Edward Jones - Financial Advisor: Colin D. Adams


Going Through a Divorce? 15 Money Tips You Need Now

A checklist to help you get your financial life in order

voices.cf.socialware.com Give me a call, so we can work together to help ensure your financial best interests remain a priority.


IRA Contributions Aren't Just for Tax Time

Did you know that if you wait until the tax deadline to fund your IRA each year, you miss out on 15 months of potential tax-deferred growth on your contribution?

voices.cf.socialware.com Take a look at this hypothetical example that illustrates the potential impact to your retirement savings.


Is Life Insurance Through Work Enough?

Group policies may not cover everything you need.

voices.cf.socialware.com Let's talk about options that make sense for your situation.


How to School Your Children About Money

Here are three financial lessons that are helpful year-round.

voices.cf.socialware.com What do you want your kids to know about money?


2019 Financial Resolution: Pay Yourself First

One financial resolution for 2019? Pay yourself first, by setting aside a certain amount each month for the future.

voices.cf.socialware.com How to make smart financial decisions in 2019


Outlook 2019: Climbing a Rockier Road

Get our take on the economy and markets, and how to prepare for higher volatility ahead.

voices.cf.socialware.com As we contemplate 2019, the road looks rockier with increased market volatility. Have we passed the peak of this expansion, or is there room left to climb?


Market Pulls Back on Fading Optimism Over Trade and Growth

Stocks turned lower on Dec. 4, giving back gains as the shine on a tariff truce faded. Here's why we think the bull market is not out of gas.

voices.cf.socialware.com Near-term jitters could make for a bumpy ride as we close out 2018, but looking ahead, we don't expect them to outweigh the still-positive fundamental backdrop.


Make the Most of Your Money This Holiday Season

4 tips to help you shop sensibly

voices.cf.socialware.com Do you have any other ideas to add?

It's that time of year again!! With Giving Tuesday approaching, we are excited to roll out our annual Toys For Tots box. If you are able, please make a child's Christmas memorable by dropping off (or mailing) a gift to our office by 11 am Wednesday, December 5th! Last year, I had to take two boxes, thanks to everyone's support... let's beat that!


Get to Know Mutual Funds

Could this type of investment be one part of your diversified portfolio?

voices.cf.socialware.com With more than 8,000 mutual funds on the market today, it can be difficult to know which ones to choose. That's one reason I'm here to help.


When It Comes to Investing, Focus On What You Can Control

Don't be distracted by the latest headlines. Base your behavior on time-tested investment principles.

voices.cf.socialware.com The key is not to let emotions control your investment decisions.


How to Prepare for Retirement While Juggling Other Priorities

In this Making Sense Monday article, we discuss how it is possible to plan for retirement while caring for a parent and/or child.

voices.cf.socialware.com Once I understand what's important to you, I can help you document a specific retirement goal and we can develop personalized financial strategies to work toward it.


12 Life-saving Travel Hacks for Your Next Trip

From keeping emergency numbers in your phone to making sure your gas tank doesn't get low, these tips can help you out of a jam and keep you safe.

voices.cf.socialware.com What tips can you share?


The Health Hazards of Rumination

Why it's dangerous and how to kick the habit

voices.cf.socialware.com Are you prone to brooding about things? Here's what to do about it.


7 Financial To-dos Before Getting Married

In this Making Sense Monday article, we discuss that whether you're getting married or know someone who is, these financial tips can help you stay on track.

voices.cf.socialware.com Don't lose sight of your financial goals during this exciting time in life.


8 Steps to Take When A Loved One Passes Away

During this difficult time, these tips can help you navigate the financial stress you may face.

voices.cf.socialware.com Let me know if you'd like to talk through any of these steps.


Life Insurance & Your Financial Strategy

Why life insurance is an important part of your financial strategy.

voices.cf.socialware.com Pay off the mortgage, pay for education, provide for your spouse and children. When life doesn't go as planned, life insurance can be an important part of your financial strategy.


How to Understand Your Personal Rate of Return

In this Making Sense Monday article, we discuss putting your performance in perspective with these tips.

voices.cf.socialware.com Determining how your investments are doing requires more context than you might realize.


Some Foods Are Better For Your Brain, Memory

Keep your mental faculties in tip-top shape by incorporating these foods into your diet.

voices.cf.socialware.com From berries to eggs, these staples can sharpen your mind.


What is Probate?

Here's a high-level look – though we recommend doing a much deeper dive so you can potentially avoid this process.

voices.cf.socialware.com I'm happy to work with your team of tax and legal professionals to help craft the right estate strategy for your situation.


What Are the Biggest Risks to My Retirement?

4 common risks and what you can do to prepare now

voices.cf.socialware.com Let's work together to get ready for the unexpected.


Are You Prepared for What Spring May Bring?

In this Making Sense Monday article, we discuss items to keep in mind for your emergency kit.

voices.cf.socialware.com These items may help you reconstruct your life after a disaster.


