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We have two locations: Marietta: 3225 Shallowford Rd. Suite 930 Kennesaw: 5150 Stilesboro Rd. Suite 310

[01/17/18]   Today Jan 17 we can not drive in to our office. If the roads allow I will be there this afternoon. If you have a claim please call me and leave a v mail as I will check it often all day. You may also report a claim to Nationwide at 877-262-0247. Be safe and stay off the roads if you can.

[12/23/17]   During the Christmas holidays for customer service, billing, claims or policy changes to your Nationwide policy call 877-262-0247. We are closed Monday and Tuesday but Nationwide representatives are working to help you. Also leave a v mail at my office 770-565-9900. Be safe and enjoy the Christmas holidays.

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[09/08/17]   For our customers in Georgia who have boats, we encourage you to reach out to your insurance agent regarding your coverage! For Nationwide, if there is a named storm (Irma) that is likely to hit where your boat is docked, then you are responsible for a MINIMUM $1000 deductible under your wind coverage or 5% of the cost of your boat. Whichever of these amounts is greater, is the amount you will pay for damages on your boat. This may vary depending on if your boat is IN or OUT of the water. PLEASE call your agent so that they will be able to guide you in the best course of action for your circumstance BEFORE Irma hits. If possible get your boat out of the water......if possible....

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[08/28/17]   Thank you Deanna for 23 years of hard work at our agency! We all appreciate you.

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[07/21/17]   WANT TO SAVE MONEY ON YOUR AUTO INSURANCE? Our clients may be with Nationwide, Travelers, Progressive, Safeco, MetLife, Encompass, etc. since we represent many companies. If you are one of our clients and have not reviewed your auto policy with me or one of our agents in my office, here are 4 ways to instantly save $$ on your auto policy. . In our state, auto rates have gone up for every company. You can reduce yours most likely:

1-take advantage of our 'Affinity' discount program. We have hundreds of partners.(if you are a realtor, member of BASS fishing group, credit union members, fraternity or sorority,etc) For example, the university in our area is Kennesaw State University...are you a student? grad? employee? child attending? KSU is a really strong discount.
2-add our 'smartride' discount. This telemetric technology is the future of auto insurance. Just put a small device in your auto for 4 mths w Nwide, take it out, you get the discount you earn for as long as you own the car. We guarantee no matter how you drive the device will not raise your can only discount your rate. We even give a discount for you simply trying it!~
3-go paperless. We give up to a 5% discount for simply taking your policy and bills via email.
4-get your 'defensive driving' discount valid for 3 yrs. We have a connection for you to take this valuable course online for only $19.95 and it takes less than one hour. You can save hundreds of dollars for about 30-45 min of your time.

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Retirement Statistics Retirement Financial Statistics

Retirement Statistics

These stats are fairly current.... Retirement Financial Statistics

[05/15/17]   The Predicament of the Auto Industry in Georgia:

As many of you know, there has been an increase in auto rates, especially in the state of Georgia. Below are a few facts to help explain why these costs are rising and what you as a customer can expect.

From 2014-2015, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration, there has been an increase of 3.5% of miles driven by the population in the US. With more people on the road, due to lower fuel costs and a better economy, there is a higher probability of accidents. This increase in the number of accidents cause insurance companies to pay out more money to cover these claims, in order to make up for their losses they need to charge more for their products.

According to the Insurance Research Council there has also been an increased rate in the severity of these accidents, leading to a higher payout for bodily injuries. According to their records the average cost of bodily injuries claims has risen between 2005 and 2013 by 32.1%. The 32.1% also includes the increase in cost of medical care as new technology is developed. So on top of having more accidents to pay off, insurance companies now have to pay out more for each of these accidents.

