuable papers that have been damaged in a freezer until they are needed (After your cleanup, consult your lawyer to determine whether flood-damaged documents, or just the information in them, must be retained). Record details of flood damage by video and photographs.

We hope these tips have helped, and our hearts go out to everyone affected by TS Imelda! We will start working together, as a community, to help everyone get back home!

If you are in need of flood insurance (believe us, you are!) Contact Creekside Risk Management today, and let's go over a policy that takes care of you, and provides you with a piece of mind! Call us today!

Creekside Risk Management
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Hello Fall! The Bayou City is still sitting with 90 degree days, but hopefully with a warm welcome, Fall weather will start to move it's way in. Welcome Fall! #fallweather #hellofall #creeksideriskmanagement

Dear Houston,

Days like today are exactly why you need flood insurance. Our terrain and area is consistently expanding, meaning areas that may not have flooded the last time we had rain, may flood this time. Call today for your flood insurance quote and to speak to an experienced, local, agent!

Creekside Risk Management
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"Family" means so many things, in such a short word. It's your life blood. Your memories. Your heart beats. Family is with you when you enter this world, and it's with you when you leave. A lifetime of love, sadness, crazy, and beautiful. We make it through this life...with "Family"

It is why it is so important to make sure that your family is protected in the event that something happens to you. Are you truly satisfied with you life insurance plan? Do you not have a plan because you believe it is too expensive? Don't make this mistake.

Call Creekside Risk Management today. We are local, personable, and can sit an answer all of your questions. We can start you a new policy, or go over your existing policies. Don't put off what you can do today, and not be able to do it tomorrow.

Creekside Risk Management
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To all the brave souls lost, and the ones that never made it home, we remember you on this day. September 11, 2001.

Fall is just around the corner, but it looks like summer is going to give us one good last run, with triple digit heat, for the next week!

Now is the time to be preparing yourself, and your home, for changing temperatures!

When was the last time you had a home inspection done? Checked that foundation? We all know that Texas has a way from going to extreme heat, to extreme cold, and sometimes over night. This plays a huge role in foundation settlement, cracks, and wear on homes. Everything from the exterior, to our heating and air systems.

Now is the time to be preparing, and stay cool while doing it!

Get that home inspection done, and then let's go over your policies to make sure you are covered for whatever Mother Nature throws our way!

Creekside Risk Management
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It's that time!! Bye Bye Summer, and Hello fresh new school year! Creekside Risk Management wants to send out a warm welcome to all of the returning students this year! May this year bring great new discoveries, and brand new adventures!

May our parents get some much deserved rest and relaxation, and may the lines for school drop offs move swiftly and quickly!

Welcome back classes for the 2019-2020 school year!

To all of our new student car drivers, let's make sure we have the best coverage possible on that new car! Call us today to go over your current policy, and get a better peace of mind knowing your child is completely taken care of on their journeys!

Happy School Year!

Creekside Risk Management
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Hello August! That means "Back To School"!

Show of hands, how many teenagers received their first car this summer? How many will be driving to school for the first time?

Car Insurance and teenagers can be challenging! Let us go over your current policy to make sure your young driver is in the BEST hands with their car insurance!

Give us a call today!
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August is, literally, just around the corner! Did you know in the coming Autumn months an average 20% increase in new businesses, work production, and entrepreneurship will come around? Kids are going back to school, some off to college, and individuals have had all summer to sit back and come up with their ideas and work the kinks out of their new business adventures!

You've thought everything through, you have your business plan, your P&L statements, your new location.....but wait! Have you thought about your new commercial insurance?

Creekside Risk Management not only offers peace of mind for personal coverage, but we also work diligently with new businesses everyday! We want to make sure that you are correctly covered, and paying the rates that will most benefit your new business venture!

Contact us today, and let's walk through your current coverage, or research what you will need to move forward with new coverage! We are only a phone call away!

