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Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. is a broker-dealer and member of FINRA. Comments and "likes" should not be considered representative of client experiences, or indicative of future performance or success. While I appreciate the support of my clients, I cannot accept Recommendations or Endorsements due to Investment Advisers Act of 1940 rules which prohibit me from publishing a testimonial of any kind concerning the investment advice, analysis, reporting or other services I provide. For your privacy, please don’t post account or service-related information on this page. Instead, contact me directly. Please visit for more important disclosures and information. I am licensed and registered to conduct business in FL. Based on licenses and registrations I hold, I may also conduct business in AL, AZ,GA, HI, IA, IL, MD, MI, MN, NC, PA,TX, WA.

Markets React to Rising Coronavirus Fears | Ameriprise Newsroom

Fear regarding the impact of the coronavirus has intensified. Ameriprise Chief Market Strategist David Joy weighs in on investors’ response. 02/24/2020 David Joy Fear regarding the impact of the coronavirus has intensified. It began last week, on Friday, after the U.S. flash PMI report showed a surprisingly significant impact on U.S. economic activity. The selloff was enough to push the S&P 500® index to its first decline in the past th...

10 Things To Do Now If You’re A Decade Away From Retirement

Planning to retire in the next ten years? Consider these steps to help prepare for life after work – including meeting with me to outline a plan. Is retirement looming on the horizon? To make sure your golden years are a dream come true instead of a nightmare, take steps to prepare for life after work.

Investors Seem Optimistic—Is it Justified? | Ameriprise Newsroom

Stocks enjoyed their strongest week of the new year—but will it last? Ameriprise Chief Market Strategist David Joy explains. 02/10/2020 David Joy Stocks enjoyed their strongest week of the new year last week. A combination of promising economic data, optimism regarding the spread of the coronavirus, relatively modest declines in Chinese equities, and the end of the impeachment process in Washington led to a 3.2 percent ga...

Smart tax strategies can help you fuel your savings, gain flexibility, and take more control of your financial picture.

I believe trust is the foundation of any good relationship. I’m proud to work with clients over time to help them achieve their goals and feel more secure about their financial future.

Short-term headline news can cause market swings, but it’s important to keep such news in perspective. I can help develop a diversified investment strategy based on your long-term financial goals.

[01/28/20]   Today is National Plan for Vacation Day. It is used to encourage Americans to commit their time off for the rest of the year at the start of the year.

Where are you planning your next vacation or what has been your best vacation?

Strong Economic Reports and Trade Negotiations Push Stocks Higher | Ameriprise Newsroom

Recent trade negotiations offer clarity for investors, according to Ameriprise Chief Market Strategist David Joy. 01/21/2020 David Joy U.S. equities continued their ascent last week, buoyed by the signing of the phase one trade deal with China and evidence that the economy may be improving. The S&P 500® index added 2.0 percent, bringing its gain for the year to 3.1. It was the best weekly gain since the end of...

SECURE Act: How could it impact your retirement planning?

Learn more about three key changes that took effect Jan. 1, 2020. I am here to help you understand what the SECURE Act means for you and provide personalized advice for your situation. The Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement — the SECURE Act — was signed into law Dec. 20, 2019, with many provisions taking effect Jan. 1, 2020.

Do your teens understand money? Here are 10 tips to start the conversation

No age is too young to begin learning a healthy relationship with money. Here are 10 lessons to use for kids in tween and early teen years. I am always happy to meet with my clients and their children – of any age. Kids ages 10 to 14 are forming the big part of their relationship with money. Here's how to make it a healthy one.

Here's a breakdown of the new income tax changes

Recent tax law changes could help you boost your retirement savings. If you’d like to adjust your 2020 contributions, I can help. New tax changes for 2020 give taxpayers the opportunity to save more for retirement and health-care expenses, take a bigger deduction on their individual tax return and fine-tune how much tax is withheld from their pay, which could result in larger refunds next year.