In addition to rising cost for medical care, there is an increasing cost for newer vehicles. In 2015 there was a total of almost 17.5 million vehicles that had been sold in the U.S as stated in the Strategy & Price WaterHouse Coopers, 2016 Auto Industry Trends. Along with the newer safety features in top of the line vehicles comes an increase cost to fix these features when damaged. For example, if older cars were damaged there would be only a need to replace a bumper, or a side mirror. Now, in order to have the newer version of said vehicle repaired, a mechanic will have to replace the side mirror car detection or the rear view camera in addition to the actual bumper or mirror. These seemingly small but extensive repairs add to the cost of what insurance companies have to spend to cover what used to be a fairly simple fix.

Unfortunately, new technologies are the frequent cause of many of these accidents. According to the Georgia Department of Transportation the fatalities on the road in Georgia were 1561 in the year 2016. That is up 129 from 2015 and 391 from 2014. The National Safety Council estimates that 1 out of every 4 car crashes involves a driver using a cell phone. This means that every day there are 9 fatalities and 1153 injuries caused by distractions of this manner. So while Georgia has a law restricting drivers under the age of 18 from using their phones in any manner, there is only a no-texting-and-driving law for drivers over 18. Many people are not aware that this law includes physically texting, as well as reading messages on any device while driving. Drivers of all ages are ignoring these laws, allowing for higher rates of accidents and deaths on Georgia roads.

Overall, the higher medical/vehicle costs, and the increased amount of accidents has led Georgia to have one of the worst auto rates in history with the nation's highest increase in 2014 according to the AJC. With accidents and deaths on the rise there seems to be little reprieve in sight for auto rates. The action that may be the most beneficial to incite a change would be to encourage your friends and family to avoid texting and driving. Not only does this save lives but it saves auto rates from continuing to increase in the years to come.

If you have any questions about your Auto Policy please feel free to call us and we would be happy to help you in any way that we can!

(information compiled with the use of safecoagentnews, the U.S. Department of Transportation, AJC, Georgia Department of Transportation, Insurance Research Council, and Strategy & Price Water House Coopers, 2016 Auto Industry Trends)

Georgia College player named the nation's winningest

A big congrats to Nathan Vickroy. Our Nationwide client became the winningest intramural player of all time...and kept his GPA up at the same time. Great job Nathan! Georgia College player named the nation's winningest

[04/29/17]   'The Annuity Advisor' author Michael Kitces says investors aren't buying annuities because they don't understand them. An immediate annuity is a totally different product than other annuity products that may have high fees and get criticism in the media. So what is an 'immediate annuity'? What’s the better retirement income producer, an immediate annuity or investing in the stock/bond market?

People should speak with their advisor about all of this. There is no one-size-fits-all... but understanding your options makes it less complicated.

Industry experts say that the retiree's goals and comfort level determine where you should invest, not your income level. Should we be more concerned with growing our money or protecting it? Is my greater need for monthly income or growth for the future?

An immediate annuity guarantees income for life. If a boomer had $100,000 or 4 million dollars at retirement to invest, an immediate annuity can make sense for part of their money. Everyone needs to keep some money liquid if possible, so it is not generally advisable to put all of your nest egg into an immediate annuity. Putting some of your hard earned money into a lifetime income stream with guarantees is only available through life insurance companies.

The purpose of an immediate annuity is to guarantee income that you can not outlive. A common misunderstanding is thinking 'if I put my $500,000 into an immediate annuity and get 6% for life, that is $30,000/yr ,but if I die in say 10 yrs, my kids or wife get nothing' but that is far from the truth. An annuity with 'cash refund' option means your beneficiaries get the balance of your account when you pass. If you chose a lifetime option with 25 yrs certain, that means you receive income for life but if you pass away, the checks continue for at least the chosen 25 yrs and more if you outlive 25 yrs.

Always consult your advisor and ask questions if you are worried about losing your money. Is my principal guaranteed? and/or is my monthly income guaranteed? Is it guaranteed for life? How long? What about inflation? If I lock in my income in today what happens if prices keep going up? Don't confuse growing your money with protecting your guaranteed money or monthly income needs. These are two distinct goals. Your need may be for one.... or both.

Barry Stover, CIC/Agency Owner

Nationwide New Heights FIA - The next generation of annuities The Nationwide New Heights fixed indexed annuity is a potential solution for clients worried about market volatility.

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