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The Outer Banks Candle Company


What a treat to come home from a long day and find my candle order on the porch! Now the only concern is which one to light first...such great scents...gardenia, water lily, lilac or peach! And the beach photo is so cute! But also knowing the love and prayer that was "poured in" makes me feel so blessed. Thank you for a much needed reminder of peace amid all the tough things going on these days!
Kimber!! I love my candles. 🥰 I posted this on my FB page, but couldn’t figure out how to tag a company. Hope you and the family enjoy the holiday weekend. 🇺🇸
Thank you so much! My mother sent me this picture because she was so tickled with her early Mother’s Day present! She loves the OBX and this was a little reminder of the good times we’ve had there! She said they smell wonderful🥰🥰🥰
Happy Birthday Kimber. I know your years going to be awesome.
NOW it is Christmas!!!
Love Pumpkin Cobbler!
Thank you so much for my order! I am so happy I can order online! The candles and room sprays are wonderful I will be ordering again soon 😊
Where are you located ?
Kimber--this months box was my favorite!! I know the big one was grapefruit that I LOVED but were the little ones orange/vanilla? I want more and i am going to revew my subscription so i can get the spring summer scents! Cant wait to see you-- i may come to you before you get to me in september!
Thank you for this amazing smelling natural soy pumpkin almond biscotti 😍😍

Check out our website at Delectably fragrant candles handcrafted on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Operating as usual

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy & peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” -Romans 15:13

For me, my family, this small candle business (& likely most of the world), 2020 brought a lot of changes.

I have always joked that I wasn’t cut out to homeschool, and here we are w/ all 5 kids *distance learning* at home. And while some days I think they all might just kill each other 😳... in the midst of the chaos, we have laughed hysterically at Arrow’s antics, built a tree house, spent more time at the beach, tried loads of new recipes (mostly the kids, once they learned how to order groceries online 🥴), tried new arts & crafts projects (& even more messes & ruined furniture in the process 😭) The house is more *lived in* than it ever has been before!

In 2020, we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary & year 20 proved to be a tough one for our marriage. But God. With all the changes this year, we’ve been forced to take *teamwork* to the next level. It’s also been a season of seeking God for growth & deeper healing in our ❤️s. A painful process, but growth typically doesn’t come easy. And so at the end of the year, we each picked out a new wedding ring, a symbol of hope & new beginnings.

In 2020, I also passed the baton on a Bible Study I’ve been leading for 12 years, full of the most wonderful women (“there is a season for everything...”) Talk about bitter-sweet 💛

And while I thought that 2020 could be the year that people stop buying candles, the opposite proved true. Starting w/ Mother’s Day, we poured more candles than ever before & then more & more each month. And bc of that, I was able to hire more help & fine tune my values & vision for this small business. And it continues to be in my ❤️ and at the ❤️ of this business to create unique & beautiful candles that bless the people who receive them.

I have lots of hopes for 2021, but my deepest hope & desire is that “...the God of HOPE [will] fill [us] with all JOY and PEACE as [we] trust in him...”

May 2021 be the year of HOPE that sees beyond the present, JOY that’s deeper than our circumstances, & PEACE that passes understanding for us all.

Photos from The Outer Banks Candle Company's post

Putting the candle studio back together after a wild & crazy candle season (made crazier by a quick reno to the candle-pouring room right before Christmas! 🤪) Check out the before and after below (& more in stories!) 🪜🔨

And now it’s time to restock those shelves and get started on some fun new candle projects in the new year!

January’s #obxCANDLEbox is in the works! These guys were created with the vision to help warm up these chilly winter months ❄️ 💙 I think you’ll love what we’ve come up with and the sweet special gift created by another #outerbanks artisan 🤗

There’s still time to jump on board and start your Candle of the Month subscription and I can hardly think of a more fun way to start the New Year than with some monthly surprise #happymail! 🎉📦🎁

Did you know that *mottling* in a pillar candle is caused by a chemical reaction that takes place when the fragrance oil mixes with the wax, causing it to fracture? The result is the snowflake-looking designs that appear on the surface of the candle ❄️

This is one of my very favorite parts of candle-making, bc every single candle that I pull out of a mold looks a little different... and it’s a beautiful surprise every time! Truly, like they say about snowflakes, there are no two that are just the same.

