Risk Alternatives & Management (RAM)

Risk Alternatives & Management (RAM) is full service P&C wholesale broker serving the local agent.

By working with Risk Alternatives & Management (RAM), you can enjoy a distinct competitive advantage by accessing our expertise to design customized programs for your customers. Our experienced underwriters can access specialty coverages that meet the standard and specialized needs of the insured. An Overview of What We Offer but not limited to: Accident & Health/Occupational Accident Workers Compensation Excess Liability/Umbrella Commercial Auto Trucking/Transportation Property Insurance General Liability Employment Practices Liability Construction Customized Programs Residential and Commercial Builder Plans Hotel/Motel Markets Restaurant Coverage Environmental Programs Builders Risk Insurance E&O/D&O Email or Call RAM today for the most competitive quotes

Risk Alternatives and Management (RAM) was incorporated in 1986 to set up and service self insured workers compensation clients or large clients with loss sensitive programs. We expanded our wholesale brokerage group with the launch of our dba Risk Alternatives and Management in the 1990's. We now provide coverages for all commercial lines of insurance.


Risk Alternatives & Management - Workers Compensation Insurance

Quick Response to your submissions @ RAM:

Send all submissions with completed ACORD forms to [email protected] or reply to by email with any questions you might have.

Managed Care Organizations (MCO's)
Coverage for vicarious liability, managed financial, marketing, antitrust, voluntary emergency medical services with limits up to $5M and revenue up to $25M. Min premium and retentions apply. Targets-PPO's, HMO's, Prepaid Health Plans, DMO's (dental),MSO's (management Services Organizations), IPA's (individual practice associations), medical case managers, care coordinator groups etc.

Lawyers, Corporate counsel, Architects Structural, Engineers, Draftsmen, Landscape Architects, Associations, Cyber, Public Officials, School Leaders, Technology, Some medical, Miscellaneous. Specialize applications will be required, w/ loss runs and financials

GO GLOBAL! Foreign Commercial Package or Defense Base Act Coverage.
If your clients have expanded to other countries and you insure groups that perform as Engineers, Consultants, Technology Installers, missionary work or disaster relief, or your agency has clients entering foreign military bases or areas in combat/war zones, our markets with either Defense Base Act (DBA) or the standard foreign commercial pkg -WC,GL, Non owned auto, AD&D can respond.

Over 300 classes eligible. Add umbrella up to $10M. Liquor available with some exception states. TIV up to $5M and 10-20K sq. ft. max. Targets-retail, offices, restaurants, wholesalers, groceries, artisan contractors, etc. BUT others can qualify for CPP if not in the BOP

WORKERS’ COMPENSATION quotes with complete submission (ACORD, loss runs, mod)…

All regular classes PLUS- 2710,2702,2709 (sawmill/logging), 9102 (park noc/lawn maintenance) 7219 Local Trucking, 7219 (Long Haul),6204 (Drilling NOC) 6319 (gas main) 6306 (water/ sewer) 3724 (millwright) 9403 (Commercial garbage) 9016 (amusement park) 5610 (construction debris) 8293 (furniture moving & storage) 8500 (metal scrap dealers) 7600 (telephone/cable company) 8263 (junk dealer) 8265 (iron scrap dealer) 9063(YMCA/YWCA) 9061 (health clubs) 9084 (bars/taverns) 9220 (cemetery) 9554 (sign installation) 9534 (mobile crane ops) 9620 (funeral homes) 2759 (pallet mfg). Asbestos Contractor*…USL&H…Boat Building…Iron/Steel Erection…Quarry works…Heavy Construction 0106 (Tree Service); 1463 (Asphalt Works); 1604 (Quarry); 5551 (roofing), 7390 (Beer/Ale Dealer)
2589 (Dry Cleaner),4583 (Fertilizer Mfg), 8350 ( Gasoline Dealer),8831 (veterinary hospital), 8869(CHILDCARE)8835 (home health)

UMBRELLA COVERAGE Targets- restaurants, manufacturers, hotel/motel, Sign Manufacturers, Contractors, Building maintenance, many others...
Send ACORD 125,131, underlying GL/AL/WC information (must be AVII or better), loss runs. Be sure to complete 3 yrs sales history.

Railroad Liability including bodily injury, property damage, release of hazardous materials, FELA, terrorism, pollution, foreign rolling stock, and bill of lading. Additionally crisis response up to $250K. Targets are class I (freight),II (regional),III (short line). passenger, and transit authorities.

(Not All Products Are Offered In All States)


Risk Alternatives & Management (RAM)

770-424-5770 FAX: 770 424 5774

(CA-RAM Team Insurance Services; TX-Risk Alternatives & Mgt Co)

ram-insurance.com Risk Alternatives & Management (RAM) is a full service commercial lines broker supporting the local independent agent. We offer a variety of products including but not limited to, General and Professional Liability, Property, Transportation, Workers' Compensation, Umbrellas, E&O, D&O, Accident and H...

Why it's important to answer ACORD 130 questions correctly. Read on....

Wei Chen crash: Insurance broker says it's not responsible for workers' comp claim
Desiree Stennett, Memphis Commercial Appeal Published 1:06 p.m. CT April 16, 2019 | Updated 8:14 p.m. CT April 16, 2019
Memorial Service for Wei Chen Memphis Commercial Appeal

Memphis insurance broker Lipscomb & Pitts has denied responsibility for paying a workers' compensation death claim in a response to a lawsuit filed last month.
Zurich American Insurance Company filed the lawsuit against Lipscomb & Pitts and Sunshine Enterprise on March 13. In it, Zurich said it too should not be responsible for paying the claim following a plane crash that killed Sunshine Enterprise CEO Wei Chen and three other company executives.
Zurich's lawsuit asked a judge if the claim should be voided or if Lipscomb & Pitts, which connected Sunshine to Zurich, should be held responsible.

The lawsuit hinges on a question in the insurance application that asked: "Does applicant own, operate or lease aircraft/watercraft?" Although Chen is a pilot and owns a plane, Sunshine Enterprise answered "no," Zurich's complaint said.
Zurich says answering no was a false claim that made it impossible for Zurich to accurately assess the risk of providing insurance. It said Lipscomb & Pitts also held some responsibility for brokering the deal that included false information.
In the response filed Monday, Lipscomb & Pitts said it was never hired to broker pilot insurance or aircraft insurance and that Zurich was attempting to pass the buck for its own errors to avoid paying the claim

From left, Mike McAnnally, Danielle Mitchell, Wei Chen, Bruce Pelynio and John Chen. All except McAnnally were killed in a plane crash Dec. 20 in Georgia. (Photo: Sunshine Enterprise Inc.)


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Risk Alternatives & Management (RAM)

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3104 Creekside Village Dr, Suite 501
Kennesaw, GA

General information

Initially RAM's main focus was workers compensation. Today, we offer many lines of coverage including General Liability, Property, Transportation, Workers Compensation, Umbrellas, E&O, D&O, Accident and Health, Environmental/Pollution, Foreign/DBA and specialty risk programs. RAM has relationships with many agents across country and has partnered with the some of the top carriers in the industry. We concentrate on being a leader in customer service, prompt quoting and providing our agents with the best markets possible in a complicated insurance environment. Our home office is located in Kennesaw, GA and is staffed with experienced, knowledgeable, and responsive underwriters/support personnel to serve our agents . Our motto of "Supporting the Local Agent" is our focus when you hire us to explore a market for a potential or existing client.

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 17:00
Thursday 09:00 - 17:00
Friday 09:00 - 17:00
Saturday 09:00 - 13:00
Sunday 08:00 - 17:00
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