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I challenge all to complete the 2020 Census #ACO3186
Respond to the #2020Census now at If you need help with languages, visit #ShapeYourFuture Here is the YouTube video to use: 2020 Census PSA: How Do I Take The 2020 Census? (:20) In March 2020, every household will get an invitation to complete a simple questionnaire. The three ways to respond are: online/mobile, by phone call, or sending the census by mail. Local census takers will assist those who do not respond. *Use of this PSA is only permitted through the applicable expiration period of November 4, 2020. If you ... #ACO3186
Planning to retire instead of taking the unemployment check might not be a good idea. Here's what no one is talking about:
Houston Single Professionals you are invited to attend a fabulous event at this unique venue. Mix and Mingle Introductions will be made Complimentary Appetizers Door Prizes and lots more Place: Nouveau Art Antique Bar 2913 Main Street Houston, TX 77002 7:30pm Friday, April 26 2019
Houston Single Professionals you are invited to attend a fabulous event at this unique venue. Mix and Mingle Introductions will be made Complimentary Appetizers Door Prizes and lots more Nouveau Antique Art Bar Friday, 26 April, 2019 7:30pm $15.00 charge at the door.
Face Painting by Eileen Don't forget the Face Painter for your party or event!
The following are the January statics for the Houston Real Estate market according to the Houston Association of Realtors (HAR). * Single family home sales rose 8.9% year-over-year, with 4,469 units sold; * Days on the market for single family homes increased slightly from 65 days in January 2017 to 67 days in January 2018; * Total property sales increased 8.7% with 5,468 units sold; * Total dollar volume climbed 6.3% to $1.4 billion; * The single family home median price rose 3.8% to $218,000; * The single family home average price declined 2.1% to $270,303; * Single family homes months of inventory was unchanged year- over-year at 3.3 months supply; * Townhome/condominiums sales fell 1.3%, with the average price up 2.1% to $192,918 and the median price up 13.6% to $159,000; * Leases of single family homes rose 1.9% with the average rent up 1.4% to $1,748; * Volume of townhome/condominium leases fell 5.3% with average rent up 1.3% to $1,516. * January marked the third consecutive month of declining sales among luxury homes, that is, those priced at $750,000 and above. * The strongest sales performance took place among homes in the $250,000 to $500,000 range.
Come in and shop at pop-up shop The Study for the holidays at 7800 Washington Ave!
Hey Folks! Yoga Pod West Houston is giving out a free week of unlimited yoga and discounted memberships through the rest of October!
Queensbury Theatre Guild is having a spooktacular fall fundraiser for the longest running non-profit community theater on the west side of Houston.
Hello everyone, I am looking for Houston area families interested in hosting a high school international/exchange student attending one of our local Houston high schools for this upcoming school year. Here is a list of 6 of the students I currently placing and a little about them: BOYS: Qiming from China - enjoys music, boxing, basketball, bicycling, golf, computer games, martial arts, and playing the saxophone. He is from a small town in China. Seon from Korea - loves soccer, playing the piano and guitar and loves to work in the garden. He wants to be an air-traffic controller one day. Javier from Spain - loves tennis and soccer, swimming, diving, surfing, biking and skiing. He enjoys photography, and is described by teachers as honest, mature, hardworking and polite. GIRLS: Lanlan Chen from China - loves drawing and designing clothes, lives near the sea in China, and loves animals of all kinds, especially dogs and cats. Hayoung Kwon from Korea - likes to compose songs, and plays the ocarina, piano and guitar. She likes skiing, visual arts and writing. She loves new cultures and languages, and is described by teachers as friendly, cheerful and outgoing. She has excellent English skills. Hanyun Li from China - loves drawing and traveling. She likes listening to music and doing crafts, and is an easy-going and kind person. Students have their own spending money, health insurance, and pay for their own daily needs. You as a host family are asked to provide a comfortable, welcoming environment, space for the student to sleep, and three meals a day. Students are able to buy their own lunch at school. They are here to learn our culture and ways, along with improving their English, so making them feel apart of your family and our community is crucial. Choice of student is based on who completes the host family application first. I do have another potential students availabld so please contact me ASAP if you or someone you know is interested in hosting. These students need host families quickly so that they may come in time for the beginning of school. You can contact me for more information and for the host family application form: Isabel Spinelli AFICE Local Coordinator [email protected] 832-946-4135

400+ Movers and Shakers in Houston come to one of our Mixers. Are you? "Electronic/virtual/digital interaction is good for maintaining relationships, but pressing flesh is better for creating relationships.

This is the main reason to get out of your chair and jump into the analog world." Guy Kawasaki - Enchantment

Operating as usual

[06/15/20]   I am looking for business owners looking for the right kind of funding at the right time. Do you know anyone like that?
#smefinance #growthcapital #funding #funds #youknow #finance #investment #righttime #money

The Best Way to Raise Money from an Angel Investor or VC There is one question I get asked all the time. Sometimes even hundreds of times a day. It’s the question I get asked most frequently, out…

COVID19 Coronavirus happened.
Your B2B company needs funding
Didn't get the stimulus?
Funding Your Future TODAY!