U.S. Stocks Rose Last Week After Refocusing on Fundamentals | Ameriprise Newsroom

Despite concerns around recent world events, stocks resumed their ascent last week. Ameriprise Chief Market Strategist David Joy shares the details. 01/13/2020 David Joy The risk aversion that prevailed in the wake of the U.S. drone strike in Iraq dissipated quickly last week, replaced by a focus on fundamentals that resulted in stocks resuming their ascent. The S&P 500® Index added 0.9 percent last week, more than reversing its 0.2 percent los...

2020 market and economic outlook

What are the main elements to factor into your 2020 investment decisions? Anthony Saglimbene, Ameriprise Global Market Strategist, sums up the market and economic landscape.

What’s the investment outlook and where are the opportunities for 2020? Ameriprise Global Market Strategist Anthony Saglimbene sums it up and shares key acti...

Potential investment opportunities in markets during 2020

How could you diversify your investment portfolio in 2020? Anthony Saglimbene, Ameriprise Global Market Strategist, highlights the regions, industries and asset types to consider for a variety of market conditions.

How could you diversify your investment portfolio in 2020? Anthony Saglimbene, Ameriprise Global Market Strategist, highlights the regions, industries and as...

How to Donate to Charity From Your IRA

During the season of giving, many choose to make financial gifts to their favorite charities. If you’re 70 ½ or older, you may have the option of making a qualified charitable distribution from your IRA. I can join a conversation with your tax advisor to help you navigate the process. Retirees don't need to itemize to qualify for this charitable tax break.

Year-end tax strategies that could save you money

It’s not too late to save on your 2019 taxes. We can join a conversation with your tax professional to discuss investment strategies to help lower your tax bill. It’s not too late to reduce your 2019 tax bill. Here are four ideas that can help you.

[12/10/19]   Our SHRED IT Event is this Friday, December 13th from 11am-1pm in our office parking lot. Please stop by to have any documents or files shredded on site! It’s a great way to get rid of old paperwork that you have been neglecting to shred. Light refreshments and snacks provided!

6 steps to take now so your financial life will be off to a good start in 2020

The year is winding down. Have you accomplished your 2019 goals? Here are 6 things to consider now to start 2020 on a strong financial footing. Before you know it, you'll be ringing in 2020 and making a list of New Year's resolutions. Here's why it's a good idea to get ahead of things now.

U.S. Equities Rose As Additional Economic Data Rebukes The Idea of A Downturn | Ameriprise Newsroom

Q3 economic growth was stronger than first reported, leading to another record for the S&P 500 index last week, according to Ameriprise Chief Market Strategist David Joy. A strong third quarter was driven in part by elevated consumer spending.

What’s the outlook for holiday spending?

Holiday spending can be an indicator of the health of consumer confidence. See what could be in store this holiday season and what it means for the economy. We gauge shoppers’ financial sentiment and what that signals for holiday sales in November and December.

It is possible to balance paying down debt while investing at the same time. Let’s talk about making choices to help you achieve your financial goals.

10 Top Year-End Tax Tips

You still have time to potentially lower your tax bill with some last-minute financial tweaks. If you’re considering any of these 10 tips, I can help, along with your tax advisor. Start tax planning now and you could owe the government less money in the spring.

The 4 realities of retirement spending that you need to know now

When retirement can last up to 30 years or more, planning for expenses can feel daunting. Here are four insights to help you estimate expenses and make adjustments before retiring. Planning your next 30 years of expenses isn't as easy as it seems. Here are 4 spending trends you need to understand.

Thank you to all Veterans, including our friends, clients, family and colleagues, for your service and sacrifice.

Today we had a great time volunteering at Feeding Northeast Florida. We sorted 3,647 lbs of dry products which equated to 3,039 meals!

Consumer confidence levels, both current and expectations for the future, are critical to keep tabs on. According to #AmeripriseResearch, if the gap between the two narrows and both measures decline, stock prices could face added headwinds. How confident are you feeling?

What will you do with your extra hour?

Stocks Played With A Record High Last Week. Can Markets Go Higher This Week? | Ameriprise Newsroom

The S&P 500 index had its third straight week of gains and closed the week just below its record high. Ameriprise Chief Market Strategist David Joy explains. The S&P 500 surged into record territory on Friday before closing at 3,022, just below the record high close of 3,025 from last July.

