Nick Gouché - The Mortgage Gladiator

Nick Gouché - The Mortgage Gladiator


Hi Nick. My daughter April Williams suggested that I contact you. I’m looking to move back to the LA area and possibly purchase a condo there. Please let me know if you get this message.
Do you have a 2004 infinity for sale on FB
It was very nice to meet you and your spiritual talk was phenomenal
A dream that once was a goal, became my reality a week ago! Thanks to Nick, Juanita and Dietric.
Loved ones! Did you know, right now, the I.E., is one of the hottest in-demand real estate markets in all of America?! One reason is affordability! We have BIG news. Inland Empire, we are coming for you! RSVP here: Remax Kings Realty and New American Funding will be hosting the most EPIC Homebuying seminar! Saturday, July 8, 10AM-1PM You're going to learn strategies we use to help our clients in the I.E. to buy a home and achieve wealth! Join the Revolution: RSVP here: #FinanciallyLit
Hey everyone I want to give a heart felt thank you shout out to Mr. Nick Gouché the Mortgage Gladiator for sending me on a spa day to Burke Williams from winning a raffle at one of his FinanciallyLit seminar...He is a man of his word and just an awesome all around guy who cares about his clients...I highly recommend anyone to seek him and his partners help for all of your Mortgage needs...Again thank you very much Nick and special thanks to his partner Juanita Giovanni @ New American Funding...❤️

NMLS No. 286901 NMLS No. 1102167 Equal Housing Opportunity The Mortgage Business is my play ground; building long-lasting relationships with my clients & referral partner is my passion.

As your referral partner, it is my goal to add value to your agent - client relationship by helping your clients shop for the best loan scenario best suitable for their needs. As your mortgage banker, it is my # 1 focus to serve you vigilantly as your professional consultant, negotiator, and overseer of all transactional details to ensure that you achieve nothing less than an exceptional lending experience. This is our moment. This is our YEAR. Let’s DO IT!

Operating as usual

Legacy Home Loans L.A.

🚨🚨ANOTHER HOME FINANCED 🚨🚨⁣Great work @themortgagefiesta! In his words below. 👇🏾👇🏾

“Congrats to Jackie! We held a 1st Time #Homebuyer seminar for her clients and ironically enough, she ended up becoming her own client. ⁣

After studying the market for a few months, she started to see the effects of the pandemic on the #housingmarket and how many properties were sitting on the market. 👀🏘 ⁣

Jackie decided to personally jump on the opportunities in the market, and avoid her landlord going up on her #rent this quarter. 😅⁣

She gave me a call about her rent hike and buying on her own and we got her approved ASAP‼️⁣

Jackie closed in 30 days without putting any money down for a down payment and got a refund from #escrow at the closing table! 💰⁣

She used our #downpaymentassistance grant program and as her own #Realtor, she negotiated so well that the seller covered all of her closing costs. Her mortgage is almost cheaper than what her rent would be. 😯👏🏽⁣

Instead of paying her landlord, she now pays herself and is a proud homeowner. Please join me in congratulating Jackie on her her purchase!!”

🎉 🎊 🍾 @ Los Angeles, California

Legacy Home Loans L.A.

#LegacyHomeLoansLA Grand Opening

Let’s take it back to February, pre Covid...When we opened the #LegacyHomeLoans LA office. Epic night! 🙌🏾

Our mission is to empower the #AfricanAmerican community throughout the United States with a focus on building sustainable #Wealth through homeownership.
We’re building a family LEGACY. TAG someone in CA, GA, TX, NV or IL who wants to build wealth with us! ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

Join our list for text updates:

#BlackExcellence #BlackOwned #BlackWealth

Legacy Home Loans L.A.

🚨 MUST SEE 10-min Film & Discussion 🚨 ⁣

RSVP for Wednesday, July 1st:

This 10 minute film will take a historical look at our people’s resilient fight for justice & Freedom.⁣

After the viewing we will discuss 5 actionable steps we all can take to move our community forward during this pivotal moment in history.⁣

Mark your calendar and join #LegacyHomeLoans on Wednesday at 6pm PST. ⁣
TAG a friend✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

Legacy Home Loans L.A.