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Summer isn't over yet! It's still RV and Boat Season! Soak up the last long days of summer whether you are traveling across the country, or making waves on the lake!

When was the last time you had someone go over your insurance coverage for those prized possessions? Are you positive you are covered fully, all while paying the best rate?

Give us a call at Creekside Risk Management and let's go over those current coverages!
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Where are all of our riders today? Check in and tell us about your adventures!

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July!

Vacation Time!! It's Summer, and it's time to chase the sun, sand, and surf!

If you are traveling this year (road tripping/flying) take a second to read through Creekside Risk Management's check list for safe, and effective, summer travel! Your insurance company wants you to have the best vacation possible! You are in good hands!

Creekside would like to announce that our own Jessica Bedore landed the title of “Mrs United America 2019” this last weekend, at the National Finals!

Broker Open House Soirée! Stunning Waterfront Manor for sale in Kemah, Texas!

Realtor: Jennifer Larsen
Champagne Sponsored: Creekside Risk Management

Houston, we have summer heat! We are no stranger to the heat that Texas summers bring here, especially in Houston when the humidity is so thick!

Summer heat can also damage your beloved home, and over time create some major problems! Take a moment to read through the below summer time issues!

1. Your foundation can become brittle and cracked due to the dryness that comes with heat. Foundations depends on the moisture of the soil it's set on. Once this soil dries out, it shrinks and can separate from the foundation. You can prevent this by keeping the soil moist, by using a sprinkler system in the later parts of the day, when the ground is starting to cool.

2. Humidity is so high, especially here in the bayou city. Believe it or not, the humidity does a lot more than give us bad hair can give you a bad floor day too. Humidity can actually cause hardwood flooring to warp and buckle. You can prevent this by running dehumidifiers in your home, and using small amounts of water to clean your flooring.

3. Your roof is extremely susceptible to heat damage. Humidity can build in the top portions of your home, and cause shingles to deteriorate, and causing the roof to warp and buckle. You can prevent this by having the proper ventilation in your roof.

4. Heat poses a major problem for your plumbing pipes. Improperly sealed pipes can burst, or leak due to high water pressure. You can prevent this by having a plumber come out to check all of your pipes, as well as having your foundation checked. A cracking foundation can cause pipes to crack as well.

5. Your AC units. Most of us have had the unfortunate run in with an AC unit going out in the dead of summer. Not fun. Heat can cause a lot of damage to AC unit, as well as dust and debris that has built up on the outside unit over the last winter. You can take preventative measures by having your AC Inspector come out, and thoroughly check / clean your unit. Also consider darker curtains during the summer months to block out the days highest heat. This keeps your AC from having to work overtime.

We hope that these tips are helpful! As always, call us today to go over your current home insurance policy. If summer decides to throw you a curve ball, you don't want to be caught up a creek!

Creekside Risk Management
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Realtor CE Course and Happy Hour!! ♥️♥️

CE Happy Hour and Flood Insurance Course for Realtors!! Make sure you are here!!

Thank you Arnold Garza and Rosa M Cadena-Garza for being amazing hosts! Thank you Josie Anderson for the amazing spread and Light Bites! Sabi Gutierrez and @Frank Frank Chapa I cant wait to do another one! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Thank you Danny King Pham and Robie Chapa for coming out! Thank you to all of our sponsors! Creekside Risk Management, Josi with Valero Title - Houston, Robie with Geneva Financial, and Survey of Texas-Richard!

Tomorrow! Don't miss your chance to attend this highly educational, great networking, and completely FREE event!

Drinks, Light Bites, and a 2 Hr Realtor CE Course on "Flood Insurance" will be available!

Please click on the Eventbrite link below to reserve your spot!

See you there!

Hurricane Season - Creekside Risk Management

Take a moment to read through this Hurricane Preparedness Blog from our Creekside Risk Management Website! Hurricane Season officially starts June 1st! It's that time again! Hurricane season is upon us, officially starting on June 1st, 2019.   