Shown here are Mulled Cider pillar candles, a warm spiced apple cider fragrance that is sure to warm up these winter months. Tap the video to see this mottling effect up close on this candle!

Every year I have to laugh at my top nine posts for this CANDLE account, as candles are conspicuously missing from the grid! 😆

A little bit of the beach... a few of my favorite #outerbanks cottages, and a whole lot of our crazy family 🤪 Point taken, people 😜

Merry Christmas from our crew ❤️💚💙

Lots of TikToks happening around here on this rainy day 🤪 And Arrow’s hoping for her big break 🌟🤣

And heeeere are the contents of December’s #obxCANDLEbox 🤩
Subscription orders placed TODAY will begin with this box, and all orders placed after today will begin with January’s box.

This collaboration with Laura of @printedhues features her oyster painting on the candle and ornament 🤩 And if you haven’t checked out her gorgeous coastal artwork, then I highly recommend it!

The candle fragrance in this box is “Gingerbread Man” ... a warm holiday cookie scent with notes of sugar, butter and ginger 😋

A Candle of the Month subscription is a sweet way to treat yourself or someone you love this holiday season. You can see all the subscription options at:

Reminder: TODAY is the LAST DAY to place your candle order online & guarantee that it will ship out by this by Thursday, the 17th. And while I can’t *guarantee* Christmas delivery this year, these will have a very good chance! 🎁🙌🏼

Then we will be taking a candle break and all orders placed between the 17th and January 1st will ship after the new year.

Happy candle shopping!

Since it’s not crazy enough trying to pack and ship all the orders at Christmastime in a candle business, we decided this weekend would be a good time for new cabinets and countertops in the candle studio 🤪🤣 The second photo shows the madness in the candle studio right now!!

Working hard to finish this project up swiftly and get back to candles by the weekend’s end a more organized space!! 🙌🏼

CLOSED. Winners announced on IG! 🙌🏼

GIVEAWAY happening on Instagram! Tag @outerbankscandleco in a photo of how you incorporate your #outerbanks candles into your holiday decor ✨🕯🎄

Here are some photos of the candles around my house during the holidays. As you can see, sometimes a single candle in a simple display is just right. Other times, I like to group candles with some bottle brush trees (love those!!✨🌲✨) or scatter them throughout my Christmas Glitter Village, like they’re lighting up the neighborhood! 💫⭐️ Your candle photo can be as simple or as fancy as you want it to be and you can post on your feed or in your stories.

Two people will win a box of holiday candles!! 📦🎁🙌🏼 Be on the lookout for some of these photos in stories this weekend ☺️

The winners will be announced on Sunday... now snap those candle photos bc I want to see them in their new homes! ✨🕯🎄

Shipping update... PLEASE READ 📦💌

As we know, USPS and all delivery services are having some major delays right now. Packages are eventually getting where they’re going, but it’s taking longer than usual.

We know from experience that during the busy season, they don’t always scan packages along the way in an effort to keep things moving quickly, which explains why you don’t always have up-to-date tracking information.

I am also experiencing these delays, in my business and with my Christmas presents! 😬 But I know my mail carrier and my UPS driver quite well by now and I know how HARD they are working 💪🏼... and boy do they deserve some extra TLC this season!

All this to say, I cannot guarantee Christmas delivery this year bc of... #2020 🥴 BUT... if you place your order by this Sunday the 13th, then I CAN guarantee that it will ship out by the 17th and have a fighting chance of arriving before Christmas! 🎁🙌🏼

Then we will be taking a candle break and all orders placed between the 17th and January 1st will ship after the New Year.

THANK YOU so much for your support of this small candle business this holiday season and we hope you love all your candles & goodies!

