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Our mission is to give our client's a peace of mind in knowing that our credit experts have their best interest at heart. We are the one place that will do the work, while allowing our client's to receive all the credit!

Mission: Our mission is financial freedom, one family at a time!

Operating as usual

[10/06/20]   Soft Inquiries (do NOT show) vs. Hard Inquiries (DOES show)

Inquiries report for 24 months & they no longer effect your score after 12. You are allowed 2-3 inquiries per year. If you need inquiries removed, it’s $50 per bureau! The only inquiries that we work on removing are those NOT attached to an open account.

💎Checking your own credit. Each consumer is allowed one free credit report per year. (GA residents get two). You can get your FREE credit report here:
💎Getting pre-screened. This is when lenders & finance companies pull your reports to see if you qualify for their services WITHOUT you prompting them. You can opt out of that happening, here:
💎A new job. Your employer may do a soft pull of your credit to gain a better understanding of how you handle finances. This is becoming very popular.

💎Applying for new lines of credit (car, home, credit card, small loans).
💎Getting pre-approved for an offer and ACCEPTING the offer.
💎Requesting a credit limit increase on your credit cards.

Whew! 😅 Working Queen’s University sale has ended. Pricing is now $197 (payment plans available). The good news is that the $99 For 90 is still running until TOMORROW! Don’t get caught slipping. 😬

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Just give it a min! 😩🙏🏾

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Bad credit can be a burden, let us get you on the track to financial freedom!
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According to CNBC:

👑The homeownership rate among millennials ages 25 to 34 is around 8 percentage points lower than Gen Xers and baby boomers was in the same age group.
👑Student loans are one of the factors at play in deciding to put off settling down.

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“Have you ever bought a car and later thought you had bought the wrong car, taken a job and then thought it was the wrong job, ordered a meal at a restaurant and then regretted your choice? Sometimes our decisions don’t lead to desirable outcomes and we wish we had made different choices. When this happens we are experiencing buyer’s remorse.”

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Only ONE more day left in September, the class price will be increasing to $197 as of October 3rd. Lock in your spot TODAY!

✅Sign up today ✅
✅Click the link in the bio✅

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Stop waiting to fix your credit and experience your true wealth potential! At Working Queens, you will receive a full detailed credit analysis, a personalized plan, 24/7 portal access and much more! Learn more about our services today

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Collection agencies profit off of every $1 you pay 😱. Here’s how-

✅ Fact: Collection agencies purchase your debt for pennies on the dollar, but come to you to collect the full amount! 🤬
✅ Fact: They don’t typically have the original signed contract, but by setting up a payment plan with you they’ve legally created one! 😳
✅ Fact: You can fight this & WIN. (Getting the items removed) Text “Me” to 919-264-7536 for details!

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Having a credit card can assist with several factors that determine your credit score. The key is to keep your credit card balances under 30%. Also, a payment reporting hack is to make 2 payments... the 1st one 15 days before your due date and the 2nd one 3 days before your due date. This will report 2 payments versus 1! 😉

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[09/28/20]   The next 60 clients will get 60 days of service for $50. You have to be ready to submit payment. This sale ends once slots are filled! 💖

FYI Credit Karma uses your (Vantage Scores), which is for educational purposes. Banks/Lenders will view your Fico score to determine their decision. You can view your Fico score at 😉

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Working Queens is a 21 day interactive course, that is taught via zoom. You will receive live nightly training from me. If you are not able to make a class, all course documents & recordings of the class will be uploaded for you to access. This class will teach you:

- The basics of Credit Repair
- Credit Laws
- Marketing
- Passive Income
- Disputing Methods

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You’re in good hands with our credit professionals! Schedule a FREE consultation so we can discuss your financial and credit goals.

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[09/23/20]   Credit bureaus are like gossip sites, but in order to report anything on you... they have to abide by the law!!! Thus meaning anything they report must be accurate & true!

Tell us something you’ve learned regarding credit or wish you knew!

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When you’re not really sure if you’re going to walk out of the dealership with new keys or disappointment 😫

Working Queens is the name and financial freedom is our game! We give our clients the peace of mind in knowing we have their best interest at heart. Schedule your consultation today!