🖤THANK YOU for supporting Legacy Home Loans L.A.🖤

There are no words to express our gratitude and appreciation. It is no doubt a difficult task to attempt to build a #BlackOwned Mortgage Company, esp. in the midst of a pandemic. ⁣

Our community is usually the hardest hit in an economic downtown. We’ve literally had clients sign their loan documents and the next day be let go from their jobs. 😳😢😱⁣

But we have a resilient team determined more than ever to make sure we can help our people build wealth through homeownership. 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽⁣

Thank you to everyone who prays for us, refers us business and shares our mission. It is because of you we are able to make this happen. THANK YOU. ⁣

S/o to our fearless leaders and all staff in CHI, ATL, TX, LA and Vegas who woke up everyday to serve our community AND BIG s/o to the glue who holds it all together Dionette Mouton-Ferguson. ⁣

Get text updates here:

There is much work to do but TOGETHER we will do it! ✊🏽✊🏻✊🏿

Legacy Home Loans L.A.

🙌🏾IN THE END, WE WIN! 🙌🏾 Did you miss the premiere of this 10-minute film last week? Join #LegacyHomeLoans on Wednesday at 6pm PST for a viewing & discussion.

We are in a pivotal moment in history! We’re going to dive into 5 actionable steps we all can take to move our community forward.

Share this!

RSVP for this virtual event at or with the link in our bio.

#LegacyHomeLoans #LegacyHomeLoansLA #BlackOwned #BlackHistory

Congrats, Otis!

Congratulations are in order for the Spencer Family, who just became homeowners! ⁣

They called @otislmilton about 40 days ago and said “ We have to be out of out current place by April 1st! We do not want to Rent but unsure know if we can buy now or if we have enough time to buy now”⁣

In less than 3 days Otis helped them come up with a plan to leverage assets in a 401k to pay off some debts and use a Down Payment Assistance Program to help them cover the remaining cost.⁣

In the middle of all of this the #coronavirus #pandemic exploded but they stuck to the plan!⁣

@LegacyHomeLoans_LA is Proud to announce that the Spencers just moved into their #NewHome before they had to be out of their old place! ⁣

Congrats to all who made This Dream come true! @ Los Angeles, California

Legacy Home Loans L.A.

🎊2 events back to back 🎊

Lunch with the first Black Realtor #BenSlayton on Wednesday and #LegacyHomeLoansLA Grand Opening & Office Reveal on Thursday! ⁣

**Note the time changes**⁣


Great tip!

#RealEstate Agents: Use fresh flowers for your open house. 💐 They not only improve the look of your home, they create a welcoming atmosphere for your buyer. Did you know that smells can impact your mood?

We need everyone that comes through those doors in a #HomeBuying mood, right?

Legacy Home Loans L.A.

Most #millennials will tell you it’s not possible to own a home in #LosAngeles.

Did you know #LegacyHomeLoansLA has over 150 millennial clients… and they beg to differ!

Click here to book a 15-minute consultation. You’d be surprised to learn what’s possible! #ItsPossible #BuildWealth
#LegacyHomeLoans #RealEstate #MortgageCompany #LosAngelesMortgage

Legacy Home Loans L.A.

🎉 Feb 27th you’re invited to our Grand Opening & Office Reveal from 5-8pm.

RSVP at ➡️

Come and:
✅ Meet our team
✅ Snap a photo at the photo booth
✅ View our LA Office
✅ Learn how to partner with us
✅ Set an appointment to get started on your home buying journey!

#LegacyHomeLoans #LegacyHomeLoansLA #MortgageCompany #LosAngelesMortgage

Legacy Home Loans L.A.

Time for a new headshot! Click the link in our bio to join @LegacyHomeLoans_LA.

We are offering complimentary headshots on Feb 19th to real estate and finance professionals.


Shout out to our referral partner @carterandcarterinv! Partners and preferred agents get first dibs on headshot slots.

Legacy Home Loans L.A.

Yes, REALLY! Ask us how! You’d be surprised how many people don't even look into getting a home #loan because they think they need a 700 #CreditScore. NOT TRUE!

Be honest, have you heard that too? What other myths have held you back?
#CreditScores #HomeLoan #HomeLoans #HomeOwnership #LegacyHomeLoans #LegacyHomeLoansLA

Legacy Home Loans L.A.

#BlackHistoryLegacy Maggie Lena Walker (July 15, 1864 – December 15, 1934) was an #AfricanAmerican teacher and #businesswoman. Walker was the first African American woman to charter a bank and serve as its president in the United States.

As a leader, she achieved successes with the vision to make tangible improvements in the way of life for African Americans and women. That’s #Legacy!
#MaggieLenaWalker # #BLackHistoryMonth #BlackHistory365 #BlackHistoryFacts

Come get a new headshot!

📸Need a new headshot?⁣📸 Of course you do!

Join #LegacyHomeLoansLA as we offer complimentary ⁣🆓 headshots for our community of #realestate and #finance professionals in #LosAngeles.

