David Stickler - Northwestern Mutual

David Stickler is a Northwestern Mutual Financial Advisor in the Greater Jacksonville area

David Stickler is a Northwestern Mutual Financial Advisor in the Greater Jacksonville area

[04/01/20]   Northwestern Mutual is doing something that they haven’t done since we were founded in 1857. I think it would be a huge benefit for you and some of your colleagues.
We are allowing life insurance applications and disability to be submitted for consideration with no medical exam (up to $5M in coverage) and up to $10k/mo of disability insurance coverage.

With an unknown virus changing our world quickly, there's no better time to make sure your family is taken care of, and it's never been easier! If you've got 5 minutes, let's chat. If you know someone who needs to see this, please pass it along. We are here to help!


How to Remain Connected With Parents or Grandparents When You Can't See Them in Person | Northwestern Mutual

How to stay close in spirit, even if you can’t be there in person.

northwesternmutual.com With elderly family members especially, social distancing can be difficult. Here’s how to remain connected with parents or grandparents when you can’t see them in person.


5 Fun Things Your Family Can Do Together While You’re Social Distancing | Northwestern Mutual

Social distancing may actually provide your family with opportunities you hadn’t thought about.

northwesternmutual.com From virtual field trips to learning new skills as a family, here are 5 fun things you can do with your family while you’re social distancing.


4 Key Things to Know About the Coronavirus Stimulus Package | Northwestern Mutual

These key points from the bill can help provide some insight on what to expect in the coming weeks.

northwesternmutual.com To bolster the economy and help Americans impacted by the coronavirus, Congress voted to pass an historically large relief plan, which President Trump quickly signed into law. Here are 4 key things to know about the coronavirus stimulus package.


Fed Announces Major New Action to Cushion Economy, Stabilize Markets | Northwestern Mutual

The Fed’s announcement today is designed to get money to where it’s needed in the economy.

northwesternmutual.com The Fed has announced major news action that’s designed to get capital into almost every area of the economy. Here’s our market commentary for the week of March 16, 2020.


How This Catering Company in Texas Pivoted Amid Coronavirus | Northwestern Mutual

We’re featuring Northwestern Mutual clients whose businesses are affected by coronavirus. If you need a home-cooked meal, they will deliver in to you in the San Antonio area. Plus, they’re also donating meals to charity. Please help support our neighbors. #stillopen

northwesternmutual.com This catering company in Texas was forced to pivot overnight amid the response to coronavirus. Here’s what they did.


How you can help during the Coronavirus outbreak

Today, the Northwestern Mutual Foundation announced a donation of more than $1.5 million to support our nonprofit partners in leading efforts to provide relief in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Foundation president, Eric Christophersen, shares his thoughts on the important role companies and individuals will play in partnering with nonprofits during this time. Read more here:

linkedin.com We are facing unprecedented times. The coronavirus outbreak is impacting people globally in profound ways – from economic impacts and loss of wages, to decreased access to medical care, food and supplies.


Does Your Small Business Need Help? Steps You Can Take to Access Cash Now | Northwestern Mutual

Please let us know how we can help.

northwesternmutual.com Many small businesses need help accessing cash amid the social distancing measures needed to battle the novel coronavirus. Here are steps you can take to access cash now.


Northwestern Mutual Donates More Than $1.5 Million Toward Coronavirus Relief Efforts - Mar 26, 2020

In response to this unprecedented health crisis, Northwestern Mutual is responding to support the communities we serve nationwide. Check out our news release for more details on the $1.5 million in grants our Foundation is donating toward critical relief efforts – I’m proud to be part of a company dedicated to serving as a resource during this time. We’re all in this together!

news.northwesternmutual.com MILWAUKEE, March 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Northwestern Mutual, through its Foundation, today announced a donation of more than $1.5 million to support its nonprofit partners nationwide in leading efforts to provide immediate relief in response to the effects of COVID-19. These grants will address th...


Educational Websites and Apps for Kids That Can Help You With Home-Schooling | Northwestern Mutual

Make the most of your kids’ screen time.

northwesternmutual.com Figuring out your kids’ education during the coronavirus crisis can be tough. These educational websites and apps for kids can help you with home-schooling.

Here’s How We Guarantee the Value of Your Life Insurance | Northwestern Mutual

Here’s how Northwestern Mutual’s General Account brings value to you.

northwesternmutual.com When you’re considering life insurance or an annuity, many of the products you’ll find will guarantee a certain level of growth. Here’s how we guarantee the value of your life insurance.


4 Keys to Opening Your Own Business — From Someone Who Just Did It | Northwestern Mutual

Whether or not you’re opening a business, step 4 is such a key piece of financial planning.

northwesternmutual.com Eden Tekle just achieved her dream of opening her own business. here are 4 things to know about opening your own business.