There are just a few of these very special HOLIDAY GIFT BOXES left! And once they’re gone, they’re gone 😱

Such a sweet collaboration with these two talented artists: @printedhues and @yellowsolstudio ✨Even as we’re packing them up, I keep saying: I’d LOVE to get one of these in the mail! 📦🙌🏼😂

Each box includes:
(1) 16oz seasonal candle
(1) 8oz beachy candle
(1) Box of Outer Banks matches
(1) 4x6 #outerbanks lighthouse art print
(1) Oyster ornament
(1) Outer Banks map tea towel

Perfect for the art lover, the beach lover, the #outerbanks lover, the candle lover, the hand-made lover and the impossible-to-buy-for! Tap this post to shop! 📦🎁🙌🏼

These #vintage Christmas candles make the sweetest and most unique gifts ✨🎁 And when the candles are finished burning, they wash out easily with warm soapy water, and these vintage treasures are ready to start the next chapter of their life 😉

Check out the ANTIQUE candle collection at:

December’s #obxCANDLEbox packages are shipping out and there are just a few left! You can get in on the fun or bless someone with the candle box that keeps on giving! 😉

Available as 3 mo, 6 mo, or recurring monthly subscriptions for $35/mo including shipping! (The BEST happy mail 🤗📦🎁)⁣

Can you spot the beautiful VINTAGE candles in this extraordinary Thanksgiving spread? ✨ And in case you needed proof that #outerbanks candles are not just for the beach, here they are looking right at home in this gorgeous Texas farmhouse!

Also, head on over to a Instagram for a GIVEAWAY at @outerbankscandleco !! Post a picture on IG of how you use your Outer Banks candles in your holiday decor and tag me for a chance to win one of two boxes of holiday candles! 🙌🏼🕯🎁

I think this winter when things get really slow and quiet on the #outerbanks , my new hobby will be combing the beach for treasures that match my sparkly nails! 💅🏼✨🐚😂

All set up for the 35th annual Starvin’ Artists Christmas Show! If you’re local to the #outerbanks then come check out a whole bunch of talented artisans and get some local shopping checked off your list!

TODAY Saturday Dec. 5th
11:00 - 4:00
Buccaneers Walk, Kitty Hawk

If you’re local to the #outerbanks then there’s an ART SHOW tomorrow that you won’t want to miss! The 35th annual Starvin’ Artists Christmas show is Saturday from 11:00-4:00 in #kittyhawk featuring so many amazing artisans! And it’s the only show I’m doing this season, so if you’ve wanted to smell some candles in person before you pick, then this is your chance 😉

✨ Holiday GIFT Box ✨ A limited number of these very special gift boxes are now available! These boxes have been carefully curated and feature the artwork of two talented coastal #northcarolina artists: Meg Rubino @yellowsolstudio and Laura Lobdell @printedhues 🎨🖌🕯

Each box includes:
(1) 16oz seasonal candle
(1) 8oz beachy candle
(1) Box of Outer Banks matches
(1) 4x6 #outerbanks lighthouse art print
(1) Oyster ornament
(1) Outer Banks map tea towel

Perfect for the art lover, the beach lover, the candle lover, the hand-made lover and the impossible-to-buy-for! Click this post to shop!] 📦🎁🤗

Sneak peak at a special Holiday Gift Box coming tomorrow! I collaborated with two other artists to bring you this very sweet variety of candles and other goodies! And I am thrilled with how it all came together! ✨

Filled with candles, #outerbanks matches, an art print, a Christmas ornament and a tea towel, this box would make such a unique gift for someone special... especially someone who loves the beach 😎

Stay tuned for more information tomorrow morning when these boxes hit the website in limited quantity! 📦🎁

Remember you get a FREE votive candle with every online order!

No coupon code necessary, choose your free votive at checkout 🤗🎁 Try something festive like Gingerbread Man, Peppermint Bark or Beach Pine... or daydream about the beach with Coconut Cove, Pineapple Mint or Beachy Peachy!

*Nights in the Candle Studio* (feature film coming soon 📽😂)
This is Heather... one of my evening candle fairies ✨🧚🏽‍♀️ Heather has been working with me for several years and if you’ve come to any of our holiday craft shows, then you have probably seen her smiling face helping me sling candles!