RSVP with the link in our bio or at ➡️⬅️ and tag a friend who needs a headshot upgrade in 2020!⁣

P.S. Partners of #LegacyHomeLoansLA get 1st priority on headshot slots. It pays to be a partner!

#HeadshotParty #LAHeadshot


‼️ According to a #FreddieMac survey, Single #BlackWomen are the largest new #homebuyer in Black America!

You read right. They buy more homes than married Black Couples. #Facts

👏🏾👏🏾Clap it up for these Queens and tag another Queen! #LevelUp2020 👑

#BlackHistoryMonth #blackhistorymonth2020 #blackhistoryfacts

Follow Legacy Home Loans L.A.!

Meet The Vice President of @LegacyHomeLoans_LA - #NickGouche ⁣

Named one of the Top 1% of #mortgagebankers in America, Nick Gouché is a man with an unrelenting drive to succeed. ⁣

Known as @TheMortgageGladiator by clients and colleagues alike, he works aggressively to help everyday people realize their dreams of #homeownership. ⁣

Nick’s unmatched work ethic has helped him create over $50 million dollars in personal household #wealth for his 500+ clients. ⁣

Keep your eyes on this mortgage company and watch Nick help thousands build a legacy for their own families!

Whoa! Black Enterprise featured us!? ⬇️⬇️⬇️

#LegacyHomeLoans #FinanciallyLIT #HomeOwnership #BuildingWealth

When Black Enterprise recognizes #LegacyHomeLoans 🙌🏾👊🏿 you know 2020 is about to be financially LIT! 🔥

Check out the article here and share:

#BlackEnterprise #HomeOwnership #Legacy

Leonard M. Pollard, Producing Branch Manager

🗣Help me introduce mi bredren from another ma to the LEGACY Home Loans Chicago team. Mr. Aubrey D. Locke Sr. Welcome to the team. @a.locke1 Let’s GROW! 💜💛#legacyhomeloanschi #legacyhomeloanschicago @ Hyde Park, Chicago

The Gouché Foundation

Teach ‘em young! Here is Mrs. Yaya, the @TheGoucheFoundation secretary putting in work at Daddy’s office, #LegacyHomeLoans. We are all about entrepreneurship and financial literacy. She is on the right path.⁣

#TeachThemYoung #TGF #YoungScholar #LittleAssistant #TheGoucheFoundation

The Gouché Foundation

The Gouché Foundation is proud to announce that we will be funding 15 students from Loyola Marymount University in partnership with the African American Alumni Association.

We are incredibly thankful to each and everyone who has donated so much as a $1 to the foundation.

With your support, we are getting kids to and through college!

Help us spread the good news by sharing this post and visit to find out more about our scholarship opportunities + donate today.

P.S. It's the Co-Founder Natalie's Birthday tomorrow, Aug 2nd and she wants to raise $3,300. Can you donate $33 to #TheGoucheFoundation?

#TheMarathonContinues #GivingBack #TeamGouche #Scholarships #InnerCityYouth

Co Founders: Nick Gouché & Natalie Gouché
President: Brian Hill

Did you know a portion of our profits go to #TheGoucheFoundation and we assist with scholarships for inner city youth?

We ran into one of The Gouché Foundation scholarship recipients at church a few weeks ago. He is thriving. We wouldn’t be happier to have a hand in this.


While at church the week before last, we felt a tap on the shoulder followed by, “Hi. Are you the Gouché’s?”⁣

One of our #scholarshiprecipients attended our church with his girlfriend and noticed us walking out. ⁣

He shared how helpful #TheGoucheFoundation #scholarship was while navigating his first year of #college. Hugs ensued as my wife and I stood back, proud of this young man, thriving and following his dreams. We had a permanent smile the rest of the day. ⁣

This is what @TheGoucheFoundation is about! Thank you to all of our supporters. ⁣

#scholarship #mentorship #teamgouche #helpingouryouth #TheGoucheFoundation #givingback #scholarshipopportunities #mentoringyouth

African Americans are More Likely to Be Denied a Mortgage Without Reason - Black Enterprise

Why Legacy is changing the game! Forty years after the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, African Americans are still more likely to be denied a mortgage loan than their white counterparts.

Wow. Just wow!

Legacy Summer Series #1- Closing your loan in 21 days or less

#LunchNLearn Alert!

RSVP here:

See you on Wednesday! Share with an agent who wants to close their deals in 21 days! ***CALLING ALL REALTORS***CALLING ALL REALTORS***CALLING ALL REALTORS*** Bring a client and have lunch on us! Legacy Home Loans will be hosting a summer lunch & learn series. We will be covering all home financing topics from down payment assistance, to condo financing to jumbo loans! Food and refre...