How to Win a Bidding War During the Spring Homebuying Season | Northwestern Mutual

If you’re looking to prep your finances for buying a home, I can help.

northwesternmutual.com Spring is a popular time for homebuying, so your offer needs to stand out. Here’s how to win a bidding war.

Here’s How We Guarantee the Value of Your Life Insurance | Northwestern Mutual

Here’s how Northwestern Mutual’s General Account brings value to you.

northwesternmutual.com When you’re considering life insurance or an annuity, many of the products you’ll find will guarantee a certain level of growth. Here’s how we guarantee the value of your life insurance.


Why Bonds Still Belong in a Portfolio | Northwestern Mutual

Bonds, even in low-yield environments, remain key building blocks of a well-diversified portfolio.

northwesternmutual.com Although bond yields are at record lows, bonds are still a good investment in a long-term plan. Here’s why.


Our Take on the Continued Coronavirus Volatility | Northwestern Mutual

This is some good perspective in these uncertain times.

northwesternmutual.com A major fear accompanies every bear market, but history has shown that over time it fades, markets climb higher and economic growth resumes. Here’s our take on the coronavirus volatility


Planning Tips Now That the Stretch IRA Is Gone | Northwestern Mutual

This is a big change, but we can help you plan around it.

northwesternmutual.com Ending stretch IRA planning was among the most significant changes included in the recently passed SECURE Act — here are a few things to consider if a stretch IRA was part of your planning calculus.


Spring Break Destinations for Every Type of Family | Northwestern Mutual

If saving for a big family vacation is one of your goals, let’s talk.

northwesternmutual.com Deciding where to go for spring break will entail figuring out type of family you are. Check out these spring break destinations, whether your family loves sports, sun or culture.


Small Business Financial Wellness Checklist: Why You Need One | Northwestern Mutual

I’d be happy to work on these steps with you.

northwesternmutual.com In 5 easy steps, jump start your planning with this small business financial wellness checklist.


Markets Drop on Coronavirus News, Here’s Our Perspective | Northwestern Mutual

When fear grips the market, it’s crucial to trust the plan we’ve built together.

northwesternmutual.com Markets dropped on coronavirus news this week, which means it’s important to take a step back and pay close attention to the bigger picture. Here’s our perspective.


10 Things You Should Do as You Approach Retirement

As you approach retirement, it’s important to have regular conversations with your advisor. Please reach out if you’d like to talk about your plan.

northwesternmutual.com Approaching retirement but still have some questions? These 10 tips can help you start planning for retirement when you’re in your 50s and 60s.


A Month-by-Month Guide to Reaching Your Career Goals in 2020

These small steps could help you take your career to the next level this year.

northwesternmutual.com Looking to make this the best year yet professionally? Use our career checklist to help you learn how to reach your career goals in 2020.


The Millennial’s Guide to Retirement Planning

Saving for retirement is a marathon, but the good news is we can all run at our own pace.

northwesternmutual.com Retirement is decades away but getting there is a journey that starts today. Here’s the millennial’s guide to retirement planning.

Trade Deal Double-Shot Boosts Markets | Northwestern Mutual

A huge uncertainty that’s been hanging over markets appears to have passed, for now.

northwesternmutual.com The U.S. and China signed the much anticipated phase-one deal, and the Senate followed up with a USMCA encore that helped dash fears that hung over markets for more than a year.

All Eyes on the U.S.-China Trade Deal as Iran Fears Fade | Northwestern Mutual

Plus, what an experiment at Taco Bell could mean for the economy.

northwesternmutual.com The markets were spooked last week after Iran retaliated for an airstrike that killed its top commander, but the fear didn’t hang around long. And this week the U.S. and China are set to sign a long-awaited trade deal.


Northwestern Mutual Named One of FORTUNE's World's Most Admired Companies - Jan 21, 2020

Fortune Magazine is once again honoring Northwestern Mutual as one of the “World's Most Admired Companies” in our industry – ranking #1 for quality of products/services and social responsibility. I'm honored to have the opportunity to help people plan for what’s most important in their lives.

news.northwesternmutual.com MILWAUKEE, Jan. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Northwestern Mutual, a leading financial security company, announced today it has been named one of the World's Most Admired Companies in its industry according to FORTUNE's annual survey for the 37th year. Since 1983, top executives and directors from eligib...


6 Things to Buy in January — And 4 You Should Skip

Check out these deals if getting fit and becoming a savvier shopper made it on to your resolutions lists.

northwesternmutual.com The holiday season isn’t the only time for deals — you’ll also find plenty of discounts this month. Here are 6 things to buy in January and 4 to skip.