#funding #stimulus #coronavirus #covid19 #acquisitions #lending #billionaires #notscared

American Prudential Capital

Funding your future today!

[04/13/20]   Hello from the founder of inHouston.

First, hope you're healthy and doing well.

During this time we've seen many lose jobs and businesses.

We don't know how many busineswill do well with the PPP SBA stimulus loans.

Our small family office has funded thousands of companies and billions of dollars in the last thirty one years.

We're doing our best to help as many as possible.

#recession #economy #funding #survival #thrive #familyoffice #acquisitions

[04/08/20]   If you could buy $100mm in B2B businesses this month with zero out of pocket and see 2x to 10x growth year over year even in this bad economy and eventually see that 5x in value in a couple of years, what kind of IRR would financing hospitality, retail, or real estate companies need to make you to compete with that?

#investors #economy #investments #investing #recession #wealth #money #valueinvesting #trillion #wealthcreation #financeandeconomy

Quiet by Susan Cain

Amazing I haven't heard of this till now.
Success isn't just for extroverts. Read about the quiet revolution.
#introvert #extrovert #quietrevolution “Our lives are shaped as profoundly by personality as by gender or race,” writes Susan Cain in the introduction chapter of “Quiet,” the number one nonfiction book of 2012, and one of the “best brainy books of the decade” according to The Guardian. “And the single most important aspect ...

[01/07/20]   You know how startups and acquisitions and growing companies are looking for funding?
We're the right kind of money at the right time.
We're a 30+ year old small funding office that has funded thousands of companies and billions of dollars.
We fund B2B startups at revenue, and B2B acquisitions and B2B growing companies. We also have commercial factoring for you working capital needs.
Do you have a B2B company? Do you need to make payroll or pay taxes? Do you need help to take that BIG deal? Do you want to grow faster than a bank line would let you?
Funding your future today!
I served 6 years in the USAF.

[01/05/20]   ALERT: Important Safety Measures for this Time (author unknown)
International tensions are high right now. Iran has called on its sleeper cells around the world to hold retaliatory attacks against the US.

That means that although you may have no intention of being involved, someone else may make that choice for you.

Things to remember at times like these: -Keep your heads up and out of your phones while you're in public.
-Pay attention to your surroundings and make mental note of the locations of the nearest exits.
-Have no less than half a tank of gas in your vehicle at all times.
-Make sure your phone is charged when going out.
-For those willing and able to, carry your gun. Carry it concealed. Carry additional magazines.
-Have a small medical kit handy. Tourniquet, bandages, etc. A quick YouTube search will have you set up cheaply and quickly.
-Have a flashlight on you. Have a spare in your vehicle. In case of an attack in an enclosed building, lights going out causes confusion, makes you lose track of the people with you, and can make a bad situation 10x worse. A simple, reliable flashlight can help alleviate these issues.
-Always carry a sturdy, lockable knife. It has many more uses than cutting cheesecake.
-Avoid stupid places, with stupid people, doing stupid things. This applies to anytime, not just during times of heightened security.
-Trust your instincts. If your spidey-senses are tingly while you are out, then that is your body sensing danger of some type. Listen to that few hundred thousand years of human evolution telling you that something nearby wants to hurt you and your family, and go be somewhere else.
-If something doesn't look right, it probably isn't.
-Don't let someone else's Selective Ignorance deter you from being Properly Prepared to Provide Protection to your People.

I say these reminders not to scare the friends and family that read this, but to make sure they are aware of the clear and present dangers that exist right here and now.

Bad people are intent on doing bad things to Americans. They do not care if you have kids, they don't care how you vote, and they don't care what church you attend. They care that you are an American, and they want to hurt as many Americans as possible.

They are not going to only target military bases stateside. They will go after and attack civilians. They will attack women and children specifically. This is what they do. This is why they are called "terrorists". Their goal is to create enough fear that others voluntarily bend to their will. Know that up front and don't sugar-coat that fact.

Our country has been dealing with this issue for two decades, and honestly we as a society have become lax recently to the possibility of attacks specifically from terrorists. Most of us have been more worried about the mentally unstable school-shooter-types that have filled the news these past couple of years. That has seemed the more plausible and likely threat.

That is no longer the case.

Enemies are actively planning to hurt Americans, on American soil.

Act accordingly.”

Radio 1.0 Trailer

Here's a trailer for a movie that my son is the film composer on that premiered yesterday.


[10/26/19]   Saturday ♥️: remember you’re not lost, you’re just early in the process. You have soooooo much time for happiness and fulfillment. it’s up to you! We got this.

