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[03/30/20]   In today's uncertain times, we know your life has been affected. Do you need help finding health coverage? You will only have 60 days from the day off your loss of coverage to get a major medical policy(not a short term policy). We also have a better solution than your current 401k. Let us know if we can help.

[10/18/18]   Health Insurance Open Enrollment is right around the corner, Nov 1st till Dec 15th. Be prepared and know your options. There are other alternatives this year.

[08/15/18]   As we sit here reading everyone's FB post today of their kids first day of school, it reminds me of how fast life really moves. It also reminds me of family protection for the spouse and kids. Life insurance will help with that protection. It can also help with your kids college funds. Life insurance is cheaper when you are young and healthy, so get some while you are young and have some family protection.


Stole this from a friend. It is very accurate

Real talk guys. I can help pick out a policy that is best for you and your family. #Lifeinsurance


Murray Insurance & Financial Services

Kerry Murski Murray

Life Insurance should be used both in family protection and retirement. There are a ton of different products that are for different needs. Its never to early to start planning for the future(retirement), the earlier the better. Call for a free consultation. 281-895-7000 or 936-439-6644

[06/01/17]   Life Insurance should be used both in family protection and retirement. There are a ton of different products that are for different needs. Its never to early to start planning for the future(retirement), the earlier the better. Call for a free consultation. 281-895-7000 or 936-439-6644

[08/15/16]   It is never too late or too early to start a retirement plan! There is no charge for setting up an appointment and asking questions. 936-439-6644 or stop by the new office in Huntsville at 1217 Ave M, ste 106

[06/08/16]   Stop by the new office in Huntsville and say hello, 1217 Ave M, #106, across from City Hall. Or give me a call at 936-439-6644. Im here for all your insurance needs

[03/01/16]   House, Car, Health, Life

Of the 4 insurances listed above,
Life Insurance is underrated and rarely purchased. Most only think of it its use as you must die to have your beneficiary collect. With the proper type of life insurance, you could actually use while you are alive. The Government says you must have Health Insurance, The State says you must have car insurance to drive and the mortgage Company says you must have house insurance. Your SPOUSE SHOULD SAY YOU MUST HAVE INSURANCE, ITS THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN BE USED BEFORE DEATH AND AFTER DEATH

[02/16/16]   Whole Life Insurance can be very beneficial while you are alive. Most think of it as for the widow, or the kids only. Most do not know that it could possible used while you are alive, for retirement, college education fund, etc. 281-895-7000

[01/26/16]   After talking to clients, one of the things I have found is that they seem to be confused over what TAX DEFERRED really means. It does not mean "FREE", it means "POSTPONED"... So all those 401K, etc.. plans you have, you must pay the Government their fair share down the road. For a short visit, I can show you how to set your retirement up TAX FREE.

[08/25/15]   Would you rather have a steady, guaranteed rate of return with compounding interest or a 401K(or other qualified plan) that just took a hit? We have a great plan for your future and or retirement! Call for a free consultation, 281-895-7000 or 800-695-5433

[01/22/15]   Qualified Plans- Are they the way to go? Deferred tax..

Do you think taxes will go up in the future or down?
Do you plan on making more this year or in the future?
Which tax bracket will you be in at retirement?
So pay more in taxes when you have less coming in? hmm

800-695-5433 Free call, free meeting

[01/07/15]   It is not to late to get Health Insurance. For those of you who do not have coverage, a quote is free...The penalty for no insurance is not!!

[12/04/14]   Do not get caught without Insurance, Health or Life!!! It always seems like you need it when you don't have it...Free Quotes 281-895-7000

[12/02/14]   Open Enrollment is in full swing, call now for a free quote, 281-895-7000

[11/15/14]   Open Enrollment has started for Individual Health and Medicare. Call for a free quote, cant hurt anything.1-800-695-5433

[03/19/14]   If you do not have Health insurance, time is running out. Call for a free quote!

[02/18/14]   Have you ever heard of the 770 account? Ever wonder why you are just now hearing about it? Ask us why, we have the details.

[01/13/14]   We are in the business of financial planning. More times than not we can help you plan for retirement without you spending any more money out of your current budget. Call for a free consultation, 281-895-7000

[10/24/13]   We are getting closer to the that time where we all have to have Health Insurance. If you are not having any luck with the government exchanges, call me at 281-895-7000 and let me give you a quote. Or if you have any questions over the Affordable Care Act, give me a call. It is easier to get us at Murray Insurance than it is the exchanges.

[10/01/13]   If you don't like what you find at the Health Exchange, call me and let me give you a quote, 281-895-7000. You HAVE to have Health Insurance come January 1, 2014. Comment or Like

[09/05/13]   Do not forget our government says you must have health insurance by January 1st, or you will be fined. Let me give you a free quote...800-695-5433

[08/05/13]   Today is free quote day, just call and ask. You should always shop for a better deal.

[07/23/13]   If you are not on a company health insurance plan, you must get an individual policy by January 1st. Call now for a free quote, 281-895-7000

[07/15/13]   Call now for information on Health or Life Insurance,

[07/03/13]   We can get you life insurance for a lot cheaper than your utility bills, call us 281-895-7000
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[06/20/13]   If you are interested in the Infinite Banking Concept(Build your own Bank), we are having a meeting tonight at 6pm in the conference room at the Elkins Lake Post Office in Huntsville. Feel free to stop by.

[06/18/13]   Thursday night at 6pm will be an educational seminar on Building your own Bank. The cost is free to attend and we will provide food and drinks. It will take about 1 1/2 hours. A retired IRS agent will be a guest speaker on the Build your own Bank Concept. There are many tax advantages of doing so. We will be in the Elkins Lake Post Office Conference Room. RSVP, 281-895-7000

[06/12/13]   Have you ever thought of creating your own bank? Walt Disney did. Ask me how. 281-895-7000

[06/07/13]   Are you interested in a policy that allows you to borrow cash from yourself(down payment for a house, car or college tuition) from a GUARANTEED, INTEREST COMPOUNDING account that also gives you life insurance?? We are having an event in Elkins Lake June 20th. Call if interested. 281-895-7000

[06/04/13]   Life Insurance is very important to your family security and can be very inexpensive when your young and healthy. Call for a free quote, 281-895-7000

[05/23/13]   We are your local independent insurance company serving your health and life needs in the Huntsville/Houston area. Call for a free quote or call just to say hi.

[05/22/13]   Do you want your money to grow tax deferred and withdrawal it tax free when you need it? Ask me how.

[05/21/13]   If a tragedy takes the bread winner of your family, would the spouse have to sale the house to get buy? Life insurance will protect your family in these situations. Protection does not have to be expensive.
Call us today for a quote 281-895-7000




13910 Champion Forest Dr, Ste 102
Houston, TX

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