10 Best Foods for a Healthy Heart

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away … consider these foods to stay heart healthy.

voices.cf.socialware.com Choose foods that will help reduce cholesterol and lower blood pressure.


What Should You Do With an Inheritance?

In this Making Sense Monday article, we discuss 4 considerations.

voices.cf.socialware.com Take your time when making these crucial decisions, and let me know how I can help.


How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

Our calculator can help you find out.

voices.cf.socialware.com Getting married, having a baby, changing jobs, buying a home? Big life changes may mean you need more coverage.


3 Strategies to Simplify Quarterly IRS Payments

Tips to make the quarterly tax process more convenient for your business

voices.cf.socialware.com How to know about deadlines and penalties, plan ahead for your payments and minimize the amount due


Are You a Business Owner? How We Can Help Meet Your Financial Needs

From your business to your employees to yourself, you have many considerations. Let's work together to help ensure you stay on track.

voices.cf.socialware.com While business owners have many similar needs, I will work with you to handle the specifics of your situation. Give me a call.


Realistic Expectations for More Volatile Markets

In this Making Sense Monday article, Investment Strategist Kate Warne looks at the state of the market today and offers tips you can use right now.

voices.cf.socialware.com It's good to remember during this time that investing is a marathon, not a sprint.


How to Help Make Retirement Less Taxing

Get prepped and ready for retirement by considering tax diversification.

voices.cf.socialware.com Don't go it alone – let's work together with your tax professional.


How to Train Your Brain for Better Performance

Looking to get sharper? Take a look at this list.

voices.cf.socialware.com Do you have any tricks to optimize learning?


Tax Diversification and Retirement Strategies

A closer look at one option that can allow you more flexibility during retirement.

voices.cf.socialware.com How does this strategy fit with your overall goals? Let's talk.


How Much Should I Save for Emergencies?

In this Making Sense Monday article, we review how preparing for the unexpected can help protect your financial strategy.

voices.cf.socialware.com Your cash needs are as individual as you are. Let's talk about your personal situation.


3 Reasons Long-term Care is Important to Women

This month we recognize International Women's Day. Part of celebrating women is helping them to be prepared. Here's why it's important to plan for the possibility of long-term care.

voices.cf.socialware.com Building financial strategies now can provide you with options for long-term care, including where you receive it and by whom.


7 To-do's Before You Say, "I Do."

Before you walk down the aisle together, make sure you're both in step financially.

voices.cf.socialware.com Get started on the path to marital (and financial) bliss by agreeing on your goals before you get married.


Why Your Returns Shouldn't Match the Market

In this Making Sense Monday article, we offer a great reminder why your investment performance should be compared to the return you need to reach your goals, not the return of an index.

voices.cf.socialware.com 3 reasons your performance should be your own


Put Your Social Security Benefit in Perspective

Though annual cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) announcements tend to grab financial headlines, there may be more important considerations about your Social Security benefit and your retirement income strategy. I can help add #retirementperspective

voices.cf.socialware.com If you're approaching retirement, your decision on when to start taking Social Security may have a much larger impact than COLA over the long term.


Tax Resources for CPAs and Attorneys

A few ways I can help support you during this busy season

voices.cf.socialware.com Give me a call to learn how we can partner for the sake of our mutual clients.


How Does Loss Aversion Impact Investment Decisions?

Don't let anxiety and fear prevent you from reaching your long-term goals.

voices.cf.socialware.com Are you loss averse? Let's craft a strategy that helps you remain confident.


How to Get Your Investments in Shape

Think about these questions as you work toward your financial goals.

voices.cf.socialware.com Is improved financial fitness one of your resolutions? Then let's talk.

5 Steps to Stay on Track Toward Your Goals

Let's work together to help you get on track.

voices.cf.socialware.com With financial goals, success usually comes over time – not overnight.


5 Actions to Help Improve Your Financial Habits

In this Making Sense Monday article, we discuss how these actions could make a big difference in your financial fitness.

voices.cf.socialware.com Automate, investigate, calibrate, allocate and participate.


Tax Resources Center

Each week, we'll feature a tip to help you navigate tax season. Today, take a look at our Tax Resource Center.

voices.cf.socialware.com From deductions to consider to defining commonly used terms, we'll be providing tips to help you over the next few months.


3 Ways to Make Tax Time Easier

Got a minute? Here's how to help make tax season go smoothly.

voices.cf.socialware.com Make the most of your deductions, be forward thinking and invest in your future.


How Much Will College Cost?

Creating a realistic savings goal often begins with the answer to this question.

voices.cf.socialware.com Give me a call today to discuss your education savings plan.


How Can I Save for the Future While Paying Down Debt?

Check out our tips for how to track toward multiple goals.

voices.cf.socialware.com Saving for later and paying off the past doesn't have to be an either/or proposition. Doing both just takes some planning. Here's how.

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