Are Annuities an Investment or Insurance?

I’d love to show you how an annuity can fit into your financial plan.

northwesternmutual.com Is an annuity and investment or an insurance policy? The short answer is that annuities can provide benefits similar to both.


12 Days of Saving: How to Recoup Some Cash This Holiday Season

If you’ve spent more than you’d like this holiday season, let’s talk about creating a budget that works for you.

northwesternmutual.com It’s an expensive time of year, but these tips can help you save.


Which Assets Belong in a Trust?

Not everything you own belongs in a trust. Here are the ins and outs of setting one up.

northwesternmutual.com Setting up a trust puts you in control of your assets while you’re alive and after your death. But which assets belong in a trust? Are there any that don’t?


America the risk-averse

When it comes to big financial decisions, Americans tend to play it safe. Northwestern Mutual's Director of Personal Markets, Emily Holbrook, shares how to be more confident in the financial choices we make.

linkedin.com Americans are generally risk-averse and tend to play it safe, especially when it comes to their finances. According to the latest findings from our Planning & Progress Study, three-quarters of Americans (72%) report they are more comfortable reducing risk to ensure the safety and stability of their

‘Santa Claus Rally’ in Full Swing to Close 2019 | Northwestern Mutual

The S&P 500 could post its best year since 1997 — here’s what’s fueling the run.

northwesternmutual.com The S&P 500 notched its fifth straight week of gains as we reach the finish line on a historic 2019.

Happy New Year from all of us at Northwestern Mutual! #SpendLifeLiving


5 Financial Resolutions That Will Help You Take Control of Your Money in 2020

These first steps can help you make progress on some big financial goals.

northwesternmutual.com Being better with your money may be easier than you think. Our financial New Year’s resolution checklist can help you with these popular financial goals.


How You Can Achieve These 4 Money Resolutions in 2020

If you need a game plan for reaching your financial goals, I can help.

northwesternmutual.com Many people start the new year with these 4 financial resolutions, but it can be hard to stay on track. Here’s why these money resolutions typically are hard to keep —but how you can succeed.

Investors Get More Certainty | Northwestern Mutual

Investors have more certainty on several fronts this morning.

northwesternmutual.com After a year of getting close to a deal, investors get more certainty as the U.S. and China negotiate an agreement that effectively puts the trade war on hold, at least for now.


How to Recover When Your Holiday Budget Is Blown

You still have time to get your finances back on track. These tips can help.

northwesternmutual.com If your holiday budget is blown, there’s no need to panic. These 4 steps can help you get back on track. 

Markets on Pace for Record-Setting Close to 2019 | Northwestern Mutual

Investors received a lump of coal this time last year, here’s why this week will likely be different.

northwesternmutual.com The backdrop for markets this Christmas is very different than last year. That’s a big reason why markets are on pace for a record-setting close in 2019.


What You Can Do Now to Jump-start Your Financial Resolutions

If you’ve got big financial resolutions for 2020, let’s talk about how I can help you with them.

northwesternmutual.com You don’t have to wait until January to start working on your financial resolutions. Here are practical steps you can take now to help you reach your financial goals next year.


What Does an Average Retirement Cost?

There’s a lot more to consider than just the dollar amount.

northwesternmutual.com An average retirement costs about $49,000 each year. But figuring out what retirement costs for you will be a little more complicated — start with these questions to get to your figure.


How to Be More Charitable Year-Round

If giving is important to you, we can talk about how to make it a part of your financial plan.

northwesternmutual.com There’s no need to wait until the end of the year to make donations to your favorite causes. Be more charitable year-round so that giving becomes a habit — these tips can help.


6 Things to Buy in December — And 4 You Should Skip

The extensive holiday discounts this month could help you save big on your gift list.

northwesternmutual.com ‘Tis the season for great shopping deals.

Strong Housing, Consumer Data Overshadows Trade | Northwestern Mutual

Positive economic data led stocks to new records during the short week.

northwesternmutual.com Stocks hit a four-day win streak into Thanksgiving, lifted by positive developments on trade and positive economic data.


5 Ways to Improve Your Finances in December

Between last-minute shopping and holiday parties take a few steps to improve your finances before 2020.

northwesternmutual.com Tis the season for giving, but don’t forget to treat yourself this month. Here are five ways to improve your finances in December.


Smart Tax Moves to Consider Before the End of the Year

Please reach out if you’d like to discuss ways to be more tax-efficient with your financial plan.

northwesternmutual.com Tax planning shouldn’t wait until April 15. There are smart tax moves you can make before the end of the year that could help lower your tax bill — this tax checklist can help.

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