“No entrepreneur should look towards growing a business today that is selfishly bred. Now whether that's investing in your employees.

Whether that's investing in your community. Whether that's investing back into the institutions that educated you. You must invest, and you don't wait until the day you get rich to do it.” - Janice Bryant Howroyd

Look at GOD! All Praises to the Most High 🙏🏽

#1 Team in the NATION FOR MARCH 2019 ‼️

6 months ago I embarked on a journey to build a mortgage bank from scratch. I believed in the possibilities, believed in my abilities and believed in my team.

BUT ‼️ I also knew it would be the greatest Challenge, thus far, in my career. 😱

Our first month, OCTOBER, we did 1 LOAN. 😳. Half the team who started with us end up leaving us. 😔. We had to build systems, create a world class process and hire the right people who believed in our Mission.

In November, I proclaimed on our White Board in our 300 sqft office.....

“We will be the # 1 Team in the Country.” I also wrote in BOLD letters. “Trust the Process.”

Over the past 5 months, WE WORKED OUR A$$ES OFF. Early mornings. Late nights. But WE BELIEVED IN EACH OTHER.

We found the right people to join us. Follows the plan, PRAYED A LOT and trusted the process.

Now looks us. We just received the announcement our Legacy LA Team was the #1 Team in the Country for the Month of MARCH. 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

I’m so Thankful to every client, Real Estate Partner, Affiliate partners along with friends and family who referred us to business.

Also S/O to my Business partners who sacrificed to help us build great momentum.

Whatever dream, goal or business you want to create, I am here to tell you God is faithful and if we walk with him, he will bless your steps. Do not walk in fear or be afraid. He is ready to show you FAVOR.

I have to go for now. I have to do this all over again next Month ... 😎🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

We keep his legacy going by doing that work and reinvesting back into our communities.

RIP #NipseyHussle

#NipseyHussle represented a man who came from a place with little opportunity and stayed to give back where he grew up.

He donated to schools, preached about entrepreneurship, talked about wealth, built businesses in our community and continued to share his knowledge.

Rest In Peace, King.

[03/26/19]   Repeat after me (in the comments below):


Speak like it’s already done.

It’s already done! 🙌🏽🏡💰

#Affirm #ItsYours #GenerationalWealth #WealthBuilding #RealEstate #WealthAffirmation #Affirmations

4 Generations of LEGACY 👑🤴🏽👸🏽

In this photo is my G Pops Billie G Jamison, a brave American, who served courageously in the Navy during the 1950’s. He used his G-I Bill to Purchase his first home in the 1960’s in the Adams district where he raised all 11 (yes 11) of his kids with my Grandma Seretha.

My mother is to his left. A beautiful, ambitious, brave women who raised two young Kings on her own. She instilled a strong work ethic and toughness in us. 👁

Now it’s my Turn to take all that I have learned from both my Mother and Grand parents AND take the Future Generation to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

Thank you Ma & G Pops. You’ve done me well. I will not let you down!



DM me with any questions about the process. I have helped so many single women buy homes over the years. 🏡

It’s your turn!

#RealEstate #HomeBuying #MortgageGladiator #Mortgage

it might seem daunting to step out of your comfort zone and purchase your first home. Especially as a single woman. But it is most definitely something that can be done.

Nick Gouché - The Mortgage Gladiator's cover photo


After much consideration and prayer, my family and I have decided to accept the role as National Vice President/Equity Partner for Legacy Home Loans.

Our Goal: To create the Largest Black Owned Mortgage Company in America.

This, no doubt, will present the greatest challenge of my career. However, I am certain with God’s grace combined with work ethic, diligence and a commitment towards Excellence we will achieve this GOAL.

I would like to Thank our parent company, Alterra Home Loans, a nearly $1.5 Billion Mortgage Company and One of the fastest growing lenders in America for bestowing on me this great honor to serve our communities by creating generational wealth for Hardworking Americans who deserve to be shareholders in this Great Economy.

Loved ones, WE ARE GOING TO CHANGE THE WORLD ... One new homeowner at a time.

[08/17/18]   🚨Major Announcement🚨

After much consideration, my family and I have decided to part ways with my lending partners, New American Funding, effective today.

It has been an absolute honor and highlight of my career to have been apart of such an amazing organization.

Over the past decade I have had the good fortune of being recognized as one America’s Top Loan Originators to now have been identified as one of the future Leaders in the Mortgage Industry.

My family and I will take the next week to carefully consider all of our opportunities and are extremely excited for the journey ahead.

Stay Tuned... Where are going to change the 🌎 🌎🌎

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