Fun fact about Heather is that she grew up in our youth group and I led a bible study she attended as a young teenager. She has always been wise beyond her years and it has been such a pleasure to watch her grow up, get married, and then graciously work along side me in her spare time. (She has labeled thousandssss of the candles you’ve enjoyed!)

And now I am SO PROUD of her as she starts a new career helping women and families in need. It’s a perfect fit for her compassionate heart, organization, and strong work ethic 💪🏼

Thankfully, Heather will still be helping a little in the candle studio (and a lot with book keeping!) so I get to keep her around a bit and enjoy her “...gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight” (1 Peter 3:4)

Today is National MASON JAR Day and these ANTIQUE jars have just been restocked! And today only, they ship for FREE (along with everything else, with a $50 purchase! Code: FREESHIP)

Many of these antique mason jar candles are 100 years old! They burn for 90-100 hours in fragrances like Citrus Ocean, Beach Pine, Peppermint Bark, and Mulled Cider. Such a unique - and reusable - GIFT, since soy wax is water soluble and washes out with warm water when the candle is finished burning ✨🕯🎁

It’s time for some Christmas candles and CYBER MONDAY is the perfect time to snatch some up! 🤗🕯🎄⁣

FREE shipping on all $50+ orders! PLUS every order will receive a $5 gift card to use toward a future purchase! This is the only time all year that I offer free shipping on the website, so stock up on your holiday gifts for teachers & neighbors, hostess gifts & gift exchanges, coworkers & client appreciation, stocking stuffers... & don’t forget some for yourself so you can deck the halls with #christmascandles 🎁🕯🎄⁣

Use code FREESHIP today only [Cyber Monday] at: 🙌🏼📦🎁⁣

FREE shipping on all orders of $50+ starts NOW thru Cyber Monday! This is the ONLY time all year that I offer free shipping and this year all orders will also receive a $5 gift card to use on your next order! Use the gift card for yourself, add it to a candle gift, or tuck that cute little thing into a stocking along with the FREE votive you get with every order! No matter how you slice it, you’re looking at some great candle deals!⁣

Coupon code: FREESHIP

Rallied a few of the kids and picked out our Christmas tree 🎄🙌🏼 Cue the Christmas movies, Christmas music, decorations, family traditions and arguments about all of the above 🤪😂

Tonight is your last chance to get a FREE 8oz mason jar candle with every $50 order (the beauties the arrows are pointing to ➡️⬅️) ⁣

During the holiday season, I’m always finding that it helps to have a few extra gifts on hand... and between this FREE mason jar and the FREE votive candle with EVERY order, you won’t find yourself empty handed this year! 🙌🏼⁣

Let’s bless our neighbors, friends, mail carriers, coworkers, medical staff and virtual teachers! And with extra time at home this holiday season, I KNOW they’d all appreciate a freshly made, hand-poured seasonal candle ☺️🕯🎁⁣

It’s Small Business Saturday and the last day to get your FREE SOY CANDLE with every $50 order! And as always, you get a FREE votive candle with every order, so together that’s a $20+ value!!⁣

Head over to while supplies last!⁣

[No coupon code necessary, a surprise seasonal 8oz mason jar candle will be added to every qualifying order 🙌🏼🎁]

A FREE 8oz seasonal soy candle will be included with every $50 order placed TODAY and tomorrow!! (Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, while supplies last!) $16.95 value! 🙌🏼🎁⁣

No coupon code necessary, a surprise seasonal candle like the adorable one shown in the photo will be added to every qualifying order!⁣

And as always, THANK YOU so much for making the effort to #buylocal and #shopsmall 🤗🛍🎉⁣

This adorable soy 8oz mason jar candle is FREE with every online order of $50+ all day Black Friday & Small Business Saturday while supplies last! ($16.95 value!)⁣

[No coupon code necessary, a FREE surprise seasonal candle will be added to every qualifying order! 🙌🏼🛍🎁]⁣

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All candles poured by hand in Kitty Hawk, NC and filled with as much delectable fragrance as the wax will hold! The Outer Banks Candle Company does not have a store front, candles are available on the website and at fine shops along the east coast.
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