Realtor Friends! Please do not forget to register for this completely FREE 2 Hour "Flood Insurance" CE Course on June 4rth! Complimentary drinks and light bites, and a great time to network! Register your spot today!

We still have spots available!

Brittmoore Rescue

💥💥 Hurricane season officially starts on June 1st 💥💥

Please see the below link the to the FEMA Preparedness Website! 💨💦

If you have not purchased flood insurance, please contact us to examine your options! 🧐 If you currently have flood insurance, the time to go over your policy, is now. ‼️ We will walk you through each step, and make sure you are covered going into this season!

Please visit our website at:

or call us at:📱

(832) 521-1500

💥💥Ladies and Gentlemen💥💥

The time of year is upon us again. Hurricane season officially starts on June 1st, this Saturday! 💨💦

Please take a second a to look through these safety tips by FEMA:

Thank you so much to the ones that gave everything, so that we can have the freedom that we have, and the opportunity we have in our lives!

Everyone please have a safe, and Happy Memorial Day! From all of us, at Creekside Risk Management

Hello Realtor Friends!! Are you in need of CE Course credit hours? We have you covered! Check it out!

Brittmoore Rescue

Creekside Risk Management had the honor of sponsor the "Ball Cannon" for the "Birdies Fore Boats 2019 Golf Tournament" benefiting Brittmoore Rescue and the Cajun Navy Relief!

The event raised $14k, and will be going to fund future search and rescue missions, and the rebuild of homes in the Houston community!

Congrats guys, on a successful, and amazing, golf tournament! We will see you next year!

😍😍 Here it is everyone! The "Birdies Fore Boats 2019" Video! We want to thank ALL of our sponsors for stepping up and supporting us! 💥 Thank you to our title sponsor Tubular Solutions Inc.! Thank you Evans Wilson for an amazing video production, and Pelican View Drone Services for the aerial footage!

Birdies Fore Boats raised roughly $14k for 2019! Stay tuned for volunteer days, as we start to use these funds to complete some of the houses that are currently being worked on by Stacey Fleming 😍

A massive thank you to our Sponsors, again! Lisa Marie and her team over at The Golf Club at Cinco Ranch! Todd Gaspard for the amazing crawfish, and Radio Live for serenading us through the night! We will see ya'll all next year! 😍😍😍😍😍

‼️‼️ This is why flood insurance is so important ‼️‼️ Flash flooding is a major problem here in the Bayou City! Storms like this can cause so much chaos, and you would be surprised how inexpensive Flood Insurance is‼️

Do not find yourself without it! Contact us ASAP, and give yourself peace of mind, on nights like this.

Everyone please stay safe, and stay off the roads‼️

April Shower Bring May...Leaks! - Creekside Risk Management

Thank goodness for Spring Time! Fresh Air 💨, Warm Sun 🌤, Blooming Flowers 🌸! You know what they say! April Showers🌧 bring May.......Water Leaks! 💦

Take a second to read these wise words from our website Blog! We encourage you to have your home inspected every year, and to have us go through your current home insurance policy!

Don't find yourself, "Up A Creek"! April Shower Bring May Showers Leaks!   Living in the Gulf Coast communities, we are no stranger to a few showers! Ha! Who are we kidding?

April 26th, Creekside Risk Management had the honor of sponsoring the Ball Cannon for the Birdies Fore Boats Golf Tournament 2019, benefiting the Cajun Navy Relief and Brittmoore Rescue! ⛳️ We were ecstatic to help sponsor such an awesome cause, and great mission! You see, we don't only insure our community, but we support causes that help build our communities as well! ❤️

Such a amazing event! A day full of golf, crawfish, boats, friendships, goodness, and charity! Birdies Fore Boats ended up raising almost $14,000.00 for community rebuilds, and Search & Rescue Missions for Disasters! 😍

We look forward to next year! Great job!

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