5 annuity myths debunked

Do you ever wonder, “Will my savings last after I retire?” Learn more about what you can do to generate reliable income in retirement. Are annuities expensive? Are they only for retirement? Check out 5 common myths and facts about annuities.

Medicare Enrollment Deadlines You Shouldn't Miss

Medicare open enrollment began Oct. 15. Here are some key deadlines to help ensure you enroll on time and avoid higher premiums that could impact you for the rest of your life. If you sign up for Medicare late, you could face higher premiums for the rest of your life.

The longest bull market in history (source: S&P 500® index) is leaving many investors wondering when the next bear will arrive. Let’s get together to discuss a strategy that may help add protection to your portfolio.

How should investors react to the news?

When world events cause market swings, it’s important to look beyond the headlines to keep things in perspective. I can help ensure your decisions are driven by your goals, not emotions. Major world events can often cause market volatility . Read up on how investors can keep perspective when the news causes waves in the market.

Managing market swings

Before reacting to market ups and downs let’s discuss ways to help keep your goals on track. Market volatility is a normal part of any cycle, but investors still tend to get nervous during market swings . Check out these strategies for staying the course.

Stock performance in Aug. and Sept. (to date) highlights the risk of aggressively tilting portfolios in one direction. In our view, balanced caution, with slightly more conservative portfolio allocations and high-quality investments, remains the path forward. #AmeripriseResearch

Are You Prepared to Overcome the Financial Impact of a Natural Disaster?

Hurricane Dorian spared our area, but we know a natural disaster can take a toll on your financial life in the short and long term. Learn what steps you can take now to help rebound financially if a weather-related event impacts you or your family. Take a few practical steps now to be ready just in case.

Hurricane Preparedness | Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance

Dorian is out there. Be safe everyone! For those living in hurricane-prone regions, hurricane preparedness is vital. Ameriprise Auto & Home gives you coverage and safety tips to stay protected.

Understanding retirement and taxes

Retirement account assets are typically taxed in different ways and at different times. Let’s chat about the best strategy to reduce the impact of taxes on your savings. Learn about pre-tax investments, after-tax investments and tips for managing taxes more effectively.

Thursday could be awesome for stocks

While market fluctuations can cause uncertainty, it’s important to keep things in perspective. If you are concerned about recent market swings, let’s talk soon. Major down-days in the stock market are often followed by major up-days.

Retirement planning pitfalls

Are you ready to take charge of your retirement planning? Talk to me about straightforward strategies to help protect and grow your savings. If you’re in the process of planning for retirement, make sure to dodge these common retirement planning mistakes so you can stay on track with your financial goals.

Trade Uncertainty Causing Daily Volatility | Ameriprise Newsroom

Trade continues to dominate headlines – and the surrounding uncertainty among investors and policy makers is a primary source of daily market fluctuations, according to Ameriprise Chief Market Strategist David Joy. Stocks fell for the second straight week, but finished well off their lows.

Fed rate expectations, trade tensions and earnings are coloring stock prices at the moment, but the S&P 500’s 200-day moving average, which eliminates daily price moves, is a good way to see through day-to-day noise in the market. #AmeripriseResearch

Despite high confidence levels, less than half of working Americans have calculated what their retirement needs will be. If you have questions about your income in retirement, let’s talk soon.

10 money flubs you need to fix in your 40s

If you're in your 40s, you may already have a career, home, and even a solid plan for retirement. Keep up your great momentum by steering clear of these 10 money pitfalls. 1

3 economic factors to monitor in retirement

Markets will rise and fall, but there are many things you can do to protect your retirement savings. Together, we can fine-tune your investment portfolio to make sure you stay on track long into retirement. Learn what to keep tabs on with help from your advisor.

Voluntourism: Giving on the go

Travel the world or volunteer? Many people are choosing to do both at the same time. Get inspired, and when you’re ready, I can help you create a “voluntourism” strategy that works within your financial goals. Discover ways to satisfy your desire to help others while you see the world.

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