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In honor of being a full time entrepreneur for a whole year (as of December)... We’ll be hosting another Working Queen’s University class (12/14/20). It is NOT listed on the site yet - so it’s discounted at $100 right now. A 21 day course that will teach you the in’s & out’s of creating/running your OWN credit repair business. The current class will graduate next Friday! 🥳🤸🏽‍♀️🎉

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[09/22/20]   You've been given 10 minutes to gather 5 things from your home before it's demolished. Besides, your family and pets, what would you save? Here's my list:

*My box of important docs
*Office Printer

It’s the 28% for me. Doubling your loan over time 😖. This does NOT have to be you. Let’s chat about your credit scores 👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾 link in bio!

An effective way to lower your overall credit utilization is by increasing the amount of credit you have available. This is why requesting a credit limit increase is a great option. If your credit score is decent, and you are in good standing with your current creditor, reach out to them to request an increase in available credit. Generally, you can do this about every 6 months. It's a great idea to ask the credit card company if they will be conducting a hard or soft pull on your credit. Have questions? We're here to help (


[09/21/20]   God will put you in a Position where you don’t have to Beg, Borrow or Struggle‼️🙏🏾

[09/19/20]   Who has left their full time job to be a full time entrepreneur? What is your story?

Are you looking to change your financial situation and have the freedom to come and go as you please?
Look no further! Start your training to become an agent for Working Queens today!

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While you’re sitting on your hands... this client is on her way to an 800. This could be you but you keep making excuses about getting started! 🥳

With our credit consultation service, we offer a fully detailed credit analysis at NO COST! Contact us today and start your journey to financial freedom!

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[09/15/20]   Debt Utilization Ratio:

Is the amount of credit you use against your line of credit. For example, you have a credit card with say a $500 limit. You max your card out every month and pay it on time... but in the credit world this looks horrible. In fact, this can negatively impact your credit score by 35-40%.

The trick is to always keep your balance within 30% of your limit. So for a $500 credit limit... keep your balance around $150. To those inquiring about your credit, this makes you look financially dependable. So, what if you have a secured credit card or a card that you used a deposit on and need to max it out? Pay off the balance prior to your statement being closed for that billing cycle. This is approximately 2-3 days before your bill is due. You can always call and ask what date this is for you. Now, when they report this debt... it will say your balance is $150 out of $500 versus $499.99 out of $500.

Hope this helps someone, just trying to share the knowledge!

Which would you choose?! 🤔

[09/15/20]   Credit Karma: "Congrats!"

Experian: "Tuh."

[09/14/20]   Working Queen’s University starts TONIGHT! Super excited for our future business owners. Y’all are going to bring everything you desire into fruition! 🥳

Stop allowing past mistakes define you. Let’s discuss your reports together, with our FREE consultation.

[09/14/20]   Nobody can stop what God is about to do in your life. Don’t give up‼️🙌🏾🚀

[09/13/20]   Nobody brings up your past like


What We Do

Working Queens Financial Solutions is a business that started in 2018. At first it was something that I had only considered doing part time for close friends and family. However, a few months ago I decided to go full time with it. My desire is to help as many women and men as possible, to become financially free and literate. While also educating these individuals on how to remain stable and break poor spending habits. Growing up, I was not taught much about credit or how it could and would effect me long term. I was only told to "Save for a rainy day". That still did not teach me the importance of financial literacy. So, of course I learned the hard way, as soon as I turned 18, I applied for 3 major credit cards and maxed them all out. My credit was shot before I had even turned 19. I would need a cosigner for just about everything until I turned 22. Things began to turn around and one would think I'd learn my lesson, but I had not. I continued to repeat my poor spending habits until around the age of 26 (2016). At this age, I decided I wanted better and that my children deserved better. I started to work on my credit and would soon began reaping the benefits of instant approvals and no money down. Today, I work to ensure that my clients are able to enjoy those same luxuries. As a client of mine, not only will I work to get delinquent marks removed from your reports (legally), I will also provide you with tools to assist with future decisions you make regarding your credit.

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