Linux, Python, c++, ROS programmer sought Job Posting for Computer Programmer Standlee Starnes Robotics, LLC (SSR), is a small business that specializes in the design and development of robotic applications and tools to serve business needs that require material inspections such as holding tanks for oil field products, chemical companies, a...

Texas pair faces 25 federal charges for ID theft shopping spree SIOUX CITY -- A federal grand jury has indicted a Texas man and woman on more than two dozen charges linked to using stolen credit card numbers to buy thousands

You've gotta SUCK first You say Moore's law and the speed of technology has made sucking first obsolete. You say that noone has to sign up to disciple under a master for years to get good at anything anymore. You say that everything is available right now and you just have to watch a video or read a picture on the gram. I....

Why VCs and Angel Investors Say "No" to entrepreneurs | Alicia Syrett | TEDxFultonStreet

So true

Early-stage investors often receive more than 100 pitches per month, which means they need to say "no" to over 99%. Alicia Syrett, CEO of Pantegrion Capital,...

Eric Standlee on LinkedIn: "#acquisitions #business #smallbusiness #economy #funding #billionaires #topproducers #entreprenuership #billionaire" September 21, 2019: Eric Standlee posted an article on LinkedIn

[09/06/19]   We believe that small business is what has made the United States great and will continue to be the back bone of this country.

[09/05/19]   Is your current funding holding you back? What is the cost of lost opportunity?

[08/29/19]   What would happen if everyone here did me HUGE favor and asked 20 business people two questions? 1. Whose company might be for sale? 2. Whose company could grow fast with the right f

This couple fought $25,000 in fraudulent credit-card charges after falling prey to identity theft — then things got even worse

Make sure your loved ones are protected.

#identitytheft #fraudprevention #idtheft #credit #protectyourlovedones The thieves had expensive taste, opting for luxuries like diamond earrings, Gucci and Armani.

6 things to watch out for when buying companies

6 things to watch out for when buying companies
#manda #ma #mergersandacquisitions
#funding #zerodown #timing #boomers Listings are the worst In a market like today, where 20 times the normal number of companies are for sale or would be if the seller thought he could sell, listings are the last place you want to look. The marketplace has changed with the internet.

Warning This Mental Cleanse Requires Commitment Warning This Mental Cleanse Requires Commitment Email Forms

Warren Buffett Has a $122 Billion Problem, and It Could Be Really Bad News or a Really Good Lesson

if you're pulling out more cash than you put in, it's probably because you believe that the market is about to head in a direction you'd rather not go. And that's not only a problem, but a bad sign not just for Warren Buffett but for all of us.
#valueinvesting #billionaires #economy #topproducers #billionaire #momentum #business #funding #smallbusiness #discipline #acquisitions #servantleadership #win #success #motivation Berkshire Hathaway has a record stockpile of cash, and the Oracle of Omaha doesn't look to be in any hurry to part with it.

[07/29/19]   I am a buyer buying $5mm-$75mm revenue privately held tightly held B2B companies.
No brokers.
I pay referral fees.
Buying as many as I can.
Who should I talk to that you know?
PM only!

Eric S Standlee

Have you always wanted help buying companies?

Sign up for APC acquisition prospects to keep in touch:

[06/18/19]   I need bilingual Spanish-English sales reps for my funding company. Phone appointments only first. In person interview if in Houston. Large residual possible. Nationwide 49 states except California.
Our 30+ year old funding firm has funded thousands of companies and billions of dollars.

[05/12/19]   You know how some partners in businesses want to retire but other partners want to stay in business? We help the partner who wants to stay buyout the partner who wants to retire.
#business #want #leadership #success #acquisitions #smallbusiness #owners #howto #funding #buyout #retire #knowhow #businesses #partner #help

[04/04/19]   You're one of my contacts because, I believe, God allowed our paths to cross. I don't take that for granted and want you to know I care about you and want you to be protected. We just launched the most comprehensive ID Theft Protection coverage in the entire industry. Ann and I have just protected ourselves and our girls because we've seen so many friends being taken advantage of. Take a look for yourself before something devastating happens.

Excuses This is "Excuses" by Eric Standlee on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Sterling Concord Partners

Interview with Carmen Maria Montiel Avila, fmr US House Candidate, businesswoman,fmr Miss Venezuela, and award winning journalist

Will talk about #socialismkills

Kenji Standlee

I have a personal favor to ask. My son has a YouTube channel. He composes music for film.
Could you do me a favor and subscribed and share it? Hi, my name is Kenji! This channel is all about the music I make, whether it's a cover, orchestral piece, or something random! (like any short films I make) ...

¿Otro camino?


Always listen to experts.
They'll tell you what can't be done, and why.
Then, go do it.
Robert A. Heinlein

Dan Crenshaw

Help us send Dan Crenshaw to Congress! Please add our frame to your profile picture and remind your friends to vote for Dan on May 22!

Want your business to be the top-listed Finance Company in Houston?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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